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  1. I think Kelly and Scott are the right people. But, yeah, it probably is blind faith.
  2. Glad you believe that. That makes a total of one. And we really don't care what you think.
  3. It was heard to listen to one of the talking heads in the Ole Miss game slurping on the Golden Showers. Guess because their OC was from Central but still hated hearing it.
  4. I just shake my head every time I see a team complete a pass to an open receiver and wonder why it is so hard for us. I guess when you have no down field threat and no QBs it makes it tough.
  5. The ECU game too almost an hour to play the first quarter. Even with fast forwarding through crap I got bored.
  6. Old age is defined as 15 years older than you currently are. Think about it. When you were 17, 32 sounded old. You're 39 and 54 sounds old. I'm 65 and 80 sounds old.
  7. Sun Bowl trip is probably when we got to know you. Trying to reschedule flights you were da man. Never forget that. Remember running into Barry Switzer at airport on way home. Left at end of 3rd quarter but a great trip otherwise.
  8. And I still think Vasi does strange stuff trying to handle the puck. At least 3 times tonight.
  9. Forgot all about L'ville. Those trips to distilleries is what got me started on Bourbon. We really enjoy that area. Remember staying at the same hotel as the refs one year and after some strange call at the end of the game saw a ref in the elevator and asked him. Guess we were defending a FG attempt and got called for defensive holding and one of our linemen yanked someone out of the way so someone could get through to block the kick - or something like that.
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