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  1. CousinRicky

    Betting Shop Re-opened

    I just wanted to use the Turd emoji.
  2. I hate that I still have to point out this word to people on this board. I'm asking nicely to choose another word.
  3. CousinRicky

    Transferring players

    Funny stuff. And +1 on the Boars Head.
  4. CousinRicky

    FB survey

    It went pretty well. I had 3 hours of sleep over Mon & Tues nights. Just one issue. Does he work for Florida Medical and does his last name start with C.
  5. CousinRicky

    FB survey

    I'm at the end of the 2nd day of a two day prep for a colonoscopy. I did the survey in between.
  6. CousinRicky


    You are correct on both counts. Our Krewe days are over. We were in one for about 4 years - Brigadoon - Scottish theme instead of pirate.
  7. CousinRicky

    Why some ucf fans are scumbags....

    Funniest thing I ever saw on TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piPz1prPrzs
  8. CousinRicky

    Transferring players

    If only a there was a local journalist that could discover that number.
  9. CousinRicky

    New OC, new WR recruits?

    But recruiting at Valdosta he wasn't recruiting against UF, FSU, Miami, etc. With that said, if he could find a diamond in the rough at Valdosta I suppose he could do it here.
  10. CousinRicky

    WBB vs. UConn 1pm...

    Definitely something to be said about that. What happens after the season and Bea is feeling healthy. Does she go back and play for her national team?
  11. CousinRicky

    Transferring players

    There will be more than 11k Wisc fans there.
  12. CousinRicky

    free throws

    That why you and I patrol these pages.
  13. CousinRicky

    free throws

    Is that taylor swift? Always thought it was tailor made.
  14. CousinRicky

    free throws

    I'm not up at midnight. And I have an unorthodox shot. Don't want me teaching these guys. My tips would be: find a comfortable set up and, once you find the range, just repeat the motion. Sometimes getting too technical screws up their head. Edit: Jim Furyk's golf swing is one example of not having to be by the book in your motion. But if you know what the shot does and you repeat the same way you can survive, maybe even thrive.
  15. CousinRicky

    WBB vs. UConn 1pm...

    Just finished watching the game. The starters did come back but just didn't shoot well. Our girls played hard as always. Just not enough talent and experience at this point. Can't remember I saw a stat that WBB lost 6 of 7 or whatever it is now. Not used to this but not much CJF can do at this point. As he has said "life lesson".