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  1. flsportsfan83

    Adidas Has Arrived at USF

    As much as I dislike Harlan he is not to blame for this. UA had the right to match our ****** deal and declined. This deal is likely the best we could have gotten.
  2. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/24057914/ncaa-football-ea-sports-lives-five-years-demise The guy doing this is a former USF player
  3. flsportsfan83

    Joey Johnston

  4. flsportsfan83

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    Coach Strong is that you?
  5. flsportsfan83

    Adidas Has Arrived at USF

    Those polo's look like they were made in the 1990's. I am not a fan, hopefully the rest is better.
  6. flsportsfan83

    Think about it.

    I would like to donate my 132 points to the new stadium fund.
  7. flsportsfan83

    Think about it.

    What are points?
  8. flsportsfan83

    Auggie officially on FSU Staff

    I heard they did a good job covering up the crimes of a former QB in Tally.
  9. flsportsfan83

    More on Blake Barnett

    When Mike Ford was not given the ball. I'll never forgive Leavitt for that. lol
  10. flsportsfan83

    More on Blake Barnett

    Put the best player on the field. Wish we always did that here.
  11. flsportsfan83

    Shane McClanahan Update

    No. 31 overall, pick value: $2,224,400 He basically got slot ended up 5,700 over slot.
  12. flsportsfan83

    Shane McClanahan Update

    There was never a shot he would not sign. Rays could lower their offer at this point to 1.75 and he still signs. 0% shot he was ever coming back to USF.
  13. I want my Grothe bobble head.
  14. flsportsfan83

    New AD Search

    I'm on board He is a great reporter.
  15. flsportsfan83

    New AD Search

    http://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2018/06/25/usf-considering-former-arkansas-athletic-director-jeff-long/ USF interested in former Arkansas AD Jeff Long Put me on team Jurich, but I could live with Long too.