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  1. do other seasons exist on YT? i'm old school. i still have the '07 AU & WVU games on DVD's that mysteriously showed up on my doorstep.
  2. the point isn't whether he's going to be the next Roy Jones or how good his technique is or how much money he's going to make from it. the point is he's doing something productive in his post-football days & enjoys doing it, yet some people who havent played a down of competitive flag football much less BCS-level FBS football for the school this message board is about are still pulling the old "happy for him BUT..... [insert passive aggressive criticisms]" if the guy ended up in jail you'd throw him in the trash as a disgrace. instead he's living a successful life doing something
  3. he looked pretty solid to me. not sure why there are shades of negativity in this thread. the guy is living his life, who cares how many times a year he fights or how good (or not) his opponents have been. he's a guy in his mid-30s doing something he enjoys a decade after he gave our alma mater a couple solid seasons at running back during the football program's golden era. he's a nice guy who could be doing a lot of less positive things with his life given where he's come up from. let's support our brother #LetTheFordOutTheGarage
  4. if this is competing hard i hope i never have to witness competing weak. this is downright garbage. i have no idea whether these guys are giving it 110% and leaving it all out on the field or have packed it in mentally & are just going thru the motions... but WHATEVER they're doing they shouldn't be doing it at all, nevermind doing it hard. my fear is that not only is the strategy & gameplanning absolute dumpster sauce, but many players are also unmotivated or incapable therefore also not trying hard. weak-assing a garbage gameplan is the only way i can concei
  5. pull the plug & put a pillow over its face. for its own sake.
  6. this is the lowest this program has ever been. even the Holtz New Error was better than this, at least it was in a quasi-respectable conference. this is just **** from every angle. pure, unadulterated ****. i will always be proud of my degree from USF, i will always hope for our athletics programs to win... but i won't spend a single penny on anything related to the football program until the University pulls its head out of its *** & either commits the resources necessary to make us competitive in the trash AAC or admits it doesn't have the stones & just downgrades
  7. meh. couldnt be less excited for this game. unless we win, then i'll declare this the resurrection of the program.
  8. and again, TRASH clock management at the end of the half was a killer. Charlie Strong needs to clean out his office by tomorrow.
  9. this coaxhing staff has had plenty of time to either find or groom a competent kicker and didn't. that is trash to me. "close but no cigar" against all but the lowliest of competition as the new standard of "success" is trash to me. i don't blame the players. there is talent on this team. but a 50+ man football team cannot win without coaching & they dont have it. this isn't basketball where an Allen Iverson or LeBron James can drag a team with no All-Stars to the Finals off the will of their competitiveness. football doesnt work that way. too many moving parts need to work
  10. Charlie Strong is trash. waving the white flag down 10 with time on the clock & timeouts in our pocket was ****. he needs to go. that was the last straw. i can't even bring myself to crack sarcastic jokes to hide the shame anymore. absolutely pathetic. Chuckles is only here for the paycheck. he doesnt give a **** about the program, his players or even his pride. he should have been fired last season.
  11. ladies and gentlemen we are witnessing the emergence of an AAC powerhouse. Coach Charlie Strong's ability to adapt, holding walkthroughs on Thursdays and full contact Saturday's has this team on the precipice of storming the NY6.
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