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  1. Mesabi Range C.C. DE Sam Okuayinonu is visiting us this weekend. If we are able to pull it off and land him in addition to Tyrik Jones (already a commit) then we will be the closest we've have been in a while to having a JPP and Selvie type combo on our team. Both at solid 265/270 Ibs DE that from the film I've watched has speed.
  2. Technically we haven't had much success with any of our QB transfers...yet (BB still has a season left). Steven Bench and the other dude who came back from UCLA (I'm too lazy to google his name ) came to USF and got their feelings hurt when they couldn't crack the starting line up. So at least in USF history, we havent had much success with transfer QBs.
  3. I was about to say the same thing. I know you dont have to sit out a year when you go down to DII so i feel it would be messed up if it's not the other way around.
  4. I agree. I have that same argument about people forgetting that these kids are people with emotions too. I'm not opposed to transfers on other positions, b/c most you need depth, but QB is a very sensitive position.
  5. I never said give him a scholarship. I just said based on his size, speed and stats he does look intriguing. I made a post a few days ago in which I stated that we need to stop pursuing transfer QBs so hard b/c i feel it may turn off potential high school recruits. I feel we need to work with who we currently have.
  6. Their QB sounds pretty nice for real. "But the key cog was Wells, a 6-foot-3, 220-pound dual threat whose dad, Rick, appeared in one game for the 1986-87 USF basketball team. The archetype of a Bell-system QB, Wells completed more than 57 percent of his passes (209-for-364) for 3,075 yards, 38 TDs and only four interceptions. Endowed with 4.5 speed (according to Bell), he added 732 rushing yards and 11 TDs, finishing as runner-up for the Harlon Hill Trophy, awarded to the top player in D-II. “He was a great decision maker,” Bell said."
  7. Man I dont think I will ever see a 2nd coming of JPP lol But his film is awesome. He is a solid 265 and fast from what I saw. http://www.hudl.com/profile/9630897/Tyrick-Jones
  8. We have a JUCO player coming in named Tyrik Jones. A 265Ib DE. I feel he will be an impact player. Our DTs will go hard in the weight room, summer conditioning and will be ok. We have a guy named Leacock that was a weight lifting champion b4 he got to USF. If they move Waller back to DT, then we should be ok.
  9. Sterlin Gilbert when first hired by USF: “I haven’t watched his tape yet (on Quinton Flowers)” Kerwin Bell: “you watch it on film and there’s some talent here (when asked about the players)”
  10. Jeremy Darveau was Bells Oline/Running game coordinator at Valdosta. He is coming with Bell.
  11. Gatorbull325

    Transferring players

    I googled "petty", "overHEmotional" , "get over yourself" and Bull Dozer came up
  12. Gatorbull325

    Transferring players

    I never crapped on Antoine. I said he did no jail time, never had any additional problems and I said he got his degree. I never said he was a bad person or "slandered" him. I simply got the player mixed up with another who got in legal trouble around the same time. You are obviously in your feelings about this. Probably need a hug or something. It will be ok my friend.
  13. Cool, so now all we need is a DE and DB coach and then we are all set.