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  1. "When" we beat Notre Dame, our National Title hopes stay alive.
  2. Vincent Davis had a pretty good game as the "Star" Back.
  3. Johnson was 3 of 4 Saturday night. Injured most of last season and completed 62% of his passes in 2018. I think we'll see both play evenly amount of snaps . . . in the first half.
  4. So do we know for sure they were injuries and not suspensions?
  5. The Good: Over 300 yards Rushing, solid Defense, Low Penalties and No Turnovers. The Bad: Nothing too impressive at QB and lots of players out. The Ugly: ESPN . . . following the game - NOTHING ON College Football Scoreboard.
  6. Thanx for your help Mike. Trust you are doing much better. Go BULLS !!!
  7. Soo many unknowns for this opener . . . USF Wins !!! 80-3 Ford St. Felix 505
  8. John, Sent you a message on twitter. I will push to the 2021 season tix. Go BULLS !!! Thank you!
  9. I'm white and grew up in a black neighborhood my first few years of elementary school. I was punched nearly every morning on the bus going to school by black kids. I blamed it on bad parenting. No kid is bad from the beginning, they only imitate their atmosphere. I was called "white trash" because I had a dead beat dad and my mother had to raise four kids as a waitress. Got the free lunch ticket - glad they made them a different color so everyone knew I was poor. As an adult, I am accused of being racist based on my skin color. There is racism in America. There is racism in Brasil and sur
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