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  1. half a yard is QB sneak territory & if you’re unwilling (or unable to take snaps under center 🙄) to QB sneak then just punt it & pray the defense can keep them out of the end zone. are we still paying Charlie Strong? cuz it might be time to start thinking about eating CJS contract.
  2. again, i have zero problem with reminiscing on the Leavitt days after a game against his current team. all the bickering & hard feelings & arguments that inevitably get rehashed & serve no purpose but to divide the fans/alumni that are old enough to remember “the glory years”, however, gets tiring. fast. but what do I know about my own posts? the almighty Puc spends 25 hours a day, 8 days a week at the top of the “Popular Contributors” list on TBP, surely he knows more about my posts than me. u probably read my posts in 01011001011’s & have the html coding for each page on the forum committed to memory so who am I to question your insight? 🚮
  3. that’s not what I’m responding to. im responding to the fact that it’s the same arguments & same people over & over again. yes, it’s a cool piece of trivia that a coach we fired a decade ago finally got to play the team he built but the rehashing of the bitterness doesn’t help anyone.
  4. these CJL conversations lead nowhere. every single time. at some point Bulls fans need to move past that. nothing will ever change how that situation played out. anything that hurts this fan base, hurts our ability to support the program, hurts donations/fundraising, hurts USF fans & alumni from building real communities & friendships in their parking lots & in their sections inside Ray Jay (or an OCS) is not what this program needs right now. the football program is in possibly its worst position since its founding. monthly rehashing of the CJL situation on TBP isn’t boosting anyone’s spirits around here.
  5. Let’s see if CJS tries to score here or if he pulls out BullyPulpit’s “Football for Dummies” book & just give up the rest of the half. 😂
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