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  1. Seriously is there a thread floating around with a list of who will be back next year and a proposed depth chart? I'm trying to understand what kind of talent we will have once the dust settles on all this.
  2. Jim seemed to reach a plateau and there was some grumblings. CCS has not hit a plateau as far as we know.
  3. Dude I'm from the NE and I love Tampa because it is such a backwater. **** I graduated from Rutgers for my undergrad. Your embarrassing yourself if you think our media market is significant compared to Rutgers with Big10 teams coming to town.
  4. You guys are funny. USF has zero fanbase. That is really all that counts not winning games. If we had 100,000 screaming fans in the stands every week and a million more watching our games we could pick our league. Based on our fanbase we are exactly where we deserve to be.
  5. My concern is that they did too deep a hole that they can't recover in time.
  6. I got what you were saying and answered accordingly. I find it hilarious that CCS has to come up with any excuses at all. We are not playing great due to youth or distractions or whatever. It happens. I recall the team under Leavitt getting distracted by rankings and losing focus during the Rutgers game. We got distracted by the bowl activities under Leavitt and Taggart and losing. These are young kids and a young team overall and they get distracted by things. The import thing is they are winning. Hopefully it will last.
  7. It was suggested that caring about the uniforms is a form of feminization. That has got to be the stupidest thing I have read on this forum in a long time. As pointed out, plenty of "manly men" care about those kinds of things, including the military. When I served the color of your beret implied how elite you were. You can't say on one hand that being concerned about uniforms is feminine for a man and not include any male who wears and cares about the look of his uniform. We used to debate with the Marines who's class A's looked better (even though I was in the Army I agreed with them). I would say that caring for the look of your uniform is pretty **** manly.
  8. Hard to argue. I haven't seen a match up like this since Gobo Gym went up against the Average Joe's.
  9. It is one of the biggest knocks against USF so you call it out and say screw that but we have ambition. It is the story behind USF as a program and academic institution. I like it. No we don't have any real tradition as a school unless we are counting the Wizard, the Towel Guys, War Flamingo and Mr Auburn Game Spandex.
  10. The only thing is disagree with is the score of xCWT's games. They would be closer to 69-70. We'd score 70 but the game would still be a nail biter somehow. So true about xCJL. We would destroy good teams and definitely lose to UMass of UConn.
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