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  1. Great. I'll spend it going through the in game thread. That is much better use of my time .
  2. In his defense he didn't have a lot to work with. On one replay on the video board I remember seeing one of our LBs walking passed one of their receivers and thinking how small he was.
  3. I played this for 15 minutes and lost every time. Can you tell I'm just starting through this thread?
  4. Didn't look quick to me at the game in 1st half. He wasn't getting fired. Not sure what you mean my saving his butt.
  5. He definitely made some nice throws. Not arguing that but we did win some jump balls today. Here's hoping the MBB team can do that tomorrow.
  6. We made the USF > 15 points at 4.5 to 1 which covered the lost bet taking UCF giving the 25. So we paid for our water at the game plus a little more.
  7. I was there for the first half and watched the 4th on and off when I got home. I'm not sure I would call the passes "crisp". On target? More than not. The 1st TD pass was a lollipop jump ball and there were some others like that.
  8. Without watching, let me guess. I liked our teams effort. They didn't quit. We are building a foundation. Am I close?
  9. I think this explains how good the offense looked at times today.
  10. A lot of that was because of 3 man rushes. Cover guys can only cover for so long.
  11. Well, UCF didn't win last week so I lost that money line bet.
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