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  2. It's not a rationalization, it is reality. They were definitely underseeded, I am not arguing that point at all. I just don't think our schedule warranted a top 16 seed. The Committee was tasked with an impossible job to try and fairly seed these teams. I think they did the best they could under the circumstances, but that is not to say that USF received a fair seed placement. I think we should have been around #19 or 20, which would have had us playing an easier team in the first round and a team like Clemson or Georgetown (who could both be better than Texas A&M) in the second round. The
  3. I stand by my views that these new transfer rules will bring more parity to CFB. We are going to get a better distribution of talent at all levels. The P5 transfers that dont find another P5 team will go to a G6 team. Other D1 players that cant find a home will go 2 the FCS and help raise their level of play. Also, many more good FCS players will get more opportunities to play for a G6 or P5 team after balling out for their team. These new rules will make CFB better.
  4. Show them all the beauty they ahhhhh never mind.
  5. Off Topic but you are exactly right. Now that I can't watch the Rays and Lightning I barely bother to keep track of their records. They better figure out a way to get them back on TV (or some monthly online charge) or they will become (and the Rays already are) an afterthought to most people. Imagine a team that made it to the World Series and won the Stanley Cup and 1/2 the local region can't watch them. SMH
  6. It's a nice idea that I like but TV and ESPN aren't going to let that happen. You'd have to change contracts every year.
  7. Okay. So show you belong and beat Cent Conn. If you don't beat them maybe the seeding people were right. And I'm only arguing for discussion sake. I think we get screwed all the time. This year's WBB seemed more blatant than most but WBB seems to get it more than most - but could be because they are good more often than most other USF teams. Going back a few years the M Golf team got a pretty fair seeding the year they made the final 8 IIRC.
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  9. All games are being played in NC and the WBB was all in San Antonio. There were a couple nonP5's seeded this year so they obviously gave more consideration to those teams this year than most, but there should have been 1 more. Like BP is saying, they are probably using the Cincy tie as the excuse, but we took care of business when it mattered and finished an undefeated season.
  10. We can rationalize it all we want. There are teams that received byes that did not outperform USF overall and it isn't the first time. Obviously all they can do now is go out and win games, but it doesn't change the fact that they were underseeded AGAIN and thus have a tougher road than they should have
  11. Good points all around Chapel. Although I stand by what I said earlier, it seems the issue is always with women’s sports. The NCAA seems more cost conscious for them than men’s sports when it comes to ncaa tournaments. Softball is a prime example, almost always they have to play UF or FSU. Come to think of it, the same is true for baseball as well.
  12. I agree with you that USF typically gets screwed over in the seeding process, especially in the women's sports. Here, however, it is not as egregious as it seems. The RPI was not useable this year due to a lack of OOC games. Throwing that aside, I do think that USF was one of the top 20 teams in the nation and deserved a look at a top 16 seed. The Committee ultimately decided to place a heavier value on OOC performance this season to account for the lack of a useable RPI. As for saying that it doesn't matter and you should just play, that is a weak argument. In this tournament especially b
  13. Why does the sport or gender matter? It's a national championship tournament. Why don't we deserve better? Why do we just have to shut up and be happy we are in? Saw something where this is the 3rd time in 5 years that a top 16 RPI USF team not only doesn't get a top 16 seed but has to play another top 20 team in the 1st round. This is on the heels of WBB being underseeded as well. The seedings matter. While we are battling a tough Central Conn St team, Tex A & M is resting and waiting to play us just a few days later.
  14. I’m with you here. Maybe it’s time to buy that boat or pick up the golf clubs again—there are other ways to be entertained.
  15. The whole point is if the kid does not now have to commit to the school for more than the school year than we need to follow there lead and cut bait when we are not satisfied with their performance. I understand the trust in the old system but now that trust is gone.
  16. True therefore do we really have a 1 year reoccurring scholarship on merit then, we have it in theory but not in practice.
  17. I think that you then get to the "trust" part of the sales pitch in recruiting. Can you imagine that IF CBG "fired" those that left? He would never get another recruit to commit.
  18. The point is then not sure why everyone thinks these guys are jumping off a sinking ship, many are probably getting pushed. Did CJS and CBG lose the locker room or did they simply clean house.
  19. Every student athlete is on a one year scholarship that is renewed solely at the discretion of the head coach. I am surprised you did not know this.
  20. We're the 8th seed in the tournament and play 9th seed Temple on 4/22 at 8:30am ET. The winner plays #1 seed UCF on 4/23 at 12:30pm. Bracket Announced for 2021 American Women's Tennis Championship - American Athletic Conference IRVING, Texas – UCF’s women’s tennis team has earned the No. 1 seed for the 2021 American Athletic Conference Women’s Tennis Championship.
  21. 2021 1. Trey Moss PG 6/12/2020 (Signed 11/11/2020) TRANSFERS DJ Patrick F 3/26/2021 (Signed 4/19/2021) Sam Hines Jr F 3/27/2021 (Signed 4/9/2021) Javon Greene PG 4/6/2021 (Signed 4/14/2021) Jake Boggs G/F 4/10/2021 (Signed 4/19/2021) Serrel Smith Jr G 4/16/2021
  22. The ACC and SEC should be fighting over us. I’m sure they can tell by our women’s programs that we are ready for the big time
  23. Teach them well and let them lead the way
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