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  1. NJBull

    Temple Game 2018

    Half is Saturday and full is Sunday. Separated 2 years ago to fit more runners and $
  2. NJBull

    Temple Game 2018

    It is the weekend of the Philly Marathon and half marathon. They start very early so anyone from out of town running stays at a hotel. I did when I ran it in 2015.
  3. NJBull

    Bulls Happy Hour Friday

    Cubs game moved to 7:05.
  4. NJBull

    Illinois game 2018

    What is the latest on this as far as food, drink etc?
  5. NJBull


    We will be going. Driving up early that morning. Tailgate?
  6. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2018/04/28/quinton-flowers-lands-free-agent-deal-with-bengals/
  7. Brad, I sent you an email with my info. Pm or reply here if you didn’t get it. Thanks.