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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

Thank you,

Brad Brad


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    Loud all game but that Ben Moffit td return was insane. Greatest game experience by far.
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    CCS seems to be making all the right moves in the offseason, ie staff shake up, hiring OC KB, and the influx of new blood from the transfer portal, however, I can’t seem to erase the 6 game slide down the toilet to end last season from memory banks nor his tenure at UT. I sat in the rain at the Gasparilla bowl and watched a team under CCS get run out of their own house by freaking Marshall. It was the fitting end to the 6 game slide. Until I see real difference on the field, color me still skeptical. With that said, I’m really hoping CCS has figured some things out and can get us back to being in the hunt for an AAC title. We don’t need nor can afford to go through another coaching change.
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    Talk is about bringing in Army for football. With all due respect to the folks at West Point, Navy is enough triple option for me in one year.
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    And so is laid the first brick in the path towards reconciliation and healing.
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    Programs are judged on the totality of their work. All those upsets and then crapping the bed in conference has us where we are now but somehow that is going to improve our lot now? Definition of insanity, blah blah blah What you want out of the program currently is what got us where we are now. But please continue to troll.
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    If you judge it, I'll provide a prize. How about a set of shot glasses, assuming they are still in stock (otherwise, similar prize). Shipped direct off Amazon. See on Amazon - https://amzn.to/2XEyeuI
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    12-0 all of them cronkite st felix usf 64 ucf 12
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    I didn’t know it was ever on a burner to begin with much less a forward facing one. No one on the planet wants to own a stadium if they can avoid it, every single owner of every single sport tries to get the city to buy the stadium and then to further prove that ownership of a stadium is probably the single worst investment on the planet they don’t even want the city to buy it for them they just want to lease it on generous terms because even when someone esle pays for it owning a stadium is still too expensive to be considered more of a benefit than a liability. Add to it the uncertainty of college football, the instability of anything less than P5 football and that we have a suitable alternative and building a stadium in this environment would make me question the worthiness of our new president. A stadium is a fun idea for fans to throw around but if a president does more than humor our ideas they should be fired. That being said we should pretend to more interested than we are and try to get community support to renegotiate something closer to Pittsburgh because the city of Tampa and USF got hosed by the Bucs and we deserve better for our tax dollars.
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    By now I assume you just cut and paste this...
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    Absolutely....... and would be a lot more charming place.
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    Competed and won at the highest level. Defeated nunmerous ranked teams home and away. **** a useless conference title.
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    ANd that would probably land us 2 or 3 more 4* recruits ....
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    Those 2 teams should have been alternating year home games for us from the beginning ...
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    If we are going to do home payday games against FCS opponents, might as well keep that 1M or whatever it is in state and with my beloved HBCUs.
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    New material, same design. Thought we were getting a custom job from Adidas this season.
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    The whites are much better than the green ones.
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    I'm with you. Judy and Woolard are both history and we have a guy at the helm who is basically one of our own, and understands all the Leavitt did for USF. I would not be one bit surprised if they bring him back and put him in the USF Hall Of Fame. We need to... We also need to name either the stadium or the IPF after him when they're done.... because no doubt in my mind Kelly will get those done.
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    We've never stopped Loving CJL.
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    Yep, that is what I heard while meeting with folks at the Athletic department. Oh, and they said they can finish it by August. At least so they can start using some of the space.
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    I was at game 7 when the Rays beat the Red Sox to win the pennant. Huge Rays fan but, to me, USF-WVU will forever go down as the greatest sporting event I've ever attended. Unless you were there it's hard to comprehend just how electric that atmosphere was. I lost my voice for over a week! Rushing the field is also something I'll never forget.
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    Yeah but they were talkies not the silent ones and, I was only at the Chaplin movie because I was on my dads mind while he was sittin in the movie house with my mom.
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    Which again we have won nothing. No body remembers WVU except us old farts on this board. It’s yesterday’s news. If we do win the AAC I guarantee that 99.9% (minus you) you will orgasmic with finally winning something that can be seen later in HD...
