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  1. My philosophy in life is that you're happy with where you are then everything that happened in the past, good or bad, got you there. I am very happy in life so don't dwell on a divorce, etc. The difference here is that I'm not happy with where USF is so I can dwell on the past. But I hold no grudges toward any of our past coaches.
  2. At one time in my life I had seen every big league team play at home. The Padres, think it was Jack Murphy Stadium, was the last one on my list.
  3. Beat me to it. Not sure I would have recognized Jose. Lelo looks the same.
  4. I think they are gone. When they announced a nearly Billion dollar stadium that was never going to be a real option they told me they were gone.
  5. I think you have to catch up on what puc is all about.
  6. Think it explains a lot about his tenure at UT. Not sure if he was any better at Lville.
  7. We've lived here for 17 years and I don't know many people that are from the area. I moved down and was a Flyers, Sixers, NY Giants and SF Giants fan. I've adopted the Rays, Lightning and Bucs but I wouldn't buy season tickets for them. Seem to know a lot of people from the Midwest and many are Chicago pro sports teams. Coming from NJ there really wasn't much in the way of college football. People adopted Penn State or ND if you were Catholic. But RU and Temple were nothing to get excited about. So adopting USF was pretty easy for us. That and the fact our daughter went there.
  8. To be clear I don't think Yetna's absence is the sole reason but could be a contribution factor. I'm not happy with the way the season is going but I'm giving CBG a pass this year. And this isn't a pass because I know the guy. Barely have met the guy but I like what I hear. He doesn't seem to make excuses and concentrates on trying to get the team better. We don't know how things will play out and I will bow to your superior basketball insight if I turn out to be wrong.
  9. You lose 2 guys 4 days before the season and he can't coach? Talk about binary. I'm going to stop now.
  10. Okay. I don't know what Stan inherited but I think time will bear out that Gregory will do better things.
  11. Poor JK. When he bashes us we bash him. When he writes a positive story we bash him. WTF?
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