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  1. Gatorbull325

    USF vs UF Continues

    Biggest question is does that mean Charlie Strong is planning on spending the rest of his career at USF? He is the one who made this happen
  2. We were also in a power conference, so 4-0 then is not the same as now when we are on the same level playing field.
  3. He also sent Elkano to Oregon, so he owes us an FSU transfer lol
  4. I also dont think it was a coincidence Mike White went to WKU. I bet you Taggart had some connection to the transfer.
  5. Gatorbull325

    Football: better year?

    We shall be Un-Duh-Feet-Ted!!! Then go to a New Years bowl game, finish the 2018 season ranked in the top 10, then crash the playoffs 2019 since our strength of schedule will be strong enough.
  6. I think we had no choice but to get a QB recruit this year and 1 of them is not a full lock at that position. As for the grad transfer, it was more of a depth move, than lacking confidence in Kean or O. There are not any negative reports on the current QBs. They just happen to both be playing well. But we were 2 injuries away from playing a true freshman this year, so I feel this transfer simply gives us 3 upper class QBs for 2018. But of course, if he is better than who we currently have then its a plus. 2019, we will have our strongest strength of schedule since joining the AAC. We need to finish 2018 ranked, if we are to crash that playoffs in 2019 😎
  7. We have 20+ graduating seniors on this team, 1 player that transferred, 1 player who quit and 1 player who retired this spring. We really have no choice this year.
  8. We have a Juco kicker, but havent heard much exciting stuff about him.
  9. I’m impatiently waiting on the season to start, so I decided to list my predictions for which freshman comes in and plays in 2018. I don’t have any WR, TEs, QBs or RBs seeing the field this year. Zion Roland seems ready to go this year, but hopefully we can save him for 2019. I think our O-line improves once everybody is back from their injuries and we have some pretty good freshman coming in this year. Defense, we will not miss a step, and a matter of fact improve from last year. Anyways, here is my freshman list and I feel they will plug whatever holes we have on the team…. except for special teams. Still a question mark to me. This is my pre-fall practice list. I’m sure things will change after fall camp. Anyways feel free to share yours. Early Enrolless- Stacy Kirby, LB/DE - 6-3 248 Ibs – He is ready. Chip on his shoulder from Taggart withdrawing the FSU offer to him and we are short at linebacker. Should be able to get playing time this year. Dwayne Boyles, OLB 6-3 225 IBS – Seems to be a legit baller. Did well in the spring and we are short at linebacker. Antonio Grier, OLB 6-1 220 – We are short at line backer and he did well in the spring b4 his injury. Fall Freshman – Trey Laing, WDE 6-2 220 Ibs – Video Game numbers in high school. If he was to get half his HS stats at USF he would be like an all time great. We need to get this man started now. Even if it’s garbage time on the field. John Waller, DT 6-4 290 Ibs – We are short at DT, he is our most prized defensive recruit for the 2018 class and he is ready to go. Tyrone Barber, DT 6-3 275 Ibs – Heard good things about him and since we are short at DT, he might be forced to play early. Devin Leacock, DT 6-3 270 Ibs – Comes on the team already in the top three of the strongest players. Im sure BJM can figure out how to transfer that strength into successful play on the field. O-Line – This O-Line class has four 300Ibs players and the player that weighs 275Ibs has a crap load of accolades. I see at least 3 out of the 4 playing this year. Sebastian Sainterling, OG 6-2 356 Ibs Donovan Jennings, OT 6-5, 310 Ibs (I feel will have the most impact) Ethan Watson, OT 6-5, 300 Ibs Brad Cecil, OC 6-4 275 Ibs
  10. I looked him up ha ha! Nice one. But yea, different situation.
  11. We are 0-2 on transfer QBs coming to USF, winning the starting job or balling out. I think there might be a third QB transfer from a P5 school from the Grothe era that didn't work out over here either. So the numbers works against him. I'm personally like whatever at this move. I think Charlie's reasoning is that he does not want to play either freshman quarterback this year and we were two injuries away from starting a true freshman at QB. Now we have three experienced QBs for this year. We also forget that QF was so elusive, that he never got injured b/c he can avoid hits. Our current crop of QBs won't be as elusive, so there might be an injury or two this year.
  12. Gatorbull325

    Projecting USF’s 2018 post-spring depth chart

    I hope he stays in the secondary
  13. Gatorbull325

    USF football tier 2 in the AAC

    In the end, we have less pressure than last year, hopefully a team with a chip on their shoulder, a bunch of starving recievers ready to catch anything thrown their way, a hungry group of running backs, a faster defense, an offensive line that when healthy averages 300+ Ibs, and a freshman class that has a few ready 2 play recruits. I have no doubts we are minimum a 10 win team, if not undefeated. Ive moved on past last year and will give Glibert a free slate to work his "magic". Im just ready 4 the seaon to start period.
  14. Gatorbull325

    Flowers to the Bengals

    Agree. I just dont get tge Dolphins love affair with Tannehill. He sucks!