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  1. If that is some sort of bidet attachment, it is certainly different than the ones I have seen.
  2. Now that Pepperdine has won the CBI, you cannot even put "CBI champions" in that blank space.
  3. I am far from a basketball expert but would say that the particular team you are referencing may have been the most physical USF has ever had (at least in my memory).
  4. I know. I knew it would be more than my old house for sure. I just did not know I had to wait a year before I could homestead the one I bought. I paid full price for the first year. Now, the first 50k is exempt. I thought I could get it right away.
  5. Too funny. This guy would want Scott in a totally paid for house. Incidentally, I saw the taxes on that place. I doubt he was able to get his homestead exemption just yet. I have been in the situation where mine did not transfer for a year and paying full price property taxes is painful.
  6. You can never go wrong with a good Belgian Tripel or Quad.
  7. Good one. I sure hope he did not hurt himself reaching around to pat himself on the back.
  8. Of course, you are assuming most of those seats would be occupied. You are the ultimate optimist!
  9. He has said for years that he has a cure for HIV. He needs a new toupee though. There have been advancements since the 70s. "In the name of Jesus!"
  10. I just found out Ernest Angley is still alive! Maybe he can help us!
  11. So, I would say even if I do not agree, almost all of your points over the years have merit or are at least amusing. This one falls a little short of your usual fare. Not only is BYU a "name brand" with a very large following, they have a whole religion behind the program. Just my point of view, when I lived in Arizona the 3 most popular programs were Arizona St., Arizona, and BYU and it seemed they were equally popular at the time (early 80s). USF has no religion behind it and are not even the most popular in Tampa. Just a side point, even though most years (especally the Leavitt one
  12. Because the virus is dangerous for mammals (Bulls) but not for insects (gnats).
  13. It is certainly not my decision to make but I would think he would rate being placed in the "In Memory" section. I would think most would agree given his many contributions to the board and I would add being a proud "Unpopular Opinion Haver" has to put him over the top.
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