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  1. Not wrong, but we need to see some fight in the team from behind to turn the page.
  2. Depends on who you ask. One step forward and one step backward. Hopefully the guys recruited under Strong learned that losing sucks and want to work harder to be a winner.
  3. I didn't expect to win with this team, but hoped to cover the spread. I was let down. If you want to be a contender you have to play them and eventually starting beat them. Take your licks and learn what it takes to be a winner; so you can become one. If we want to become a p5 program, we need to improve and play like one.
  4. MAke your case for each QB. McCloud- not much to show unless you say he is the returning starter. Yet to see anything to prove he is a future starter in game. Johnson- Has speed, but missed some throws. HE has been the man in the SWAC, can he make the jump forward for the AAC. With no players losing a year of eligibility, is he able to return next year as a grad transfer year 2? Yet to see anything to prove he is a future starter in game. Fortin- His tape from NC looks better, but need more action to know if he is ready to be the man. Yet to see anything to prove he is a future
  5. I am with you man. We sucks until they prove us wrong. Beating Citadel and showing a pulse should be a guarantee, but Strong ran USF so low it was exciting to beat them.
  6. Or vegas wants to get people to bet on USF and take their money.
  7. We need this to tune up and hopefully see if Fortin can be the QB before conference play.
  8. That was a terrible non-PI call. They still win by a lot either way. It would have been nice to not have a 0 on the scoreboard.
  9. Does anyone have any idea why Fortin has not dressed? People were fighting and arguing about in the facebook group, but nothing has been discussed here.
  10. Lets Hope Fortin or Marsh can be our QB. It isn't looking like Johnson or McCloud can be that guy. The defense looked rough, but we are lot smaller and not as strong as them. Their OLINE pushed us around. Strong preached for three seasons of getting bigger and stronger, but he left us with an empty cupboard. CJS recruited OLINE heavily and lets hope we build these boys up. There is lots of work to do, but I am still sticking to my prediction that a .500 would be over achieving.
  11. The million dollar question is Noah or McCloud can't make the plays with the arm, but Fortin has not dressed .I hope this is by design to go all in on a conference run.
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