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  2. Then they will most likely have to cancel Houston as that is within 14 days...unless the clock started earlier and they are just now announcing all of this.
  3. Any and all money collected will be split evenly between me, the Guard speaker I'm having on, and the Human Fund.
  4. That's the one. You're very good to get that many.
  5. OMG I spelled it wrong......its cause I'm stupid, not cause I'm high.
  6. Haha.....everybody is allowed to hug a tree or a concrete slab.....I suppose! Maybe we should just all smoke a doobie and listen to the Greatful Dead! Grateful Dead - Truckin' - with lyrics - Bing video
  7. I actually would not argue that, I don’t think he takes me too seriously and I really do enjoy his takes, even if he hugs a tree from time to time.
  8. Its amazing to me how well Jose has done with the International connection of top notch female talent across the pond. Its almost like we have an monopoly.
  9. Is it this one? A friend of mine used to have it - I think we figured out about 60 of the references
  10. First I'm hearing about it. Pretty sure until she signs we won't get any official word. I guess she could tweet out her commitment.
  11. Won't be able to find a link but pretty sure I had seen that it was us.
  12. Today
  13. Yes, most likely. Thank you for the offer for hooking me up with your "African Prince Associate", but I'm good. I'll stick with my regular Banker. I appreciate you thinking of me though Bowman.
  14. Are you crazy? On the other hand, I solemnly swear that if you PM me your CC and SS numbers, myself and my African prince associate will make sure the money is appropriated accordingly. Afterall, I have an faceless on-line presence, what could go wrong?
  15. Have you ever been told that you are the Bully of the group? But its cool, you are OK in my book. Hate to break it to you btw, 9 times out of 10 he makes better points than you do.....but don't feel bad, you are still interesting.
  16. Just because trips is ancient with a slight bout of dementia does not mean he is stupid, I know he is a flaming liberal but he still makes a coherent point once in a blue moon.
  17. OK, I got my Credit Card number and Social Security Number and Blood Type ready to send over this public forum....let me know when your ready.
  18. Just send me 200 dollars and I will take care of it
  19. I was exaggeratingly being silly. Come on Frisco, you know I'm not that stupid.....Actually don't answer that.
  20. An incredibly stupid take, that University and he is going to cash in one last time, good for him.
  21. Very nice! For Christmas, my wife got me a poster with the clues to 100 GD songs in a huge drawing. Working my way through it. P6? Yeah, it was the "New Coke" of ideas. Forced.
  22. I would like to attend as well, do I need a sign in for the zoom meeting?
  23. It never really flew with any of us Grateful. It always felt like well a "Brokedown Palace"! Grateful Dead - Brokedown Palace (Studio Version) - Bing video
  24. Outlaw - That would be the icing to this tasteless very undercooked, and dry UCF cake!
  25. The Clemson connection continues.....this is a good thing! While our friends, and I use that term loosely, toil in uncertainty!
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