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  1. Gatorbull325

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    Sad when Joey Knight has the most common sense. You all cried that the world was coming 2 an end when we had Taggart and then we got good. I have no doubt we will be much better next year. CCS has my support
  2. Gatorbull325

    23 passes for 82 yards

    Dolphins o-line was garbage during his era. Shula didnt believe in drafting olineman high in the draft.
  3. 1. Great young talent 2. CCS is still my guy. 3. we have a great recruiting class ( if we hang on 2 all of them) 4. We have our strongest ( no pun intended) strength of schedule in quite some time. If we win out we would have a stronger case 2 crash the playoffs rhen UCF. 5. McDoom baby!!!! He shall ball out next year and help oyr offense get back to where it should be. 6. Our defense is not as horrible as we thought.
  4. Gatorbull325

    Postgame Comments??

    Strong didnr commit the 2 turnovers. Its B.B fault
  5. Gatorbull325

    Our QB is not a good QB

    I saw much better looking passess from Kean.
  6. Gatorbull325

    Our QB is not a good QB

    Since my last post's title was censored i shall make a cleaner post....stating that Blake Barnet is not a good QB. Gilbert play calling sucks too, but B.B is an entitled millenial who sucked at 2 other schools only to suck at USF. Im back on starting Brett Kean!
  7. Gatorbull325

    I am sad to say it was true all along

    Blake Barnett sucks. I blame him!
  8. In Kean we trust. C.O and B.B sucks
  9. Strong will have success once he loses his love affair wity B.B sorry *****
  10. Gatorbull325

    23 passes for 82 yards

    Blake Barnett sucks!!!!!!
  11. That is the only FACT i can attribute 2 B.B lol
  12. HEART can overcome bad play calling. Players with heart find ways 2 make plays and win. B.B has no heart
  13. Whatever. People here credit Flowers 4 Taggarts succuss and Vridgewater for Strongs success, but wont blame Strongs lack of success by horrible QB play.
  14. His suprisingly "athleticism" should have balanced it out