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  1. Nobody thinks USF would be selected before BYU. You might want to do a little research about USF's academics as it may surprise you. While the basketball program always struggles, the building formally known as the Sun Dome is not too shabby.
  2. I understand your point and my greatest concern about all of this is if the idea of the expanded 12 team playoff gets shelved. I often wonder how many potential recruits did not even look at USF only because of the loss of BCS status.
  3. I think most of us know it is all about the name brand and not about recent on field success. That said, it is unfortunate that this chaos once again is occuring while we have a putrid team. I think we would all feel better and less anxious if we were coming off a 10-2 season but I doubt it would factor in as much as what the powers that be think the program can bring to the table as a whole in the future.
  4. Without doing any research or nit picking I can name a couple. USF did not "leave UCF behind" when they joined the Big East as UCF was in the MAC beforehand. As far as winning goes, one only needs to look at the all time record of USF football vs Syracuse to know what you say is not necessarily true. No one with a rational point of view would object that Syracuse is a more recognized name and deserved the promotion. It is more about the "name brand" (which of course was built by past winning) than it does with more recent on the field success.
  5. As Puc says "Not until my people are free" I would also like to see what is arguably one of the more, for lack of a better word, iconic icons anywhere. It is a symbol of hope for what was once USF football. I would say when the icon reappears, it will be like the "W" at Wrigley Field or the orange lights at Tropicana Field.
  6. You are absolutely correct about this. The only counterpoint I may add is that I feel that revenue would go up if USF did get the coveted invite to a better conference. I do remember the larger crowds at the Big East games and I am certain even a revamped Big 12 would get a better media deal. There are a lot of casual fans in Tampa which we used to get who might return.
  7. Some people do seem to forget the importance of name brands in all of this.
  8. I had to think about how long that has been. I still had dirty blonde hair, was at my preferred "fighting" weight and while I did not partake, I could have stormed the field. Now, it would be a slow struggle over the wall and a shuffle, limp combination of movements towards the field
  9. I do not remember it being mentioned, are you the one in the yellow shirt? I always thought so.
  10. I remember. Maybe if things do turn for the best, you can revive that Andre Hall photo you once had as your icon.
  11. It is an odd time when our friend Puc has a more positive outlook on USF's future than I do. 😮
  12. So, a little esoteric and slightly off topic but those miscreants at EZU have been insisting for years that they are SEC material due to the attendance they get at their games and their "culture". So, does the addition of Texas and Oklahoma put an end to their big dream?
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