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  1. Gatorbull325

    Your Breakout Footbulls for 2018

    From the pic i saw, he didnt look like he had an ounce of fat on him. If he gains weight hopefully it will be muscle. Either way I like all of our current running backs on this team.
  2. Gatorbull325

    Your Breakout Footbulls for 2018

    Freshman Devin Leacock and Donovan Jennings. John Waller too. Upperclassmen, Pickney/Kegler will be our Senat/Hector 4 the next few years. I also like Huggins and Jaymon Thomas. Jaymon Thomas period, it seems like he always makes the right moves on the field.
  3. Gatorbull325

    Your Breakout Footbulls for 2018

    He is getting redshirted, but looked great in the spring game
  4. Gatorbull325

    Mi'Cario Stanley, off the rosters

    I wish Mi'Cario Stanley the best in his endeavors. I like a lot of freshman talent coming in at D-Line, so I don't mind if some of them see the field early.
  5. LOL I tried not to laugh, but rolling over here lol You are a fool man! lol
  6. Gatorbull325

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    C'mon maaan! Academics? I had a bigger comfort level with him, but next man up
  7. Gatorbull325

    Houston 2018

    Houston has a nice breakfast spot called Breakfast Klub, it's a line to get in, but the food is good.
  8. Gatorbull325

    Auggie officially on FSU Staff

    Taggarts coaching tree has a new branch. I think there is an article in which Auggie says he wants to coach USF one day.
  9. Gatorbull325

    The Ultimate 2018 Off Season Question....

    Whats crazy is that I didnt bother to look up his stats. I think the ASU fans are traumatized from the past and can't simply get excited for anything.
  10. Gatorbull325

    The Ultimate 2018 Off Season Question....

    From the ASU blogs Ive read, the fans aren't too ecstatic about their current QB nor were they impressed with Barret.
  11. Got it! Man, we havent had a lot of great DE's since Selvie/Pierre Pail.
  12. Tey chose Aaron Lynch sorry ass over Selvie and Pierre Paul? Who made this list?
  13. Gatorbull325

    More on Blake Barnett

    In Kean we Trust
  14. Gatorbull325

    Under 60 days 'til kickoff

    Ha! Ive caught a few games myself.
  15. Gatorbull325

    I wonder who this is directed at?

    There is a lot of stuff the average person is fully aware of that still gets covered. So is life. This board is too obsessed with Joey Knight. If you don't like how one person in the media covers USF, then they have other reporters that offer different types of coverage for USF Football or simply don't click on his articles.