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  2. He can't be any worse than what we will have next year.
  3. in 2009 my biggest problem was at the Thursday night games, asking can this game end sooner so I can go to Tia Tias or Bullsrun for nickel drafts?
  4. Did you go to school o7-09 years? Sounds like all the places I would go lol. Was it called the bull ring or bull run, that was the place for nickel beers right?
  5. If this is the new home for USF, then it might be time to disband football. It won't be worth it anymore. Pathetic.
  6. Well... Some of yall wanted to go FCS. This will be pretty darn close. Look on the bright side. At least we will win some games 😆.
  7. Love reading about all these bars. Really miss those days. All good places, but for me, none of them beat a raging multi-kegger good old fashioned apartment party. Village square usually had some good ones with those 4 bedroom apartments.
  8. This is a sad day USF has fallen so far in football it’s gonna be hard to climb out of the Confrence
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  10. Band is no doubt Busch league. I think the overalls are left over from the CWT janitor era.
  11. I’m all for having a progrAm that generates upstanding successful adults… but there are times that I wonder if we have too many life coaches and not enough football coaches. You can’t just hire the “good” guys and expect the football IQ to magically happens.
  12. We should just wait for Tom Allen to become available
  13. Manny is a poor head coach, but was an above average DC. Gotta be an upgrade over Spencer.
  14. Randy Shannon went to UCF, maybe we could find a few nickels and pick up Manny.
  15. I'm from Cleveland and finding an Agora here was awesome. Such great times there though it only lasted a few years. Also Buffalo Roadhouse was my intro to punk back in the day.
  16. Scott had an interesting comment early about sideline enthusiasm. He said they really harped on it in the off week and Saturday was the first game this year I saw some of the players throwing up the towels and getting all fired up on the sideline. You see this quite often with other teams. I wonder why it took so long for it to show up on our sideline. Usually this kind of stuff is organic.
  17. Sam asked Demetris Harris about the fans, or a message for the fans. He did a great job.
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