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  1. Poles are more Eastern European/Slavic than Northern European/Nordic/"Viking" i've never gotten a "hulking Viking" vibe from any Polish person I've ever met.
  2. LOL I totally forgot about Houston & SMU. that's how much I love this conference. so UAB or Ohio would probably be my choices if the AAC can't bring in BYU or Boise. someone else mentioned the service academy idea... it doesn't interest me personally & I don't think it adds anything to the quality of football or hoops, but I see the marketing value in playing the patriotism card. I just don't see them bringing much else. the only other options are expanding further west or staying put.
  3. very true. but CONCACAF is basically Mexico, USA & an occasionally good Panama or Costa Rican side. then a bunch of teams like Curaçao & Martinique that never do anything. entertaining, just not the same quantity of talented sides as CONMEBOL or UEFA, imo.
  4. I knew it would be the weekend I leave the country. F me.
  5. who tf is watching women's soccer when the CONMEBOL Copa América is happening at the same time? u got Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile & Uruguay all in the knockout round. CONMEBOL is easily the toughest regional confederation in men's futbol.
  6. first time I've ever liked the whites better than the home greens. why is it so hard to add some f'n contrast to the green jerseys? Just do the inverse of the whites & add white shoulders & striping. cripes.
  7. Texas. Alabama, Ohio & Mississippi all rank in the Top 10 of talent-rich states with schools that could potentially be added (not advocating for Southern Piss, but it's there). https://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2017/12/18/16780636/best-recruits-2019-state-rankings football recruiting isn't really a regional thing as much as an in-state thing. being in Tampa isn't necessarily going to attract regional southeastern recruits from Alabama or Mississippi (or Georgia or South Carolina or Virginia) who may want to live away from home but still want a game in front of their friends & family. adding a team from those states creates more recruiting opportunities than simply going to Alabama & saying "hey come play in Tampa! We're in the Southeast, too!" it creates a bigger presence in those states for our team, our brand & the conference. of course BYU or Boise would be first choice. otherwise I'd look for teams with other upsides.
  8. I personally like UAB. maybe UNT or some other school in Texas. maybe Ohio? would give Cinci a natural rival. if it's not a $$$ generating brand (Boise, BYU), I'd rather have a school that gives us a recruiting foothold in a football-oriented state. the available northeastern schools just don't add anything to the conference & aren't in talent-rich areas that will yield recruiting benefits. I'm not sure how far west the conference can go either. if the AAC is adding just one team to replace UConn, having a team west of Texas is going to leave them on an island with huge travel expenses.
  9. well aren't u just a ray of ******* sunshine.
  10. points are overrated. i was on this forum 10 years before I got a single point. also, the Dookie and Mad Jimbo Face react don't seem to affect reputation score. i would have assumed the Dookie obviously means "hey bro, your post is the ****!" but nobody ever clarified this.
  11. one undefeated season in which they played one quality opponent is not enough to build a program on. that **** sure went to their head. it even affected many folks on the board here. a few months ago some Bullspenners were predicting the shuttering of USF's football program, in large part due to our inability to compete with C's success... now we're looking at future schedules vs. Bama, Florida, Miami 5+ years down the road & laughing at C for soiling the bed. long game vs. short game.
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