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  2. Florida Gators, UCF Knights agree to 3-game football series beginning in 2024 The Gators have agreed to host the Knights in Gainesville on Oct. 5, 2024, travel to Orlando on Sept. 14, 2030, and then host UCF again on Sept. 3, 2033.
  3. The nice thing about going defeated is that we can move to the SEC and see no drop in production, which is nice
  4. What a reward for the ladies. They get to play in the tournament at Atlantis and then play Stanford at the Baha Mar Resort in Nassau in the same week. They are going to be living their best life and let's hope they pull off some upsets in the process! I should add the UCONN, Oregon, and South Carolina are also in the Battle 4 Atlantis. The ladies will play 3 games over 3 days down there. The rest of the field is Oklahoma, Syracuse, Minnesota, and Buffalo. Tennessee, potentially UCONN, Oregon, and/or South Carolina, and the defending National Champions, Stanford. This team will be battle tested and ready to run roughshod through the AAC!
  5. My bad I was referring to De'Juan Sease...he kind of snuck on the team. He did play in the spring game.
  6. I am politely indifferent to the nomenclature we use as long as the end result is we give specific people money and they then directly influence our inclusion.
  7. USF's never good in conference anyway, would rather be mediocre in a better conference at least. Conference USA (8-8) Big East (22-34) American (29-34)
  8. Today
  9. I agree, bribe is an ugly word. Probably should have used lobby, that seems to be legal.
  10. This should be post of the month. Moving "up" a conference means pretty much being relegated to being the whipping boy of the bigger kids of the table you just got invited to. You cant move to a bigger house and take your little kingdom with you.
  11. Coleman to Calgary Savard to Montreal Bogosian back here Elliot from Philly to back up Vasy
  12. He is the future of this program. He is our Obi Wan. I cannot wait to see what he can do. I trust that he will get in his 4 games and protect his redshirt status.
  13. Will conferences still matter to route Pfizer money through ESPN to Nick Saban, but not for paying players?
  14. So when people move up in conferences its a pretty good accomplishment to go .500, weird. I wonder what would happen if a team did it every three years or so.
  15. Got this from Brett Weasel McMurphy A&M 42-31 (57.5%) Pitt 36-30 (54.5) - Former Big East TCU 44-37 (54.3) Utah 45-41 (52.3) Nebraska 43-41 (51.2) WVU 40-40 (50.0) - Former Big East Louisville 29-29 (50.0) - Former Big East Mizzou 35-39 (47.3) Syracuse 20-46 (30.3) - Former Big East Maryland 16-41 (28.1) - Former ACC Colorado 23-62 (27.1) Rutgers 10-51 (16.4) - Former Big East
  16. I am currently mad that we can't beat Southern Alabama and it is a mighty big jump to assume I would therefore be harsh if we compete with Alabama but then come up short, even the great CJL was only able to give them one half of football and whoever is coaching this team when we play them will be extended the same courtesy. Right now we cannot beat anyone at the FBS level and that is complete failure no matter how you slice it.
  17. Thursday is when we here about the SEC accepting, if I read correctly. I don’t imagine we will have any true answers until well after that.
  18. Of course not and I realize it was not aimed at me. I simply want a competitive team and hopefully go bowling most years, we are currently no where near my expectations. I blame CCS and will begin to aim my displeasure at MK and CJS if we don’t start seeing improvement sometime this year.
  19. The university Presidents from whatever conference we are trying to get into
  20. I am conditioned to always speak and write with a tilde
  21. Bribe is an ugly word with negative connotations so I will call it hiring the consultants with the greatest knowledge of what it takes to be selected
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