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  1. I will be shocked if we don't get beat down.
  2. If we play Florida it will probably sellout, the only question is how many gator fans will be in attendance?
  3. I would guess many of the portal transfers have more talent and work ethic than the current crop ccs left us.
  4. Would this increase the win total and stomp ucf again ?
  5. The fix was in. WE have gone nothing but downhill since he was fired. It was a terrible choice for the football program.
  6. Does unknown equal atrocious or surprise us this year is the question?
  7. I DONT care for or follow basketball, but CJs seems to be cleaning house of cancers and lack of work ethic and in the process lost some of the locker room.
  8. If the defense is doesn't drastically improve I see a lot of qbs lighting us up in the future.
  9. Beating 5 teams seems like a miracle after not beating 1 actual fbs team.
  10. IF he had an NFL leg, he got plenty of chances to show it. Best of luck.
  11. He was a sophomore last year and didn't lose a year. He should have soph,jr, senoir.
  12. THere are two kinds of gator fans those that went and have ties to the school and support their alma mater and family school and then there are locals with zero ties to the program who root for the gators. If we can get some of the locals to get in the USF game and have fun maybe we can get them to come support USF in some degree and win slowly them over time.
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