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    My specialty - Pulled Pork; Assuming we're playing at 3pm on Saturday we would be at RayJay at noon so I would have to leave my house around 10:30am. On Thursday buy a couple bone-in butts, about 8-10#'s each. Just make sure they're both the same size. Rub with olive oil and a healthy amount of dry rub. Wrap'em as air-tight as possible and stick'em in the fridge. I smoke butts for 14-16 hrs at 220° using hickory chips for smoke. It takes about two to three hours to rest/cool and pull by hand to remove as much fat as possible, so they need to come out of the smoker around 7am Saturday morning. That means they need to go in to the smoker around 3pm on Friday. The secret to making mine better than most, my wife makes a finishing sauce from hickory BBQ sauce, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. GO BULLS!
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    Strong's personal game management would also have to improve greatly... Which would be a big change from his past 6+ years... Hopeful but not drinkin the kool-aid yet
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    I'm not a season ticket holder, USF employees can't afford such extravagancies, but I put in $23.
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    Says internet board typers. Let's play live bodies and actually do a **** thing before we get all hot and bothered.
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    Until I see improved attitude and performance from the top I have no predictions. NOT a CCS hater, just absolutely NOT a CCS believer.
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    You are a joy to try to follow. First, there were only roughly a dozen schools in the Big East that imploded. Throwing out that big number impresses you, we know. But the others that were in that Big East aren't even playing football or not in P5 conferences. We at one time got a hand up so now, of the schools you are talking about, we are all in the same crappy conference. Water tends to seek its own level. Without the hand out into the Big East where would be now? Probably the AAC and you'd be delighted. So it looks like you're looking for another handout.
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    Every time I read one of these slightly embarrassing, as a USF fan, entitlement rants I'm reminded of Dan Jenkins awesome quote about the '80's Gator fans, "Florida has the arrogance of Notre Dame and the tradition of Wake Forest" ....... except Wake had won a conference championship. The Big East invite was a short term blessing financially and in fan experience, being at the big boys' table. Long term, may have been the worst thing that ever happened to us .....
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    College Football is not a relegation league and there is a reason Boise State was left out even though they were the most successful at the time where as Rutgers that was a century long cellar dweller was let into one of the top two conferences ( I will give you a hint, where you are stationed from a conference perspective has nothing to do with winning a ****** conference, it never has had anything to do with ****** conference championships and it never will have anything to do with how many times you can win a ****** conference because no one knows if those things are happening because no one knows or cares anything about ****** conferences). College football is only about money and conference alignment only has to do with making more money. If you can make more money for a conference you are in and if you cant you are out, so if your media market is number 200, your student population is 2k and your academics aren't on par with the conference you are hoping to join you will not be getting called up to the big leagues even if you win the AAC 50 times in a row because the first three things are worth money and the last ins't worth a **** thing.
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    Can I edit the title? I don't see a link to do that?
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    I've got to come clean and ashamedly admit that I didn't have a clue who Ralph Ellison was. Went to Google him expecting to find some character from an Adult Swim show (come on, it's puc!) and was absolutely stunned by what I found ....................... stunned.
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    I think all the Aresco hate just stems from those who need to personify the hatred for our current location. Hate him all you want but he's not the reason we're where we are. I think for the captain of a ship most hands want desperately off of he's done a pretty decent job. Again, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken **** ....
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    That was BEFORE they acquired Brett Kean ....
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    Who the hell is voting here? This should be puc in a landslide .....
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    I feel Wisconsin will not be ready for us and will underestimate our speed again. Hopefully they just study our tape from last year. This year's team is way different. I think this may be a blow out. We win by 20-30 pts.
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    Illegal like colluding against your conference and nixing a good tv contract before you leave?
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    FAU is garbage, the theme is keep the money and F them all, a page out of the big 12 book.
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    Heck, when I graduated we had to go done to the quarry and chisel it ourselves. And we were THANKFUL!
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    Done. Did it. Will be delivered today. Anybody else he’s in room 401 bed A. The note says “get well fast” from TheBullsPen.
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    I like them. I wish the homes had white shoulders and leg stripes.
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    The USF HoF will always lack complete legitimacy until it acknowledges one of the most important figures to USF athletics. Punitive history may be all the rage out in society right now but we don't need it in the HoF.
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    You never forget your first, especially if all of your others are remarkably unremarkable.
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