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    you guys want all sorts of facilities so the head coach needs to glad hand. that is part of the job. this guy is a good and learned at the heels of one of the best clemson was so classy and gracious in defeat jeff scott will get the job done support him
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    Good call Inspector Clouseau ....
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    These are awful, That is not our school color.
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    It’s funny because they both are right
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    I think Fernandez has done a great job and should be able to stay as long as he likes, but you have to admit that it’s a pretty good argument that maybe conference championships aren’t the only measure of a head coach and sometimes what looks like a plateau may actually be the pinnacle of a program. I am sure when Uconn is gone we will get a conference championship just as I am sure that competing against Uconn is more impressive than winning a conference they aren’t in.
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    You'd need to get approximately 18 of these, strategically placed on rotating platforms to pepper the trailers with baseballs. Make it feel like home...
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    A few things I'd pass along. Plan on a minimum of 3-4 days. Austin is a fun town. If you are really into live music stay there. If not stay in San Antonio or New Braunfels. Especially if you have kids or not into that scene. San Antonio offers more touristy things and should have much cheaper lodging. BBQ: Don't be an idiot and stand in line for hours at Franklin BBQ. Drive to Luling, Lockhart, New Braunfels or Driftwood to get awesome BBQ. You'll actually get a table and enjoy it more. A few names to research for BBQ: Salt Lick, Black's, Cooper's, Kruez, City Market, etc...Roadside BBQ at Rudy's is solid. Many spots offer complimentary beans...so find out first. Cabrito at Cooper's is usually really good. Beef is King...pork is hard to find. If you like lean Brisket make sure you request it. Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels is awesome. Best natural water park in America. The Paseo Del Rio (River Walk) is really fun for drinking. Take the barge ride to view the River Walk early in the morning. If you wanna save a few bucks stay 1 or 2 blocks instead of overlooking the river. Fiesta Texas is fun for the kids but pretty much similar to other theme parks. Air Travel: SAT or AUS. Non-stop flights from TPA, PIE, MCO and SFB Weather:. Expect 95-100 degrees. USF section will be on the sunny side. Alamo: Do it only, you need an hour. Literally about 300 feet from the Riverwalk. If you have a day trip planned. Try Fredericksburg, Boerne, Bandera, Wimberley, San Antonio Missions Parking on gameday: I used to find parking south of campus on the north side of downtown. Have not been to a game at UT in 10 years though. If you are in good shape the 3/4 mile walk to the stadium might be the way to go. Finally for you Football fanatics: SMU is at Texas State on the same day. Texas St is about 30 mins south of Austin on I-35 heading south towards San Antonio.
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    2006? I guess we need to crank up the hot tub time machine.
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    It's nice to have a coach who actually embraces social media and doesn't delegate it to others.
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    I'm here to do a welfare check on the Leavitt/Taggart hawkers. Everything good? Good.
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    You have to appreciate that was the closest to a nice thing said by Steve about CJL that I have seen in 20 years.
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    We have been in the AAC for a while now but thanks for the welcoming.
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    I will not get excited again. I will not get excited again. I will not get excited again. I keep telling myself, and yet, I stopped cutting off man-buns when I see them, I started driving around gopher tortoises, and returned the eight sports balls that were on my lawn from the scared neighborhood kids. I don't know, but I sense a change in me somehow.
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    Yet the title of the thread tells us all we need to know...you are a fraud....
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    We will follow the ucf model are crown USF national champions with a Clemson win tonight. Cant wait to order those rings baby!
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    In a world of AAC championships the blind are the truly lucky
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    Shoot! I'm always late to these things. Where are we?
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    Official https://gousfbulls.com/news/2020/1/2/football-white-named-running-backs-coach.aspx
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    Not comparing the two, but when LeBron doesn't play the Lakers don't win as often. You lose your best player it makes a big difference.
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    Will Leavitt take the job?
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    Maybe we could give them a Frosty. Wendy's must have about a million saved up from the last 2 seasons.
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    i am so excited about scout i will get back on board i will get 4
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    Thought ESPN has all the CFP. You can see 100% bias towards all of their high dollar property. Great example is comparing our games called by ESPN vs CBS sports earlier this year. ESPN announcers talked more about CFP and random junk. Completely disinterested in the actual game they were calling. Granted we were terrible, but they were still unprofessional Clowns. CBS announcers were into the game, unbiased about the teams, and seemed we'll informed. Absolute Professionals.
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    The problem for MLB is, the country is getting short on cities big enough to handle a team and very few people are dumb enough these days to bankroll a stadium. After the Marlins debacle, the general populous is infinitely more aware of how bad these deals are for the people and how good they are for the owners. Add to that a billion dollars is expansion fees. Maybe Portland, but it would have to be a retractable dome and cost a fortune the city doesn't have. Charlotte is always on the short list. Las Vegas? Go back to Montreal despite them having worse fans than Tampa and Miami? Mexico?
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    If you look at almost every comment Scott makes he brings up the fact we have not won a conference championship...EVER. He knows this is the goal. We can’t look at something we have already done (beating P5 teams) as the goal. This program deficiency needs to end now!
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    Dude, they won a natty ..... what in the hell else do they need to do to earn it??
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    The big news is we've raised enough money to buy a new kicking tee.
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    The hospital urologist blamed Florida.
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    I don't know. Have you seen your avatar?
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    While our half court offense this year has been a disaster to watch, its important to put things in perspective. Since Offensive Efficiency (OER) became a statistic (1997-98 season) USF: has never ranked any better than 117 in a single season (1990-00 season) has averaged 281 over the past 10 years, with 222 being the best ranking over that time frame Without Yetna our OER is exactly the same as last year (Friscobull makes a good point this this may get worse as we get into conference play) Men's basketball just hasn't been able to recruit or coach offense since we let Greenberg walk to Virginia Tech. Regardless of how you feel about Yetna's impact on the offense this would have been a slightly below average offense, at-best. Until the program can recruit better offensive players AND most importantly coach offense the program will continue to be a dumpster fire.
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    Always assume sarcasm, can never go wrong .... especially if it's something as nonsensical as "he hasn't done a thing since signing up with us, focusing totally on the playoffs" .
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    Please do not project your fantasies onto me.
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    it is so odd that puc and 99 are even on the board. they clearly arent usf fans.it makes no sense criticizing the jeff scott hire.
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    At least whenever he gets to use the selling point to recruits that he wasted a month to get beat down by LSU it was only half his fault and it was all worth it because of the publicity we got from the zero mentions of us between the two games.
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    Freaking Glibert was a visionary. Using Marzano strategies to get the players to learn the plays ... who knew?
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    It seems patently obvious to anyone looking at it with any form of objectivity (yet for some reason the people with every single piece of empirical as well as all of the anecdotal evidence are painted as the unreasonable ones) ; I feel like I was just having this conversation with someone in real life last night.
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    This game illustrates how great CBG is as a head coach. He constantly has this team improving. Just imagine how good we could have been with Yetna and Kiir. We could be 11-4 right now, but I'm ok with where we are at. Just keep improving!
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    I really like CBG, Q, and Durr. They seem truly humble and definitely understand how to answer reporters' questions. Thanks for posting!
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    Not a bad team when healthy are we naysayers?
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    The two kinds of TBP posters:
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    They were looking at receiving NCAA penalties.
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    I think he can. We need to build the hype and not poop the bed on national TV for once. We tend to lose every big turning point or notable game big.
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    Your later point is huge. It could be the difference of him starting and not starting (or at least getting playing time).
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