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  2. The bottom line is the people in charge thought we deserved to get in, and therefore we deserved to get in.....My only point is that I didn't think we were quite good enough (at least right now, but we are trending upward) to make a real run in this tourney.
  3. Yeah there were some good ones. F’ed over rebuilt dodge, F’er only rolls downhill. I’m sure there are more, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head
  4. We landed in Grand Cayman yesterday evening and are enjoying the island for a few days before the Bulls play on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm feeling better about the decision to come down for the tournament after our win last night. I'll send updates leading up to the games as well as updates from the games themselves. Do we have anyone else that will be in attendance?
  5. My USF provided(for work) 5 Mbps down/0.2 up makes it a near impossibility.
  6. It was somewhat of a joke. I could care less. Chris O decided to transfer. Good luck to him at the lower level. I hope his dreams come true.... The days of staying and competing for your position is over for most student athletes.
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  8. For the many times USF has been screwed across the board, I am not gonna lose sleep over USF not deserving to get in. The point is they deserved to get in as they got selected. Other schools want to complain, they can take a number.
  9. I'm not sure a 3-1 loss, even in soccer, means they didn't deserve to get in ......... 5 or 6 to 1 maybe a different story.
  10. They did have a couple of NCAA tourney runs in hoops (didn't get real far, but have won a couple games here and there), and I remember they did play ucf in a CUSA title game once. Other than that, even though they have oil money and Academics......still seem to be pretty much dead weight for our conference. Replace them with somebody else out West like a Colorado State.
  11. Off topic but - when I was a kid Fix Or Repair Daily wa a mantra in our house.
  12. I think that is something that we can pretty much ALL agree on....well maybe not everybody!
  13. Big game for the Ladies Soccer team today at 2pm - 2nd round NCAA tourney! GO BULLS!
  14. What a difference a good coaching staff makes. USF’s men’s hoops has had some doozies and now it looks like we finally have a good men’s hoops coach.
  15. This is what gives me hope, that we could still have a pretty decent season......similar to what the Women went through last year, even with all the injuries because CJF is such a good coach, we still found a way to have a winning record.
  16. I thought someone actually had a real update...ok, carry on with the nonsense...
  17. Sure that Louisville win was a great win at the time......but I'm talking about the overall body of work. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they got a bid, shows that we are getting some respect....the team is just not quite ready to make an NCAA run (yet). Hopefully we are set up for more success next year. Congrats Boys on a good season, and Good Luck next year!
  18. not sure what Matt Floyd has to do with it but he had 0 TDs and 7 picks at USF with a passer rating of 74.8 that was on 130 attempts. CO had 3 TDs 1 pick with a passer rating of 124.1 on 45 attempts here
  19. I definitely noticed it. I wonder if the coaches' game plan was to switch out aggressively to keep them from killing us with three pointers, which Wofford is known for apparently. I also noticed that after USF was burned multiple times by the roll to the hoop that they were less aggressive on the switch, and the open 3 was then available. Can't disagree with the strategy, but those wide open layups sure made the D look bad on those plays.
  20. Before the game CBG said they were going to do more switching. Also some other insight from him. After Yetna and Kiir went out they were trying to play 2 different styles depending on personnel on the floor. Decided to play just one with JB playing the 4 and Williams coming in for him. Antun would spell Durr at the 5. Also said with starting Dawson that the Fr would get some playing time. Seemed he only got a few minutes. Also said that every season is a process and it is never linear. For those thinking the season would be a total loss I think CBG is on the job and they'll make some adjustments. Still will miss the talent and depth but hopefully we'll be competitive.
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