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  1. Doug kept saying the SDSU guys were going to play in Sundays. If I recall SDSU had a pretty good running back. Is there delivery style similar because it sounded like Doug? I was at Rutgers when he was the head coach.
  2. Trivia question. Who was the first 1A program USF played? Bonus question 1, who was the announcer? Bonus question 2, what was some of the annoying stuff he said?
  3. Can someone explain to me how we would have won more games if we spent more money on football? Not being argumentative I just don't understand.
  4. Should the OCS have Publix subs when we play our first Big 12 game under coach Asiantii Woulard? Only if the most powerful person on campus, Athletic Director Jim Leavitt says so of course.
  5. I don't understand what you're trying to say here. I haven't the slightest interest to anybody vote for and if prefer to keep it that way. if I want to open my mind to other people's political views I'll go to a political forum. There is no shortage of those.
  6. One of the few redeeming characteristics of this board these days is it's one of the few places in the internet where people don't discuss their politics.
  7. We've come a long way from Gallagher's "Drive-Thru U" comment.
  8. I am a bit of a Pollyanna. I'll admit that. Something about this hire feels different. Maybe it was the speeches yesterday or the comments from the Clemson game idk. This game is all about results so the proof is in the pudding but I'm excited about the program again and I wasn't sure if that was possible after the past decade.
  9. Weird, 2 penalties backed us up to inside the 10 on the second one but neither were one was on Joel (he is #25 right?). In fact he is nowhere to be seen if that is his number and the guys making the tackles were not just running free.
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