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  1. Well then whomever is replacing them better be ready. Either way, we have the needed opponent and strength of schedule to set us up for success if we win. As long as we have Florida athletes on our team, anything can happen. CCS has the out of conference games he needs to help cement his legacy with USF.....so that he can retire as the most successful USF coach and have his bronze statue
  2. The current 2020 commits have that ability, especially the QB. I'm more confident in this next class after adding Alabama to our schedule. I think the coaching additions CCS added are waaay better recruiters than the people they replaced in addition to being better coaches.
  3. Holy (insert whatever term you want)...nice!
  4. Toledo don't want none of this! Besides, we will be playing whatever opponent in our NY6 bowl game
  5. Our team got bigger. I still wouldn't mind one more 300Ib DT, but if we don't get one, I'm good with who we have. I think Tyrik Jones (260), Thomas Nance (240) shall be 2 impact DEs. We have transfer LB Patrick Macon (240) Kirk Livingstone is a solid 275 from the photos. Big John Waller trimmed up from 340 to 329Ibs at DT. I think we will see a totally new defensive squad this year. https://gousfbulls.com/roster.aspx?path=football&roster=2344&sort=position
  6. We got a few 4 star international recruits coming in. From the photos I saw they look grown. we should be ok. I wish her the best.
  7. He has already coached at 2 different p5 schools. Plus I think his time at Texas really made him realize the grass isnt always greener on the other side. At 60, i assume you start to value peace of mind, stability, and your legacy. You cant put a price on those items. Plus USF has a sailing team!...nothing 2 do with what we are talking about but man thats so cool. I feel USF is the perfect place 4 him 2 retire...as long as we keep winning.
  8. There is a good 15 year difference in their age. When Taggart left USF for Oregon it was is pretty much what 99% of coaches would have done. Bigger school conference and money. Taggart leaving for FSU was simply a man who went after his DREAM job since he is from the area and grew up a big FSU fan. Taggart idolizes Bobby bowden and simply wants to have a long tenured career there and cement his own legacy. And going to a job for more money is what all Americans do in their careers. Hell, I work for a great company, but after I get this certification this summer, I will be looking at $20k more per year to possibly doubling my salary if I go somewhere else. Does that make me greedy? As for CCS he is much older than Taggart and to me seems more concerned about his coaching legacy and stability more than a few more dollars. The man wears slippers and socks. I doubt he is a money hungry person. Hell even coach Skip Holtz had an interview in which he said that he is tired of moving around. When you are young it's cool, but after 50 years old, who really wants to keep taking a chance on a new company? CCS made $10 mil from Texas and is going to average 3 mill per year at USF. CCS is almost 60 years old and living in the perfect city to retire in.
  9. If UF had a sailing team back in the late 90s, I so would have went to the events when I...of course we were nowhere near the ocean, but if we were, hell yea.
  10. If I could edit, I would change what I said to "successful", but that's really what I meant. Wait...was this a joke or does USF really have a women's...hell a sailing team period. If it's true then nice!
  11. Technically, our Basketball team was the most successful USF team this year...well i haven't checked with the badminton, soccer or any other sports teams, but I'm going to give the MBB team the title for best USF squad this year.
  12. I just don't see Strong leaving USF if he has success. He has a great out of conference scheduled lined up up until 2027. If Kerwin Bell leaves, then Shawn King will fill the OC position. He is in the middle of a recruiting hotbed. Tampa is a beautiful place to live. e already has Florida roots and they are probably much deeper now. USF lacks any type of football accolades, so CCS has a pretty easy path to cement his legacy here. Unless UF comes calling, I doubt he leaves...at least not for another 3-8 years.
  13. 2020 USF QB recruit Jordan Smith shall be our future GOAT...well if he actually signs with us. I'm calling it now!!!
  14. Maaaan, my favorite USF QB is our current 2020 commit Jordan Smith lol Hopefully he doesn't get poached away. https://247sports.com/player/jordan-smith-46058121
  15. A rapper named "Ludacris". He is more of an actor now under his real name Christopher Bridges. He was Crash, Too fast Too furious and many other movies. I feel his emoji would be perfect for those ludicrous posts
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