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  1. name winner USF BYU rush pass tot yards Bulltastic USF 28 24 Felix Weaver 369 79 Bull USF 30 29 McClain Weaver 422 E.T. USF 33 27 Felix Weaver 337 bullsmeanbusiness USF 34 31 Battie Weaver 450 smazza USF 35 28 Battie Miller 400 Gatorbull325 USF 37 35 Battie Weaver 400 ******************* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* name winner USF BYU rush pass tot yards flsportsfan83 BYU 10 42 Battie Weaver 343 SilverBull BYU 10 43 Battie Weaver 287 Friscobull BYU 10 48 Battie Weaver 328 Jim Johnson BYU 13 31 Mangham Weaver 274 NewEnglandBull BYU 13 38 Battie Weaver 310 NJBull BYU 13 41 Battie Weaver 333 USFRaider BYU 13 48 Battie Horn 365 MSBulls BYU 13 52 Felix Weaver 372 EastCoastBull BYU 15 40 Battie Weaver 305 aBombInaBull BYU 17 31 Joiner Horn 320 bullfan04 BYU 17 31 Battie Weaver 383 zarnozdabull BYU 17 35 Mangham Weaver 350 El_Toro_86 BYU 17 42 McClain Weaver 301 T-Man BYU 19 40 Battie Horn 395 Bulls On Parade BYU 20 31 Battie Weaver 342 rollinbull BYU 20 34 Felix Weaver 346 Rizman BYU 20 38 Mangham Weaver 333 BullsWinBucsWin BYU 20 41 Mangham Weaver 347 Outlaw BYU 21 42 Battie Weaver 307 bulloni BYU 24 28 Battie Weaver 340 TakeItOrLeavitt BYU 24 42 Felix Horn 397 BullsFanInTX BYU 28 42 Mangham Weaver 390
  2. first time I used the hand gesture was at a basketball game. We used to hold our hands up with the hand sign and drop them as USF players made a free throw (that was in 1984 and ever since imo). I don't get all the concern about this type of BS, honestly. Who gives a crap? Let whatever we have as traditions continue and stop thread crapping all over them just to be an "edgy" Bulls fan. You are not fooling anyone. And you are not edgy whatsoever-- just a whiner. This logo sucks and thiis logo is also bad and while were at it I don't like the pirate ship and have I told you how sad it is that the seats are red? Obnoxious BS.
  3. They stopped putting a microphone on the reporters after McMurphy kept barking "Baba Booey" true story.
  4. I am not sold that a team has to play in an OCS to get the attention of Power 5 conferences. Hasn't hurt Pitt or Miami for example. I get the outcry that this is what is holding us back supposedly-- but in reality-- USF has plenty of other issues to overcome imo. anyway -- carry on
  5. Yes that was the Bama tailgate- I was just trying to show the older Rocky mascot.
  6. that is how I am approaching it--- your mileage may vary
  7. I for one--- have decided to enjoy this tiny nugget of "winning" regardless of opponent or some other stupid complaint. I have zero faith whatsoever in CJS - think he is just another dope in there for a pay check --- but refuse to let him influence my enjoyment of the team.
  8. sure but I also think a little bit of positive outlook wouldn't be terrible--- or at least holding ones tongue and not acting like the team who won 38-17 was a completely terrible performance. It wouldn't kill people to enjoy this stupid win for the sake of a win-- when we can expect none down the line with any certainty
  9. I agree on most of what you are saying-- just not sure after a win (possibly our only win this year) that we need to be taking a dump on the team.
  10. College football team ratings 2021 - Jeff Sagarin Ratings
  11. The last time we played them I thought we had no chance. We won. I woke up 5 days after the game in the hospital finally after being unconscious since September 21st.
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