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  1. Logged on to wish you guys a Happy Fourth. I'm hoping Puc's opening post was a joke. See that I have a lot of Notifications. Will check them in a week or two. Off to the beach with the family.
  2. Just popped in here to let you guys know my wife's test was Negative. Be well.
  3. I've had a Bullspen tab open on my desktop browser for I don't know how many years. But think I'm closing it today. Maybe I'll check back if we play sports. I've said in the past we're all Bulls fans and I'd be happy to have a drink with any of you. Not feeling that right now. The selfishness demonstrated by some is incredible. I won't be reading responses so have at it and call me closed minded. But this is getting to be as stressful as watching the news. I've got a few phone numbers and/or emails of those of you I'd like to stay in touch with. Stay safe, be well and GO BULLS.
  4. I don't want to infringe upon your right to free speech. I'll take someones advice and just stay away from the stupid/selfish people.
  5. The American Dream. During a pandemic the stupid people get to move about FREELY. Tell you what, next time you or a loved one has to have surgery maybe the doctor should just do it out on the street with a sharpened popsicle stick while flies and mosquitoes are circling. F'n people. This is why I'm headed off this board. Edit: If we all wear masks we all to get move about freely and safely. Not that hard a concept.
  6. And there you have it. I am contemplating getting off this board. This may have been the final push.
  7. Most people would just have said "yes". But, NOOOOOOOOO, not Puc.
  8. Admiral Farragut has cancelled their football season.
  9. Tried to register at a CVS and no appts for 3 days out on their website. She called her primary and they told her to treat the symptoms she was having as there were no tests around Pasco. Luckily, my primary is the Chief of Staff at Advent WC Hosp. Texted him and asked him about getting a test. He initially said the same thing that tests were hard to come by. Told him her PulseOx level was below 90 so he told me to get her to the ER. A chest x-ray showed no fluid but a small spot that could be pneumonia so she's getting an antibiotic. Turns out her pulseox was fine at the hospital so the oximeter, which has mine correct, didn't have hers correct which scared the crap out of us. So we're hopeful it will be negative. The other symptoms seem to be gone. Chills, aches, diarrhea and slight fever.
  10. Possibly Corona. They weren't testing for it then. My daughter and her family all had something in early Feb. They took one grandson to the doctor and he tested negative for the flu - but he seemed to have the flu. Weren't testing for Corona then either.
  11. I've never had a flu test so don't know personally. But, yes, up the nose and into the cavity until it felt like it stopped against something.
  12. At this hospital that's what they did. Where are you getting your tests? They stopped the throat thing at the Ice arena in Wesley Chapel a while back. Thanks man.
  13. I think I heard on a report on TV that Chase has dropped out as well. There are 5 total golfers that have dropped out it said.
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