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  1. Now you're going to make me look up who was in the movie. Not sure if I ever saw that one. Just remembered the name of the movie. Now, if you want to quiz me on DThroat I'd do pretty well. Some funny, funny lines in that. Edit: So now that I looked it up that woman may not be alive.
  2. Crap. I'm 4 months older than her. I have all my teeth so maybe she does too.
  3. With a 7 footer not dunking that it shouldn't even be listed. I kid, it was a great pass.
  4. Yep. Aberfeldy 12 was on sale w/ a coupon at Party Liquor.
  5. Positive - I've lost 18 pounds since Feb 24th. Along with that, by bourbon and wine inventories aren't dropping as quickly. I have picked up 4 bottles of Scotch the last 2 days though.
  6. Wasn't there a Debbie Does Dallas? You live close to Dallas. She may be all gums by this age but, what the heck.
  7. You just hate him because he wouldn't give you tenure at his college.
  8. In a Zoom with Coach Gregory last night, Lelo noted that Athletics isn't pushing hard on donations as they want to see people donate to this fund for now.
  9. My wife loves reading maps. Back when I bought my first GPS I had to get her permission. We still keep maps in the car on long road trips. Never know when this new fangled technology gonna fail.
  10. I don't know if this makes you feel better but the TBT will be laying off people soon.
  11. I was in it most of last winter. There may have been a week or so where they close it for maintenance. Saw a bunch of trucks there today so we took a walk over there this evening. Looks like they've sprayed the walls finally. Don't know if they do another coat but it really doesn't matter how long they take at this point.
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