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  1. more like or was that last week, I forget
  2. Temple 37-21 Ford Antoine 425 I just don't know what to think anymore
  3. and yet you start a thread about him being rehired? News flash-- last time I checked, CJL was in no way campaigning to get the HC job at USF back. So why bother starting this thread? Oh no-- a couple of posters on a message board half-jokingly floated the idea--- that makes it something of interest. If anyone asked him, he would probably say he enjoyed his years and the challenge of building a program at USF. If they asked him if he ever wanted to come back, he would probably say that is not going to happen. Why are we even bothering talking about "rehiring CJL"? Is it so the people who like to openly bash CJL can get a few more pokes in at him? Yeah- we get it-- he never won a conference championship here. No one has. He made funny faces on the sideline--- aww-- what a bastard (Gruden is ok though). He didn't treat the media nice enough? Boo hoo. He didn't kiss the ass of some big time donor(s)? Screw them. He (allegedly) slapped some whining idiot at half time? Cry me a river. He tried to cover up the situation? Ok-- that was pretty dumb or possibly misconstrued. Tons of reasons I guess some hated CJL. You can hate the man-- but he deserves some level of respect. But the list of what he DID DO is nothing to simply brush off as unimportant either. It is insulting how some talk about him as if starting a brand new football program is so easy. If we ever find another coach as dedicated and hard working as him again, it will be a miracle imo. So I ask the few people on here who are talking sheet about CJL on this thread to please have a little respect for the effort the guy put in to make USF even slightly relevant in the college football world when they were starting from absolute nothing. Not even a football.
  4. while that might be true, some times the cheaper alternative to fighting is just settling. I am not sure what happened other than it appeared CJL got railroaded out of USF without anyone giving the least amount of consideration to finding a way to keep him that other schools who WANT their coach to stay have done. For example, Urban Meyer has faced this type of controversy multiple times and the school(s?) gave him suspensions- not a pink slip. It seems pretty clear to me that enough people-- most likely big donors - were pushing hard to find a way to dump him at the first convenient instance.
  5. if it is that painful, I agree-- you should take a break. I know things suck this year -- but I treat watching USF football like I would an interesting TV program. Sure-- you will find portions boring or hard to watch at times-- but you will want to see it so you know the full story. I can't just choose to watch only when things are awesome. You take the good with the bad-- and it makes the enjoyment of seeing things going right so much sweeter. Don't get me wrong-- I am not made of iron-- I have occasionally gotten mad enough at how things were going and just leave a game in frustration (or at least did when I lived in Tampa). A little easier to sit and watch the train wreck - like the Tulane game for instance-- when you are sitting on the couch. Just remember that we only get 12-14 of these games a season to watch. And then we go months with no football. Quitting early just makes your wait that much longer.
  6. yes-- we have talked about this-- I did not say he was getting that job. Just that he has a better chance of ending up there than a USF retread
  7. I don't understand why you keep making these prediction threads - is there some Nostradamus contest I am unaware of?
  8. odd thing is CJL is more likely to be the HC at KSU than he is coming back to USF. Nothing wrong about that-- it is pretty rare for any coach to make a return appearance-- sort of why finding good examples is hard to do.
  9. what- does he owe you money or something?
  10. we're in Arizona-- the outdated equipment here is still trying to process the remaining ballots-- should be done by Wednesday. I kid you not. After the polls closed, they have over half a million early voting ballots to run through the machines still. We know these candidates and the strengths of their position to take this weeks crown-- but Brad is ultimately The Decider
  11. MikeG

    Game Time Temple

    this along with the feature on the Griffin brothers on 60 minutes tonight--- it is as if this program can do no wrong right now. I remember that feeling and when the bomb dropped (Rutgers) and the awful feeling (sorry CJL pun) from the next few weeks. It must be great to be UCF fans right now.
  12. MikeG

    Game Time Temple

    My vote goes to the USF @ NC State game. Torrential downpour and fCJL's wife stood out there the whole time. the NC State game was a pain in the butt to try and shoot-- I gave up after half time as the wet plus cold was just making me feel miserable. Thankfully we had a nice lead. My vote for the worst home game rain would be the Southwest Texas State game-- the one where Bill Gramatica kicked his record field goal. The stands were empty but I was standing out there during the downpour in my poncho--- I went up stairs for a beer and bathroom break and just as I got to the top-- they go for that FG-- completely missed it. I wasn't at that ND away game but that was a very long rain delay.
  13. I see you didn't bother to read mine either. touche