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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

Thank you,

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  2. HB dive will be missed. Now we will have to watch every first down play.....no more getting back late.....from a beer run.
  3. Had lunch with our Bulls Club guy today. Some of the 50% isn't cash money. Promised money and cash in bank aren't the same it appears. So hopeful is a good word.
  4. I am thinking about flying out to LA for the Rams vs Cards game as I really want to see the Colosseum and the Rams playing in it before the move next year. I don’t blame you at all to be cheering for New Mexico and Hawaii Bowls. I still want the Bulls in the Military Bowl before the Boston Bowl but I am good either way.
  5. Haven't been to Fenway since the opening series in 03, would definitely go back for a bowl game. I have to settle for MLB.tv and maybe a trip to LA when they're in town for my Sox fix. The Last 3 years I've settled for 1 Rams home game a season over hitting a Sox game though... If you were somehow also a Clippers fan I'd be worried you were copying my sports teams lol. As far as Bowls I'd want USF in I'm selfishly pulling for New Mexico or a week in Hawaii though. Unless we can get an at large in Vegas like Houston did a couple years back.
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  7. Ah well... we've all got our problems. The AAC is killing our football team and your football team is killing your players.
  8. USF Fans and UCONN fans are exactly alike. They think the AAC is killing their programs, when in reality they have shown little ability to compete in the AAC or make any contribution to the conference to make it better.
  9. Finally ..... we've been lacking one of those for years around here.
  10. My no a/c report came from a couple friends that went there for a camp. The feedback was no a/c, no breeze, miserable. That could have been just before the temp was put in but I’ll concede on that.
  11. Call me crazy but I guess he is “double hopeful” that they will break ground. Kind of like “double dawg dare you” and “double secret probation”.
  12. What do you think the double "hopeful" means? Could be just twice of hopeful I guess?? Stutter?? Hmmm? forgot he already said "hopeful"? Hope not... Hmm? Interesting. We may need to get puc to analyze this poss Freudian slip.
  13. Man I heard a drum roll and cymbal crash on that one...GOOD ONE
  14. But you gotta ask...where might that "drop" be dripping from..?? might rethink this..
  15. You could be holding the shovel for Kelly and Strong..???
  16. Running back to WR is not that hard of a position change, plus, I've been following his rehab and he seems to be back up to speed. If he is 100%, it may be hard to keep him off the field. but I'm cool with him redshirting.
  17. Sure, but he’s coming off a broken leg and making a position change. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t redshirt.
  18. The only way we get Top 10 is if we are undefeated. I think beating the above teams would be enough to get us in there. Having said that, the chances of us going undefeated is extremely remote.
  19. We have a freshman name Kelly Joiner coming in this summer. He may be as fast or close.
  20. There are too many to be sure of which one?
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