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  1. also-- noticed that some ladies games were postponed--- are they also heading the direction of "pausing" operations?
  2. Went ahead and cancelled my ESPN+ account which was renewing tomorrow. Not sure if or when they will pick up playing again and if I need it-- will re-up as needed.
  3. ECU is also postponed and the next potential game at this time according to the schedule is at Wichita State on Jan 24th. We'll see as we get closer.
  4. These days-- we have to use the old trust but verify tactic. Rumors are nice for a discussion but not for when you try posting a schedule change.
  5. It was there briefly and then it got changed a little later. No biggie. I just happened to see it before the change and though-- whoa- That seems weird and checking my response to see if I did something nasty by mistake (like misspelling something that made a word raunchy). I've made mistakes before like that and try to go back and fix them.
  6. We're all good - I really don't sweat those things anymore. Also-- as far as I know the only thing a down vote might do is lower your Reputation by 1 (under the post count ).
  7. Both schedules I'm seeing online from USF and Houston show the same time- though Houston says it in CST at 6pm. If something does change, we will be sure to update. But at this point-- I am not seeing other evidence of different time. Now watch it get cancelled for COVID19 or something. lol
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