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  1. ****, can't even post about the quality effort by our Freshman QB in his first start without the self pity & negativity. yeah the OLine needs A LOT of work & yeah it was SC State, but this kid will be our QB for 3 3/4 more seasons. assuming everything else on this team is going to look identical to what it has in these first 3 games of 2019 isn't realistic. things will change. Having a QB who can make those plays will definitely help that progression.
  2. moving forward. he's clearly not responsible for the Barnett mistake.
  3. i think a couple years of development, if our coaches are capable of such a thing, will have him in a good position to drag USF football back out of obscurity.
  4. this kid can make solid passes with defenses breathing down his neck while also threatening with his legs. sounds like a USF QB. if the coaches don't mess this up, McCloud might just save their jobs.
  5. USF could have easily won this game by two or more scores if not for repeated lapses in discipline, situational awareness, fundamentals... broken record, but IMO that is a Charlie thing. he is supposed to be an old school coach that keeps his players in line but apparently "discipline" just means cutting anyone who has ever smoked a joint. too much of THAT kind of "discipline" without results on the field or improvement as players is a recipe for disaster. this wasn't a disaster in the way Wisconsin was a disaster, it was a disaster in that USF couldn't win a game against a low-tier, rebuilding ACC team that was there for the taking. the positive is that the defense, when not committing bonehead penalties & mental errors, has shown flashes in both games. can Jean-Marie get them on the same page by the time we hit Conference play? & of course, McCloud is the present & forseeable future at QB for USF. Blake Barnett has played for nearly half a dozen schools & has been unable to stick as starter at any level of FBS football. McCloud is still raw but he made some solid plays & showed flashes of poise in the pocket. he also showed frustration with the false starts & mental errors... our QB, as leader, needs to care & show it. with 2 L's to 2 of the 3 marquee OOC games on the schedule, the only way Charlie Strong can conceivably keep his job is if he wins the AAC. beating BYU & winning 5 or 6 conference games is not enough, & i'm unconvinced Charlie can even do that. there's talent on this team. they just need a coach that isn't washed up.
  6. why would u ever put Blake Barnett in the shotgun on 3rd & short at the goal line?
  7. well this *IS* a thread about bringing CJL back as HC so....
  8. these are literally the same excuses & battered wife syndrome i've been hearing for a decade. it's always someone blaming the fans because, god forbid, they expect their team to be COMPETITIVE. this wouldn't have been an embarrassment if the Bulls had lost even a moderately competitive game. the expectation wasn't to blow out Wisconsin or even a win. it was to simply see a team that had made some "significant" personnel adjustments score a ******* point. but no, we just have to eat this shizz sandwich & "hope for a CoNfErEnCe cHaMpiOnsHiP" because we aren't ALL 50+ year olds who remember the first game & the portables & CJL with his car lights on to practice after dark. this has NOOOOOTHING to do with "immediate gratification" or "it's not fun like back in the 1800's when we walked 20 miles uphill both directions in the rain to watch them play in leather helmets." the expectations were EXTREMELY low coming into this game. they literally couldn't have been lower. & as usual, the Bulls failed to meet even the lowest of standards. but it's the fans fault. we should have 22 more seasons of "just have fun, it's not whether u win or lose or even how u play the game" zero expectations, but USF's football program is going NOWHERE with a defeatist attitude like that.... except maybe back to 1997 as an FCS independent with trailers & car lights. I know a few people here would be delighted with all that "FUN!" & zero expectations.
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