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    Now more than ever we are at a point where the administration needs to show they are serious about football. This reminds me of a quote from Shawshank Redemption “Get busy living or get busy dying”. We need to make a decision, if football is what we want then fire Strong, invest in facilities and get busy living. I am tired of this measured cautious approach, USF be aggressive for once. Start a fund for this **** stadium and watch the donations pour in. Or if the administration is satisfied with status quo and winning 6-7 games a year as long as the coach is a like able fellow then kill the dam program. You think it’s bad now, if there is realignment and UCF makes the jump and we are left in a reshaped AAC playing the likes of N Texas, Arkansas State, Charlotte etc then it would be pointless to pay the rent for Ray Jay when it will be a ghost town. AD Kelly we are screaming out for you and the rest of the administration to step up and show that you care about USF football like we do.
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    Wow. That was ugly. I am old enough to remember that crash. Let us not lower ourselves to that level. JMHO
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    Hello Kerwin, good to see you. Congratulations on the D II national title. You've been doing well I see. Thanks Coach Strong. Yes it's been a great couple of years. I'm really excited about the opportunity here. I've really been fine tuning the offense. It's a little "Fun and Gun" mixed with some .... Yes, yes Kerwin that's great. So tell me about the half back dive ....
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    Dont look now, but Realtimerpi is up to 20 projected wins. This tastes better than @Calibull's Blake Barnett koolaid.
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    People here love to talk crap on TDS and/or Colin as not actually knowing anything but they prove time and again that they do. Give these guys credit. They're dedicated to doing their best job at getting us info about the program.
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    A lovely Caribbean nation that offers no basketball talent.
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    I'm tired of waiting. Start the game. We wait another 20 minutes we'll just lose another player.
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    Indeed. Most Knights found a whole new level of respect for Bulls after MZ went down a few weeks back. One poster doesn't undo that, but still ... it shouldn't stand. It's one thing to trash talk UCF fans and their team. Go ahead and 'return fire' at UCF fans and curse their team on-the-field. That's fine. But it's another to wish harm to a bunch of young men, most of which just want to get a college degree. This is worse than just hoping UCF becomes another destroyed SMU like program, but actual death of young men who's only 'crime' is that they picked a rival. It's not remotely 'talking trash,' but exposing yourself as 'human trash.'
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    Waiting for the completion of the feasibility study .....
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    Did no one tell them you can’t fire a coach after two years that has a winning record?
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    "I don't know the number, but we have to have a good year. We had 11 wins and 10 wins the last two seasons. … No, 7-6 won't work this season."
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    Shockingly enough I would hire Briles in a second
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    Um, part of this isn't fair to USF. The bowl game gives USF paper tickets. USF has no control over the fact that the paper tickets can't become electronic and emailed, printed. (For the record, this is true of every bowl we have been in, and I would imagine it may be true of every bowl out there). Yes, the bowls do have electronic tickets, but those are not the ones they provide the schools. Will call really shouldn't be a hassle and a reason not to come. It is your life and you have to evaluate what you want to do tonight, but as I read your narrative, I think USF gave you good customer service (by getting your tickets to will call), and you had unrealistic expectations.
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    Another related note, MM got 119 yds on 25 carries, 1 TD today and is playoff bound ...
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    I predict that if we somehow pull off the upset against Wisconsin, this board will have over 10 threads discussing USF playoff scenarios and rankings. Conversely, if we lose, there will be at least 5 threads about how we “may not win a single game this year.” I love the “pen.”
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    It's supposed to be a solar lamp, but I don't think the lamp is working. I left it out in the sun all day, today, and nothing. Kind of like our offense this year. I consider it symbolic.
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    And I agree and am one that doesn’t feel these are big changes. This is a lot like the GM firing some coaches to protect his job and buy time. And then maybe “rebuild” to get some more time. If the guy at the head of the organization continues doing what he wants in his way, there will be no big change. Gotta give credit to Harlan for forcing some big changes with the predecessor. Big change needs to be reflected on the field, the jury is still out.
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    This team didn't need a rebuild. It was fine before CCS got here.
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    Marshall O only looked good cause it faced USF defense.
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    Are we not now 0-6?
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    More creativity on offense tonight than we ever saw from Gilbert. Even though we lost, bye Gilbert. I'll take my chances with Burke.
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    McCants is out and just as soon as we had learned he was our best qb.
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    Mccants is the best qb we have
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