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  1. Officially Shows Zero in Attendance Saturday, may not be released when they are this embarrassing . . . we never heard season ticket sales. Go BULLS !!!
  2. Bottom Line, the few that buy tickets and donate will continue.
  3. Keep Timmy in! He needs the work. Also, we'll probably have two more Fr QB's coming in for 2022.
  4. Mid Year (6 games In) Report Card many said they wanted to wait until after game 6. QB = C+ . . . the last two games we saw a True Freshman. We're not grading on curves. Still feel great regarding his progress over the next 6 games. RB = B . . . I like our stable of Backs, just need to implement them more in the GamePlan. WR = C . . . we have some tremendous catches, but still too many drops . . . does look better with Gregory. TE = C . . . we do not use too much, although it seemed the Blocking was better against Tulsa. OL = B . . . still thinking it is our strongest group, but not getting a First Down on two tries hurts! Overall give them a C . . . DL = D . . . Depth is an issue and we Rush 3 guys too many times. LB = C . . . Depth again, although the Four Leaders are doing a good job. Need Better Tackling! DB = D . . . Depth, but was good getting some guys back. Still need better tackling! OVERALL giving them a D Special Teams really stepped it up, but can't rough the punter! Great FG kicking and KickOffs into the endzone. Nice toi take a KickOff all the way (Should have been 101 Yards). Punted was back above par the last outing. Grade a C. OVERALL is an F ... Zero Wins!
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if they let him go after this weekend.
  6. Happily Staying Put with Coach Scott.
  7. I'm not concerned about recruiting until December 15th . . . let's see who and how many sign, especially JuCo's. And recruiting will not help this season. Go BULLS !!!
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