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  1. Brett McMurphy BYU, Cincinnati, Houston & UCF could receive invitations from Big 12 this month, sources told @ActionNetworkHQ . BYU could join earlier than others & all 4 could join before OU/Texas leave for SEC, source said. Boise, Memphis, SMU & USF also were considered
  2. Matt Musil @KHOUSportsMatt College Football sources are telling me that the proposed move by the #Big12 to bring BYU, Houston, Central Florida and Cincinnati into the league is basically a “done deal.” Formal invitations are expected to go out within the next 7-10 days. #KHOU11
  3. SMU and Memphis are probably ahead of us anyway.. wah, wah...
  4. Bruce Feldman @BruceFeldmanCFB FSU President Thrasher: “I want to be clear that persistent reports that Florida State has been in contact with the Southeastern Conference are untrue. We have had no communication with the SEC or any representatives of the SEC.” They are gone! 🤔
  5. Max Olson @max_olson Sources: Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby is meeting with Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff today to discuss the possibility of a scheduling alliance, merger or other options for their conferences to strategically work together.
  6. Something has to happen short term, correct? Either Big 12 gets raided or they invite on at least 2 more Universities. They cant sit and wait till 2025.
  7. Its feeling like 1 Mega conference is coming in the long term with their own playoff/Rules etc.
  8. The smokies are the Disney World of hiking trails.. Beautiful trails!
  9. or any NCAA conference regarding the Big 12 conference's members, possible conference realignment or potential financial incentive or outcomes related to possible conference realignment." More soon on @YahooSports
  10. Breaking: The Big 12 has sent a "cease and desist" letter to ESPN. The letter demands ESPN end "all actions that may harm the conference and its members and that it not communicate with the Big 12 Conference's existing members.... 1/2 this brings great memories..
  11. @PeteThamel · 37m Yahoo Exclusive: No. 1 overall recruit Quinn Ewers tells @yahoosports he’s “leaning” toward skipping senior HS year and attending Ohio State. Ewers could then sign NIL deals worth nearly seven figures, which aren’t allowed in Texas for high school players. https://sports.yahoo.com/will-americas- Out of control! no-1-qb-recruit-quinn-ewers-give-up-7-figure-nil-offers-for-one-more-season-of-texas-high-school-football-200803437.html
  12. 7/28 Oklahoma Texas officially request SEC, Big 10 & Pac 12 realignment, Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Olympics, Barstool Bowl... | Winning Cures Everything 7/28 Oklahoma Texas officially request SEC, Big 10 & Pac 12 realignment, Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Olympics, Barstool Bowl... Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson should be also peaking at the SEC with that amount of $$$
  13. With SEC expansion on the horizon, Big Ten should partner with ACC instead of expand If the SEC expands to 16 teams, would the ACC and Big Ten be better off working together instead of expanding? By all accounts, it appears as though the SEC is about to expand its conference membership to 16 teams with the additions of Oklahoma and Texas. Once that move becomes official, all eyes seem to be on what the Big Ten and ACC could potentially do with their own respective expansion decisions. While there have been no shortage of expansion candidates analyzed for each conference, perhaps the best move for both conferences would be to stand pat on their respective 14-team memberships and work out a way to work together instead. Yes, I’m going there. It’s time to introduce the ACC-Big Ten Challenge in football. It may just be the perfect alternative to expansion for the sake of expansion for both conferences as it would help solve one of the biggest areas of concern that is typically attached to conference realignment; television revenue. If the idea of adding teams to the conference is motivated largely by football and the media rights packages that can be obtained as a result of your football product, then an ACC-Big Ten football challenge would arguably be a better option than any additional games against what’s left of the Big 12 after Oklahoma and Texas bolt for the SEC. Ask yourself this. Would you rather see Penn State play Miami or Florida State in an ACC-Big Ten football challenge? Or would you want to see a Big Ten game between the Nittany Lions and the Kansas State Wildcats or Oklahoma State? You make the call. It seems like a pretty easy one to me. The Big Ten and ACC have separate media rights deals, but both work with ESPN. And you know ESPN would love to feature a full Saturday lineup of crossover matchups between the ACC and Big Ten in early September. Of course, making an ACC-Big Ten football challenge would require a lot of legwork, and with non-conference and conference schedules mapped out years in advance, it could require a good number of buyouts or waiting patiently for the schedules to line up again. But if it leads to more profits, then it would be crazy not to consider doing everything possible to make it work. The Big Ten once had this idea all lined up with the Pac-12 back when the Big Ten had just 12 members. Unfortunately, the Pac-12 backed out of the scheduling agreement. It’s an idea crazy enough to work and if it means nobody has to be forced to accept the Big 12’s leftovers, maybe it is worth exploring. Follow Nittany Lions Wire on Twitter and like us on Facebook for continuing Penn State coverage and discussion.
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