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  2. If only we could have defeated Rutgers when it mattered.
  3. I still can't shake the keyboard in his pic and every time I see it I think of Mugatu...
  4. The best NCAA teams are either a) getting one and done players or b) have a core together for multiple years and the system, players, coaching, etc. gel and they make a run. We're not going to be in the first category any time soon, so our success is going to be more akin to Bucknell or Murray State. Where our older guys have developed and maybe a younger guy or two gets added to the mix to push us over the top. Some of the older guys graduate and we hopefully repeat the process with the younger ones and make another NCAA run a couple years later. Best teams are one year? Depends on your metric. If you call the teams who finish in the top 25 in football the "best" teams for the season, give or take, 25/130 is the same percentage of football teams as 68/351. If you're saying the "best" teams are the ones who make it to the Sweet 16 or higher, yeah, those are probably your one and done (two and done) teams with a much higher degree of turnover.
  5. If nothing else, the extra tourney was more playing time against quality opponents and more practice time. Those are never bad things.
  6. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  7. Hello board members, please join me in welcoming Hartley to TheBullsPen.com. Hartley joined on 09/18/2019. View Member
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  9. Thats cool! Exciting times ahead if he is is anything like Q or Grothe. It does feel in the very small sample size we have, that he has the intangibles. Will know alot more now that we are in the conference schedule.
  10. Yep, and this was the first time we played into April, and one of only 3 or 4 teams to win their final game. Ended up being invaluable experience that bodes well for the future. I remember many thought we were too worn out and beat up and it wasnt worth playing in that tourney. It did seem that way down the stretch. Again hindsight is 20/20.
  11. Hands down Skippy and his lack of humidity comment
  12. I recall the consensus opinion being that the costs were worth it just for having all the extra practices alone even if we went out after one game. Each game cost USF more money but also gave us more practice time. It was paying to extend the season, get experience, and to get a leg up on all those teams that ended their seasons. USF was playing well past the time many that made the NCAA were out.
  13. what is number one worst excuse in your opinion? just curious, not arguing
  14. Thought this was interesting... https://watchstadium.com/news/analyzing-the-conference-realignment-that-shaped-todays-football-landscape-mcmurphys-law-09-17-2019/ Rutgers laughing all the way to the bank.
  15. I loved Q and the way he played but Matt will always be my favorite player. Glad I had the opportunity to tell him so at the Georgia Tech game.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Thanks again for all the work u put into this!
  18. I am happy they did a pay for play and believe the experience was a benefit to the program however winning that tournament did not create a buzz due to the relative obscurity of this tournament. To put it into perspective, all 3 tournaments are a form of dancing but the venues vary in importance. An example is the big dance is similar to a ball room dance, wife dressed to the nines, you are wearing a tux, pearls, champagne, limos etc.. the NIT is similar to you slamming well drinks and grinding on a skank to “just trying to get a nut so move that butt to the dance floor” at some seedy night club. The CBI is more like throwing down a piece of cardboard on the corner of MLK and Nebraska and doing the worm and maybe even the pop and lock to some local rap music. Basically they are all dances but some venues are more prestigious and elegant than others.
  19. Forgot about that. That's probably the second worst excuse I've ever heard from a USF Coach.
  20. Shipping was included in the price of the shirt. So you should be good to go!
  21. So hope you are right on this one. Grothe was a gamer and my favorite era of Bulls football. Hard to know after one FCS game. But excited to see how this kid grows.
  22. Absolutely. I can’t even remember what I paid and whether you had considered shipping in that amount. No way you should cover shipping for all of this. We’re a community after all. Let us know your Venmo if you have one.
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