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  1. But then the line would be headed in the right direction. Let's label that line 'O' for Optimism.
  2. The chart? No. The idea that trajectories can be different? It did dawn on me just then. Had a good night's sleep for a change. Maybe that helped. First time in a year or more than I got 7.5 hours straight. But, as puc will point out, the part past the intersecting point is yet to be determined and actually hasn't been reached. But he was arguing that getting back to the same point isn't a good thing when it actually is when trending.
  3. When you look at charts/graphs with lines with one headed down and one is headed up. But at some point those lines intersect. I'd want the one headed up. So when we get back to the same as Charlie we'll be headed in the right direction. Charlie was the red line and I'm hoping CJS is the blue line.
  4. At events and zoom meetings I've attended he tends to be a straight shooter.
  5. That was in response to someone saying he only got the job because he knew someone who knew someone. Doesn't mean it will work out but there is something on the resume.
  6. 20 isn't a"young" big. She's a senior. There is a chance she'll return. Our coach better hope.
  7. I had a conversation with Leavitt many years ago and he said that Ray Jay was one of his best recruiting tools.
  8. It appears to me thst the women have scored 53 points in the past 4 quarters vs C. No bueno
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