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    ... but this one's a little tougher having met Charlie (charsibb) for the first time last December, and then had a blast watching our latest defense of that Vulcan trophy with him. Charlie PM'd me in July that he was going in for surgery on a huge tumor in the groin area and wasn't sure he was coming out then. He was setting me up at that time for notifying the board and the spreading of a portion of his ashes in the Bull fountain on campus. He came thru but was pretty certain he wouldn't see Christmas. Got the call last Thursday from him saying his vital organs were shutting down and he probably wouldn't make it thru the weekend. He sounded awesome (said it was the Percocet) and we had a great 20 minute conversation .... but it was also one of the most surreal, most uplifting and most depressing conversations that I've ever had, triggering a flood of emotions when I hung up. His nephew's email arrived this afternoon.
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    Twitter Guy #1 breaks story on BB getting the starting job. Twitter Guy #2 tweets he’ll have a story up tonight about BB winning the job and makes comment in jest about #1 getting the scoop. Twitter Guy #3 has retweet up from this morning about Lynyrd Skynyrd. Which of these guys is Joey?
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    I predict: * 10 or more mentions of us missing Q per tv broadcast * 9 new UCF trolls on the boards * 8 different friends I bring to their 1st game * 7 hours of fun each Saturday * 6 JK articles about attendance * 5 Fennelly melt downs about how we ain't big league ready * 4 excuses why the students didn't show up in force for Elon * 3 different qb starters * 2 road games for me * 1 awesome season
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    1 - I will NOT attend ANYTHING past 11am on Saturdays unless you have NCAA football on your television. Televisions must be a minimum of 50" diagonal with a minimum resolution of something clear enough to see. Events containing ultra-high definition televisions and seating with direct line of sight of said television will take priority over those events that do not. Events broadcasting USF football take priority over all other events, regardless of TV size and definition. Events broadcasting USF football will take priority over all other events except the above. 2 - I will be high strung, loud, and extremely obnoxious if you are around me while USF is playing. Things may/may not be thrown. If any of your belongings are damaged I will repair/replace them, but I will not care until after the post-game analysis. 3 - I will wear Green and Gold on Friday and Saturday. *No exceptions* 4 - If you somehow coerce me into attending an event by having all of the prerequisites listed in (#1) above, be aware that I will chant GO BULLS wherever I am and anytime I want. Chanting GO BULLS is a must on the weekends especially during games. 4a - In the event that USF begins during a prayer, I will reverently and respectfully wait until the prayer is complete before picking up the chant. After all, Jesus is a USF fan too. 5 - My attendance at weddings, wedding showers, and baby showers are for bye weeks ONLY. It's not my fault you are starting your married/family life and proving to everyone that you are a horrible planner. I won't be there but I will wish you the best of luck as soon as the game is over. 5b - *Or as soon as the game and the post game show are over* 6 - In the event that we are watching a game together, and you are not a USF fan, you will not cheer against the BULLS, but I will cheer against your crappy team. Any negative statement about my BULLS will not be fine, and could result in your injury. Thanks for understanding everyone. * I had a friend send me this for her team; modified it for mine and wanted to share
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    There once was a man named McCants. When he's running, you ain't got a chance. Your face hits the dirt While you're yanking his shirt. And he he'll soon do his end zone dance! Go Bulls!
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    Let me help. USF green is still the dark green. A few years ago USF added accent colors to the green and gold. One of those secondary colors is called "Apple" and that is the lime green you are all talking about. It has been an official USF color for a number of years, but in a secondary position. Now, USF is about to announce some re-branding, I am willing to bet that "Apple" is about to be promoted into the top tier with our traditional green and gold. Now, we won't change our identity, we are still Green and Gold, just the green will now be in two shades. ((this isn't inside info, just what I have observed .... I also think the whole university will be using an Athletics logo for its identity, instead of the block USF in the square))
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    Added to the collection today.
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    He's no Brett Sean, that's for sure.
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    Bring back the bull busting thru the crates of our opponents for the pregame!
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    It is a ritual that has been going on for over twenty years now. I get to one or two games a year for the others at home I try to recreate an “at game” presence as much as I can (assuming a 7:00pm kick off): Friday morning before the game: USF Flag is hung up on the front door flag holder. If we win it stays up until Sunday night. If we lose it comes down after the game. 11:00-4:00- watch CFB...usually just teams in our conference but will glance at others. This usually means I will have three to four games on simultaneously (through PC and tv) but will pick one out to focus on. 4:00-5:00: set up outdoor table on patio with USF plates, mugs, coasters, and napkins (I buy a stock every few years). I also bring out my game used USF football (2010 vs Cuse) and CJL signed mini helmet (the original) and use it as the centerpiece. My son and I used to throw a football around but he is gone to college now. 5:00-6:30- while preparing the grill for the food/eating (which will include anything from sausage dogs to lobster) I put the pregame on and listen to Jim (gonna miss Mark) and the others. 7:00- in front of the tv. I have my laptop nearby watching and contributing to the comments from all of my USF friends on TBP. 10:00- after a win I have a special USF glass I bought the day I graduated in 1986. I poor a beer and salute my alma mater if we win. If we lose I will write some stupid comments on TBP and then go to bed. Yes, I have issues but I would not have it anyother way! As always Go Bulls and let’s get this season started!!!
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    I wanted to start a thread for people to post their various USF builds (trailers, tables, cornhole boards, etc.) and also discuss possible ideas for builds. I will get the thread going with a photo of my cornhole boards that I build over the offseason.
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    Are you looking just to whine about it? There's no surprise based off the title, so it's really really simple, DON'T LOOK. GO BULLS!
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    News was broken by Joey Kn...JUST KIDDING WE KNOW BETTER THAN THAT
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    Sterling Griffin, the former USF WR?
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    He was stuck in traffic at UCF. The first week of classes is game day like, I hear.
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    The question of consent goes out the window once they voluntarily post the pics on social media.
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    Need a chain with some huge brass bull balls.
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    Being from Ocala I found this pretty awesome, as that is where the company was founded and is based out of. The dude that started this is a graduate of USF and also donates to the school.
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    Yes. FWIW I think Whoever it was on our board that said Toledo would be tougher must have been talking with lots of hope, delusion or a bit of both. We will be better this year than last. Cignetti has made a big difference in our overall culture. We have some very talented FCS players. However, You all play a different level of ball. I'm hoping we don't get embarrassed, and come home healthy. Our team has the chance to make some noise in our conference and in the overall FCS nationally as long as we stay reasonably healthy.
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    For those that really appreciate this message board and want to see it get even better and continue to grow, I would recommend donating a little bit of money to assist Brad in that endeavor. There is a link on the main page where you can quickly and easily donate to the cause.
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    Anything is possible in a rivalry game like the Civil Conflict.
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    This Season !
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    I think there are a lot of sensitive people on this board. Rub some dirt on it, look forward to USF's upcoming season, and move on with your life.
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    I'm so excited for this season! Glad I convinced a couple more friends to get season tickets this year. Go bulls!
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    Cool, but CWTs words hurt my feelings. Can we get back to the 21 page thread for that?
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