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  1. Soooo if McKenzie Milton transfers out....do we pick him up? lol Also Battie is fast! I cant wait for next year.
  2. Maaaan he has a long way to go in terms of maturity, but he should land somewhere. I see FAU snagging a lot of talent from this team next year.
  3. If we could only get Johnny Ford for a full season. Im not going to say he is making bad choices b/c I dont know what goes on in his life, but maaaaan buddy needs to change the negative energy in his life. Maybe burn some sage or something. I think the whole team needs to burn some sage. Its like a black cloud is over this team.
  4. So many teams that postponed games I wonder if they will push the bowl games and conference titles to a later date. Even in a losing season I would like to enjoy a full schedule.
  5. Well he has 5 more years to get ready thanks to Covid. Hopefully he puts the work in. A hometown and legacy kid leading this team would be dope and really encourage the kids in the surrounding area to come here.
  6. I agree the football part is the hardest. But hell NOBODY at UF had faith in the basketball program until Billy Donovan came.
  7. Plenty of schools without UF resources have had success. Look at all of these small schools that have made the final four. You dont need a big budget for basketball. Just 12 good players.
  8. This post is extremely sad. Bull Dozer and I had a friendly bet on how big a star Sean Atkins would be....I was planning on winning this bet next year. I know he is in heaven laughing at how badly my post aged since the bet we made. RIP Bull Dozer.
  9. Florida is the only school in NCAA Division I history to hold the men's basketball and football championships during the same school year. This happened in 2009. When I went to UF we sucked ass in basketball and nobody thought we would ever catch up to football but we did. So if UF can have. good football and basketball team, so can USF.
  10. Bruh....I spent 2 years of this board chitting on taggart and WHINING, and then once we started winning people got quiet....it is what is.
  11. NOPE, I counted the positive threads. I even talked trash about how quiet the board got once we started winning.
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