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  1. by the way-- the jokes about UCF movement as a bowel movement remind of something we did on a road trip up to Penn State back in 2005. We referred to that as going to take a Joe Pa. Good times! @T-Man @BullDoug
  2. You bring up a great point.... and this is not just addressed to you but the entire thread more or less.... A long time ago, I believe UF tried to avoid letting FSU become a rival - and it became such a big deal that there was legislation passed forcing them to play or something like that. Eventually it blossomed into what it is today. Similarly, Back before we ever had played UCF-- they had some state representative get involved to make the game happen. Before that got too far though-- Lee Roy Selmon made a deal with their AD to have 4 home and home games. We weren't very happy about it but the results were 4-0 USF and it seemed possible that we had squashed that whole rivalry thing in its tracks. I believe UF used to beat FSU like a drum early on as well-- but eventually-- with time-- something has to give eventually. That series has turned out ok for them in the long run, and important especially in the 1990s. The again-- UF has never had a problem finding rivals. USF on the other hand-- not so much. As much as I bought in to the whole "they aren't our rivals" point of view during the CJL days, it is hard to not see the obvious reasons why this is our current main rival. The schools are so similar in so many aspects and so closely placed that it seems unnatural for a rivalry not to exist. Like two HS teams in the same town-- that is the team you want to beat. This by no means is some support for anything UCF-- I can't stand that school or their fans, to be blunt -- but at some point we have to recognize that this is the team we most enjoy beating and dread losing to. But to think we can pretend that they are "just another conference team" is almost comical. Yeah-- we need to have our team focus on the next game in front of them all the time. But FANS do not play the game and should feel free to talk/write/think about whatever team they want to whenever it pleases them. As for comparing this to MSU and UM-- you are talking about teams that have been around forever versus two wet behind the ears programs. WE have such a short amount of history to work with-- THAT is why we don't have many other choices for who is our rival. UF, FSU, and UM are not about to be in that class for decades at the earliest. So we take what we have and keep plugging along.
  3. I was not aware of his back story and only included the link so others like me could read what you were referring to-- don't take it like I am attacking you-- it is simply a link to the information.
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/sports/wp/2017/02/27/joe-mixon-on-assault-thats-not-me-nfl-teams-will-have-to-decide/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.59d262e90960
  5. I would certainly be down for that even if we had to do a 2 for 1 deal or a longer series. We have one with Florida already for 2022A, 2023H, 2025A . Miami would be a good pick if they have room or want to bump out some FCS team until later. FSU might be cautious about picking us up for next season based on how things are going right now (not well). Or we could just take a straight up pay day type game against anyone from the P5 -- hopefully with some moderate or above national respect. Did CMU reschedule for later or drop the entire home and home? Is there a link to the information? Here is a quick link to USF future schedules on GOUSFBULLS.com: https://gousfbulls.com/news/2012/1/17/611637.aspx
  6. MikeG

    Polls - Week 4

    I'm not a big fan of early season polls in general as they are typical very biased and should be taken too seriously. The sad part is that they are-- and even though the polls that really matter start after week 8-- those opinions are influenced by the games and general held rankings when they were played. How big is any win against FSU looking right now? Why we have them is the same reason we like to talk about sports. It is (in theory) a manner to seek consensus regarding the relative power of football programs. Mostly it is about reputation with the only method to unseat someone being a loss-- where in the severity of the loss (opponent and score) impacts how far you need to fall. The Auburn LSU game is a good example-- both teams are ranked and should be. One loses in the last seconds and rightly so does not get dropped far in the polls. A Wisconsin loss though shows they will at most drop you 12 spots losing to a lightly regarded opponent. How we moved up after beating Illinois is a little strange. We are actually getting AP votes now. Maybe they are giving us credit for the offensive yardage we put up and our ability to come back and beat teams in the 4th quarter. Who knows.
  7. QB = A- RB = B- WR/TE = A+ OL = B- DL = C LB = C DB = A- K/P = I (incomplete) KO = C- PR = B KR = A+ Coaching A- OFFENSE as a whole: A- DEFENSE as a whole: C+ Overall grade: B+ 3-0 though is the only grade that really matters at this point.
  8. I see Houston as at least #3 power wise in our conference. Yeah-- they lost and gave up a ton of points but they were in that game until the 4th quarter. They are a much stronger opponent than 3-5 imo. Oh well-- guess they have to take their lumps just like anyone who loses. I see them floating back up as the season progresses.
  9. must have run out of flies to pull the wings off of
  10. MikeG

    How do you assess this?

    Definitely agree here-- Illinois has improved. We have changed as a team as well-- some areas a little stronger, some weaker -- namely some key defensive spots which I recall the announcers pointing out during the game that we lost several players to the NFL from last years team. We are clearly smaller on the line. That said-- the guys playing are gamers and I like their potential. The myriad of untimely errors (penalties, drops, turnovers) took us off finishing lots of drives. Special teams -- was way off too. We shot ourselves in the foot so often that the announcers said we were running out of feet to shoot.
  11. MikeG

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    I honestly don't know. I mean-- yeah- the new coach brings in classes right away usually. But some of the older players were recruited by the former coaching staff. Not trying to give anyone credit or anything Just wonder if that gave CCS a smile on his face knowing many of the guys still on the team.
  12. thanks-- easy to make though I wish I used a better photo of Lovie
  13. MikeG

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    Texas beat #22 USC badly tonight - those were his recruits more or less, no?