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  1. He's following Coach Bowers on Twitter as well. I'm going to assume we are currently trying to make space for him or don't have space.
  2. Coach Bowers are following these 2 Juco All Americans on twitter. As we are finalizing the roster for fall camp, I hope we can land at least one if not both. I think Raymond Cutts has 1 more year of Juco. We recruited him out of high school. I'm soooooooo ready for this season.
  3. We have no excuse when it comes 2 recruiting. No more boundaries we cant control. They playing field has been leveled.....well more leveled, but good enough. A lot of other G6 teams are going 2 get better as well. Im excited about these next few decades of college football.
  4. St. Felix gets to play in his hometown, he is STILL on a G6 team and gets to play the game he loves. Horne gets to work with Kerwin Bell again and should get an opportunity to show off his skills. He can eventually take the grad transfer route to a P5 school. Let these guys be happy in their new transition in life. I appreciate what both did for this team.
  5. Shout out to half of your prediction. Fortin is on the lead, but I can see him transferrimg if loses the starting position in the fall.
  6. We have nothing but opportunity in front of us with this schedule. If this playoff change actually does happen, then most recruiting limitations will be gone because every P5 and G6 school will have a chance to make the playoffs. Add in the new transfer portal rules and there should be no reason we cant get the right players to turn this team around.
  7. I think with a 12 team playoff race, this thread is a little more relevant
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