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  1. Don't want to go back to look but did you guys discuss Rideau going to the basket after his steal as opposed to trying to run out the clock?
  2. I'm down to about 21 different bourbons and maybe 26 or so total bottles. With Eagle Rare hard to find in FL, we picked up a few bottles on our Biloxi/Memphis trip last week. Funny because the liquor store we stopped in had a dozen bottles on the shelf. Other than when Costco carried it a couple of years back I don't think I've seen a dozen bottles total in liquor stores here. It is the Mrs favorite, when she drinks bourbon, so figured best to stock up. Fun fact, on the way home from Memphis we stopped at The Hound in Auburn, AL for lunch. A great bourbon selection at fair, not cheap, prices.
  3. Will let you bring it for tasting next time we have you and Mrs here.
  4. After re-reading this after Swamprats update, I believe when taking one of the tours or in a bar in L'ville last month we were told that VOB is a great deal. Still haven't tried it but will be on the lookout for it.
  5. Your memory is better than mine. I don't even remember that. It could be the alcohol or, more likely, the advanced age.
  6. The WNBA season begins in May and ends early September (regular season). She tore the ACL in Oct/Nov??? IMO Only way she goes to the WNBA is if she feels she will be healthy and ready to play by early July. Don't know how her rehab is coming along.
  7. Jordao, the Fr center, should be back as a redshirt Fr. I think they shut her down in time to preserve it. Ferreira is gone. Good news for her is that her heart issues may be correctable and she could possibly still play as a pro. Sylvia Serrat has missed 2 years due to injury. I have no idea if she'll be okay for next year.
  8. I hope you are right but have some reservations. I didn't see any Fr out there that I see as difference makers, outside of possibly Harvey and Jordao. Septe seems to have some potential as far as playing D but she may have had more air balls that baskets. The the other 2 I'm afraid won't develop to be huge contributors. If they couldn't get playing time this year....... Watching Rozentale in practice running sprints she may be the fastest kid on the team but her PT decreased as the year went on. Kessler I just didn't see much.
  9. So from your two choices it appears you are a "wheated" bourbon fan. A lot of people start with that which is why Makers is a popular Bourbon. Larceny is also wheated. Instead of using rye in the mash bill along with corn and malted barley, they use winter wheat. That tends to give it a softer, less spicy taste. Think rye bread vs wheat. It was a couple of years of trying bourbons before I came to really enjoy it. Enjoy the adventure.
  10. I'm actually old enough to remember when the NIT was THE tournament.
  11. Looking at resumes I don't see any Athletics stuff. Were any of them student athletes?
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