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  1. @puc86 I've said all I can say trying 2 inspire positivity. I dont care anymore. If people want 2 feel bad, complain, and be negative then all power to them. I applaud your attempt though.
  2. I feel the same way. This game provided a safe opportunity 2 give your 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers some playing time to help you evaluate them better. I see Demaurez Bellamy getting more PT after this game.
  3. I see him calling it a career and getting ready 4 the draft.
  4. Still a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better career than Fortin.
  5. Gus Malzahn gets fired from Auburn and goes to UCF and brings a few Auburn Transfer. Taggart goes to FAU and has several ex-FSU players and 1 USF player who is balling out. Clemson has had 25 players transfer out since CJS got here. In addition to the many recruits that didn't go to Clemson and went to other Power 5 schools that CJS is aware of. I'm grateful for the 100 wide receivers he added to his team, but he totally neglected the defensive line. I'm still giving him a pass because I like the recent transfer portal offers he has made so far, but with this new portal rule, there is no reason we can't get impact players to transfer over here.
  6. Fortin is holding the clipboard as well. I'm not calling for Williams to Start. I have him at 3RD STRING. What are you debating? you are like my wife, she likes to go back and fourth about irrelevant s****t. If we compare the ENTIRE body of work on the football field. Williams has a waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better body of work. Once again, Fortin started 2 games and has NOT led a scoring drive. Look at the stats below. NO OTHER QB on this team has the experience that Williams has. Remember his 6 td game against Louisville? WTF are we debating here? Fortin is a nice guy, plays hard in practice, but has not produced ANYTHING on the field. He has a great skill set, but is waaay too soft and indecisive. So yes, I will put Williams AHEAD of Fortin. Fortin probably needs to go down to FCS like Oladokun. Jacksonville State will need a QB next year. He can go there. CMP Att PCT Yds TD INT Williams 170 279 60.10% 2204 19 7 Fortin 55 111 49.50% 559 1 3
  7. lol Feel free 2 inbox me with instructions. I eventually want 2 change it, but still like it.
  8. No Williams hype train, i just put him ahead of Cade because Cade has done NOTHING on the field.
  9. Williams has actually won games as a starter prior to arriving at USF. Fortin has one decent game in his past and in his 2 starts doesnt even have a touchdown drive under his belt. Ive seen enough of Fortin to drop him at the bottom of the list.
  10. No but since Fortin FAILED his real game highlights, I rather go with Marsh at 2nd string.
  11. His last breakdown was pretty good. It made me realize that the mistakes is costing us more than lack of size or talent.
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