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    I think "war flamingo" is among the most idiotic ideas anyone in our fan base has ever come up with. It ranks just minimally worse than the new academic logo. But that isn't what is important. It is important that the fan supporting that idea Long after that beaten horse died was waving hot pink items seemingly to distract our kicker for the extra point. WTF
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    I am a proud Florida Gator Alum. I love college football, but I never really was a Gator fan. The only reason I ever became a Gator fan is b/c I had several friends on the team and simply was supporting them. Hell, I still am friends with a few ex-players. One reason why I never was a true Gator fan was simply b/c I can’t stand the fans. They are arrogant and think the world should evolve around the Gators. The final straw for me was during the Ron Zook era in which there was a website made called “FireRonZook.com’. Maaaan this was the meanest website ever made. The Website moderator and all the fans went to that website to ridicule Ron Zook, who to me was simply trying his best. He got crapped on hard and then fired. Urban Meyer came in and took ZOOK’s players and won a national title. Then Urban Meyer retired from football and we sucked ever since. I can’t think of one team that has ever fired a coach with a winning record and had sustainable success afterwards. That being said, I am noticing the same kind of vibes that made me HATE Gator fans in USF. If many of you can be this negative when we aren’t at the top, some of you will become str8 doosh-bags once we start having the success we desire. To be honest, I became a USF fan for selfish reasons. I am of Haitian descent and at one point this team had like 14-15 Haitian players (Around the time we beat Auburn). Hell I followed the team simply for that. But as soon as I started checking out the espn USF blog, I fell in love with the movement. I loved the fans desire for success. But now, I don’t know what to make about the current USF fan atmosphere. I understand that there are many years of disappointment, but the negativity is at an all time high. We are freakin 7-1 and calling for the coach to be fired, predicting we will lose 4 our of the 5 last games remaining. I mean what kind of fan predicts their team will lose the remaining games for the season? When it comes to the NFL, my favorite team is the Saints. So trust me when I say I know a thing or two about loving a bad team. We have been losers for pretty much most of our existence, but I looove my team and will always root for them and assume we will win, even when we are not favored. I was called the “ain’ts” by my friends when I moved from N.O to Miami as a kid. They found it funny I love my “sorry a$$ team”. But I never wore a paper bag over my head and remained proud. When we finally won a title, I didn’t even bother to talk smack to the nay sayers, I was simply grateful to the football gods for giving my team a championship. That being said - win or lose, your love for the Bulls should never waiver nor should you chit on the coaches or players every time we lose. A true fan will love and SUPPORT his team regardless. You can hate CCS all you want, but b4 calling for his job, at least let them man “NOT WIN” first…b/c since he has been here we have been WIINNING. If we don’t win the AAC title this year, then we will win it next year. Either way, the future is looking freakin awesome for USF. Next year, everybody will have at least one season under their belt and we also have a special player called McDoom who will kick ******* a.$.$ next year in addition to the many other players. My goal is to simply win an AAC title or finish the season ranked this year. Either way, I’m beyond confident that we will have the desired success next year. GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's about that time this year I give my annual Green and Gold goggles speech…but this ain’t it. I’ll save that “IF” we lose a game this year. In the words of Lennox (the Jamaican gangster) from the movie “Belly” (Many of you guys probably have never seen it) – “Don't you ever bring scared business to me. You lookin at the toughest rasclat Jamaican in the United States of America.” I’m trying to understand the great fear we have of upcoming Houston. Their defense is ranked 116th. They do have the 4th ranked offense, I’ll give them that. But besides that, but South Florida has the 14th ranked offense and 80th ranked defense. We are36 spots ahead of them on defense and they are 10 spots ahead of us on offense. I REFUSE 2 fear them or any other remaining teams! These stats don’t include this past weekend, but I don’t think much will change. There are only 2 teams that blow us out in both categories – Cinci and C. Every other team we blow out in either offense of defense. Truth be told, I think we are much better than our stats and have better athletes than all the teams we face. That being said, if you scared go ahead and tuck your tail b/w your legs, but if you have faith in the football Gods, beat your chest and let’s get ready to close out this season undefeated!!! USF – Offense - #14th, Defense #80 Houston – Offense – #4th, Defense #116 Tulane – Offense -#91st, Defense #111th Temple – Offence – #89th, Defense – #65th Cincinnati – Offense - #27th, Defense – 4th C. – Offense - #3rd, Defense- #65th https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/team/22
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    Or, setting their expectations low because they have watched the games and understand that this team/coaching staff/whatever you want to blame it on is not good enough to win every game, so, some fans are realists and manage their expectations accordingly.
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    Teams left in the nation that is undefeated.....it is until it isnt, thats why they play the games. Is cougar edible? Cuz these young bulls bout to eat!!!
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    The ceiling for this team was about 9-3 to start the season and that’s probably right around where we end up. Houston is by far a better team and prob ends up winning the conference. The amount of talent we lost last year is staggering, almost as staggering as the number of freshman getting significant playing. We were missing out best linebacker at a position of zero depth, missing our best WR, rolling with how many Freshman on the o-line? The overreaction is losing to a superior team is jussst a bit much from some on this board.
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    Fire CCS! Wait, is that not this thread?
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    **** Houston... I’m tired of this **** We are USF, we have better athletes We have a better coach We are hungry We are younger, but that means we have goals Stop sucking Houston’s **** 3:30 Saturday, Game ******* on Lets Go
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    I think the majority of fear on this board is related to people setting their expectations low so that if we lose a game, they don't get too upset
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    Speaking of UNC, I think they need a new academic logo. Here's a suggestion in the same spirit as our new logo. (T. Rowe Price)
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    We are lucky Ca$h left when he did. And we were lucky to get Coach Strong & his staff after they left Texas -with Texas helping. And we are lucky to have BB at QB. And we are lucky to have our current undefeated record. I'm a lucky Bull and I'm happy!
