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    Board of Governors‏ @FLBOG Congratulations to @USouthFlorida for achieving its goal of reaching preeminent status, as designated by the Florida Legislature. Go Bulls! 11:00 AM - 27 Jun 2018
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    Pre-eminent status rings or it didn't happen.
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    This is way better than a fake national championship.
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    I have no idea if Adam reads this or not. But he did an outstanding job and was a great person to work with. Part of his role included dealing with Student Government, so I was in many meetings with him over SG issues. One thing I remember fondly was the value he placed on making the games accessible to students. When SG's budget reduced the number of shuttle buses that offered free rides for students to football games, he stepped up and got athletics to offer to pay for an extra bus for many games. I think a lot of people are rushing to judgement without knowing what his responsibility was and what tools (budget) he had to work with to accomplish his goals. While I am happy for him (the new job is a nice step up, and moves him back home), I know this is a loss for USF Athletics. Once again, if you are unhappy with USF's Marketing output, that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. It isn't fair to take armchair quarterback knowledge of a person you have never met and call their departure an upgrade.
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    Preeminent status in the state, a named corporate sponsor for the Sun Dome, a very promising new AD hire . . . great happenings at the alma mater! Go Bulls!
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    I don't know the man, but somehow it already feels like an upgrade. 😳
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    But I want to complain right away!
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    Marlon Mack Could Emerge as the Indianapolis Colts’ Top Running Back July 2, 2018 Charon Vonberg The Indianapolis Colts are on their way into training camp with no clear feature back on the roster. Marlon Mack, Robert Turbin, Nyheim Hines, and Jordan Wilkins are all expected to participate in a backfield by committee. ... Mack is most likely to emerge as the Colts’ top option at running back as both Hines and Wilkins are rookies, and Turbin will miss the first four games of the season due to a PED suspension. Christine Michael is also an option for the Colts. Mack indeed showed plenty of potential in his rookie campaign with the Colts, but there is one thing that could hold him back from becoming a premier back in the NFL and that is consistency. Boom-or-Bust is a perfect term to describe Mack’s rookie season. He had six 20+ yard runs in just 93 carries but led the league in percentage of runs that resulted in no gain or a loss (32.2 percent). ... Earlier in the offseason, Colts General Manager Chris Ballard spoke on Mack’s rookie season in Indianapolis. He ended the year with 93 carries for 358 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns in 14 appearances. He was also targeted 33 times in the passing game and recorded 21 receptions, 225 receiving yards, and a receiving touchdown. “Look, everything with Marlon was better than I expected, everything,” Ballard said. “And I know he had some pass-protection issues, but he also did some good things in pass protection for a rookie back. He ran between the tackles better than I ever expected. Just because it was that outside-run (stuff), they were in that high-tempo offense, outside run-scheme – that was a hard evaluation to know if he could do it, but our scout (Jamie Moore) was driven by the kid. He kept saying he had done so much work on Marlon. You know, what his makeup was. He had played safety in high school, so he had some toughness. The coaches raved about his toughness. He said it was just kind of a byproduct of the offense.” It’s likely that the Colts’ lead back role is Marlon Mack’s to lose heading into training camp. He could emerge as a real contributor to a high-powered offense led by Andrew Luck. Mack certainly has the tools to flourish in 2018, but we will have to wait and see if he can handle the load. Link
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    Should anyone need a refresher
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    I know, and I don't want to be on here preaching to everyone. I just remember reading an attack on me here many years ago from someone I worked hard to try to help and I wanted to call them out for it, but knew it wasn't right as an Athletics employee to get into an argument on a message board. It hurt because I knew who the person was and I thought I went above and beyond to be helpful for them. I'm a fan of USF, and will always be one, and I enjoy the discussions about all USF topics. I also know people are always welcome to their opinions. I just hate to see anonymous message board posters attack real people unfairly, or without knowledge to back it up. I think we should all assume the people we talk about on here read the board and assume they know who the poster is. If you wouldn't say it in those circumstances, then you shouldn't say it. To remind myself of this, I purposely chose my name as my handle. So when I post, I assume everyone knows those words come from me, and I would say them to the person directly, just as quickly as I would type them here.
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    I really could care less if CCS is out on the town pressing palms. Sure, he may need to do a little of that during the off-season but CCS gets paid to win games. It’s the Athletic Dept and marketing’s job to get people to the game. I give CCS two more years at USF then he is gone. It better be with one a conference championship.
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    Just when I think there's nothing left for some of you to ***** about, you surprise me. If he wants to try to convert Tampa Bay locals that root for another school I say, more power to him.
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    This is a home run for USF. More upside than Jurich, without the baggage. I can't wait for Bulls fans to get to know Michael, he is an awesome person, with an incredible track record.
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    No, advertising does influence consumer decisions, no one would rationally argue otherwise. I think the larger point being made is that there are SO many other ways that consumers are exposed to advertising that the name of a beer company being associated with the Sun Dome isn't going to make a scintilla of difference in the grand scheme of things. If anything, this is a better example of branding than advertising. The consumer is already aware of the existence of the product and now they are just being conditioned to familiarize themselves with a specific brand. It may result in the increased consumption of Yuengling, but is unlikely to result in the increased consumption of beer overall.
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    Agreed. Many new to USF wouldn't remember, but Dave's work was the best. He forever has my respect and we are fortunate he is a member here. I hope USF will one day recognize his efforts to bring news and information on a fledgling program to fans all over the country.
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    Some others piled on, too. It's amazing that he compares attendance to non-TV, fireworks included local minor league games where the cost of admission is probably $10, to the televised MLB Miami Marlins game. One game of the year, it's a sellout opportunity. It's not "news" that average families cannot afford to attend many "big time" sporting events including MLB and NCAA football - it's better to watch on TV. He can't understand that the disconnect is Television/Cost - not pure fan apathy (which he seems to thrive on). And it always brings me to reader apathy for the TBT and newspapers in general. Unless you're a certain segment of the political spectrum or an old hand like my dad, you've pretty much dumped papers by now. Going to games is based on discretionary income. Only those that have enough DI can attend. Most of them attend when a team is winning, not losers like Miami - they remain fans (some do) and catch it on TV. TV is where the money is made Joey. It's been speculated before and written on by few of your colleagues - there may one day come a time where teams play without live fans. Economics, baby. Made for Television. Ok, my coffee fueled tirade is over.
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    He lost me when he said “Illinois L”
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    I really wish more fans would just accept that, stop trying to quantify everything USF does with that being heavily focused on and just enjoy USF football for USF football .......... and its quest for that first conference title.
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    Kinda wished the board worked that way ...
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    Good stuff here, loved AP. http://www.usforacle.com/news/view.php/1034004/Paciencia-y-Fe
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    I'm making my own portable bar for tailgating. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HoutbZ4Y8GMPNAJbA
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    I’d give puc’s right *** to be on probation in the SEC.
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    I know this would be controversial to some of our clutch our pearls while insisting it’s better pretending to take some perceived moral high ground that leads to obscurity fans rather, however I dream of a day where we can have our national championships vacated while sitting in the ACC and counting our $10million dollars a year from Adidas that we just accepted $10 from them. This guy may or may not have lived in the grey area at Louisville but he got things done, currently no one is trying to take anything away from us but it’s mostly because we have nothing left and they don’t remember we exist. Let’s shake things up, stuff some Adidas gear with bags of cash and try to make USF P5, should we fail what can they take away?
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