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  1. Let me correct you. I don't try nor do I care to defend chit. If I do it's out of amusement. Some of you are just stuck of negativity...ol' glass half empty a$$es who go out of your way to make chit look or seem worse than it is. I like our defense. We may not have stopped the top offenses in the country, but those SAME offenses score mad points against better teams. I still believe in KB even though his offense has been disappointing. I've watched the highschool film for **** near every player on our team so I am aware of all of our players potential and feel we have some great talent. I am positive that we will have a good year next year. As for this year, I think we have the ability and talent to pull of 2 victories, but the offense I'm not confident in.
  2. I'm not trying to make anymore predictions lol I think Im jinxing the team.
  3. I dont count Taggart, b/c he didn't finish the season. He contributed to our only 11 win season
  4. My bad, I really meant to say win 10 or more games. and finish out the season. Taggart, Holtz or CJL has never done so. CCS is the ONLY one.
  5. Hence why I said and finished "the season". He left before the bowl game.
  6. How can something that hasn't happened yet be a fact? Its quite obvious I gave an opinion lol But if i must explain...defense got better, I like both of our QB recruits and the team will simply have more experience and another summer of conditioning.
  7. We all agree his stop at Texas didn't work out too well. He has success and Louisville, failure at Texas and USF he has 2 WINNING seasons out of 3 seasons. Third season is not over yet. so there is still a chance to end this season with a winning record. In the end, he will be here next year and USF shall get better. I'm done here. You can have the last word.
  8. So you are wishing failure on CCS and USF next year? Would a meltdown make you happy?
  9. Taggart left b4 the season was over so he dont count. Texas almost lost to Kansas so loses like that happen. Strongs's true recruits are mainly Freshman and sophomores. They are young and will do well next year. I've said my peace. I just like to pop in when there is too much phukery going on and the dicht riding of Frost is sad!
  10. And didn't Kansa just beat Texas again with a different coach? CCS had success at Louisville, he fails at Texas and came to USF and is the ONLY coach here that has won more than 10 games in one season. I cant count taggart b/c he left b4 the season was over. . Frost only has 1 season in which he has won over 6 games. In the end, CCS still has (2) seasons at USF that ended with a WINNING record. His 3rd season may be his first. Frost so far has two losing seasons at Nebraska. I'm not saying Frost is a bad coach, but geez, get off his sac maaaan. Let him earn his praise. I am also not acknowledging that CCS needs to do better while he is here, but I feel he deserves another year.
  11. CCS took Louisville to a BCS victory and has an AAC title. UCF sucked b/c half their team was injured. They all healed up whwn Frost took over. In the end Frost only has one good year out of 5
  12. I feel we will eventually have their success so I'm not going to ride UCF's nut sac with envy all over me. We have had (2) 10 win seasons in a row, just like them. We may not have a title to show for it, but we will get ours. Their run is over and I refuse to praise a man for one undefeated season and multiple 6 or less win seasons.
  13. Nebraska recruiting ranking for 2016 - #26, 2017 - #23, 2018 - #23, 2019 - #18 and they have had a top 25 recruiting class since 2016. I refuse to believe Nebraska was that bad when Frost took over. Frost had one undefeated season.......and every other season as a head he has won 6 or less games. His total coaching record is 27-21. Frost is overrated
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