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  1. I don't know whether to laugh or start stashing my pennies...
  2. I hope it never gets worse than those 3 for our program. I can't take much more.
  3. Hire CJL as president and lead us back to relevance!
  4. Lets just make state conferences and be done with it. Every state puts their best team in the 50 team playoff... JK I would love to watch 50 seeded Alaska Anchorage play #1 ranked ALABAMA EVERY YEAR.
  5. The media doesn't actually line up on the field and play the other opponent.
  6. It seems to be the media and team are setting us up for failure. Put up or shut up. The AAC is too weak to not go .500 every year in conference play or we are just really bad at developing talent.
  7. Gets the brooms out and ready. Le Habs are an embarrassing Canada. Keep the 11 game win streak against them alive and sweep them on their own ice. When teams make it to the playoffs with losing records and hit an insane amount of luck this what you get. Complete domination.
  8. I agree. I think the bolts have a statement game 5-0.
  9. Vegas was the only good playoff team to be honest and MAF gave them two wins with terrible plays.
  10. Unless a miracle and injuries happen, being a lifelong hockey fan and player I do not see it happening.
  11. I thought they were excluding you because you are a follower of CJL and know it all went downhill the day he was fired.
  12. Vegas is not a cup champion nor do they have the high end talent or depth we have. They have not elite centers , no Norris winners, or Vezina caliber goalies. You will be suspended indefinitely. The smart thing to do is just send Maroon or Schenn over to their best player like Weber and do the same in a blowout like last night. Take the two minutes, inflict some pain, and rough them up with the fistcuffs.
  13. The only way you miss that is that you or blind or don't care. DPos is a joke anyway they fined Barzal 5k and suspended the jets player for a 8 games for a clean and legal hard hit.
  14. This is going to be a sweep or gentlemen's sweep. The Bolts have better higher end talent and depth with better forwards, better defenseman, and better goaltending. We are also more physical and grittier than MTL. This will not even be a series, but more of a joke and end of the Cinderella run from the Great White North Division.
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