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  2. I hope any and all USF fans lost money betting against their team last night...
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  4. Good coaching staff... we will be back
  5. Both lines need improvement but especially the defense...its our worst unit on the team by far. Secondary also big time help needed...maybe second worst unit. Offense I feel next year can be pretty good with a complete offseason.
  6. You are very likely the only person on the planet who has had both USF and Rhode Island season tickets. Thanks for the info. I watched the URI vs BC game, and I'm thinking your wife's employer's team will prevail.
  7. Was definitely the best game we’ve played all year. The players gave it all they had until the end.
  8. Thanks for the info and welcome to the world of the contributors ...... and Fatts Russell is an awesome name.
  9. Thanks for the update and perspective Plet! Good luck to your wife at USF.
  10. An excellent way to put that. Just another columnist with a cursory knowledge of USF looking for some low hanging fruit to write a column on ...
  11. Hey All, I’ve been a lurker on the site since joining last August. The game on Saturday is the one that I was hoping was going to happen, I just didn’t realize this soon. My wife and I are both Rhody alums, we moved down here for her to take an Assistant Professor position at USF. I’ve had Rhody season tickets every year since I started as a student in 1991 up until the end of the 2019 season. Being a college basketball fan made the decision easy to grab USF hoops season tickets last year, and we went to every game and enjoyed the Yeungling Center with our family. This years team is a
  12. Just got called out by WIll Turner too for the poor choice of language. Look, it's not the media's job to be fans, that's our job, but this is by almost every quantitative fact you can pull about this game, false. As in not true. Almost everything about this game actually leads TO hope about the future.
  13. Milton will never play again at that level. It’s been two years and he is not 100%. Battie is the man!
  14. I respect these young man heading out..... well done gentlem
  15. 1. You gotta build around the RB's - McCloud is a solid QB for that, but the OL will need a big upgrade. Also, USF has always been a program with some solid TE's and I expect that to continue next year. 2. Not having to deal with COVID will be the biggest help here. We need help at every position group and my proposal would be to (1) keep the staff intact, (2) invest in guys you know will lead like grier, etc, and (3) find secondary depth. 3. Recruit your butt off. I am not a fan of the portal (unpopular, I know, and feel free to chuck the tomatoes) and it's not really aligned with
  16. Can’t blame ‘Ol Joey Knight on this one... USF had better pray that 2020 was rock bottom for its football program John Romano | It’s not just the 1-8 record, but the lack of visible hope outside the Bulls locker room. USF RUNNING BACK BRIAN BATTIE, WHO ECLIPSED 100 YARDS, SHAKES A UCF DEFENDER FOR A FIRST DOWN FRIDAY AT RAYMOND JAMES STADIUM.[ LUIS SANTANA | TIMES ] By John Romano Published 1 hour ago TAMPA — Early on, the uniforms had you distracted. They were that garish. Later,
  17. Soooo if McKenzie Milton transfers out....do we pick him up? lol Also Battie is fast! I cant wait for next year.
  18. Make sure you go to all home games next year as you brought them a little more luck today.
  19. Listening to his post game interview interview it sounds like he is just tired of playing college football. His attitude seems to be if makes it in the NFL that’s good but if not it’s not the end of the world.
  20. Jordan played his heart out today and I am excited for the future of the Bulls. Jordan has been trashed over and over again, but he has kept his head up and he is a True Bull unlike all the fair weather fans hanging around here. Maybe he’s not an All-American, but he played great tonight and never quit. Nobody gave the team a chance and they fought to the bitter end. I knew we would come out and make them sweat and we did. Nobody is happy with 1 win, but if you don’t see the improvement and the attitude change then move on. I will be there every Saturday until the final whistle cheering on my
  21. I watched it all. CJS stated there is a lot of work to be done and they will be starting tomorrow. The players basically have off until January. He was most impressed with the last drive for a TD as they did it for pride. Defense still had kickers and GAs on the s count team this week. McCloud spoke well and was happy with the offensive line today as well as the game Miller played (who is his roommate). Dukes said an excellent foundation was laid but he has played his last USF game. Believes that next year the team will contend for a conference championship.
  22. All of that is spot on...especially the DC.
  23. He's a good talent and has great size, but he definitely needs to come back next year and put up big numbers before thinking about NFL.
  24. If we actually had players, the defense might look different. You may have missed that we barely could find 65 players to practice. A normal roster has over 100. Pandemic chaos.
  25. Because we lost spring practice and we've had players in and out all season for Covid. It takes time to install a new system. Time for players to learn the system, time for coaches to learn the system. Time this team never had.
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