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    USFWBB vs Vermont

    Injuries this year are crazy. Before the game coach said he wasn't going to try not to play Tamara. Then, of course, he proceeds to play her and then in the 4th she aggravated the injury. Hopefully Bea is able to go Thur & Friday and Tamara can get some minutes.
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    Women vs Grambling

    She had been sitting in one of them closer to mid court behind our bench but they had a group of people in that one last night.
  3. I've noticed you don't like to post much. Oh wait, 55,500+ posts. Have you confused with someone else.
  4. CousinRicky

    Women vs Grambling

    She has been at the games. Have her sitting up in the Loge Boxes so that there is no chance of her getting bumped on the bench. Her mother was here for a while right after the injury.
  5. Today was his last column for the TBT. I wrote to wish him well. Told him although I didn't always agree with his positions (there is no one that we always agree with) that I liked his writing style.
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    Women vs Grambling

    She won't be playing tonight either according to CJF. Foot issues. Hope to have her back for the tourney in Orlando. Also mentioned that the Italian player may be back for that as well.
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    USF Bull Statue?

    He bought it at a museum or something. It wasn't built for USF.
  8. Same to you. Be safe and enjoy your trip.
  9. ..... you are watching the LA Chargers play, there is a quick scan of the sideline and your wife picks out Phil McGeoghan in about 1.4 seconds. Had to look him up to be sure as he is a few years older but, yep, he is the WR coach for the SuperChargers. Quick story. We had invited him for dinner and he asked if he could bring someone - a player. Said it was okay by us but asked him to check if it was okay with the NCAA. It was not so we didn't get to have Evan Landi to the house for dinner - just Phil. I love my wife.
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    Another Experiment

    A neighbor of our daughter's is the head International Chef for Outback and always has cool ideas. One time we were talking about bourbons and he suggested putting a vanilla bean in a bottle, shake it every day and wait at least a couple of weeks. I used a bottle of Weller Special Reserve for this experiment just thinking the flavor profile lends itself to the vanilla. I'm sure you could try it on almost anything. Just had a sip of it after 3 weeks and it is really nice. Weller is pretty smooth to begin with but this added a bit more vanilla in the nose and a bit on the palate. A better result than the do-it-yourself Pappy experiment.
  11. Same can be said for your lovely bride. We both married up.
  12. He's a good guy. Lost touch with him but always wish him well. One thing he told us at that dinner that playing professional football is like being in a car accident every week. I know he had some neck issues back then and probably still does.
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    Was told that it was out of stock. I let them know it was obviously in stock when I ordered it and asked them if I could get one next year. He told me yes so we'll see.
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    A couple of days ago, based on a tip from our WBB I was directed to the website of a local store to buy a bottle of Stagg 18 yr. Put it in the cart, checked out and went to bed thinking I had it. Woke up in the morning and saw my receipt PLUS another email 15 minutes later saying my order was cancelled. Wasn't happy at all. Part of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and this year's version is getting rave reviews. Gosh dang it.
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    USF Bull Statue?

    Jeff Fishman bought one. It was in the cage on the south end of the stadium.
  16. Or maybe they are trying to not make it a Golden Corral. Get it, Corral - Bulls.
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    Roll call

    We're in 211. The 2 I received today are in 210.
  18. Those look good. We'll probably be at all of those as well.
  19. As Trip said it will be similar. The women were first and they did their buffet until halftime and then switched over to the men's buffet about 90 minutes before that game was estimated to start. Interestingly they changed up the food.
  20. 90 minutes before game time. I've actually received emails before each women's game. Look for one tomorrow or Friday. Use Gate C this year.
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    State of The Bulls...

    Did we ever pass the ban for life of people that predict this?