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  2. Maybe Pat White can utilize Johnson this year and bring in Fortin slowly. Also Johnson could look good in the wildcat formation.
  3. By Brad Meyer | Published 07/11/2020 | College Football Tampa, FL – It started with the Big Ten’s announcement that member schools will only play a conference schedule this fall. While football is the major revenue driver, this statement applied to other fall sports including men’s and women’s cross country, field hockey, men’s and women’s soccer, and women’s volleyball. The conference stated this is necessary to protect the health, safety and wellness of student-athletes. With most non-conference games being home games for the Big Ten but necessary operating income for the visiting team, is this really about protecting the health, safety and wellness of players? In support of this, I hope the Big Ten and the Pac-12 (that eagerly followed with similar announcement), soon post just how they are going to keep players healthier and safer by only playing conference mates. Especially, when conferences, like the Pac-12 currently have half of their membership located in states currently considered hotbeds for Covid-19. How could Arizona State showing up at Utah and make any sense when Utah might be better off with an in-community game vs BYU? Or even Montana State? In a Covid-19 impacted college football landscape, perhaps the Power Five Commissioners recognize the changing landscape and find that with each game above the mandated and self-enriching conference schedule there is a financial shortfall. Also, with the broad impact of the virus, the College Football Playoff will be making P5 friendly adjustments to selection criteria. And let’s not fail to mention the cost of “payday” games when current social distancing does not allow you to fill a stadium. The Bulls are drooling over a huge financial windfall of $1.9 million for a game that was negotiated to be played in September 5 as a result of Texas altering an earlier agreement. On the other coast FAU had a $1.2 million dollar payday game with Minnesota. Now, it’s likely both are in the hands of attorneys. Some Power Five programs are struggling financially. Minnesota is trying to work itself out of a $10 million coronavirus-caused budgetary shortfall. But if the very wealthy P5s are examining the path to survival, what is it like for USF, FAU and other non P5 schools? Without payday games many schools budgets can be turned upside down, especially as you look beyond the American Athletic and other Group of Five conferences. So is it budget cutting or is it health, safety and wellness? Or does that trio of heartwarming issues provide cover for the Power Five to continue on their path to complete independence and the quest to strip the remaining programs of any funding or relevance? I mean if it’s about health and safety, who would push back?
  4. Nice article. I wonder if all other college Baseball teams are going to suffer similar talent attrition due to these times.
  5. By Brad Meyer | Published 07/05/2020 | USF Football Tampa, FL - With just over two months remaining before the first potential 2020 football game for the South Florida Bulls, there is little doubt the game itself may be at risk. The September 5 game, to be played at Darrell K Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium, would be a difficult debut game for Bulls new head coach Jeff Scott. Add to that the erasure of spring football and the Covid-19 impact to fall practice. The Bulls returned to campus, tested and readied for voluntary athletic activities beginning June 10. By June 17, however, two USF players were declared positive for coronavirus. Workouts continued in groups of 10 or less as the program also worked to better sanitize and social distance prior to being put on extended hold. Meanwhile, the state of Texas has witnessed an increase in Covid-19 cases. The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has mandated face covers statewide beginning with the 4th of July weekend. Austin Mayor Steve Adler also banned gatherings over groups greater than 10 participants. Prior to the recent outbreak, the Texas governor had approved an order to allow sports facilities to operate at 25%. That order was followed by a statement that colleges in the Lone Star State should not expect capacity greater than 50%. With the current increase in cases, we may see yet another restatement of expectations before long. The Daily Caller reported local Florida sports personality, Chris Torello, reported that USF informed its donors and season ticket holders to not to book trips to Austin for the the season opener. With a potential reduction in stadium capacity, it appears the visitor allotment may be the first to go. Individually, Bulls fans are finding ways to acquire tickets separately from the USF entourage. Early predictions for the 2020 opener have been unsurprisingly lopsided in favor of the Longhorns. Texas fan site, Longhorns Wire, expects a 45-13 Texas victory. The Bulls have a lot of questions to answer as head coach Jeff Scott transforms the program and its culture. The first question mark starts with the quarterback position where the Bulls return 2019 starter Jordan McCloud, but also adds sophomore Cade Fortin and grad transfer Noah Johnson, formerly of Alcorn State. With increasing Covid-19 cases in the state of Florida, it's difficult to tell when the Bulls might return in numbers to the practice fields, but Scott is preparing for a return in the short term. There will be much yet to do in order to prepare for the season. Brad Meyer is site founder of and writer for TheBullsPen.com. He can be contacted at admin@thebullspen.net.
