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  1. There are some who seem really upset that the Bulls did not try to score with 30 seconds left on the 5. As the announcers mentioned many times--- the coaching staffs from both teams have worked together many times over the years. They are friends who respect each other and the games outcome is not on the line. The only reason USF was down there was that regular plays led to huge gains. The play calling wasn't trying to get one more score. No one in the rest of the country cares about this game. CCS took a knee for obvious reasons-- sportsmanship and recognizing that it was unnecessary. It is not evidence of lacking a "killer instinct". Just understanding how things are done in the game. To have some one on this board make this basis of a comment that CCS needs to be fired for NOT RUNNING UP THE SCORE in the last minute-- that seems completely off base to me. There are plenty of good reasons you can use to justify CCS needing to be sent packing. If memory serves-- Wisconsin was in a similar position at the end of our game and they didn't push the issue-- just assumed victory formation and took the win. And even if I have my facts wrong (which no doubt our resident MikeG fact checker will be sure to point out) -- this is how coaches treat the game. To expect otherwise and call out a coach over it seems off base to me.
  2. thought for sure this was about offering CCS a contract extension.
  3. someone has suggested CCS be fired for taking a knee at the end of the game. Meanwhile they forget that Wisconsin called off the dogs once they got to 49-0. I guess they think that coach should be fired too. Not that CCS shouldn't get canned-- just not for that specific act of sportsmanship at the end of a game when the play would mean literally nothing to either team and might even end in an injury. Fans - what can you do? No pleasing some people- win by 39 points and that is not enough after you havent had a win in 8 games. See you guys in a few weeks
  4. Congratulations to @E.T. as the winner of this weeks prediction contest. Thanks for participating everyone! @Brad will coordinate your prize.
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