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  3. The Great Recession showed that a supply side stimulus will not work, so the first coronavirus stimulus will fail. We need demand to make the market work, so money needs to go to consumers. If you only give money to corporations with no strings they will just pass it on in the form of dividends and executive pay, and they will cut their workforce’s. The 1,200 most folks are getting is not going to be enough for a protracted shelter in place, like we are going through. Some countries have approved temporary reoccurring payments for the next couple of months that far exceeds the unemployment many are getting. This pandemic could turn out to be an interesting ubi, universal basic income, experiment.
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  5. Both watches were in the 4.3 range but I think they had a fast thumb. Either way he ran really well. From the feedback from his agent, that time may sneak him back into the last two rounds. Mitch really should have made the drive over because because his stock has fallen considerably
  6. Hard to show breakaway speed this past year, since he spent a good portion of 2019 running into the back of the offensive line due to poor play calling and lack of holes to move through
  7. They said Cronk ran a 4.34 40, which would have been 3rd fastest at the combine - he also apparently ran a 6.85 3 cone which would have been fastest at the combine
  8. Well, for your complete understanding I do think negatively of Dougie and Judy, but not only negatively and of everyone. I have plenty positive comments. Does that make sense to you?
  9. We all knew Crunkrite had breakaway speed. We saw it his 1st season with us.
  10. Says you, one of the most negatively outspoken persons here, when it comes to President Genshaft and AD Doug Woolard.
  11. https://www.gutenberg.org/ https://www.bartleby.com/index.html open source ebooks. Check them out. Bartleby has some recipes and canning stuff on there. Since most of the books are out of copy right I believe some of it is like pioneer cook books. They’re might be a opossum recipe in there or something
  12. Here's link to station they were on, http://am1150wtmp.com/ but don't see where they have any archives to search thru for interview ....
  13. The town, been here since before it turned into the bustling metropolis it seems to be turning into...
  14. Can't really blame the snowflakes for missing the few flowers blooming in the tons of horse**** ....
  15. Howdy. Riverview as in town or high school?
  16. Honestly, I won't read all that at this time. I'd just ask that you stick to the topic. Share your viewpoint.
  17. Nov 9-15 PGA back underway with PGA Championship Aug 3-9 in California.
  18. Good player and maybe got drafted, but lottery pick? I'd respectfully disagree but don't want to dissuade you from posting positive things.
  19. Here is my uplifting post of the day: Q's shot against SMU was the biggest highlight of the year and a great way for him to end his collegiate carrer The over/under at 4.5 for the football team is low - even without UConn on the schedule there are enough wins in a down AAC to get to 5 wins, plus I think Scott will have this team steal a win or two late in the season Yetna was a lottery pick before the injury - while I am not sure if/where he will get drafted I think we will be following his career in the NBA Next season's MBB roster is as loaded as its been in recent memory and should lead to an NCAAT invite or a deep run in the NIT Florida at USF is 523 days away - everything Scott does needs to be about building to win that game and having USF acend back to its rightful place in Florida's Big 4! As a side note, for those who think I am only negative you will find all of these in prior posts I have made, and you'd know this if you'd learn how to read thoroughly you self inflicting triggered snowflakes.
  20. Brad, what on-field success have we recently had in football and MBB to be objectively positive about? What some on this board deem as negativity is simply a barometer for the results we have seen. Probably the only high point was the CBI run from last season which was fun to watch - but what made it fun was being able to see what this team could potentially become as they got more experience , not because winning an also-ran tournament meant anything. But that leap didn't happen and not discounting the Yetna loss, but most players on this roster got worse year over year. And while Gregory has done a fantastic job putting out the dumpster fire, he is a terrible coach down the stretch of games and he hasn't finished higher than 7th in whatever conference he was in since Obama was 2 months into his presidency! If people on the board want to manufacture positive stories then more power to them! I can sift through the propoganda and the messaging of those that are just tools of the athletic department. But I don't begrudge them - in times like these being positive is welcome! But I'm not going to lie and tell people what they want to hear. Now back to the original post - Oduro is basically a swap out for Mack but we won't see him on the court next season if he isn't given a waiver. It will be interesting to see what playing time he will get because in 2021-22 when we will have Durr and Yetna as seniors, Anderson and Okpomo as sophomores.
  21. Interesting. Would seem to be taking money better deployed to the "middle class" working demographic, small businesses that need to pay those that would qualify for the relief checks and don't have the wealth to last out the stay at home order.
  22. Fans can "manufacture" positive stories about their program. They can choose to think positively or negatively. I would think one that focuses primarily on negativity is missing much of what it's like to be a fan. Take it a step further and think only negatively of the program's players, coaches and administrators - how can one really be a fan? Seems too painful. Seems more like someone with some association to the school (alum, perhaps) that takes comfort in criticizing. With that we can either get on board with talking about the topic or we can just let this thread end and try another one. Or, I can call in the the cleaner.
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