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  1. 2 plays to gain a yard and you run some bs wildcat bull **** twice. Amazing.
  2. I just looked at my account and the Auburn game is missing. Has anyone recieved tixs for Auburn? ?
  3. Dog is down here searching for that guy that killed his GF in the Grand Tetons.
  4. Skyline chilli is awesome. Just had some yesterday.
  5. hopefully his first start is at Ray Jay on Sunday.
  6. 1. Most impressive play at a USF BULLS Football Home Game you attended?' Carlton Williams TD vs WVU 2. Your favorite USF BULLS Football Away Game you traveled? Auburn followed by FSU 3. What will happen first in the 2021 Football Season? 300 Yard Passer - 100 Yard Rusher - 100 Yard Receiver 100 Yard Rusher 4. Will Shrader kick a 50 Yard or longer FG this season? Yes 5. If bald people work in a restaurant, do they still need to wear a hairnet? Only if they are UCF fans.
  7. I knew when I saw the post on fb that USF was full of ****.
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