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  1. MikeG

    This is really embarrassing

    The "Big Four" billboard was regrettable and undeserved. I felt ashamed that they did it and happy when they finally came down. Whoever made that decision screwed up-- it was flat out bragging that was backed by a single win over FSU (and sure-- some other successes). Anyway -- whatever UCF wants to do is fine by me--they want to raise some bogus banner about winning a national title? Sure-- why not- you live close enough to Fantasy Land. I don't deny UCF had a great team this season. If USF had won all its games including beating Auburn in The Peach-- I would not think we are National Champions. Our schedule was far too weak to be a real test that these other playoff schools faced. And this is not entirely USF or UCFs fault-- the big teams of the P5 are squeezing our teams out by not being willing to schedule our teams. We use to be pay day games. Now we are trap games. The shame of the system is that they need to expand that playoff so that more teams get a shot to prove it. Not holding my breath on that-- and sure, maybe the noise UCF is making will help that cause somehow. The thing that sticks out here to me is how ESPN gets their panties in a bunch over this. How dare any non-P5 school dare to buck their....errr... the system? ESPN has steadfastly stood by their assertion that only P5 schools deserve a shot at the title.
  2. MikeG

    College bars near usf

    Guess I forgot about the Brahaus - probably went there too Surprised no one has mentioned Montanas
  3. MikeG

    College bars near usf

    I thought CC's became a pawn shop.
  4. I was working for most of it but what I did get to see of that game was pretty fun to watch. There were lots of great bowl games this year. Who knows what to expect next season. Should be interesting.
  5. is USF using Tampa as a mailing address or is it actually annexed by the City of Tampa? My understanding of the school was that the land is leased to the school by the state (a renewable 99 year lease, which I think started in the 1950s). We found this out when they were offering up those plots for a potential greek row (area behind the baseball stadium) before they went another route and built what is currently greek housing. That land situation impacted lending as it would require a huge down payment in order to qualify for those loans (easily million dollar properties at the time). anyway.... I would assume UCF might have a similar set up. Not sure if state leased land can be annexed by a municipal government. But definitely not Oviedo. That was more of a dig I think.
  6. This. This. This. That is not necessarily true. The way conferences are currently set up-- there are two divisions with a championship game as the template. So a conference - let's say the Big 12 would benefit from having two schools from Florida added to the roster for recruiting reasons by splitting the teams into the separate divisions but also having them play each year as a rivalry game. Others have done this and the system works well. Even in a 14 team league, you need to play some teams from the other division to complete the conference schedule - the SEC is a perfect example of this. You play one team from the other division every year plus a rotating team or two as needed. So with both of our schools fielding good teams this past season, we look attractive to that conference. We have good student population/size, play in large enough stadiums, offer great recruiting areas that coaches can make visits when they come to play us, and have great media markets. That's how I see it at least. Our best shot to get into the Big 12 would be that route. We aren't getting into the SEC or the ACC -- and no other conferences really make much sense. I just wish the Big 12 would get on with it already.
  7. MikeG

    College bars near usf

    someone mentioned wings -- it is probably long gone but just in case--- is Kasey's Kove still around? They had pretty good wings thought that ceiling was disgusting. Also did some good business with the bar crowd. Is the Brass Mug still around? that is more of a locals bar Can't believe someone mentioned the Time Tunnel Pub-- lol other old school places like CC's , The Grog - long since gone. sad to hear that the Greenery is gone as well.
  8. MikeG

    Turnover chain

    These type of traditions have been around for a long time-- they are the instant gratification version of the game ball. Lots of teams have used similar things to motivate players-- not sure if the genesis of them is from coaches or the players themselves. But I have seen numerous teams use wrestling belts (or other items) for players of the game or big hits even before the Miami used their chain. The turnover chain (as an item) is sort of unique/new and clearly the players get excited about it. I don't fault the use of these items-- if it gets them going, good for them. Some of the best ones are shared in long time rivalries -- like Paul Bunyan's Axe - great traditions even if they are silly items. It is one of those things like the Lambeau Leap that the home fans love but the opposing fans hate. And the reason is simple-- it represents a loss of something for the opponents. The only thing for certain is that you can see the joy it is bringing to those players on the sidelines- they are all smiles.
  9. MikeG

    Q Invited to NFL Combine

    the thing that sticks out in my mind when a college QB transitions into the NFL is how much teams focus on throwing motion of the QB. It was a huge knock on Tebow. NFL teams want their QBs to be a certain height, with a quick/short/fast delivery when passing. Not sure where Q's throwing motion falls in that spectrum but it is not something I have heard anyone have concern with-- though that might be because they have all decided he is a RB only type prospect. My thinking was that Q would probably get thrown in with the "Athlete" set of players but it would be great if he got to work with the QBs. I just hope he doesn't get too tunnel visioned on only playing QB like Tebow did and find himself not playing at all. I think he has talent to play in the NFL at some skill position (possibly at QB, more likely RB or slot receiver). Whatever the case-- I wish him the best and hope he gets a good shot in the NFL.
  10. MikeG

    What Charlie Strong Did Before the Game...

