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  1. CousinRicky

    WBB v Tulane

    I wouldn't get carried away. NIT is in play. NCAA will be a reach.
  2. Came home from the game, watched the first 3 quarters of the Sixers game and come on here to see no thread about the women's game. Shame on you people. Without 4 of their top 6 scorers (Rader was out again with the concussion) they whupped up on Tulane. Great game from Harvey, Enna and Shae. 73 - 46 was the final but it wasn't that close in the 4th quarter. There was a Laura Ferreira sighting. She was on the bench but watching her walk out onto the court was difficult as she was moving very slowly. Rader was on the bench as well but you could see that the window was open but the lights were out. Just looked like she was in a fog. Her mom said don't bet on her playing on Wednesday although it is day to day.
  3. CousinRicky

    FB survey

    Actually I did. My wife was with me while I was filling it out and she mentioned it. So I did.
  4. Have you had this buffet? The bacon isn't bad but outside of that...........
  5. Oh well. Maybe we'll eat before we go.
  6. What about for the WBB game? They've been doing a breakfast buffet for the 1pm starts. I've found it underwhelming.
  7. If you're taking transfers it lessens that issue. You don't end up with 35 Fr on the squad.
  8. Going back to the buffet with ticket thing. For this year you can still have seats on the opposite side of the club and purchase the buffet (at least what I've been told). That could change next season.
  9. Just to extend the discussion a bit. Don't we grant scholarships? The kids that come in as Fr haven't done anything at USF to earn one. The kid in question from VS has won a national title. I wouldn't have a problem with granting him a scholarship. I know this is all hypothetical and he isn't likely coming here.
  10. If he has 2 years left, let him play at Valdosta, graduate and then come here as a grad transfer. Or does he only have 1 year left?
  11. CousinRicky

    OT: reaction suggestion

  12. I'm old enough to remember him playing for the Giants. Think they also had Rosie Gieir before he went to the Rams, **** Modzuleski and Jim Katcavage on that line. Sam Huff was a great middle linebacker at the time. And now I couldn't tell you any of the Giants linemen. Tough to get old. Edit: So the one guys name would be a name that rhymes with click.
  13. CousinRicky

    Betting Shop Re-opened

    I just wanted to use the Turd emoji.
  14. CousinRicky

    Transferring players

    Funny stuff. And +1 on the Boars Head.
  15. CousinRicky

    FB survey

    It went pretty well. I had 3 hours of sleep over Mon & Tues nights. Just one issue. Does he work for Florida Medical and does his last name start with C.