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  1. Season totals (full) Last part of season (slightly easier to read) You 2020-2021 season champion is @flsportsfan83- Congratulations! @Brad take it from here..... Top performers:
  2. Congratulations to this games prediction winner--- @El_Toro_86 with 32 points. Much closer game and contest than most probably thought. I missed the entire game as I was having some trouble with my morning dialysis session. The leg cramps are brutal today. Regardless - this is most likely the final game of the season unless USF gets some insane bid to play in something else. Not holding my breath on that but you never know. @Brad please do whatever you are planning to do with this. Season totals coming up
  3. winner- Wichita State 68-67 (1 point) high scorer- Durr 13 rebounds- Durr 13 FT% - 55.6% (5/9)
  4. here we are-- talking about former Bulls who are playing in the NFL -- some of them have recently won a Superbowl and/or played in one. And what do you get? people talking about how certain of them were not at USF very long-- or that they have bad games. Why is this some peoples go to move-- to automatically turn any conversation into some need to denigrate former players? Such negative thinking--- not sure about you but I do not need that in my life. My current favorite former Bull NFL players are JPP and Lynch - though I liked it more when Lync played for my Bears. Watching M
  5. Reyni Olivero, who operates a 10-under Polk County travel baseball team that Mr. Taylor helped coach, declined to offer any details out of respect for the family. One of Mr. Taylor’s five kids plays for the team.
  6. enjoy that victory--- it may be the last one we see until next season sometimes you have to live in the moment and stop complaining ENDLESSLY about what is going wrong and focus on whatever scraps get thrown our way to hold on to. Not only did USF advance to the Ladies championship tonight-- the softball team also swept a double header yesterday. It is not all bad news.
  7. Welcome to the 2020-21 TheBullsPen.com  Basketball Prediction Contest The race for the mildly prestigious Bulliever's Cup is on! Game 31 (22nd actually played)  South Florida Bulls (9-12, 4-10) vs. Wichita State Shockers (AAC round 2)  vs. Friday, March 12 12:00 PM EST Fort Worth, Texas Dickies Arena TV: ESPN2 Radio: USF Bulls Unlimited 31st scheduled game (9 COVID impacted, 1 Replaced/ 1 cancelled/ 8 postponed) - 1 weather issue The Contest: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select winners and
  8. Well predicted by @NewEnglandBull who scored our third best winning high score with 55 points in this game. @Brad- yada yada seasons update coming shortly
  9. Winning team USF - 73-71 (margin 2 points) leading scorer - Collins 23 points leading rebounder- Durr 11 FT% - 59.3% (16/27)
  10. Winning team USF - 73-71 (margin 2 points) leading scorer - Collins 23 points leading rebounder- Durr 11 FT% - 59.3% (16/27)
  11. one more shot of his mom, who if you are not aware is the scoring leader at Youngstown State - a Lady Penguin through and through
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