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  1. So, are we doomed to keep losing to them until we have our "Bo Over the Top" moment? Oy!
  2. I have always been confused about this. Did Marcus Vindictus defeat the Cretins of Sparta or the Spartans of Crete?
  3. I think you will need to consult with Shoop if he is still on here.
  4. I have to ask.... money aside, would you have been ok with Scott had Southern Cal hired him?
  5. Steve is like our Jerry Rice. The numbers are a little mind boggling for sure. I have to say that many times I did generally agree with Steve but found his posts to be over the top extreme and certainly challenged them. You make good points too but also can be a little extreme. I actually like both of you as message board personalities where I can agree fundamentally and yet still have issues with said opinions. Certainly better than most on other boards I have seen which have boring takes. The fact that Mazza is totally on board with the coach has made me feel a little more optimistic than I was initially. While I do not think Leavitt would be the answer for us at this time, there is no doubt that the end of his tenure is the high mark of interest in the program. The attendance numbers show it. We were still in the Big East 3 years afterwards and the numbers and "buzz" did decrease.
  6. Awhile back, I would totally agree but I think he has come around to see that there is in fact an extreme bias against our program and the AAC despite some of the teams being competitive against some of the bigger programs. Actually, both of you were right in what would happen with USF being left out of the realignment. I do wonder how he must have been annoyed that USF somehow beat BYU and yet BYU defeated Southern Cal.
  7. Ok, Let's put Puc's opinion aside since we all know where he is coming from. I would not go as far as to say he is not a USF fan since he is not the only one who is either cautiously optimistic or even skeptical about the hire. We have seen a couple of hires here which were supposed to be slam dunks and ended up in winning teams becoming losing teams. I think it says a lot that Scott comes from a winning program, seems to have a lot of support from his Clemson fans wishing him well here, and most importantly, has the blessing of thebullspen.com's resident contrarian and critic himself, Steve Mazza. Still, I have not really heard a whole lot about him and wonder how he will perform when he does not have the 100 percent backing of the local community like he did in a place like Clemson. I realize he is not Skip but look how Skip did just fine in Greenville and Ruston where most of the locals are behind the product. It is a little different here.
  8. Grateful Dad sporting the Acid Bears!
  9. He was great with Yngwie and Axel Rudi Pell!
  10. I think I overheard a guy who looked like Willie singing a little ditty where one verse went: "We really don't care what you think You see, our doo doo doesn't stink There's no coffee only mocha And that's what I like about Boca!"
  11. Not to mention, many members of a major religion follow them. I know from living out west, they are almost as popular as Utah, Arizona, and Arizona St. are in their own states. Sadly, we aren't even the most popular just outside of Raymond James. To back up the scheduling issue you mentioned, I saw where Liberty (Ind) played New Mexico St (Ind) twice this season. I think we all know why.
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