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  1. If you want to see if you can get it to work--- be my guest. I'm still trying to get a working spreadsheet for this new contest as I have nothing from any of the previous people. So it is all from scratch
  2. I try to be around at the time the game starts to lock the thread so changes are not possible. But it would be a pain to constantly have to chase down people changing predictions without a new post. On the flip side-- if your first guess works out better than the revised one-- that is effectively two bites of the old apple. Simple solution again-- is to post revisions-- perhaps also quoting the original guess.
  3. good luck -- tough making a team even if you are a known star. wish him the best.
  4. STAT BREAKDOWN OF PREDICTIONS SO FAR: total entrants 4 Picked USF 1 Picked opponent 3 SPREAD avg guess 10.8 SPREAD HI 19
  5. STAT BREAKDOWN OF PREDICTIONS SO FAR: total entrants 11 Picked USF 8 Picked opponent 3 SPREAD avg guess 6.6 SPREAD HI 12
  6. https://www.thebullspen.com/topic/154814-johnny-ford-is-no-longer-on-the-usf-football-team/
  7. I thought this would get a little more traction. oh well. I was thinking-- you know-- it is a hard one to comment on. Never mind
  8. all she wrote! Are they playing the Navy game next week? I heard them mention it but have not seen a thread about it on the boards recently. Next thing you'll tell me is Ford is no longer on the team.
  9. Having trouble editing the posts--- board is acting all wacky after the game. Here is the proper score I was trying to fix. My stream froze when they tried that point and I never noticed they missed it or whatever. Winner is still @NewEnglandBull
  10. Congratulations to @NewEnglandBull on winning the contest. @Brad will gt with you to deal with this awesome prize....
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