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  1. Beating USF will hurt their SOS so won't move them into the Top 25 if they don't show up today or tomorrow or whenever those polls come out.
  2. Day 1 - Basil HaydenDay 2 - AmadorDay 3 - Going to my daughter's house. Brought some Yellow Rose that is still there so going with that today.Day 4 - After the drive up to ATL stopped in a bar and had a Wild Turkey 101.Day 5 - Visited with Ghost and he had some Evan Williams.Day 6 - Angel's Envy at the Alumni event at Stat'sDay 7 - Makers in the hotel room because the brewpub we went to for dinner had nothing much to choose from.Day 8 - Willett's - just got back from the ATL so time to unwind.Day 9 - Isaac Bowman Port Barrel FinishDay 10- Old Forester 1870Day 11 - Weller Special Reserve Day 12 - Going with Van Winkle 12yr Day 13 - Jim Beam Day 14 - Bower Hill courtesy of the generous @swamprat at the tailgate Day 15 - McKenna 10yr BIB - tried this in July at a tasting and enjoyed it and just cracked the new bottle todayDay 16 - EH Taylor Small BatchDay 17 - Jefferson's Ocean Voyage #17 - had not enjoyed another earlier one but tried this in L'ville and liked itDay 18 - Old Forester 1920Day 19 - Enjoyed a Larceny while strolling the Riverwalk after lunch todayDay 20 - Blantons Day 21 - Eagle Rare Day 22 - Buffalo Trace
  3. Do you have all those on hand? If so, well done. I have about 22 or 23 and will have to go out a few more times to reach my 30. Actually just got on here to check to see how many I have left at home to figure out exactly how many others I'll have to drink outside the house. Edit: Looks like I have enough for all but 1 day. And, just FYI, I asked Brad how to single space and you hold the Shift key when you hit Enter.
  4. We're fortunate that we know someone there and may stay with him. But will book a room just in case.
  5. Those are always expensive. And they usually don't charter flights any longer. Just hotel with transportation to the game.
  6. Wore my BourbonBull version yesterday. Will wear it again the Friday night in Annapolis and break out the CousinRicky one at the Navy tailgate and game.
  7. Only issue I had watching the game is her dad thinks he is Lavar Ball. His antics are cute the 1st time or two but come the 2nd quarter............
  8. Was wondering about that too. But the WNBA did play some midweek 11am games this year. Not sure why.
  9. First time I went to Gasparilla was a sad day - one of the space shuttles (Columbia maybe in '03) didn't make it home safely. But then was in the parade for 4 years. Haven't been back since we quit our Krewe.
  10. Courtney Williams line in Game 2 of WNBA playoffs. 10 of 18, 3 of 5 from 3.
  11. Grew up in NJ and knew this cheer well before I knew there was a Univ of Florida. So people from FL may associate it with the Gators. Other parts of the country - not so much. Actually thought it was a high school thing.
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