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  1. that would have sealed the deal on us losing by 15, covering the spread and being poorer than UCF.
  2. so is the glass no longer half full? No National title this year?
  3. I vote for a Walk-on. Maybe the basketball player from Hudson HS.
  4. I just gave you an up vote to counter that down vote you got. lol
  5. If we bet a dollar and won the $300 it wouldn't pay out until after the season in late December. By that time in Biden's America a loaf of bread may cost $300.
  6. Lets get someone a few bucks and have them do some videos encouraging Bulls fans to join this beautiful site. I'll throw in $20.
  7. looks like we made the wrong hire. I have cheese in my fridge that has been there longer than this guy.
  8. Maybe the Woke mob was coming after him. They may have found a tweet from 1957 that was questionable.
  9. Hopefully we can hire a President that will focus on Athletics and make it a priority.
  10. I would 100% take it. 200k is alot of money and he can go back to school if things don't work out. Plus he likely gets a clause that the D-Backs pay for college if it does not work out.
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