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  2. $3.95 End Date: Sunday Nov-1-2020 0:00:41 PDT Buy It Now for only: $3.95 Buy It Now | Add to watch listQuinton Flowers on ebay
  3. This game does concern me, though. FAU is coming off a slew of positive tests, and we just played Notre Dame who is shutting everything down because of a bunch of positive tests. Seems like the Covid Bowl. I'll be amazed if both teams are relatively virus free next week.
  4. Personally, I am hoping to see someone not snap the ball over the punters head. I'll consider that progress.
  5. These are the type of teams that historically the Bolts would fold against. This current team has alot more grit and toughness tho. This series is going to be rock em sock em all the way through. Game 3 is a big swing game. GO BOLTS!
  6. Rays already clinched the Playoffs a few nights ago. Tonight they clinch the AL East title with a win over the Mets or a Yankees loss. Nice accomplishment. But Im concerned this team might not enough fire power to go all the way.
  7. Defensive Coordinator Jim Leavitt On the last few days including postponement: "It is different. I have been in this game for a while. I have not experienced all the different emotions. You just stay focused not on one day at a time, but one hour at a time and try not let distractions get to you. Everybody wants to play. We wanted to play against Minnesota. We lost three games. The guys want to play bad…I just think about this week and I'm excited to play." What is mean to you to play against a program that you built? "I know people will think I'm not telling you the
  8. From FAUSports.com: The FAU and USF contest has all the makings of a great in-state matchup. USF was a program that FAU's inaugural head coach, Howard Schnellenberger, mimicked as he began the process of building a football program in Paradise. Schnellenberger traveled across the state 20 years ago to meet with then-Bulls' inaugural head coach Jim Leavitt, who is now FAU's defensive coordinator.
  9. Post where you are thinking, we will try and stop by for a beer
  10. I have a lot, especially from the early years. Went to all the road games the first season with wife and in-laws. Had a great time for the first Meineke with a bunch of guys on here, or used to be at least. El Paso get together makes that a great memory although I am not a fan of that town or UTEP. Also went to Army, Kentucky, Ga. Southern, Notre Dame and some others mentioned here. Road trip to Alabama with @The Sheriff - you don't do that and not have lasting memories... Greatest regret was I planned to go to the USF-Pitt game in 2001. Decided not to. Was going to a Pirates game
  11. Auburn, notre dame, sun bowl, wvu in morgantown, rutgers, ville, charlotte bowl, i could go on and on.....it was my family trips every year with my girls, visited museums local attractions in each place, wouldnt trade it for anything
  12. vs. September 26, 2020 6:00 p.m. FAU Stadium Boca Raton, FL This will serve as our official in game thread for in game discussions and commentary. Stand alone topics should still be posted in a new thread. For those preferring the chat room for in game discussion, you can find the BullsChat! chat room link in the above title bar, the mobile menu selection or click here. Both the board and the chat room function well on mobile phone, tablet or desktop. GAME DAY vs. FAU USF will look to bounce back from a hard day at No. 7 N
  13. FAU 31-24 Rushing: Johnny Ford Receiving: Devontres Dukes 280
  14. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com's 2020 Football Prediction Contest Game 3 South Florida Bulls at FAU Owls September 26, 2020 6:00 PM FAU Stadium Boca Raton, FL Congrats to Game #2 winner, @USFBULL_08!! The Contest: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select the winner for the week's South Florida football game - as well as make some tie-breaking prognostications. Prizes await, as does the respect and admiration of Bulls fans worldwide. First...the rules: 1) You must be a registered membe
  15. For me, it was our first bowl game. I purchased a package which included a luncheon and happy hour. Also got a gift at check in at the hotel. We lost (poor QB play). It felt like we finally were a real program. You never forget your first
  16. If we can’t get it going against FAU I’m pretty much over everyone
  17. Flowers looked pretty horrible as a freshman why I thought maybe McCloud would look maybe better this season. I'll wait to make final judgment on McCloud till after this game. Didnt pass much vs Citadel and ND well is ND so if guy cant get It going vs FAU I'm over him.
  18. It shall be here shortly....needs a little more time ...
  19. Both. App should hopefully be ready by the end of next week.
  20. I would think that, generally speaking, a guy that is pretty much only a long snapper would be a candidate for preferred walk on. Then they could also be like 9th LB or something. Occasionally that guy could end up playing another position. Certainly at the NFL level it has become a specialist position like kicker. Most long snappers at that level only snap.
  21. Ten minutes here and I just discovered I had muted Joey Knight on Twitter at some point. Not that I am terribly surprised I did, but I can't remember why. It does explain the relatively light amount of USF content I have been seeing on Twitter.
  22. White was a very capable QB and obviously would have done well given the chance. He never was going to get the chance in Willie's "offense" with QF around. Not that he was better, and he would not have thrived in the CWT offense. But talking about White as if he was a scrub is really inaccurate. Dude is still in the NFL. Scrubs don't make it in the NFL, even as backups.
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