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5 minutes ago, Rizman said:

Yes, and we love it.  We will collapse against Cincy and UCF.

If we don't get our ____ together in the next few weeks, very likely.

Luckily its a long season, and there is the opportunity to vastly improve before those games.


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How much better? 49-7, 49-17, I don’t need essentially, or we are better than this....I would like to hear we were humiliated and we won’t let it happen again, I did not hear anyone say this.......Of

Obviously it would be time for a long term extension we would hate to have CCS snaked away like almost happened to CSH.

Why Friday? You could listen to eulogy right now.

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7 minutes ago, El_Toro_86 said:

If we roll GT, I’d be shocked and elated but it wouldn’t change my opinion of Chuckles.  I’d have to see more than one good performance before I thought differently.

 I agree with you.

The only way I can see maybe Strong working as HC here now is if he really just lets Bell do his thing with the offense and stays out of the way.  So far thats looked like a horrible move.  But I think Bell will get this offense working...might take a QB change though.  

Strong just needs to handle the recruiting and work with Jean on the defense to get them back to around the 2017 level.  

Maybe then we can have a solid offense and decent defense and vs most of the teams we face that should work.


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1 minute ago, StPeteBull91 said:

Apparently a lot of GT fans are thinking we have 0 chance. I checked both or their fan boards. I don't blame them from the outside looking in, but I hope we can make them look silly.

There are more than a few who think it will be close though. 

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