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  1. ECU is also postponed and the next potential game at this time according to the schedule is at Wichita State on Jan 24th. We'll see as we get closer.
  2. These days-- we have to use the old trust but verify tactic. Rumors are nice for a discussion but not for when you try posting a schedule change.
  3. It was there briefly and then it got changed a little later. No biggie. I just happened to see it before the change and though-- whoa- That seems weird and checking my response to see if I did something nasty by mistake (like misspelling something that made a word raunchy). I've made mistakes before like that and try to go back and fix them.
  4. We're all good - I really don't sweat those things anymore. Also-- as far as I know the only thing a down vote might do is lower your Reputation by 1 (under the post count ).
  5. Both schedules I'm seeing online from USF and Houston show the same time- though Houston says it in CST at 6pm. If something does change, we will be sure to update. But at this point-- I am not seeing other evidence of different time. Now watch it get cancelled for COVID19 or something. lol
  6. GAME POSTPONED DUE TO COVID19 ON THE USF TEAM Basketball Game Discussion Thread Game 14  South Florida Bulls (7-5, 3-3) vs. Houston Cougars  vs. Thursday, January 14 7:00 PM EST Yuengling Center Tampa, FL TV: ESPN2 Radio: USF Bulls Unlimited 14th scheduled game (2 COVID impacted, 1 Replaced/ 1 cancelled)
  7. @Brad I asked this question almost a month ago I think. I wish I had access to it because it would be replaced with some good stuff like our latest basketball victory
  8. who the hell down voted me for my reply above? Tough crowd.
  9. Like anything on this board or in any message forum-- the problem of one-ups-manship takes hold and small conversations balloon into unreasonable conclusions. It happens (during good years) when people try to keep outdoing each other about the teams prospects - especially true in football. What are we ranked? etc-- crazy talk based on nothing than the five previous posts extending the conversation into higher confidence. Some people like to hear that echo chamber type of speak and good or bad-- you have to have the same tone to seem relevant. For instance, I tend to try and kee
  10. Thanks though all these are just screen captures from ESPN+ (alt + prtscreen and pasted into the post). Not like I was there. Fortunately, I've been out of the hospital since January 10th, 2020 (other than a handful of operations here and there).
  11. Isn't this a case of the NBA imposing it's methods of handling the use of crowds? And pardon me if I was unaware-- did they decide to have Toronto play in USA based out of Tampa due to the Covid19 border situation? Must have been on here somewhere else. I only hear Phoenix news also so-- there is that.
  12. It is sort of interesting that they have Louk positioned away from the court though. That was news to me to be honest. Either I never noticed or just assumed something like that was probablytrue. But these guys are right down there - no masks--- and just sitting close. Makes you wonder what they know about not getting the virus. Hope you enjoy watching today's game-- it was encouraging to see them making some nice shots etc. Personally-- I think these announcers are a little too invested in how important Murphy is as both a ball handler and as part of our offense. I mean-- sure-- he
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