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  1. Im good with who we have. His accolades and high number of athletes he trained that made it 2 the league speaks for itself. Im not dismissing the decades of success this man had for ONE bad year at USF.
  2. Im writing off last year on conditioning, youth, lack of experience and a crappy OC. Reports are that the conditioning has been addressed, we have plenty of young players with experience and 4 new coaches. I promise, its a total new team this year. The spring game shall make you feel more optimistic.
  3. No my prediction is actually based on watching film on ALL of our current players and incoming recruits. I also researched the new coaches coming in. Hell we even have some pretty awesome walk ons joining this year. No need 2 debate, we shall simply see who is right and who is wrong when the season starts. All I know is many shsll eat crow this year.
  4. Its not 2 late 2 put your green and gold goggles. I see 10 wins. This team noe is night and day from last year. The team passes the eye test now which was a complaint last year. Blake Barnet gained 15 Ibs, Kirk Livingstone is up to 273. Mike Hampton gained up to 185. Im sure they will have the official list posted one of these days. Anyways, here's a few links. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2019/03/23/usf-spring-football-takeaways-from-day-4/ https://gousfbulls.com/news/2019/3/23/football-jean-mary-sees-a-difference-in-more-seasoned-usf-defense.aspx
  5. USF > Gardnet Webb...they may have a better basketball team, but we probably get more air time and play better competition. But my bad they sound like a D2 school lol
  6. Thank you for breaking that down. The players were still part of a losing team last year whether they played or not. And my statement was "2nd chance or better opportunity". Onr player won in a D2 school nobody heard of, and 3 obscure JUCO players all get 2 play D1 bball in a known conference. That is a 2nd chance. The other players have opportunity 4 more playing time. In the end, we have 20 wins and is finally a competitive team. Not sure what i said that is up 4 debate here. Its simply my opinion.
  7. Go back and look on that link. But there are 5 transfers. Im not going back and fourth and not in the mood 2 type it up. Either way, thats still 50% of the team....hence my term crapload
  8. If you take some time 2 look at our roster, you would see that we have 6 transfers and 1 juco player.... 7 out of 12 is 72%. A CRAPLOAD of this team are playing at their 2nd destination on the collegiate level. Hence my term "redemption" https://gousfbulls.com/roster.aspx?roster=1329&path=mbball
  9. The players that were recruited since last year and before have been part of a losing team since day 1. The players that transferred are looking for a 2nd chance or better opportunity. Remember that this team consist of a crap load of transfers.
  10. It's kind of redemption for both parties. he was at a crossroads career wise and most of the players came here looking for a 2nd chance or were part of the bad teams and want to go out as a winner. Redemption pretty much summarizes this season.
  11. I came across this story from last year that went over where many of the players that have transferred went. I also attached a link with the current group of players still looking for a new home. From what I see, there are many 2016 players. Yea, I know they no longer play for us and many don’t care, but I figured, someone might find it interesting enough to read. https://www.thedailystampede.com/2018/9/29/17916736/former-usf-bulls-litter-college-football-kano-dillon-craig-watts-kevaughn-dingle-last-chance-u https://247sports.com/college/south-florida/Season/2019-Football/TransferPortal/ Also on December 28th, QB Chris Oladokun announced his intention to transfer via twitter, which was announced to be Samford University. On December 21st, QB Brett Kean announced his intention to transfer via twitter. Later on January 27th, Kean announced via Twitter that he would be attending the University North Carolina-Charlotte.
  12. It's about making people "miss" in which he is great at. Remember that spin move he had? In addition he runs a 4.5 40 yd (that's what he claimed on twitter) I'm not sure how this can backfire. I'm sure he may pop up at running back a few times.
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