    Couple of things--- 1) yes-- good to see him show more emotion. I don't think that is too big a thing, though. First time I saw it was the video of him embracing QF on Senior night. A coach does not have to be emotional to be effective (Tony Dungy comes to mind). 2) The schedule we faced this season was abysmal. Not exactly our fault as our conference was having a down year for the most part. I'm not sure how well we can judge the strength of our team based on who we played. We're good in spurts. I wouldn't say we dominated everyone to the point where we can say we are great. Having TT as our bowl opponent was more of the same -- and had we somehow taken down the AAC this year, got a shot at someone of note in the bowl game-- then we might be able to put a good measure on this. Texas Tech though is clearly middle of the pack Big 12. We've had much more impressive wins than this (in our history at least). I think we can admit that. 3) I was frustrated by CCS Coaching style -- he seems to sit on leads. I wonder if our slow starts are partly because we play cautious out of the gate. The play calling was limiting our offense far more often than fans would like. Especially after last season when we got to see the Gulf Coast offense really opening things up. The end results (i.e. total offense) may be the same but it felt like we were throttling QF instead of letting him play all out. I still am not sure changing the offensive scheme was necessary or the right move. 4) I will give credit to CCS for coming in and being an excellent calming presence to the team. We lost our winning coach and he did not fail to keep things moving along. 5) Not sure how well he is doing on the recruiting trail. That was a huge problem for Holtz if memory serves-- as we got worse and worse as we ran out of the Leavitt recruits. I am hoping he steps up in this area. If he gives us a great class this year-- USF should be able to compete going forward. 6) I got the impression that CCS saw this job as a stepping stone. Perhaps he decided to at the very least give it two years here. I thought for sure he would try to jump back to a P5 school after this season. Maybe he is happy here. But I am not counting on him being a long term coach at USF. It might be why I haven't been a huge supporter of his yet. I'm rooting for him but won't be upset if/when he gets scooped up by the "bigger program". Overall-- he did a great job coming in here his first year. But let's not get too enamored. Next season will be a struggle when we lose so many starters to graduation. As we have seen in the past-- a great QB is what it takes to compete in college football (well NFL too). I hope we find our next guy soon. It will be nearly impossible to fill QF's shoes.
  11. MikeG


    ESPN has a formula--- it is very simple. They have a take on how things will be presented in a given day. Whatever is in the formula is the party line and will be repeated over and over all day long. There are times when they decide to have a planned argument. The two (sometimes more) people involved are assigned sides to that argument whether that is what they actually believe or not-- simply so they can have that argument and look like there is an actual sports debate occurring (it's not-- totally fake). So some of them read this same story line over and over and the names of the teams-- especially in our case with USF and UCF get the same treatment and even get the names confused. It is not professional at all. It is disguised as some form of entertainment. When Dan Patrick and Olberman used to infuse their own wit and knowledge into the program (a helluva long time ago)-- it was entertaining and something interesting. They came up with catch phrases, nicknames, bits-- whatever. ESPN decided to clone that but you cannot clone something that was more or less off the cuff. Now you cannot watch ESPN without someone trying to make some huge goofy sounds or phrasing. It is a mystery that the guy famous for "boom goes the dynamite" never ended up on ESPN simply because, well, why not-- nothing less original as their current crew. But the worst was having to watch anything that included Chris Berman. His Back Back Back nonsense during a home run derby was nauseating. He used to do some cute player nicknames but then decided EVERY player had to have one-- annoying. His general whatever just was terrible. You can down the line-- all their guys are pretty much hacks. Don't get me started on their draft coverage. Cut the cord-- cut ESPN out of the picture. They are yesterdays sports show. The internet will replace them soon enough imo.
  12. can we really blame their fans for having no respect for USF? ESPN and all the other media outlets do nothing but belittle every conference that is not part of the P5 non-stop. They act like whenever we beat a team from those conferences that we have done something amazing. They push aside the various teams that USED TO BE part of the BCS and were conference mates with some of these teams. The entire situation is set up to act like USF and all the AAC schools are just small time, no where schools to go to-- along the lines of the BS "commuter school" crap ESPN still occasionally pulls out of their arse. Fans from TT hear that anytime our conference is mentioned and when you hear it enough, you start to believe what is being said. I would bet they have no idea we have more students than they do.
  13. MikeG

    College bars near usf

    if you went to school at USF in the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, there used to actually be a pretty decent bar scene. I can't think of any of those bars still being around except for a handful. I think that was mostly from the explosion of Ybor and then Channelside for a while. They weren't great bars-- but they were ours at least. It was a different time. It probably didn't hurt that when I first started going to USF it was the Fall of 1985-- and Florida had grandfathered anyone 19 around that time in even though the state law for drinking age adjusted to 21.
  14. MikeG

    Tampa Bay Times...Page 6?

    Don't worry-- Fennelly is probably working up some brilliant prose that makes fun of our win somehow. He might even make a two sentence paragraph (don't hold your breath). My guess is he might have seen 5 minutes of the game-- saw how small the crowd was-- and will barf up a column about how small time USF will always be. To be fair-- most people in Tampa don't give a **** about USF unless they went there and follow the football team. You don't change that in twenty years-- you'll be lucky to make a dent after 50 years. We are basically just not important enough for anyone to care. We had a moment where we made some noise but because it didn't become something amazing (after the rankings came out with us #2)-- we got relegated to the forever trash pile by the media. All the same-- you would be hard pressed not to see adequate coverage about any local team when no one else is playing. So someone has decided to NOT promote USF football even in the most obvious situations. So yeah-- screw them.