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  1. This guy getting fired tells you all you need to know about the state of college football. I neither like or dislike the guy but he won a title two years ago.
  2. And if their receivers don't drop 5 passes our better athletes are chasing theirs into the endzone. What the heck makes you think we have better athletes? Because we're in Florida? Maybe we do but I don't see it.
  3. Maybe Kiffin would have brought his assistant coaches with him. What? Wait? We have them? The f you say.
  4. I was fine with the fake. Who knows if we kick the FG what happens after the kickoff. Maybe that fumble doesn't happen that led to the TD. Tulsa runs it back? Gets different field position and runs a different play?
  5. No question we didn't play well offensively but wouldn't put it on the 2 wildcat calls for Mangham who was close to leading the nation in TDs. That 80 yd TD drive everything looked fine. Same OC there unless he was on a coffee break.
  6. Spoke with my friends re the tix. Sounds like they are doing everything right. Downloading to Google Pay and the bar on the bottom is scanning back and forth. Not scanning at the scanners in the building.
  7. Stopped reading after that part. Is this a promise? 😄 Although I don't read your long winded posts you are, at times, mildly entertianing.
  8. Upon further review (watching the 2nd half finally) I have a hard time blaming the game on the OC. We gave up a 99 yard drive with an 11 point lead. And, BTW, our punter isn't all that good.
  9. Unfortunately there is no putting the genie back in the bottle. I haven't spoken with my friends yet to see what's up. Know they had to go over to the desk on the Dale Mabry side inside the Club Section to get in and they've had to to do that every week.
  10. It is understandable. At least this game was competitive enough to stay until the end. We couldn't but would have.
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