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  1. Speaking of an OCS. Watching L'ville and their stadium is 1/2 empty. Amazing what not having a good team does for attendance. And is their stadium actually on campus?
  2. I've got no real skin in this game. Don't know her well. But love how everyone vilifies her because some basketball schools wanted out of the Big East bit she gets none of the credit for getting us in.
  3. Stay healthy and it should be another good one. Let's enjoy it while we can because the conference changes will hurt us in the future.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't she the President when we made it into the Big East?
  5. Obviously the first row would have to be 10 feet up. Don't even know if that is something possible.
  6. Any chance to use rollaway bleachers to cover a track - kind of like they do in gymnasiums - for game days? Don't they add seats to baseball stadiums on the field for playoffs/world series? Don't they add seats to Ray Jay for Super Bowl? Know those aren't on the field but up near the pirate ship. Just spitballing.
  7. Pretty sure we've lost 3 DBs to injury since the week before the 1st game through the UF game. Hard to replace that many and then have backups to the guys filling in.
  8. I don't know how many more times to tell people that he is the future, just not maybe the immediate future.
  9. I'm not sure all OCSs are turning profits. Someone on here has probably looked at this in the past. After debt service, maintenance, security, cleaning up puke of drunk students, there may not be a lot of excess funds.
  10. I'm paying $400/year/seat now. Would have to be much more than $500 per account.
  11. That sounds great. They commit like TCU, get paid, leave before they play a game and pay less to leave than we pay them to join.
  12. Calm down. Timmy Mc will most likely start by the end of the year and he won't transfer until he has some success here.
  13. There was a discussion on RVs a week or 2 ago. I looked through the topics quickly and didn't find it. I'm sure someone will find a link or you can try searching the site.
  14. Actually he's beaten a bunch of them at a so called "lesser" school, FAU. https://fausports.com/sports/football/schedule/2019
  15. Pretty sure Swamprat has a handicapped hanger thing and parked in 6D up in the row closest to the stadium when he was tailgating with us. I can't remember how it worked however - if he had a 6D pass or if he used the Handicapped hanger.
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