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  1. I cannot seem to get the insurance to work properly. It never pays when I click insurance with the dealer showing an ace (and has a ten hole card for black jack). It isn't like I am drawing another card so I think this feature is screwed up - along with not being able to split. It is fun though as a diversion.
  2. I am running low on TP - maybe have 5 or 6 rolls left (live alone). But that should last me several weeks or months. I was about to reload on these supplies right before everyone apparently went nuts for TP. My plan is to keep an eye out on the paper products area whenever I go to the grocery store. So far there has been none. But at some point, I gotta think the great TP scare of 2020 is going to level off. Unless the people who loaded up go back for seconds. I don't know-- it is not a huge worry for me -- or any of the other items honestly.
  3. in light of potential virus spread-- good for them. This place is going to be a ghost town - I mean-- does this also stop teams from practicing or football spring practice? In the mean time-- I am not sure bad mouthing various coaches or players is really all that necessary.
  4. Game 1: South Florida Game 2: UConn Game 3: SMU Game 4: Memphis Game 5: South Florida Game 6: Wichita State Game 7: Houston Game 8: Memphis Game 9: Wichita State Game 10: Houston Game 11: Houston Tiebreaker: 145
  5. you assume things and then start talking about them as if they are facts. I have a problem with that. Where did the whole "pouting" nonsense come from? Sure sounds like you made several assumptions or based it off some one else making assumptions. The truth is that you don't know all the facts but are all about throwing QF under the bus to start some sort of conversation. His agent might have told him to make this move as a way to set something else up--- you just don't know what is going on. So why be so forcefully adamant about the opinion based on assumptions? I get that you like to talk about stuff but this is not exactly cut and dry fact based message board material.
  6. ahhh -- the real reason you are upset. NO ONE cares about the stupid icons (except maybe you). You can't have anyone disagree with you.
  7. Flowers earned a free ride from me inspecting his effing professional pro sports career path --- but hey == that's just me giving the guy who busted his arse for my college team a bit of respect. Call him a pouter again--- that is ridiculous after what I have seen from him on the field of play.
  8. I was referring to the fact that you wanted me to allow your opinion when you clearly are not allowing MY OPINION.
  9. yeah --- hypocritical much? PS-- NOT ONCE did I mention you but you took offense like clockwork.
  10. you are probably correct about 2022 but I have to admit I did enjoy this Seattle st STL game with BJD. It is a shame that he didn't start the game. I think the main problem with these games is we often don't know the players well enough-- though they try to get the local connection with former area players. How Tampa got a franchise is beyond me--- That seems like a reach when you consider overall casual fan base with so many teams/sports in the area draining interest. But I can see this league maybe working out as a development league for the NFL. I'm just not sure if the NFL wants that connection. The XFL should be trying hard to get there if they are smart.
  11. After watching a few Viper games, my take is that the head coach is the main problem with their team. The way they rotated QBs continually was ridiculous and problematic from a flow perspective as well as continuity. Maybe try some regular football before you go to full on gimmick plays etc. Trestmen may have a lot of experience but he seems lost even in this second rate league. As for Flowers-- Trestmen has screwed around with how he used him so much that there is no way we can say he got a proper opportunity to direct an offense. Whatever reason QF had for leaving the Vipers is his business, and anyone indicating he is "pouting" needs to shut the hell up by the way-- unless you were in the room or know QF personally. It is not the end of the world to get away from an organization that is being run incompetently. Also-- he may be just deciding to refocus on his NFL RB role--- those off season camps start soon. Whatever the case-- calling him out is a bush league move by fans here. What are you trying to prove with these comments? Is there some SouthFloridaBulls.Com award for "Know It All Pain in the Arse" I am unaware of? If any former player on USF has earned the benefit of the doubt from fans--- it is clearly Mr. Flowers.
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