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  2. Maybe it will matter, maybe not, but if both teams are undefeated, and there is a packed house and another great game just as there was last season, it may catch the eye of a P5 commish out there. Again, an undefeated matchup can't possibly hurt anything, it seems it can only raise the profile of the two programs and the rivalry. I'll take that any day.
  3. Important game on Saturday
  4. And if we lose to UCF it will not matter that we went into it undefeated with them or that it was seen as high profile by some.
  5. That Churchill, always a couple of steps ahead.
  6. Absolutely. Because Churchill knew the U.S. would never schedule Germany since they weren't a big enough opponent, so he was rooting all the way for the Third Reich to steamroll the mainland and raise their profile.
  7. Actually, what I said was: "What other game on our schedule this season would get as much attention as an unbeaten matchup between us and UCF?". The bowl game hasn't been scheduled yet, and if we were to lose the CCG, we might get some garbage bowl that hardly anybody outside of TBP will watch.
  8. Do you think the allies cheered for Germany to keep conquering European countries so that WWII could be a more exciting and marquee event?
  9. brybull1970

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    Okay. I change my answer. Go schedule Rutgers as the cupcake.
  10. They are established P5 teams, who regularly have a national spotlight. We need to do everything we can to get that kind of attention. What other game on our schedule this season would get as much attention as an unbeaten matchup between us and UCF?
  11. I'm a little bummed about this from a selfish standpoint since I live in Michigan and saw it as an opportunity to take my kids to their first Bulls game. They were excited about this game and CMU is only a few hours away. Oh well.
  12. What are we proving? That we are stupid enough to root against our own self interest?
  13. They do not. This is the one place on the planet where cheering for your next closest competitor is seen as an obvious good. This is what participation trophies does to people.
  14. There is a little difference, they're already at the top of college football. They don't have to prove anything. We do.
  15. I just wonder if Michigan fans root for OSU? I know FSU and uf fans aren't rooting for the other team to win. Growing up an FSU fan, I and everyone I knew wanted uf 0-11 every year.
  16. Best case scenario would be an undefeated match-up, but obviously we'd take a trip to the CCG however we can get it.
  17. So you cheer for things that actually benefit USF and not some potential greater glory, how quaint.
  18. Page 11 of "Is UCF a rival?" delivers. I wonder if we can keep this up all the way until the game?
  19. College football is a competition for scarce resources. UCF, as sad as that maybe, has become our closest competitor for our resources. Why would there be any reason to actively cheer for a closer competition between us?? We really have the oddest fanbase. Good for UCF =\= good for USF, Good for UCF = Bad for USF, good for USF = good for USF. We aren’t an actual pair and we aren’t getting anywhere together. We are in a fight with them for survival and they would drop this “rivalry” and leave us here to die in the AAC every bit as fast as I hope we are planning to do to them. If anyone on our side is half as stupid as our fans and is actively pitching an idea of a USF/UCF tandem we deserve to be inevitably left behind. Ucf, who do think we should select? Uh us? Usf, who do you think we should select? Obviously us and our best friends UCF. Okay well it seems pretty clear from the candidates we should select UCF with a vote of 2-1, thank you for your time and UCF we look forward to working with you.
  20. I thought about mentioning the UCF-UConn rivalry, but didn't want to complicate things
  21. So... there are definitely varied opinions of this, but... Would everyone prefer an undefeated matchup with UCF for the glory of that one game, or, for UCF to come in with 2 conference losses and us having clinched our division no matter what happens in that game? We're 3 weeks into the season. If UCF gets to 9-0 and we get to 10-0, then, I won't be pulling for them to lose their last game leading up to our showdown, but, for now, I hope they get embarrassed every time they step on the field. I'd rather them be out of the conversation and us coasting to the CCG without worry in that game.
  22. WOW! Good times! We need another road trip like that! What are your chances of going to Atlanta next year? That seems like a good one (Unless there is a big bowl to attend this year?)
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