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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. You are correct that the attendance was better then. Winning is not enough. The average Tampa Bay fan wants name brand teams on the schedule. I think the AD is working to make these deals to try and recapture the tire kickers who left after the demise of the Big East.
  2. There is almost an obsession with them from the SEC fans, especially Alabama. The Birmingham paper seems to think the games were scheduled to spite UCF. If you have ever had the displeasure of reading SEC message boards or listened to that weasel Finebaum's show (I did when UCF fans on social media were getting out of control, you may call it a morbid curiosity) you would have heard worse things than most USF fans have ever said about them. I am sure some of you have seen them mock the Paper Champions:
  3. I think Puc has the best answer for that one (as far as the AAC goes)
  4. If you are looking at it from the team's or owner's standpoint, Bobby Bonilla's might be.
  5. USF playing 2 for 1s does not diminish the perception of the AAC. It does not matter that many AAC teams have won games against the P5, the perception is already low. There is nothing to diminish.
  6. I am sure they are. So, trying to be objective here (I know, some of their insufferable fanbase makes it hard) it is kind of crappy that the pundits will discredit their schedule and tell them to play tougher teams yet lambaste them for wanting equal footing in scheduling. Still, UCF probably needs to understand the old idiom "He who has the gold makes the rules" and try to figure out when they need to dig their heels in and when they need to make concessions. As far as USF goes, as Puc and other have pointed out since the beginning of the AAC, no one in Tampa cares about these games except for those of us who follow the Bulls closely. Getting name brand teams to come in town once in exchange for 2 road games makes sense. Even when USF was in the Big East many would have been happy to have only 5 home games if 4 were Big East and the 5th was a name brand and all of the road games were name brand teams. I think UCF fan should just be proud that their fans will gladly show up to see their team play ECU or Tulsa. USF has a different set of issues.
  7. You can be offended at my point if you wish but it was looking at it from the perspective of the average fan and pundits. The average fan cares nothing of the AAC and laughs at the notion of the P6. We all are at best an irritant that they want to go away and "know our place". It is amusing also that good ol UCF (who I have actually held my nose and defended on social media) is out complaining that USF is trying to butch up the schedule when the Knights used to complain about our weaker ones.
  8. While you are here, let's get the important predictions out of the way..... Are there any teams which will not destroy us? Maybe, just maybe, SC State?
  9. When the Bulls were in the Big East, there were several who called for the Bulls to be road warriors and take on any quality team (name brand) they could get (just like Fla. St. and Miami did). This was said even though the Bulls were in an access conference. So, the idea of getting a better schedule to garner interest in the program is nothing new. So now we have the AAC. . Even if UCF and others want to push P6 and even though AAC teams have won quite a few games against the P5, that does not change the public perception or pundit talking points. Even if you do not feel inferior, if the powers that be say you are, you may be. The only way to change that is to do what it takes to get better games on the schedule.
  10. Too funny. While it is a point of irritation that the average fan cares nothing of the AAC championship, it is true that said champion is the equivalent of George Glass.
  11. I think when that occurs someone should be giving away a free doughnut.
  12. I wanted to be another to ask if you have any insight as to what the issue was. Since he was all about the hometown teams, it seems illogical that he spewed so much vitriol towards the hometown college team.
  13. If we can agree on nothing else, I would hope we all can agree that our chances of the program being judged objectively by the local radio station personalities (as opposed to being treated as an anathema) just went up exponentially.
  14. Please, do not think my comments were in any way shape or form meant to be a criticism of your posts. I fully agree with them. I was making my points based on the fact that I did take some satisfaction in getting the best of that mental midget in social media and that ,for me, making more derogatory comments no longer served its purpose. His illogical hatred and vitriol towards USF and USF football will no longer grace the airwaves. I do not see my magnanimity as a weakness.
  15. Yes, sometimes the ladies do not quite get why we argue with idiots over such things. From a logical standpoint she was right. You were not going to get him to see another side. Still, it did feel good to frustrate him and get him to hang up, didn't it?
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