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    It’s not football season and basketball is struggling. I get it. With fewer and fewer threads, yet more and more personal conflicts, we will start up The Bulls Penalty Box again. This means a multi-day suspension for those that initiate or participate in personal conflictsso the rest of us can carry on intelligently and amicably. We shouldn’t have to lock threads because they degenerate into little personal spats. Please feel free to report threads that get personal. We won’t survive as an online community, especially in lean times, when we attack each other and each others’ opinion. Please do better. Thank you. Brad
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    My wife happened to go by the USF Publix and decided to stop and get a few things. During her visit, there was announcement on the PA about complying with social distancing, etc. and it ended with "Thank you for shopping at Publix, and Go Bulls!". Most everyone in the store, employees and customers, responded with, "Go Bulls!".
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    I guess the guy asked for her head and something was lost in the translation.
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    Happy for Q. And Maracevic - both with huge contributions in different ways on Senior Night!
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    I agree with you. The sad thing is we will never know the actual number. Now the world is seeing China can't be trusted and government leaders are calling them out. The time is to start increasing our production and manufacturing jobs in the US. We need to stop depending on China.
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    Rum and Coke 1 gallon of rum 20 ounces of coke *disclaimer do not drink it all by yourself
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    Kirk believing something is the best reason to be optimistic of the opposite.
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    It's official! I am your newest season ticket holder. You can find me in 109 S1. Go bulls!
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    Now that sports are moving away from playing in front of fans the true vision and foresight of our administrations can be observed and appreciated. This is the kind of genius you expect to see from a preeminent institution.
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    The NBA is the worst. Yet the 4 letter network pimps it like a Mons Venus lap dance.
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    Is this an awkward time to say I teach for a living???
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    That would be an improvement over 4 wins. I'd take that, if the following year we make an even bigger leap.
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    Nah... I've always found it works better when I cause a huge public ruckus about how I don't like my boss, then stop coming to work for a few days, but when I do eventually come back, I want a good recommendation for my next job in a ridiculously small field where everyone knows each other.
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    He does need to stop talking. At this point just accept the role on the team that you are on. If you do well you will earn more playing time. And you have made it known you want to be traded. But maybe nobody wants a prima donna that may not be good enough to be a starting qb. So just shut up and play. You are doing yourself no favors.
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    Probably just needs to shut up and play ball, becoming a little bit of a prima donna for my taste, hate to see him taint his legacy here.
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    Positive - I've lost 18 pounds since Feb 24th. Along with that, by bourbon and wine inventories aren't dropping as quickly. I have picked up 4 bottles of Scotch the last 2 days though.
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    Congrats! My wife and I also just celebrated a new arrival!
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    Are positive test results a positive or a negative?
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    This is where we wish we had Sterling Gilbert back, no playbook to learn, halfback dive or bust baby!
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    I hate where we are going as a society; I would pray for the sweet release of death from the Corona Virus but there is a better chance of me dying from a paper cut.
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    I like the fact @TheAccountant shares with us he is still working (and so am I) and is empathetic. We're fortunate. My gripe today, is related to those people in need - especially small business and the folks they employ - that have had their lives turned up side down. What really chafes me are all the sit at home, write at home, get paid at home journalists and media nuts that suggest this lock down should go on for months, including some of the local yokels in Tampa. Again, easy for them to say when they sit at home, get fat and write a bad story on the Bulls. Chiding others for wanting to return to work, while they work. Shame, shame. Life has to get on.
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    I will bite not that I am a classic conservative. 1) This would be a better argument for those receiving payments on the lower end than people that can be seen as getting their money back (something they would rather do 100 percent of the time). 2) Having to make payments to people because you unilaterally decided to shut down their lives over a communicable disease is an argument for why big government has a tendency to create new issues to cater to rather than actually fixing anything it did not break or make worse.
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    We will never have a true campus culture without an on-campus stadium. Half the school isn't even aware of the fact we have football or basketball games going on, and a good chunk of those people have never even be introduced to American football in their lifetime. Even a smaller subset of those people wear FSU/UF t-shirts around campus because they have been accustomed to seeing USF's lack of interest in athletics (Michael Kelly is starting to change that). Raymond James is a great stadium and I'm grateful we are partnered with them for the time being, but it's time to make a long term plan for an OCS and quit making excuses. We have spent billions on academics and research but struggle to come up with $40 million for an IPF every other school in the nation has already built. An OCS gets people involved which means more donations and more fan support. It's time to get it done.
