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  1. CousinRicky

    Early FB Renewal?

    Don't tempt me. But will never sell to a visiting fan.
  2. CousinRicky

    Early FB Renewal?

    I don't want be the one to point out that they did not lower the price when we went to 6 games last year. Really rude to increase the prices to get back to the number of games we had last year.
  3. We had plans for the whole day to visit friends and family. Got to Trenton and ended up not leaving. Was supposed to be in Delaware tonight. Has changed to rain and we'll catch up tomorrow.
  4. CousinRicky

    WBB and MBB in good hands

    To me it is a more pure form of the sport. The men's game has turned into something the doesn't resemble what I grew up watching.
  5. CousinRicky

    Game Time Temple

    Great, just great. Flying up to Phila tomorrow. Weather for game day looking great but chance of snow on Thursday. Great, just freaking great.
  6. Got to attend a MBB and WBB event tonight. Wish CBG's talk was recorded. If this guy doesn't turn around MBB in will never get done. He is sincere, funny, honest and insightful. CJF is always the same - top notch.
  7. CousinRicky

    What should AD MK do?

    Where did his quote end?
  8. You'll never change any minds.
  9. But that wasn't happening before he got here. Changed the culture of getting better students. Anyways, I'm not going to convince anyone. Just my feelings about the situation.
  10. Just find it odd that he didn't fail other places. What was the difference? The conference? His team would probably beat our team this year. I guess we're in a worse conference now.
  11. I guess you're right. Just don't know why, after being fired and in a new job, that he would feel the need to fabricate something.
  12. Just another note. Skip was hired Jan 14th. Signing day is usually the 1st week of Feb. So first year he was working from behind. Most new coaches have to go through that but usually hires are made in Dec. A small difference but a difference. Wasn't hearsay to me when it came from his mouth. To the others I guess it is.