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  1. I have been thinking and saying that since last year. We need to use the speed to our advantage. We have a surplus of smaller and fast players.
  2. The staff seems content with losing. I am not seeing the fire or passion from the coaches and it is definitely not being sent to the players. CjS says all the right things before and after the game but I'm not seeing anything during the game to show me we are building a winner. I see bad defense , sloppy offense , and questionable calls from the staff time after tim
  3. He was a good defensive coordinator not sure he is the guy.
  4. It looks to be true according recruiting websites. So much for building the team by recruiting because they are doing a bad job at developing the current players.
  5. Not a bad idea to give the kid a rest, but I say give him the 1st half then evaluate. If you have two qbs you got none.
  6. I agree they need to develop a gameplan to fit his strengths.
  7. They claim they can't practice tackling due to depth and injury risk I argue we are risking wins by not tatackling.
  8. I was saying it is right but when I guy gets paid millions to be be a failure at beating fbs trading two seasons in a row that is where the frustrations should be aimed. The players need coaches to develop them and put them in the best situations to win. The play calling, lack of noticeable improvement on both sides of the ball minus a few players,and the lack of urgency to get a fbs win is a major concern. I didn't see cjs jumping in the huddle timeout and yelling at the boys to get the f****** yard and the win. I didn't see him when or Spencer motivatimg and Ampang the boys on d to shut them down either. I see guys just going along with the status quo and collecting checks.
  9. If anyone needs to be booed it is the head coach and oc. The players have it their all to be letdown by terrible coaching decisions yet again. This pattern isn't new and seems to be a culture now by the coaching staff.
  10. Why waste a timeout to run the exact same play ? They knew the play and got stuffed by the exact same player .
  11. CJS keeps the longest fbs losing streak alive this week in fbs football . 0 and infinity mode ready. I thought he was building a winning culture.
  12. Why burn a timeout and 4th and short of you are going to run the exact same play ? Why not go hurry up and not let the defense get set if you plan on running the same play? I think they call qb sneak and have the hb push him forward . The defense did their job until the end , but the offense was flat the 2nd half. We got move the balls. Timmy had a bad day passing and we were running decent. Why not run more and throw less or do more pa screens or slants . I feel the players gave their best but the coaches failed them.
  13. La Hangout, bulls club, tia tias, greenery, Cooper something, cgs i think it was called some dump pizza dive bar that had good wings, and peabodies but it was further away
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