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  1. Absolutely correct. While it is true that I never hesitated to butt heads with Steve over some of his comments, there are people from the board who were often surprised that I defended his positions in that I always side with free speech and I did not totally disagree with his positions. I just think Steve focused too much on Leavitt's liabilities and did not appreciate the things that went right. I was a Leavitt critic also but felt the pluses outweighed the minuses. While I would never say that Leavitt was the only one who cared about the program, I will say that his caring and intensity were unmatched. In fact, I would argue that his love of the program was a little over the top. Still, that is what you need when you are an upstart. He found diamonds in the rough and got them to play over their heads. He just never found the players who could take on the teams which ran downhill and threw to the tight ends. He also never had a consistent offense which came out and smashed you in the face. Back to the main topic. Our program is dead in the water now. I am certain that it will not happen but I do have a strong opinion on the subject of rehiring Leavitt. I am not sure that I would personally be for it but can be sure that it would create more buzz and sizzle in the steak than the program has had in a long time. Fans that loved him would return and the detractors and curiosity seekers would come out to see what happens.
  2. Which was my original point. Too true.
  3. Ratfarts! I would prefer the Judge Smails approach..... "You'll get nothing and like it!!". Really, just do your job. There is no better gimmick than victory.
  4. As is access to quality deli subs and fried hot wings! Thank you George!
  5. First, I take the full blame for feeling the need to give our new friend a little background for perspective. Now, please tell me you were talking about Knight. If you meant the guy I referenced who was on the radio, that would be news.
  6. The absolute worst perpetrator was a guy on the radio who railed against anyone wearing an opposing team's jersey to any of the local professional team's games yet always took dumps on the local university.
  7. Better than having to pretend that you did not see it. Signed: Old married man
  8. No need to be sorry. The point of this whole thread is what I hope you understand. For the entire history of the program, most of the local media has been indifferent at best about the program when not dismissing or disparaging it. When we call them out on it, they get defensive and say that we want homers covering the program. This of course totally ignores the fact that most of us are very critical of the program ourselves, do not care for homers, and just want fair coverage .
  9. Welcome. Wish we still could have FlowerPower9 on the roster again.
  10. Thank you for that. I know many are not as old as I am and do not remember when Houston and SMU were big time SWC teams and do not know the history of Tulane being in the SEC. The old Tulane stadium was even large enough to host Super Bowls IV, VI, IX.
  11. Too funny. Actually, you probably have more options than most, if I am correct. Not only have you been on a second account for years, you also have an account which was made to keep that miserable Eagle in Yune off of our board. Both moves greatly appreciated.
  12. Most of it is not a surprise at all except maybe the fact that even Jerry Jones does not own his "World". Obviously, the Bucs technically do not own Raymond James. If the taxpayers had not voted to build. it, my guess is the Bucs may have moved (Orlando?) and USF would be still playing in the old Tampa Stadium.
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