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  1. Lets give Jaquez Evans a chance 2 run the ball as well.
  2. Taggart still has a better or the same record at FSU than Scott Frost has at Nebraska.
  3. I think we need 2 move Tyrik Jones 2 fullback, he dragged a feq players 20 yards lol
  4. This team is a couple of bad penalties, bad throws and a few bad play calls away from being 3-0. They are currently 1-2 and their 2 losses are by less than a TD. They arent getting blown out and have played (2) ranked teams. Why such hatred for a man that you must make a post celebrating his losses? Some of you are truly on a "jilted ex-girlfriend" train when it comes 2 Taggart. He will most likely finish this season with 9 wins, Jim Levitt as his new DC, and a top 10 recruiting class. Let the man live. He gave us one of our best teams yet which resulted in our ONLY (2) ten win seasons.
  5. Your statement was that we couldnt "get these kind of turnovers" vs real FBS opponents and we DID againt WISC and GT.
  6. We forced 2 fumbles vs WISC and forced 1 fumble and had 1 interception vs GT. What do you mean lets get these results vs an FBS level team?
  7. Man, with this game and a bye week, we definitely have time 2 work on things and improve 2 finish out this year strong. I havent lost hope. I just hope McCloud starts.
  8. He cant help that the players dropped punts. Our punter was setting records in that game.
  9. Why are you worrying about UCF? Get off their d**ks man. Have you seen both of our QB recruits coming in next year? Some of yall are getting 2 **** whiney on this board.
  10. Im a big Joiner fan. Over 1000 rushing yards in 3 games? Im just worried about forcing him in as an RB a year after he recovered from a broken leg. Either way, we have the speed and talent, we just have 2 figure out how to use it.
  11. A top team that was full of seniors and a 2016 class that is bo longer here.
  12. Im doung the free trial for youtubetv. They give it 2 you for 3 weeks for free and then you can cancel it b4 they charge ur card.
  13. GTFOH, he takes full blame a week later, after CCS and the players got chitted on 4 this game. CCS took responsibility plenty of times. I just dont understand this false narratove that he doesnt do so.
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