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  1. Once again, my aurgument was both teams have an opportunity and both teams have the same ceiling. Who on this board is not embracing CJL? Im yet to read any negative posts about this man.
  2. I guess you lack reading comprehension. I havent predicted chit. So much hate in ur heart u missed my point.
  3. Who says they are Gods? Im just questioning why people on this board "hate" them so much. Who is praising Taggart? Im lost here.You just called me a nut hugger right b4 you started "dicht riding" CJS. I havent hated a coach on this board yet. Ive rolled with rhem all.
  4. Where in this thread did i predict that they "will" go to a NY6 bowl game? Go screen shot it for me buddy. I said rhey have an "opportunity" just like we do and in the both teams have the same "ceiling" which is an NY6 bowl. My point started over somebody acting like they reached rock bottom at FAU
  5. Ive never met Taggart, he has never broken any rules as a coach, created a USF team that had 2 back to back 10+ win seasons and simply made moves to move up in the coaching world. I just dont get ur hatred for Taggart.Did this man bang ur wife or something? lol I mean Matt Rhule and the Coach at UM both screwed Temple even harder than Taggart did Oregon. Matt Rhule is now an nfl coach. Let me guess you view Matt Rhule as ambitious and Taggart as greedy huh?
  6. The play Clemson and UF. Two teams that could easily be a top 5 or #1 team in the country these next few years. If FAU beat a top 5 team and go undefeated, they would have a great chance to surpass an undefeated AAC/MWC team. Just like the American dream. Its "what" you do with your opportunity. Im not saying they will make a NY6 bowl. Im just saying why look down at CWT and CJL for coaching at FAU?
  7. In the end they both have an opportunity. if they were go undefeated and win thier conference, then they could surpass a 2 loss AAC or MWC conference champion. FAU plays Minnesota, USF (CJS might have us ranked), Clemson, UF, Purdue, Illinois, and etc. Its kind of like being an American. Not everybody has the same advantages....some start off poor, some start off rich. But EVERYBODY has an opportunity to be successful. Im merely pointing out that both teams have the same ceiling.
  8. I think Rygol may earn a spot with a good spring. Im not saying he ever starts but out of all those walk ons, I think he sticks to the team. I also dont see Evans staying at QB. Not b/c he is bad, but b/c he has too much talent to sit the bench as a back up QB. We need to get him on the field period.
  9. The NY6 bowl invite goes to the highest ranked ranked G6 team period. Hell App State almost made it this year. FAU has plenty of strong p5 opponents to boost their SOS.
  10. Man it would have been fun to see UM with a decent QB. They seem to want him on their boards. I mean geez, its been over a decade, maybe 15 years since they had a QB that played well or dominated. Its like they have a QB curse
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