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  1. MMW

    IPF vs OCS

    Yea, we need a place to hold practices and lift weights.
  2. I am pretty sure mine stems from a missed summer class as well. Rutgers had something everyone referred to as the "RU Screw" and they definitely would put a big fat F on your transcripts and make it impossible to do anything about. Basically they liked to screw you over as much as possible, I have no idea why. USF was not at all like that plus the girls were much prettier. Being married I didn't notice any of that of course, its just something I heard.
  3. Originally I have not read much into this. For me it would be - 4. If a 5 star at any position wants to come here you take him. Especially if he can contribute right away. With all the business going on with Kean I think this was a great move for CCS to bring this guy in. I don't necessarily thing we have nothing to get excited about at the QB position before this move. I think we have unknowns and coaches like to minimize risk.
  4. LOL, there must be some common reason for that kind of dream. I have the same related dream for the army. They call me up and tell me I am still on active duty. I am no shrink but I feel like these were stressful environments that are no longer applicable. My conscious mind knows it is not important anymore but my subconscious isn't so sure. Every once in a while it kicks out a dream to double check. Given how the amount of stress this is causing and impacting to his career I bet Kean will join the forgotten college class dream club someday.
  5. I agree. He wants to be the starting QB he really needs to have all his ducks in a row. On a side note, even as a middle aged man I still have a recurring dream where I signed up for classes and never attended or forgot all about them. The dream always starts the day of the final and me wondering what affect it will have on me grade point average.
  6. Got it. You never know around here.
  7. Due to injuries to the starters...and that speaks more about how thin we typically are than anything else.
  8. All banks do. The only people who aren't VP's are the tellers.
  9. MMW

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    I would have loved the Cigar City Arena or something.
  10. What kind of fool would come on a message board if he didn't already know everything there is to know? I certainly do know. This all got me thinking this afternoon so I compiled a list of all the criteria and metrics that determine a school's P5 worthiness. I fed them into the mainframe at work. It wasn't easy getting time on that thing. The hardest part was tweaking the metrics just so to give what I think is a pretty precise formula. I ran the algorithm several times and posted the results.
  11. Exactly, neither game resemble football today. Rutgers has a better claim to National Champion then UCF. The first ever college football national championship was awarded retroactively to the two teams. Princeton was named the champion by the Billingsley Report and the National Championship Foundation, while college football research historian Parke H. Davis named Rutgers and Princeton co-champions. Various other ratings and retrospectives have rated the teams differently.
  12. I agree, they are a not all equal. As you said, even if we exceeded Wake Forrest or Vandy in every category it would not guarantee an invite. Being a directional school is one issue as well as being in the same state as FSU, Miami and UF. They would not want to share leagues.
  13. Well at least it would give us a place of our own to sit while we're waiting.
  14. I think that is because there are many metrics that need to be satisfied and we have some covered but not all. Some of these programs were grandfathered in and that is a metric as well. After nearly 2000 pages we all know them: Attendance Market Size Geographic location (proximity to rivals or other league members) Academics Student body size/Alumni base Tradition Facilitates (including OCS) Notice I didn't add on the field performance which would be why Boise was never asked and Rutgers was. Boise had the performance but few, if any, of the others. So I guess we agree. We are also hindered by the directional school stigma. It could possibly be a deal breaker for some leagues. To those who say that we have better attendance that a few grandfathered bottom feeders, I would say that is meaningless.
  15. How are we any better that Rutgers? They are benefiting from their location and market size just like a lot of people around here are proposing we do. If we are asking to be placed in a league based of on the field results our wish has been granted. Rutgers has better academics and location that we do. For what it is worth they might be a sucky history but only one team can say they won the first college football game ever played about 150 years ago.