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  1. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    the players can usually tell from context if the noise is positive or negative. it's not just the presence of noise, but the intention behind that noise. fans chanting "USF! USF!" works on the same psychological mechanism as a personal trainer saying "cmon Ricky! U can do it!" as u do push-ups... Or whatever. it's encouragement. Or distraction, if home fans are making noise while visiting team's offense is on field, etc.
  2. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    @ UMass TV

    the Celtics are on NBCSports Boston (used to be CSNNE I think), which I don't think we get. sucks, I think the C's are going to be a special team this season. Finding NESN on FiOS just made my day tho. Lol
  3. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    @ UMass TV

    thank u. i literally never venture into the SD channels & don't think there's an HD NESN channel. I'm from Mass & have been looking for the regional networks for years. u just found NESN for me
  4. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    I see nothing has changed at TBP... the standing vs. sitting argument is older than I am. Lol. i think the lean years after xCJL was fired sucked a lot of energy out of the fan base. we obviously lost a lot of fans & the non-marquee games reverted to a "quaint way to spend a quiet Saturday afternoon sitting in a red plastic chair & sipping $10 draft beers where the Bucs play on Sundays" after I graduated & moved from the student section to season tickets on the east aisle of 125 (row M!) in 2008 we stood entire games (if they were competitive), we were loud, we narrowly avoided brawls with Miami & Rutgers fans... I got the occasional dirty look for my general comportment, but the majority of fans within earshot (which included most of 126 as well) not only seemed to enjoy the rowdiness but joined in once I got going. I even had a counterpart in 126 that would shout equally insane things as I did. for the four seasons I was in 125, from 2008 to 2012, the South Endzone seemed to embrace the "rowdy young alum" designation & tried our hardest to match the intensity of the students in the North Endzone. there were several groups of young season ticket holders that sat in the surrounding rows; I got to know them well, they were like my second family for 6 Saturdays a year in fall. no one EVER told me to sit down. then I went to work in South America for a year & a half & when I came back, it was completely different. most of the "family" had been replaced by empty seats & quiet old sitters who sipped their beers thru straws. Nobody was rude, but nobody joined in the rambunction. it was like attending a game in the old "quaint Saturday afternoon" era. ive attended a couple games a season since then, but the LACK of excited young alumni fans who treated our section as a family & embraced the challenge of being loud & rowdy was an experience killer & has actually prevented me from attending some of the random non-marquee games I used to just jump in the car & drive to on Saturdays. in other words, the old stiffs who think they can decide for others what's "exciting" & when it's "acceptable to stand" can KILL the vibe. if I want to sit on my ass & only get loud half a dozen times a game I can sit on my couch or go to a bar. The beer is cheaper & the company isn't as stiff & lifeless. remember, your fellow fans are PART of the experience. The crazy young fans standing, shouting mildly inappropriate taunts, instigating other fans to be loud ARE PART OF THE STADIUM EXPERIENCE. just because you're a bitter old fart with a bum knee & want to sit all game doesn't mean u should ruin the experience for others by whining & moaning about the "etiquette" of when it is "appropriate" to stand. WE are the ones that make the most noise & encourage others to do so. to quote some random rap song... "***** don't kill my vibe" we do what we do FOR THE TEAM. sitters do what u do for your own comfort. SELFISH!
  5. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    This is nice....

    it would be WVU 2007.
  6. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    Best game this year

    yeah, let's have a 250 lb. slot receiver returning punts over a state champ track runner. i love Tyre, but he's not dragging defenders for 50 yards on a return.
  7. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    We are a 4th Quarter Team

    coaching. compare Golly Gee Whiz Skip Holtz to Charlie STRONG. one is a limp noodle, the other is a no nonsense man of strength.
  8. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    How do you assess this?

    1-1 TTU just hung 63 on Houston
  9. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    Best game this year

    not sure what's worse, the FG's or the kick offs. So bad. & I'd really like to know why TF Horne doesn't return punts.
  10. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    Best game this year

    cut the penalties in half & we win by three scores. That can be fixed. special teams are another story.
  11. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    Blake Barnett

    yes. he is also limited in his passes... He can throw deep or he can throw 100 mph bullets. he needs to work on his touch.
  12. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    Best game this year

    exactly my thoughts. they literally played as bad as I've seen them play since CSH for 2 if not 3 quarters & couldn't even get out of their own way with multiple false starts on the game winning drive... but they still won. if they can win like that when EVERYTHING is going wrong, they'll be pretty **** impressive when they're clicking.
  13. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    We are a 4th Quarter Team

    look at the scoring by quarter for UI: 10, 6, 3, 0 thats called adjustment & pinning our ears back when it counts.
  14. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    Best game this year

    as bad as a 2-0 p5 team at "home" can be. im prone to give these guys credit. they sacked up & made plays when it counted. offense put up 600 yards of offense. defense only allowed 1 TD.