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    We practiced last year and it didn’t seem to help
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    Since we will be squaring off vs the coronavirus for the next couple of weeks here are the ladies in the struggle:
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    You can HAVE my inflatable bull for free. Just pay my shipping cost or pick up at my house in S. Tampa. Important note: I made some mods to the power source. It came with a plug in power adapter that I ran off of the generator; however, I removed that adapter and rigged it to run from 8 AA batteries. I used rechargeable batteries and they would always last for at least the three hours we would be there. If you'd like it just PM me and I can get your address or whatever. BTW: I was a season ticket holder from the very first game, but after two seasons ago, I finally succumbed to the train wreck and no longer get season tickets. In the picture, just to be clear, the bull is the one on the left.
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    A) most young people are Asymptomatic which means they don’t get tested, don’t get hospitalized don’t get sick and certainly don’t die. B) that only the sickest get tested certainly skus the numbers C) dying closes the case, how does a normal case become closed? D) the numbers really only look bad in America in nursing homes in Washington E) I am motivated by actually liking society and not wanting to destroy it
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    I'm really starving for competition of some sort.
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    i dont get this since there will never be a food shortage here. i saw one lady carry 60 rolls of toilet paper.she was older than me and there is 50/50 chance she will be dead before she uses the last of the 60 rolls
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    Plus side......Stammer probably gets healthy to finish the regular season and play the entire playoffs.
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    Living on what those guys make while coming up the ranks isn't easy. He's always been a hard worker so he will have success in whatever his next opportunity is.
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    I do too, our best man lost a lot last year.
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    I’m 1000% behind CJS and think he’s the right guy to take this program to the next level, however, I’m no longer buying the offseason hype and the blind optimism that happens every year around this time, ie, player weight gain, increased bench presses, cute slogans and the great practice videos. I will sit back and watch all of this unfold and will be looking for on the field progress. My hope is that this team improves over the course of the season and is playing some of our best ball by the time we face the idiots from Oviedo. Like a great philosopher once said “We suck until we don’t” Go Bulls!
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    Guess UCF should fire their great coach since they lost to Cinci.
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    GUYS. If Mickey Mouse College could go from 0-12 to 6-7 in Frost's first year, there's no reason we can't cross .500
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    They are more popular because they require the least cost of entry not because of anything qualitative. Communist kickball sits on a thrown of lies when it comes to most of the nonsense people spout off when trying to blindly defend it. The offsides rule is absurd, arbitrary and rewards teams for being out of position or less skilled make it a line and when you cross something physical, observable and known to all you should be free to pass as you see fit. People aren’t always moving and at any given time a super majority of people are literally standing still. The clock does in fact stop in fact the action stops frequently only rather than showing the world those stops the ref just keeps it to themselves and then magically announces to everyone how much longer the game will be played. People get rewarded for flopping and act as if they have been shot because of marginal contact. People pretend to be injured in order to rest and then are able to continue because of a magic spray that is only available to soccer and must have been found during a quest in Zelda. People that play soccer are able to only play kicker in football, not exactly the most impressive of positions. And finally being popular in the world doesn’t exactly speak to something’s greatness the majority of the world eats bugs and we don’t have to because we actually have better options.
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    Get yourself a bike. Its a great way to get some excercise, fresh air, and sun every day. I WFH and just do it on my lunch hour. I just bought mine 2 weeks ago. Great buy for these times.
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    I have a pretty mean bat soup recipe.
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    I am sure that seniors all over the area are sending videos and trying to get recruited. I hope our coaches are still meeting with our players in a socially distanced manner. Don't let a good crisis go to waste. Make the most with team bonding and relationship building. Staging individual workout plans and meetings, etc.. Now more than ever in our history (except for Leavitt @puc86) a new coach has an immense amount of time to plan for success. An immense amount of time to put in playbook, expectations, etc. If I were he, I'd be prearing to come out strong, er... ready.
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    We have people that think the testicular cancer even though they have no testicles and have never had them. When all people see and hear 24 hours a day is about how everyone is sick the world is shutting down and they are in grave danger people will flock to hospitals and will be convinced that they are dying and we can’t let a little thing like reality get in the way of people’s need to be special and being part of their very own end of the world movie gives them that opportunity.
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    People act like this is a fine tuned killing machine but it’s just a dumb virus, it is so stupid that it tries to infect people by going to a place that is shutdown for the foreseeable future and yet people want to run in fear from it.
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    We could make things are finest hour when we had actual leaders and we believed things like we had nothing to fear but fear itself. There is nothing noble about shutting down the world for a communicable disease it is dumb and untenable.
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    My wife called the other day and said that I needed to go to the store and prepare like it was a hurricane. So I bought boston butts for smoking, a honey cured ham, some other food staples... And enough beer for a month. DONE!
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    My wife said there was a guy in a Humvee in front of the Tampa Palms Publix, with a loud speaker system, announcing this was all a trick, trying to control you ........... a Publix manager shot him. He was wearing a retro Bulls football jersey .......... Has Puc been on today?
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    No AD wants to work with him is a more likely scenario. Word gets around. Jim is a nut.
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