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  1. I loathe Deckerhoff, did not enjoy how FSU fan has acted in my section of the stadium, and do not personally know any recent players. Given that, there is noone who I would listen to from your "recommendation". I would prefer to listen to former USF players, or better yet, remember what actually happened here after we had a Skippypoo soft team.
  2. Why is that guy's name even being thrown out there? Is Steve DUImig's ghost reaching out to them to push this pablum?
  3. I had predicted a Temple victory and that was not even considering Flowers getting hurt. If we know anything about USF football, they have trouble with physical teams which run downhill and pass to the TE while playing solid defense. While 30 points against that team was very good, the 46 was a disappointment even if not a surprise. The only issue I have ever had with Taggart was that the defense seemed to get worse as time went on.....
  4. If that is to be done, then I must suggest a great marketing plan for USF for the season ticket presentation. The season ticket package will arrive in a USF colored paper bag with USF logos on it. The bag will contain a pair of scissors with green handles. The scissors can be used to cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth which will be printed in dots on the outside of the green bag. Then, the ticket holder can place the green bag over his or her head at the games. Those concerned about the environment will laud USF for repurposing it's packaging. The last product inside will be a SkippyPoo bobblehead who is laughing as he makes his way to the local bank to cash another USF check.
  5. I am guessing it is Pat Zier with a beard. I have to say, Zier is one of few in the media who doesn't take frivolous swipes at the program.
  6. Given the fact that ECU and UCF have easily the most miserable and hateful fanbases, I would argue that was a postive.
  7. I agree with the point about the game itself but cannot blame Nebraska for joining the Big 10. As ESECPN slowly chips away at the conferences working their way to a Pee 4 with 16 teams each and only 64 they have to cover, Nebraska found a safe place to call home in the Big 10 as the Big 10 is safe in an ESECPN dominated world.
  8. LOL! Southern Miss Jr. You know, that would ruffle a few purple feathers! That said, to reference a present debate, while many of our fans have focused on thinking it might be a good idea to try and entice name brands with real followings like BYU or Boise St. into the conference as the 12th team, guess who our purple friends think would be a great add to the AAC? Yes, old Southern Pixx.
  9. Bull Daly, all of your points have merit. I did chuckle a little at their over the top booing given the situation in the game itself but you have to understand the history of how they feel about our program. It set my heart to dancing knowing how frustrated they were because USF was beating them yet again (while at the same time concerned that we may have another injury ). I have experienced and felt the hatred in person and online. I will try and keep it brief and concede in advance that it is a simplified account: - 2003 USF is accepted along with Louisville and Cincinnati into the Big East. ECU fans became very angry at this and I actually was caught off guard about this fact when I went to our game there in Nov 2003. They did not try to hide their contempt of our program and even went as far as to cast aspersions toward the university itself, labeling it a community college, for example. - 2006 USF had just upset No 5 West Virginia in an unlikely victory (I still see this as more of a feat than the 2007 game) but still only gets an invite to the brand new Birmingham Bowl. Who was the opponent? Of course, it was a mediocre ECU team. Their fans were not as bummed as ours about the bowl itself but focused their vitriol towards the opponent - USF. Some even went as far as wondering why Pitt could not be invited. Pitt not only lost to USF but had lost 5 straight to finish at .500. I think some of our fans became aware of the things being said about our program and made shirts and signs which normally I would have not been happy about. One of those slogans is stated above. Of course, the easily offended Pirate fan base got angry about it and there were many confrontations that day. To this day, they use this bowl as their rallying cry of hatred toward us unaware that it was their marginalization of our program which started it all. - If you look in the past you may see a statement ' ECU=UCF.' I do not think this needs explanation except I have felt for a long time that ECU was worse. The miscreants to the east cannot help themselves so their contempt is something I can live with. ECU fan's contempt is filled with irrational belief that they are some sort of football powerhouse with history and tradition.
  10. Is CBS covering that game? That would be a possibility.
  11. Absolutely correct. While it is true that I never hesitated to butt heads with Steve over some of his comments, there are people from the board who were often surprised that I defended his positions in that I always side with free speech and I did not totally disagree with his positions. I just think Steve focused too much on Leavitt's liabilities and did not appreciate the things that went right. I was a Leavitt critic also but felt the pluses outweighed the minuses. While I would never say that Leavitt was the only one who cared about the program, I will say that his caring and intensity were unmatched. In fact, I would argue that his love of the program was a little over the top. Still, that is what you need when you are an upstart. He found diamonds in the rough and got them to play over their heads. He just never found the players who could take on the teams which ran downhill and threw to the tight ends. He also never had a consistent offense which came out and smashed you in the face. Back to the main topic. Our program is dead in the water now. I am certain that it will not happen but I do have a strong opinion on the subject of rehiring Leavitt. I am not sure that I would personally be for it but can be sure that it would create more buzz and sizzle in the steak than the program has had in a long time. Fans that loved him would return and the detractors and curiosity seekers would come out to see what happens.
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