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  1. An update on this subject. Last night we hosted a small party. In attendance were some bourbon drinkers; my son-in-law, and a couple of the husbands of neighbors of theirs. Used the tasting boards above and poured the following: WL Weller Special Reserve, Pappy 12 yr, Pappy 15 year and the Blend that was the subject of this thread. One of the guys attending is the Executive Worldwide Chef for Bloomin Brands. I told them ahead of time what was in the glasses. I thought it would be interesting to see the differences based pretty much on age and barrel selection as they all supposedly have a similar mash bill. The Special Reserve is rumored to be approximately 7 years in barrel. Everyone enjoyed it. The Pappy 12 was enjoyed even more and the 15 even more. So we come to last one - the blend of Weller 12 and Weller Antique. Surprisingly my son-in-law enjoyed it the most. The chef guy, who is really good at identifying tastes, thought it tasted very similar to the Pappy 12. I didn't notice the alcohol had much now as in the past. I did, however, pour the samples about an hour before we started the tasting and don't know if that softened that final blend or not. But I'm much happier with the experiment now. Sadly I have less an a quarter bottle of the Pappy 12 but still about a 1/2 of the Pappy 15 and even more of the blend. As an aside I made a lavender martini for the ladies which was a huge hit with all who tried it including the men.
  2. From what I read in those comments is that we can't stop the jet sweep.
  3. I love this site. A post that was, what I assumed, a bit of joke had turned to 6 pages. God love the 'pen. Haven't read any posts but, if I get time I'll see what this has devolved into.
  4. Do we have the same S&C coach? I don't remember him leaving.
  5. Just looking to get a table of Bullspenners. I texted a Bulls Club person and he said that it would be fine if we all pay separately and ask to be seated together. My thought is to tell them we want to be at the Bullspen table. Just make sure we don't go over 8. If you are in Puc I think that makes 8.
  6. My entry in the contest: SB guys looked to be in a pretty good NY State of Mind coming off ... Edit: let's see who the old guys are on here.
  7. Missed that part. Looks like we should be good to go. Now we need to ask Fearless Leader how we do this. I can call Monday (or will try to text someone today) to see if we can get a Table of 8 with people paying separately or whether we need to make one payment and reimburse whomever pays.
  8. We're up to 5. Just need two more and Brad would kick in the 8th. But again, the 5 of us can sit together if we don't get the 8.
  9. That would be brilliant. We'd run passed the defenders while they were laughing and be able to tackle while on D for same reason.
  10. Tacko is taller and heavier but not as athletic. Could be an interesting match up. Don't know how many times Zion has been blocked at the rim this year but I'm guessing he gets at least one blocked by Tacko.
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