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  1. With today's technology, the players still can get a whole lot of classroom time with the coaches to learn the playbook and watch/study film. Which to me is not bad. I'm more worried about them staying/getting in shape on their own. I agree with all that was said.
  2. Many people said the same about Steve McNair who played at Alcorn State. He had a pretty good NFL career. I'm not saying he is the next coming of jesus, but out of all transfer QBs we ever had, he is coming in with the most experience. I see no reason for him not to be in the conversation of starting. He was a low end NFL prospect prior to his injury.
  3. Yup Pat White must have some type of coaching skills.
  4. He got Offensive Player of the year in 2018 and his replacement won it in 2019 so its not like he got benched for a scrub. He seems to be coming in as a QB. I think he has a chance to win the job. He has the most playing experience.
  5. I think this blows over by the summer....but man no football would really suck
  6. Pat White our current running back coach was his QB coach and coached his replacement in 2019. So he has a connection to the coaching staff. I like this transfer and been calling for it so cool. He was a NFL prospect b4 he got injured. Either way he can start or give us a great back up option. This is a great pick up. Or maybe he comes here as a running back
  7. Im hoping this extra time to learn the playbook pays off
  8. Most of the team is back in their hometown. Most players good enough to make it to the collegiate level in football should have some resources in their backyard, apartment yard or a family friends backyard......I hope. I just hope they are disciplined enough to stay in get in shape by whatever means. And your workout is better than mine. lol I just made a routine while I work from home. I worked out one day last week
  9. Good article that answered a lot of my questions.
  10. I agree, I think it will die down by the summer. Im worried about if the players are disciplined enough to work out on their own or master the playbook. Ive seen what a pause in a season can do to a player. I remember when the NBA had the lockout Shawn Kemp, one of the most athletic players at the time came back 300 Ibs with a beer belly.
  11. Im an independent and shall gladly enjoy these socialist dollars....well it probably will go to bills, but i enjoy paying bills off as well
  12. In the end, I just want a football seasons. I just hope this coronavirus crisis ends sooner rather than later.
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