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  1. The best part of this CBI tournament is watching our guys having such a good time playing in it. Another home game would be pretty sweet as well.
  2. actuals: USF 9 Yetna 18 points Yetna 10 rebounds Free Throws -- 6 for 6 = 100% (wow!)
  3. Gotta wonder if we would be better off as an Independent in football with no conference affiliation. Sure-- less acces to bowl games but these bowls we have access to in the AAC are pretty much horsecrap anyway. The problem is we have invested in the football program as if we were in a quasi-Power5 conference. This conference is going nowhere fast and opening our schedule up to anyone might be worth a shot to inject some sort of life into the program. Obviously-- this is me spitballing here. The odds of USF making that sort of decision are practically non-existent. And that is probably the right move. But anyone who thinks we are on any of those P5 conference expansion wish lists is a bit delusional imo. A huge shakeup in the P5 is about the only way we see inclusion with those folks- but they want that pile of TV money to themselves.
  4. we came pretty close to giving one up like that against Memphis earlier this season. onward to Utah Valley battle! Go Bulls!
  5. No doubt-- that win was all about Collins getting fired up and rallying the troops with his aggressive play.
  6. Lots of practices and one more home game coming up-- to help defray those tourney fees! Maybe we can get a nice crowd for this one.
  7. How tough is it to have some decent graphics and scores that update in a timely fashion? sorry-- it is annoying when you are used to certain standards. But happy to be seeing this game at least. So thanks Bullsvision for that.
  8. clutch free throws there from Durr Really like how he and Yetna have been working together in the paint
  9. I turned this game on and they were down 16 points. Been enjoying the game so far.
  10. OK-- I guess no on a prediction contest for the Stony Brook game.
  11. true-- but any money raised from hosting should lessen the feeling of a pay to play tournament. If the championship is televised-- there must be some sort of money in that for the teams playing. Either way-- it would be nice to see the guys do well in this. But I have trouble thinking they aren't just exhausted from the long season. We'll see (or won't-- not sure how we get to watch this other than attending).
  12. @Brad two questions..... 1) any chance we get some updated or final prediction contest results? 2) is the game tomorrow going to be part of that contest or have a prediction thread posted for it?
  13. all about the money and opportunities offered. PS-- @dclenden thank you for posting this-- interesting stuff.
  14. Really? Embarrassed by the NIT banners hanging in the Sun Dome...errr... YC? Couldn't disagree with you more. The way you get those taken down is to earn NCAA and conference banners to push them to the side. That is our history. I can only imagine what I would feel like being in Charlie Bradley's shoes seeing them remove those early banners-- or any of the guys who played on the other teams. Why stuff like this bothers anyone is mind boggling to me. Empty space is better?
  15. IF they decide not to play in one of them-- I won't be upset. There are benefits either way but putting on the old wrestling head gear, the saying was always "I would rather have played and lost than to have never played at all". I would not think less of our guys if they opted to take a break. It has been a long season-- and in my mind, what the team wants to do is what matters for this decision. The money is not a factor. This is a basketball decision.
  16. Actuals: UConn 7 Rideau 19 pts Yetna 7 rebounds FT% 18/27 = 66.7%
  17. and in one post--- they reverse course, Rideau hits a three followed by a muscled in layup effective time out from our coach LET'S GO BULLS! Don't give up !
  18. 19-1 run for UConn--- yeesh! NINE for 11 from 3 point? OMG! That airball by Rideau-- ugh USF-- out of gas and running on a flat tire
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