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  1. SEC will play 10-game conference-only football schedule and move back start of season to Sept. 26 - Sports Illustrated.
  2. We'll be lucky if we look like that after the game...
  3. https://247sports.com/Article/Texas-Longhorns-Tom-Herman-Keaontay-Ingram-Roschon-Johnson-elite-backfield-149516717/Amp/ If we play, it sounds like it's going to be ugly for us...
  4. Not necessarily, they have a mandatory 14 day quarantine for mainland visitors until September 1st which could be extended.
  5. Those risks I mentioned about carrying debt... They're here. Will UCF have enough revenue to cover the debt service without football this fall? Not trying to be a ****, honest question.
  6. Keeping the offense on the field for more than 4 downs per possession would help. The D was gassed before halftime too often last season.
  7. Thanks Brad, I was getting tired of watching Live PD!
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