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  1. Only if they promise not to destroy us.
  2. I have to smile when I see "UCF" and "movement" in a heading next to each other.
  3. I think some of the above comments show why I loathe the whole Pee Five thing. We should not be forced to want nothing but multiple losses for the Knights without any concern for the future of the conference.
  4. Fact. Any loss for the top AAC teams outside of the conference is disastrous (if you care about the conference getting that final bid) Yes, even for UCF. ESECPN just cannot wait to push the Boise St. to the New Year's day game narrative because the Mountain West (right now) poses no threat to their precious Pee Five. If UCF loses, they will push this talking point more. Now, if you do not care about that final bid and just hate those annoying ones to the east, I understand.
  5. Even so, we all know UCF is in that percentile.
  6. Maybe not, but it is not going to happen. Most teams in the AAC would beat FAU this season, no matter what ESECPN says.
  7. Mission9

    Message Boards

    You are right. It was just one guy who thought Toledo was better. He also said that they would be better. Another questioned him on the matter. Either way, they are all fair minded.
  8. Mission9

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    I can understand the frustration in that all we want is someone to cover the program with just a tad bit of objectivity rather than what we get. It would be best to ignore said person and remember that he is in a dying industry and will either have to reinvent himself or suffer the consequences. It has been national news that the once mighty Pittsburgh Post Gazette is now only going to print 5 days. I can see the Times following suit later.
  9. Mission9

    Message Boards

    I remember before our bowl (11.5 years ago?) I think it was Eats it who referred to it as a "digital abortion". Still fits. The difference is that they have been so down that it is comical now.
  10. Mission9

    CFN Preview vs. Elon

    Man, you had to bring up the dreaded "TBD" didn't you? I am trying to get these guys to focus on what's in front of us. I don't want them worrying about future demons which don't exist (as of yet).
  11. Mission9

    CFN Preview vs. Elon

    A quick look reveals that USF does not have any future games scheduled against FCS opponents. You guys can rest easy after Sept 1. https://gousfbulls.com/news/2012/1/17/611637.aspx
  12. Mission9

    The thrill is gone.... (Off Topic)

    Our fans in general hated this conference from the beginning. It really is a conference thing not aimed at any individual program. I will attempt to sum it up. -- When rumors of a 4 conference (64 to 68 teams) top division football were going around, many thought for certain we would get in and even tried to see where we would fit in. Even gently suggesting that a no name brand USF would be left out could have gotten you branded as a blasphemer. --Once the fate of the Big East was sealed, some of us knew what was going on with the American Conference additions. The fact that some were ones which had once been in a big conference (Houston, SMU, Tulane) big time in general (Navy) or had once been considered for a big time Eastern Football conference before the Big East started football (East Carolina) did not matter to many. In fact, even stating that they really attracted the best not in the P5 (or Mountain West) was quickly ridiculed with the tallest midget argument. Even so, complaining about it will not change the fact that we were systematically left out. --In a lighthearted moment, trying to point out the fact that we finally will have a balanced home and road conference schedule got me roasted as there cannot possibly be anything good out of being stuck in the American. I think if the American could have found a way to keep a seat (even a tenuous one) at the proverbial "Big Boy Table", there would have been a lot less complaining. -
  13. Mission9

    The thrill is gone.... (Off Topic)

    It being the "eye test"