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  1. What are the stats if you exclude SCS? CURIOUS
  2. Whelp, apologies on the timing of this I will be adding to the post as I can. cognitive stuff very taxing Sorry but it might take some time literally typing 1 sentence at a time. Odds of me jumping back in on the prediction contest are very slim . What happened? Essentially I collapsed in my home while over ten strokes. .
  3. did you purposely NOT include what this was about? Unless I am mistaken, this is about next years game against Texas in Austin on Sept 5th.
  4. I recall being in Chapel Hill back around 2006 for an away game and UCF was playing Pitt that night-- but getting smoked 45-0 at the time eventually losing 52-7 This was a little bit better but only because they lost with a decent lead and the roller coaster involved before hand. Not our rival! lol
  5. the guys in the studio are morons --- it is not Thursday night
  6. I've heard enough of this talk about what teams we can beat on our schedule until we actually beat someone worth a **** again (not an FCS team)---we are the dogs in every game save 1 (UConn) the rest of the season. Talking crap about BYU? the same team that beat a ranked team last week in dramatic fashion? What incredibly naive world are you people living in?
  7. We played them as an independent at Heinz field in 2001 and won 35-26 (I was there). The following Monday was 9/11 - Thankfully I was not there. We played them in our last season of 2 seasons in CUSA and got trounced 43-14. I was there and it was painful. The two wins in the BE were directed by CJL and Grothe.
  8. We use to beat the brakes off them. see my comment above above or check the actual stats. You are either confused or mis-remembering. https://gousfbulls.com/opponent-history/football/university-of-pittsburgh/2/13
  9. No We've beaten Pitt a total of three times, two times while in the Big East and once in 2001. We are 3-7 against them all time. The years we beat them in the Big East? 2007 & 2006
  10. I am not surprised they came back. Pitt got off to a hot start. The fact that their best cover man is playing hurt is not helping them at all.
  11. almost the end of the third quarter and FSU is hanging on per usual 21-17
  12. the real reason the UCF players were smiling after coming out of the locker room at half time? the coaches handed out ice cream sandwiches. lol
  13. refs missed that hold on the Pitt gunner early on that sprung him
  14. I do as well but then I saw the SI cover. Maybe it was earlier in his time at Pitt
  15. I was thinking Dorsett days but those might be even older throwbacks
  16. you never know-- Pitt is giving us a nice road map on how to beat UCF. I'd be happy to compete with them this season but we have a long way to go. McCloud with 9 game starts under his belt might be the perfect missing element
  17. these announcers think this UCF game is over-- and it might be - but I am not counting any chickens
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