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    2014 USF Ranked 69th in total defense (Chuck Breshanhan) 2015 USF Ranked 52 in total defense (Tom Allen) 2016 USF Ranked 120th in total defense (Woody allen) 2017 USF Ranked 37th in total defense (Brian Jean Marie) Brian Jean Marie came in worked his magic and USF was ranked in the top 20-30 for most of the season before finishing the season ranked 37th. So let me get this straight. BJM came in and got our defense from 120th ranking to a 37th ranking and now needs to be fired? After the 2017 season, USF lost Deadrin Senat, Bruce hector, Tajee Fullwood, Auggie Sanchez, Deatrick Nichols, Mike Love, and Devin Abraham. Senat and Hector were both 300Ibs, strong as an Ox seasoned vets who never got pushed back. Auggie Sanchez is our greatest LB EVERRRRRRR! Yet rather than give BJM a pass b/c he is rebuilding, you want him fired. Forget that fact that last year he turned our defense around by 83 spots!!!!!. B/c he is having only 1 bad year, he should be fired? Look our defense is too small and young too make any moves. Tom Allen was praised by many of you for being a defensive guru and his defense finished the season ranked at 69. BJM pretty much gave us our best defense since 2013 in which we was ranked 21st. So if he needs a rebuilding year to make this defense great again than so be it. Its funny how some people on this board have a short memory. How is he over his head? You wasn’t saying that last year when he TRANSFORMED our defense from 120th to 37th? BJM has had the highest ranked defense on USF in over 4 years and after one bad season in which we are rebuilding you want to demote or fire him? Stop being so “dahm” over emotional man. You and many of you emotional individuals are making yourselves look a bit moronic. We are currently at 108th which is still better than where was at b4 BJM came here and we will only get better.
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    I’m glad you put this in the MBB thread. We were having trouble finding your take on the football team on the rest of the board.
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    Not sure that many have followed or noticed, but USF is 7-1 in the AAC and 12-2 overall on the season and are ranked #18 and #14 in the two major rankings. They host UCF (6-2, 9-5-1) on Friday night at 7 pm needing just a tie to clinch the regular season conference crown and earn the right to host the AACCG. They have quietly become one of the most consistent programs on campus. A win over UCF pretty much guarantees them a spot in the NCAA field. For the 4th time in the last 5 seasons. GO BULLS!
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    Taking a closer look at Charlie's 16-2 record here.... * Our opponents combined record at the end of 2017: 64-85 (54-82 against FBS....Stony Brook went 10-3) * Temple (7-6) UCF (13-0) & Houston (7-5) were the only FBS teams we played with winning records. We went 1-2 against them. * The rest of our 2017 opponents: SJ State (2-11) Illinois (2-10) Tulsa (2-10) ECU (3-9) Cincy (4-8) Tulane (5-7) UConn (3-9) Texas Tech (6-7) * Of our opponents this year, only Elon has a winning record I'm not on board with the "Fire Charlie" thing, but I'm also far from sold on him. 6-0 is great, but being one or two plays better than bad teams on multiple occasions is why there are some in here who have doubts about him. After UConn, which is about a sure a win as it gets, the last few games will probably be the toughest stretch he's had since he's been here, and we'll learn a little more about what kind of coach he is. I can't help but compare us to the team in Orlando. There hasn't been much difference at all in the level of recruiting over the past few years between us and them, but there's a huge difference in what we see on the field. These teams that we are barely winning against (ECU, Tulsa, Illinois) get smoked by UCF without a doubt. Frost went 13-0 in his second year and won the conference. Huepel is unbeaten in his first year, and they have mostly looked good in doing it. Hard to tell, but we seem to have regressed a bit in year two with Strong (I could be wrong).
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    Would prefer a Duke transfer for the mbb team..
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    BJM doesn't need to be fired but I am VERY concerned that this young defense hasn't gotten better as the season progressed and we still have the same issues at week 9 as we did in week 1 (poor tackling, bad safety play, inconsistent pass rush, inability to get off the field on 3rd and long). Typically with young teams you can watch them mature over the course of the season but this defense looks the same now as it did at the beginning of the year. This is very concerning to me and something to keep an eye on.
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    Gilbert salivating at the chance to call an HB Dive now
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    People on this board reek of fear to the point where it's disgusting and I know it exists in other portions of their lives. It really is disgusting to me.
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    One of the biggest issues and complaints that we receive on a per game basis is that there are people within both clubs who do not have access to be in there. We did speak with the TSA prior to the UConn game and it was determined that the doors that are past the automatic Club Access sections were the areas that were the most prone to admitting patrons into the club who do not have the access to be there. The end result was what you saw Saturday evening in that those areas were not staffed and the doors were locked. We want to be sure that we are protecting the investment of those who have made the additional gifts to the Bulls Club in order to have Club Access. E.T., like you, I also sit in a non automatic club section, but make the additional gift to provide Club Access. I make it a point at every home game to take off my pass and go to club to see if I am asked to show my ticket. I'm not sure if there is a correlation or not, but I am asked more when I enter through the automatic club access sections (208-213 on the West and 233-238 on the East) than the sections where Club Access is not automatic to the tickets. We will absolutely be reviewing this before the game versus Tulane on November 3rd.
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    Well - we sit in sec 218 (home sideline near the 20) and that was my daughter and her two friends on the video board tonight For anyone wondering, you can get your own pink war flamingo at party city for $1 - best in-game entertainment that money can buy for 9 year olds!
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    WVU Couchburners. Those were some fun games.
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