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  1. Noah has a better arm than Noah. I dont understand this distrust. Just let that man develop his rythym and we should be able to make a bowl game.
  2. There has to be a tie breaker. After this game the series is still tied.
  3. Noahs passes looks sharper than McClouds to me. They just need to let him loose. What else we have to lose.
  4. Win or lose Im good. Even I can admit this game will be brutal. Im happy for a season period. I say hand it over to Noah for the rest of the year and save the younger backs for next year. I havent seen Fortin so the jury is still out on him.
  5. Dwyane Boyles is out? Thats why our defense not making plays.
  6. Adjustments can be made on D. We got this. Come on offense!
  7. i would have preffered the logo colored in with gold or a metallic green, but its cool.
  8. Bruuuhhhhh, when I saw this thread, the first thing that came to my mind was "please let Alexi Yetna NOT be part of this update"
  9. He made his millions, got to work for some decent P5 programs. Unfortunately it didn't work and in the end he gets to stay in Florida. I think him and Levitt pretty much wants to ride it out to the sunset. I see Taggart at FAU for at least 4-5 years. I'm sure he is tired of always having to rebuild a team. He might as well ride it out at FAU and pad his coaching stats. with a few conference titles and possible NY6 bowl games.
  10. My only thing with Noah is that he runs so hard and likes contact. QF was elusive so he barely got touched when he runs, but Noah doesn't mind contact so it's always a deep breathe after he gets tackled hoping that he is not hurt.
  11. I think he is just tired of the pessimism on this page period. It's turned into a pretty depressing blog. I've visited football blogs for bad teams and most of them simply make some pretty funny jokes about their team and take whatever victory they can get. If they win cool, and if they lose then life simply goes on. This board has become borderline miserable. You have people making threads talking about is freaking Coastal Carolina a better athletic program after a victory in which we broke a 4 game losing streak. I don't blame buddy for taking an exile. This blog can drain you emotionally lo
  12. Bucs won a SB with Dungy's team and he won a title at Indy. If you want to give credit to one player than go ahead, but there are 70 plus other players Dungy coached to help win that Superbowl.
  13. I'm surprised with his speed. He seems much faster than the highlights I saw from Alcorn. I thought he looked fast in those clips.
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