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  2. LOLOL he was talking about winning the conference tournament? I'm glad I didn't read that drivel then
  3. It depends on the conference, a Big East basketball championship would have the bees knees.
  4. The nerve of some people, I say we hunt down these evil doers.
  5. I dwell on the past that is factual...some others tend to not do that and exaggerate.
  6. If there is one thing I hate it’s people that try to dwell on the past...
  7. I find it easy to believe that someone would want to take the guaranteed cutting down of the nets in such a hallowed basketball venue over a guaranteed loss in the NCAA.
  8. If that’s the case bring in Umass...I want a home game too Yep
  9. Sorry but if you take anyone out west, it's BYU. If BYU won't come, take BSU, AFA and SDSU. I you need two more to replace Tulsa and Tulane, you take Utah State and either Fresno State or Nevada. Those are the best programs and not just football or basketball.
  10. I think you have to believe that if you get there you can make a run even if you haven’t so many times before but the guaranteed way not to become the Cinderella of the NCAA ball is to not make it in.
  11. I’m sorry, were you talking about UNLV or USF when talking about football and basketball programs? Never said they were bringing quality on the field to the table, much like some of the teams already in the conference. Don’t hate at the potential for me to get a home game every now and then now that your home game left the conference
  12. UNLV is such trash in football and it’s been a long time since BB played a role. I would wait to see if the new facility helps...it could be another Ray Jay and not make a difference. Seems like there are much better MWC teams to choose from.
  13. I would argue only a loser mentality would desire to play at a lower level just to be able to pretend you were successful, you compete to show you are the best and the best are competing at the NCAA tournament. Sure winning it is better than not, sure it’s better than what we are currently doing but I don’t want to believe that anyone would take a guaranteed win in the NIT over the chance to show your mettle in the NCAA.
  14. If you've been to the NCAAs a couple times recently as a low seed and get smoked in the first round each time, it's probably better for a developing team to make a long run through the NITs against good competition that, in many cases, is better than 1/4 of the auto-bids. You get big games, TV, travel, and practices. Once the shine is off the big prize, the better for the program play is winning the NIT.
  15. A debate we've had before in here. Obviously everybody would prefer to go to the NCAA's but only a loser mentality would prefer to lose their first game in that tournament as opposed to cutting down the nets at Madison Square Gardens ...
  16. Wasn't a matter of not being happy, just pointing out something you conveniently left out. Getting to the post season is a key objective in college hoops, with the NCAA's being the primary one and the NIT a lesser one but still a nice accomplishment ........ and I was wrong about us never even coming close to what he did at Dayton. We came close under Paschal with 2 NCAA's and 2 NIT's in a 6 year span, with a couple of missed Chucky FT's away from a MSG appearance.
  17. Works for me, gives me 3 drive-able games, 1 of which a little over a mile from the office. Sign me up!
  18. Great stuff, Steve Mazza! Thanks for those photos of Penny Greene from 1975-1976. Neat seeing (well, a partial view) of Coach Chip Connor congratulating Penny Greene. A great trip down memory lane. Also cool seeing our home court of Curtis Hixon Hall.
  19. UNLV is the other MWC team. Cheap and easy flights from all areas. Tons of affordable lodging options. Their team is now going to play in one of the nicest stadiums in the country and it gets you a foot in the door for conference tournament options, all western conference hold their tournaments here.
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