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  1. RT @JFowlerCBS: ACC in talks with UConn, Louisville, USF and Cincinnati about 14th team to replace Maryland, source told @CBSSports.
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    Scheduling Philosophy

    UM or and FSU next please!
  3. I think its a pretty safe assumption.. Q has the it factor but he is just not an accurate passer. He is definitely athletic enough to make the NFL
  4. I cant wait till 2024 for the Home game against Louisville! Only 6 more years to go!
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    Bulls Will be Ranked Again!

    What was our AP ranking at the end of last season?
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    Yesterday Florida Central got respect not the AAC. Opens the door a little wider for Florida Central to be included in next year's Playoff if they go undefeated.
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    Q Invited to NFL Combine

    Guessing his best will be 4.61 Very happy for Q!
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    In .... your .... face!

    Look at Jack go.. That Gif is hilarious!
  9. There might be a few more coming now that they see where they stand with Strong and the new coaching staff.. Pure speculation but would be surprised if it didn't happen
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    Signing Day

    If we were in the BE then I would agree.. AAC I think that we can contend again next year. There are some bad teams in our division.
  11. Noticed redshirt freshman DB Hampton played a lot yesterday....True freshman DB Culpepper is also getting a lot of looks. At WR freshmen Dukes and Phillips got looks early this year. At LB Keirston Johnson. At DTs Freshmen Kegler and Pinkney were in the rotation. On the Defensive line both Duke transfers Price and Boyce are eligible next year. Bronson should get back into the rotation again.
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    Signing Day

    He was way too short anyway..
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    Signing Day

    29 total would be a huge class! Thank you for the info!
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    Signing Day

    So by Friday we will have 17 signed, how many can we still sign in February?
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    QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Kamara is a fast 4.53! I saw a tweet the other day stating that Alabama's 2013 roster had Alvin Kamara(N.O), Kenyan Drake(Dolphins), Derrick Henry(Titans) and T.J. Yeldon(Jags). LOL...Crazy
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    QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Really hoping he gets invited to the combine.. Any intel on what round he is supposed to be drafted in?
  17. Ironside is the 'Rocky Horror Show' of USF threads., it has a cult feeling to it. I cant take credit..
  18. Ha! Maybe the thread is an omen.. As soon as we archive it, we get invited
  19. Maybe he is interviewing for the DC position at FSU?
  20. Bravo Willie! Jimbo Fisher setting the current market is comical! $5 mil a year for Frost? The college bubble is alive and well! Any terms for Slick Willie?
  21. Even if you beat them you will get no credit. You would of beaten an uninspired 10-4 team
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    Sad for AAC

    Sad for USF being relegated to the AAC.. I'll take 7-5 in our old conference vs 9-2 in CUSA2