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  1. Happy to see we may have a solid #2 QB. Needs playing time.
  2. I think we'll have many offensive targets, but agree he'll have most yards. And don't forget about Horne.
  3. Cronk will be our Primary RB Ford will be at Slot and #2 RB Happy to have both on the field at the same time with Bell's Offense. Go BULLS !!!
  4. Need a strong Back Up to emerge after Cronk and Ford. Need incredible improvement at LB. Coaches need to have these guys prepared for Opening Day. Go BULLS !!!
  5. Reminder that your donations for season tix can go to the IPF. Your gift can also be spread out for the year to help you make a larger donation. Go BULLS !!!
  6. USF to hold open public practice at Clearwater Central Catholic High School on April 6Spring Game set for Saturday, April 13 at Corbett Stadium https://gousfbulls.com/news/2019/3/14/football-bulls-set-to-open-spring-practice-tuesday.aspx Sofa King Ready !
  7. We know what he can do ... we have two very good Backs.
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