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  1. In my opinion, the only legitimate reason to bring up the 07 West Virginia game would be to show doubters how USF football can draw a large crowd when it is perceived to be in the big time. In any other situation, it does seem to be a bore. I would argue that the 06 victory at West Virginia was a bigger upset, btw.
  2. Do tell, when did USF ever win 10 games before?
  3. Show me a USF football team which ever had depth and no weaknesses. I cannot think of one. Any coach who comes here faces challenges. Your point seemed to be critical of Taggart while I saw us in a better place than we had been.
  4. I did not think my post was so esoteric. Was backing up the fact that the original post was pure folly.
  5. While casting aspersions about how the team was under Taggart. If I recall correctly, Taggart left a team which had just decisively beaten the now unbeatable Miscreants. The USF offense was one of the better ones in the game. I would argue and easily win stating the FACT that he left the team in much better shape than the Jolly Joker did.
  6. Mission9

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Airplane was a funny movie.
  7. Mission9

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Too true. To anyone in florida sports fan's situation, just email USF athletics with your information and your questions. John is always spot on in providing great service. I am sure he will answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. I received no email or calls but contacted them and will soon be all set .
  8. Mission9

    AAC Not Even a Mention

    We are kind of like Pinto and Flounder at the Omega House.
  9. Mission9

    AAC Not Even a Mention

    Yeah, I would love to see them use the same old tired standard talking points on the 89-90 UNLV team. "Sure, they can beat a Power 5 team every now and then, but not week in and week out" LOL! The sad thing is, I can see old Herbie and the ESECPN crew doing just that.
  10. Mission9

    Scottie Montgomery fired at ECU

    Looks like there is some drama unfolding. Seems that the JMU coach was poised to sign with UNCC and then asked if he could explore other options. Jilted, UNCC withdrew the offer. I think ECU firing a coach a couple of days before playing a hated rival means they think they are in play to hire Houston.
  11. Mission9

    Gilbert’s Playbook

    When he first started out, he had all of the plays of a 3x5 index card. That is what I have heard.
  12. Mission9

    Scottie Montgomery fired at ECU

    I have seen some of their fans tossing Leavitt into the mix. I do not care who they hire as long as it is not him. We all know that despite any weakness his teams had, he could almost will the team to a couple of victories a season just on raw emotion. Guess who would be the largest target each season? Then, to counterbalance this, we might have to hire Schiano. Now, none of us wants that, do we?
  13. Tom Jones did a nice cover of Otis Redding's "Hard to Handle".
  14. I did not realize thebullspen.com now has a "missed connections" section. "Thebullspen.com, something for every Bull!"