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  1. I vaguely remember most but somehow missed No. 5 which is the most asinine on the list. It reminds me of someone on here from Ohio or Michigan who was talking about how everyone was "beside themselves" with excitement over an up and coming matchup between Ohio St. and Michigan who were No. 1 and No. 2 in the nation. He did not understand how like a 10 year old program could not replicate the success and excitement that 2 teams over 100 years old had. Besides that, I would never apologize for not being "beside myself" over a ballgame.
  2. I appreciate this point. If I may add .. I was disappointed when Taggart left but I understood the decision. I would have had a meeting with Taggart and tried to see if I could get a committment from him. He did seem sincere in saying he would like to come back. That says a lot given that he knows all about the pitfalls we face. I feel too much time and too many things have happened to have hired Leavitt again but I do know one thing, no one would have moved the needle, when it comes to excitement, more than him. I do not think I am out of line saying we would (at minimum) have more than doubled the crowds we have had lately and there would be some buzz from the casual fans. I have wondered since Leavitt worked with Taggart if he would have considered following him here and would USF have allowed it. That really would have been interesting.
  3. Glad you brought this up. I used to think eliminating most of the FCS opponents other than Florida A&M or Bethune Cookman would be a good choice. More FBS opponents. Now, I think we need to have one every season!🙃
  4. On the field, in the stands, or both? I appreciate and agree with Steve's patience. The only response I would have is if this team keeps losing, will there be anyone left to run him off?🙃
  5. Interesting. I just opt to renew every year and am down to just 2 seats so I really was not aware of that point.
  6. I had forgotten this. I sit in seats in which I choose to donate more than required so it did not affect me. I had thought long time ticket holders were grandfathered in. That is a problem when you drive away loyal followers and there is no one behind them to step up.
  7. The last 2 years have been so bad, I am beginning to wax nostalgic for the Holtz New Era 🙃!
  8. I do find it amusing that you conveniently left out the most important point of that part of the post. So there is no misunderstanding, my life will be a lot easier if I can drive up to the games at USF rather than have to go into Tampa. I just am not going to give false justification for it other than it would be nice for me. Still, given the state of the program as well as the inflated prices these days, I am worried more than ever about the costs involved
  9. From where I sit, I only could faintly hear disparaging comments being directed at Scott.
  10. Somehow I missed that. Was it Corey? I did not think anyone could be that traumatized.
  11. I really cannot disagree with the choice given the lack of consistent defensive prowess on our part. That said, I sit on the southwest side of the stadium and could not tell if it was a short yard (i.e. inches) or a long yard. That makes a difference to me as I would have only gone for it on a short yard. Also, I certainly would rather have a play like that start under center in that situation.
  12. -I agree with the OCS point. I think yesterday proves my reservations about it. Allow me to add to your point: Those of you who want it at all costs not only need to pony up some cash but need to quit trying to justify reasons for it besides the fact that you just want it. Be honest and go all in by bringing out your inner Veruca Salt and just admit "I want it now". All of that talk that somehow we will have some awesome atmosphere and a packed house of fans is nothing more than false justification. A team which cannot even win one game at the FBS level is not going to draw just because of a shiny new building. -On the welcoming the team getting off of the bus: I was still at the home office as I had things to do when I got the notification that the team was about to arrive. I thought how it would be nice if I could arrive early for once to a game and participate, but I have digressed. Anyhow, given that the notice was sent out encouraging people to be there, I am miffed at the least and really distraught in your family's case. I cannot believe they could not at least waive and smile and thank the few who still show up. This is not the way to keep the few fans you still have involved when you stink up the building on gameday. -On the ticket situation: When everything works smoothly, it is nice to not have to worry about making sure I do not forget the tickets. Still, it is annoying when one has trouble bringing up the wallet. In addition, this summer I went and visited my son who recently moved away and he showed me a scrapbook which he has compiled with the many tickets of so many games I had taken him to. I told him to value that because being able to add to that is a thing of the past.
  13. For the record, if USF had just been some random team trying to join, his comments would not have been an issue for me. The issue was USF was a charter member of the conference and I think should have been afforded the chance to build a program and join without issues or snide comments.
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