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  1. flsportsfan83

    Houston favored by TD+

    Bet the House on Houston
  2. flsportsfan83

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    If the line is -6.5 or better Bet your life savings on Houston. Houston wins easily. Book it.
  3. flsportsfan83

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    You will score about 60 on our ****** ass D
  4. flsportsfan83

    2 Tickets for UConn

    PM sent
  5. http://www.usforacle.com/news/view.php/1035143/OPINION-No-excuses-for-USF-football-agai If not this team is not good. No excuse to not win by atleast 30 and put up over 50 points.
  6. flsportsfan83

    Bowl projections after week 7

    Maybe they should win a dang conference title. If they win 8 or 9 with this schedule they really have not beaten anyone of note.