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  1. We have a great out of conference schedule these next 5 years. The QBs listed below is currently who we have to take us to the promise land. I know i always wear my green and gold goggles, but maaaan it would be nice to beat these teams below. Noah Johnson - 1 year McCloud/Fortin - 3 years left Marsh/Jordan - 4-5 years left 2020 09/05 - at Texas 09/12 - Bethune-Cookman 09/19 - Nevada 09/26 - at Florida Atlantic 2021 09/02 - at NC State 09/11 - Florida 09/18 - Florida A&M 09/24 - at BYU 2022 09/17 - at Florida 09/24 - at Louisville 10/22 - UMass 2023 09/02 - at WKU 09/16 - Alabama 09/23 - Florida A&M 2024 08/31 - Louisville 09/07 - at Alabama 09/14 - NC State 09/21 - WKU 2025 08/30 - Boise State 09/06 - at Florida 09/13 - at Miami (FL) 09/20 - San Jose State
  2. Pat White was Johnson's QB coach at Alcorn so he probably played a big role.
  3. I know the coaches will definitely want to play him as well or get his feet wet b/c our 2021 schedule is brutal.
  4. I like Kelly Joiner. His last year of high school football he Rushed for 1,006 yards and 17 touchdowns in only three games before he had a season ending injury. Last year he got his feet wet with 364 yards on 71 carries, 108 receiving yards on nine catches, for 472 all-purpose yards. This year he is my top pick for a player destined for a breakout year. I also like Thomas Nance, but he has more competition at the position than Joiner.
  5. First, I want to state that Thomas Nance will kick ass this year at TE! At running back, we are great. I would have liked for us to get a "bruiserback", but we have speed. My 2 of my 3 favorite transfers are Noah Johnson and Demontrey Jacobs. If Jacobs is granted eligibility then our offensive line will be set for the year when added to Jennings, Harris, and Cecil. Plus we have 2 other offensive lineman transfers. I'm good with who we have at wide receiver and still want to shine a light on Sean Atkins. There is a lot of under utilized talent that just needs a decent pass thrown their way when they are open. Offensive Transfers - Darrian Felix RB Cade Fortin QB Noah Johnson QB Alec Valet OG Mitchell Brinkman TE Demontrey Jacobs OL TJ Robinson DB Jared Sackett K David Anderton OG Michael Cucci WR Garret Reynolds WR
  6. It sucks to have lost Tyrik Jones, so I think we may get another DE in the transfer portal. But I think this year some players step up. Hopefully John Waller steps up. Defensive Transfers - Devin Gil LB Thad Mangum DE/DT TJ Robinson DB Bo Peek DT (High school film is great) Thad Magnum to me is that guy that should be able to take charge of the D-Line and help fix the holes. Based on this news story he turned into a "player coach" when he got injured, so that's a sign that he can help the other players get better. https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/03/19/former-christ-church-football-star-thad-mangum-transferring-from-wofford/2869066001/
  7. Im being realistic. A conference is only as good as the product they put on the field. I don't see us taking any teams away from the MWC. I dont see BYU joining us either. "If" we have a replacement team it. will come from the Sun Belt or CUSA. That's just reality. So far Kelly wants to roll with not replacing UCONN and Im good with that. Maybe we can add another P5 opponent. But if we replace UCONN, I rather go for a team that ended last season ranked. That's just my opinion. You are free to share yours.
  8. If we have more teams WINNING then we can negotiate a bigger contract for us to split. I honestly don't think the AAC goes more than 1 more year w/o a replacement for UCONN. I also don't see Boise joining us. I see them going the independent route if they leave the MWC. How about Army or Navy?
  9. In football, you make more money and have more opportunities when you WIN games. App State has done nothing but WIN games. WINS = Revenue. The stronger our conference is as a WHOLE the more money we can make. Nothing else for me to argue here.
  10. In 6 years in the Sun Belt they went 7-5, 11-2, 10-3, 9-4, 11-2, and 13-1 last year which they ended RANKED. Thats 61 wins and 11 losses in 6 years of being in the SunBelt. They Beat SEC South Carolina and ACC North Carolina. Took a few P5 teams to overtime. They are 5-0 in Bowl Games and have won 5 Sunbelt titles. I mean what else can they do? I mean they average 25-30K fans per game. Their stadium only hold 30K, but they are adding 5,000 more seat in the next 2 years. I seriously doubt they will suck if they move to a better conference. If they continue to win, then the league will make more money for us to divide. I get it, they don't have the history or prestige of the other schools, but the only thing that matters is if teams can compete and win.
  11. They are 46-16 since joining D1. If they continue to win while in the AAC then it only helps our in conference strength of schedule.
  12. Im still rolling with App State as football only. 46-16 since joining D1 four years ago. If not them then add Army, Airforce or BYU
  13. I get what you are saying. Some teams still have a bigger advantage than us b/c they dont have to learn a new playbook or coaching staff. But they all still have players that had to adjust to learning online and keeping THEMSELVES in shape w/o a spring training. I'm not worried and will just let the season play itself out.
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