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  1. Not sure why, I used to always laugh at the "Chris Schenkel, don't sing nothin'" . Of course the "I even put that basketball underneath my pillow, Maybe that's why I can't sleep and night" is still funny.
  2. Maybe it seems disheartening until you realize he was brave and was working for something that will hopefully benefit those behind him. According to what he stated, he lived on the longer side of what is expected after diagnosis.
  3. USF beating Wichita St. is a Shocker of a victory! (Ok, ok, you can hold on to your tomatoes )
  4. It is amusing that the SEC fans have been the most vicious in casting aspersions about UCF and the AAC. I have seen worse comments directed toward UCF than any I can recall a Bull fan making. Seems like fans of the other big conferences (generally speaking) are ambivalent at worst and some are even supportive of a so called "g5 access". You would think that if the SEC were so superior, as they say, they would ignore the miscreants from the east. Keeping the false narrative that even the worst SEC team could win other conferences has to be protected. As far as using systems to protect the brand at the expense of others, the SEC is doing what the SEC always has. Look at why Georgia Tech left the SEC in the 60s and you will see their unscrupulous ways are nothing new.
  5. Too funny. I see Joey as being more of a "waver" than a guy into prog or hard rock.
  6. Probably a Safety Equipment Store. That product is for those who do not wish to be injured as they reach around to pat themselves on the back.
  7. While hoping to not egg you on, he actually has many more posts as he reinvented himself quite awhile back. He did so in a nod of respect in order to not surpass a former member who had contributed a lot to the board. I have to give him credit as most who reinvent themselves here usually do so for only slightly short of nefarious reasons.
  8. In my opinion, the only legitimate reason to bring up the 07 West Virginia game would be to show doubters how USF football can draw a large crowd when it is perceived to be in the big time. In any other situation, it does seem to be a bore. I would argue that the 06 victory at West Virginia was a bigger upset, btw.
  9. Show me a USF football team which ever had depth and no weaknesses. I cannot think of one. Any coach who comes here faces challenges. Your point seemed to be critical of Taggart while I saw us in a better place than we had been.
  10. I did not think my post was so esoteric. Was backing up the fact that the original post was pure folly.
  11. While casting aspersions about how the team was under Taggart. If I recall correctly, Taggart left a team which had just decisively beaten the now unbeatable Miscreants. The USF offense was one of the better ones in the game. I would argue and easily win stating the FACT that he left the team in much better shape than the Jolly Joker did.
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