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  1. To be ranked above any FBS team is a miracle at this point. We can't beat one yet we are ranked higher... We have HOPE and that is about it at this point. WE suck until we win.
  2. Well I guess they are tanking for next year two? How many defensive guys get worse or purged by chuckles?
  3. I mean we lost a lot of players and we have yet to see any of the transfer players actually play in a game. It is going to be a long season. I would be hopefully we could squeeze one or two more wins out, but CJS and his staff have to grow a lot as a coaching staff to run the right schemes and plays. If they put in a game plan that fits the talent then maybe...
  4. you can only do worse. I am going 1-11 and beating Famu
  5. He doesn't seem like a good marketing guy then....
  6. He probably will be our Best back from day one. I wonder why he is jumping ship though.
  7. T hought our RB improved when they got rid of Ford... Maybe he had some issues iwth playing McCloud over the Smith who actually was a dual threat.
  8. We did not win a game against an FBS opponent. It does not get any worse.
  9. We should have started yesterday.... If we want to improve our athletic programs it is a non-negotiable that we build the IPF ASAP.
  10. I don't want him but he is probably an upgrade over CJS at this point. He had a great run at Houston. We have to let CJS run his course and we can't really afford to buyout and payout another coach. I would rather get the IPF and hope/pray that CJS builds a solid fountain for years to come. We realistically cannot do any worse than last year.
  11. Best of luck to the kid. We all knew he wasn't the answer and the coaching staff gave him a lot of chances. His game against ucf was solid, but their defense was terrible. I hope he lands a gig and wish him the best.
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