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  1. Show up to local high schools and act like you're interested. It's not that hard, you eat the food, you lose the weight. "This post was not sponsored by Nutrisystem"
  2. Retired and complaining about an hour long podcast? God I can't wait
  3. Sweet, didn't know this podcast existed. Subscribed.
  4. Would love to see him at USF too, but I don't see CJS trying to raid Clemson's depth chart. He seems to have more class than that. There's plenty of talent out there, just have to go get it!
  5. Seems like FAU is turning into a P5 rehab facility for ousted HCs. They probably beat us next year...
  6. Clemson co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott finalizing a deal to become South Florida's head coach - The Athletic http://espn.com/app
  7. Puc would still hate the Leavitt hire because he would argue the fact that it should have been done 10 years ago or he shouldn't have had to been rehired in the first place. My money is on puc...
  8. If Leavitt returns, what does the coming home parade look like?
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