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  2. I am my biggest fan and always have been, I started my own fan club.
  3. I struggle with being an ass but always find myself the most funny guy in the room and that is all that is important. You have a pretentious streak and are stubborn as an ox, let a few arguments go and don’t feel the need to win every discussion and after that if people don’t like it then f them. Or not, your call.
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  5. Sometimes you get one right down the middle. Boom, you knock it out of the park.
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  7. I agree I think we have some talent on the offense its far better than what Taggart started with..the toughest part is how long does it take the offense to learn this offense we plan to run.
  8. Hopefully we bring back the strong defensive line and DB play we were known for during our best football.
  9. Do some pregame wind sprints, scowl at the cameras, draw-up some offensive plays in the dirt, throw some nasty blitzes their way and pull off the upset!!!!!
  10. Thanks - my laugh response percentage isn't very high these days. For every good one I have I seem to piss off 9 other humorless people.
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  12. I don't it can be worse than last years, so at bare minimum we hopefully we improvement.
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  14. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  15. Hello board members, please join me in welcoming philip amuso to TheBullsPen.com. philip amuso joined on 07/01/2020. View Member
  16. I know the coaches will definitely want to play him as well or get his feet wet b/c our 2021 schedule is brutal.
  17. Cade Fortin will finish the season as the starting QB.
  18. I like Joiner as well. He is super quick and can go the distance if he gets the blocking. Seemed to have some injuries in the past so I hope he has the durability to be a top shelf player.
  19. I like Kelly Joiner. His last year of high school football he Rushed for 1,006 yards and 17 touchdowns in only three games before he had a season ending injury. Last year he got his feet wet with 364 yards on 71 carries, 108 receiving yards on nine catches, for 472 all-purpose yards. This year he is my top pick for a player destined for a breakout year. I also like Thomas Nance, but he has more competition at the position than Joiner.
  20. IF we all don't engage with the few circle jerks, then maybe they will be the ones that leave???
  21. Been lurking throughout the spring, but wanted to say I'm sorry to see you go Ricky.... You were one of the more level headed here. So another prominent member leaves because of the circle-jerk nature of this forum that I know Brad has been attempting to stamp out since January. I'm soooo shocked, I tell you. And those select few users who keep jerking each other will end up driving everyone away until there's just a handful of users left.
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