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  1. Don't book any trips for Football, I still doubt we play at all. Hopefully Basketball will be played.
  2. https://www.tampabay.com/life-culture/entertainment/2020/06/30/miles-teller-to-star-in-and-produce-movie-about-usf-football-players-lost-at-sea/
  3. I wouldn't put MVS in the top 4. He would make the roster as either the 5th possibly 4th WR. Not really a huge upgrade IMO. Parker Williams Wilson Hurns
  4. Miami has a good WR corp, prob one of the deepest positions on our roster.
  5. This year will be worse than last year, but things will look better have a couple of recruiting classes.
  6. My prediction is there will be NFL football, but no CFB
  7. Why was Wilcox not signed? Is he not gonna get a contract?
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