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  1. Did anyone else see on the crawl that the AAC Commish has denied trying to poach 3 - 5 teams from the Big12? While the Big12 commish is reportedly the one who said it.
  2. Without going back through all of this I thought I was responding to someone saying we were going to beat Florida. I apologize if that was wrong. But if someone did predict that I stand by my thinking that that is crazy talk.
  3. We've gone the Texas route once so I'm guessing it is you NEB.
  4. I believe when both parts of the IPF are done it will include weight rooms and locker rooms for football only. First will just be the playing/practice field. Again, IIRC.
  5. Progress in the weight room? Let's look back at the last 14 years (I believe that is how long I've been on the 'pen) and see if that as ever been mentioned before by a coach. And, yes, I'm in a pissy mood. Health issues have hit our house and I'm taking in out on you guys instead of the dog (okay, we don't have a dog).
  6. What position on the football team will she be playing? As long as you get them on campus I guess.
  7. The shade of green in that first post doesn't look the same when you look at the pics on twitter in the following post. Based on those later pictures it looks fine. But I always liked the classic wood look that they had. This can get like the CJL in the trailer thing. If those other lockers were good enough for Quentin Flowers they should be good enough for the new guys. I kid, I kid.
  8. Couple of things. Words similar to prediction are forecast and foretelling. Wouldn't it be great if a weather person forecast 72 degrees and sunny every day for Tampa? (I know move to San Diego for that weather). But "predicting" we are doing to beat Florida is nonsensical. Unless someone is willing to place a wager on that outcome they are wishing USF wins that game, not predicting. Call is a wishing contest or thread instead of using the word prediction. Otherwise I can give give 💩💩 about what people think.
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