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  1. Because the virus is dangerous for mammals (Bulls) but not for insects (gnats).
  2. It is certainly not my decision to make but I would think he would rate being placed in the "In Memory" section. I would think most would agree given his many contributions to the board and I would add being a proud "Unpopular Opinion Haver" has to put him over the top.
  3. I am also old enough to remember when the brown shirts and skin heads were the ones who got that label.
  4. While I concede that this is an attempt at humor, there is nothing honest about calling yourself something which you are clearly the opposite and then destroying depictions of heroes from a culture which you have nothing but contempt for. I think Sherman ran up the score.
  5. I consider Ulysses S. Grant to be a hero and patriot. I guess I am old school.
  6. Since I am not going to reject your premise, I would argue that the professional teams were either good already or at least on the cusp of being good. You were only required to move a few miles away. Now for USF football, I would imagine it would require you to move to somewhere in the South Pacific.
  7. I have no idea why you are bringing up Trump. I am an Independent with a rational, objective point of view and found it mildly amusing that a self described Socialist who would have probably implemented a hard lockdown could not even follow the basic restrictions that had been ordered locally. Seems to me those wishing to control our behavior while shaking us down feel like they can do what they wish without impunity. I will always mock politicians like that.
  8. Ok, thanks. Fair enough then. We all know that he is up against it.
  9. I saw the photos. I cannot deny he is hardcore even if it is not my thing either.
  10. Too true. While the country was beginning to experience lockdowns, good ol' Gillum was starting his "Blood and Feces" tour!
  11. Where can I find that response? I can accept what happened the first 3 games and even what happened against Temple. Getting pushing around by a wimpy finesse loser of a program like ECU should never be acceptable.
  12. It is good that you brought that up. Usually, one time is all that you will get away with a play like that. Now, when it was desperation time, I thought since those kicks had caused a little chaos they should have tried another instead of a straight up onside kick try.
  13. The difference between a "good" and "very good" (to great) QB is that they can help out or mask issues with the offensive line. I do not think anyone believes we have a "very good" QB at this point. McCloud is the type of QB which defensive minded coaches like Strong like to have. He plays within himself and generally will not make the disastrous mistakes. The problem is Strong (and now Scott) have failed to provide a good defense and a strong running game with the necessary lines for a guy like McCloud to excel. Now, if you want to state that given our situation another QB should be give
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