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  1. Maybe there is a 0.00001 % Chance he surprises us and upsets Ucf.
  2. Maybe we can pull off a Black Friday miracle and have a new campus legend ? Highly unlikely, but would ease the suffering of this season a tad.
  3. Florida Technological University 49-28 Battie Dollison 387 There defense is bad, but they have a QB.
  4. That is 5% more than I give the bulls if McCloud is starting...
  5. Anyone but McCloud. I think Johnson is worth keeping around as a 2 if someone gets hurt and a speed specialist.
  6. Well my wife is 30 and has a masters from usf and she has to fake liking usf sports.... SHE roots for her alma mater mizzou and parents' alma mater Florida over usf unless I am around. I am definitely selling my Florida tickets if they come next year for a premium and tailgate outside the game.
  7. Hope he heals up and comes back next year. HE does not look like NFL talent right now.
  8. That is probably the only thing saving this team from another beat down if McCloud starts.
  9. What happened to the dual threat legacy recruit Jordan Smith ?
  10. Did you see the 2-point conversation attempt versus temple? IT was a terrible drawn up play. Giving a win away to Memphis is another prime example. The defense went to prevent and prevented us from Winning. Getting out schemed and out coached by ECU is embarrassing.
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