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  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/8osqRcUnbg9XFDqBA
  2. As someone with residual neck injuries in my 50's (likely from my football years) my advice to him is take care of yourself.
  3. Yea, it became a jest but early on I think it was used to temper some excess optimism around here. The funny thing is, back in those days, the optimism was sometimes warranted. I think that is how it became a meme.
  4. The only thing he said that I take issue with is "I hope USF honestly shows up with the belief they’ll win." They better show up that way! I also feel he is not as sure of himself as his bravado suggests "The Bulls might be able to keep it interesting because the game is in Tampa, it’s on their home field, the weather will be hot in their favor but none of it will be enough." Kind of feels like he is setting up excuses. Don't get me wrong, I agree that they will most likely manhandle us but I am a fan and am prepared to lose my voice over every first down.
  5. Back in the CJL days I would have suggested that our defense was up to the challenge. The problem back then is we had zero offense or we were so 1 dimensional that we struggled. Andre Hall would get his yards too but but we lost games. As a lot of people are saying, they stopped the other 10 guys from making an impact.
  6. At last count this thread is 1848 pages of troll bait.
  7. I know this sounds crazy but if this does happen it might explain a few things. Like maybe UCONN got wind of it and jumped proactively and maybe WDEA got wind of it and decided to be our flagship.
  8. I guess they see the writing on the wall and are moving in another direction.
  9. I actually get it. They want to play schools that their fans actually have heard of or care about - and not necessarily in football. There are plenty of people from Big East schools sprinkled throughout the North East (at work, the gym, in the neighborhood) that can foster rivalries and drive interest. It is like the opposite of what Boston College did (but I understand their decision as well at the time as well). I applaud them.
  10. This was a really interesting article. I was expecting to come away feeling one way and the opposite happened. These schools were looking out for the welfare of their students and did not wish to get into an arms race with one school that was double in size and spending twice as much. My avatar is of my son playing lacrosse in a rec league. The games are competitive and they have an overall champion at the end of the year based on standing and outcomes from the jamboree. That being said there is also a travel league that is hard core with kids that want to get a scholarship and make a career professionally out of playing lacrosse*. The goals of both leagues are totally different and when a travel team (and this does occur) joins a rec league to fill in time on their schedule it tends to ruins it for everyone else in the rec league. These kids are cherry picked from across the region and play all year round an the games are not competitive. It turns into a glorified practice for the travel league team. *You can't make a career out of lacrosse that was partially in jest but I am not sure anyone ever told these people.
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