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  1. At least he didn't pull an xCCS and blame the unis
  2. Everyone knew we would take a step back this season. I don't know why people are surprised. Aaah screw it... **** those lazy mother ******* **** sucking sons of *******!!!!! ******* no good ******* **** for brains ********!!!!
  3. Just stop shooting 3s... We can't rebound or hit them. We're having success in the paint, keep it there.
  4. You have to remember, this is the best they've ever had.
  5. If the poop emojis are supposed to be representative of the other teams in our conference then you have too many of them. Carry on....
  6. I have to admit, I respect your consistency...
  7. Whichever gives me a better viewing experience when watching midget porn.
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