  6. By Brad Meyer | Published 07/06/2020 | Site Information Gilbert, AZ - Looking to become part of a solution? Bulls fans everywhere are seeking more media coverage on the USF Bulls. TheBullsPen.com is re-entering coverage as part of the community offering. We are looking for a few good pens, or keyboards. Now is a great time to help drive the resurgence of USF Athletics by creating engaging content that, like our community, builds year-round support for the Bulls. If you would like to be a part of the user-driven content experience as a writer, photographer or editor email me today. We are looking for amateurs and experienced contributors. More information and application can be found at this link. If you are passionate about the Bulls and want to help deliver a great online experience to Bulls fans, apply today. Should you have any questions, please use the email link above to contact me. Brad Meyer is site founder of and writer for TheBullsPen.com. He can be contacted at admin@thebullspen.net.
  7. By Brad Meyer | Published 08/30/2019 | USF Football Tampa, FL - After a lengthy off season following the six straight losses to end the 2018 season, Bulls fans found reasons to feel optimistic (again) about USF Football. The 2018 season showed some ugly sides that led to the dismissal of both players and coaches. The enigma at the center of the storm, Charlie Strong, did what Charlie does, he "cleaned house". 2019 was supposed to be different. Players are a year older, bigger and more mature. New assistants and a new offense. Players were reported to be closer to each other - and closer to Coach Strong who allegedly began revealing a personality to those around him. #PlayFastScoreFaster was a hashtag everyone wanted to use and observe. A wave of renewed optimism seemed to be sweeping some around Fowler Avenue and in the ether of the internet. But as players left the tunnel for warm ups, one thing remained the same. Little energy. A "sullen look" as they took the field - perhaps imitating Strong's version of a business look - that far off, detached and unemotional presence. A lot looked the same from that point on, save for an old fashioned player/coach confrontation on the sideline. Well, Johnny Ford was held out of the game, coach's decision. The Bulls defense was porous in 2018 and remained so Friday night. Granted, Wisconsin boasts a Heisman and, perhaps, NFL ready running back that simply had his way with the Bulls. He, Jonathan Taylor, left the game early but not before amassing 135 rushing yards and four touchdowns. The Badgers grinded out 234 yards on the ground. But the Bulls also gave up a personal record high passing yards to Badger QB Jack Coan who finished with 193 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. This was a quarterback that was dueling for the starting job with a freshman just a week ago. During one stretch in the first half, Coan completed eleven straight pass attempts. The Bulls, on the other hand, struggled to get anything going on offense, finishing the night with just 157 total yards. The Bulls new offense crossed the 50 yard line once the entire evening on their last lifeless, scoreless possession. Early opportunities were erased on dropped balls. When combined with an ineffective rushing game, the Bulls new offense failed to live up to the hype and hopes many had allowed to develop over the spring and fall camps. The Bulls finished the night with 26 rushing yards on 23 attempts. Quarterback Blake Barnett was ineffective, completing only 13 of 30 attempts - again, he didn't have a lot of help. He left the game with 109 yards and two interceptions; and was sacked three times. Afterwards, Charlie Strong lamented "It just shows you, we've got a lot of work (to do). We've still got a season in front of us and we just got to get ready. The thing I told our team just a few minutes ago is, 'You don't point fingers. Now, we've got to go back to work." Let's hope that work starts Saturday morning. Brad Meyer is site founder of and writer for TheBullsPen.com. He can be contacted at admin@thebullspen.net.
  8. False. I only watch the USF games from the AAC. USF is in the AAC so I watch 13 AAC games a year, the same way all of our conference mates are listed under AAC games even though they are playing teams from other conferences.
  9. Jim Johnson

    Game Week!!

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