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  1. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    Welcome TruthARevolutionaryAct

    literally exactly what I was thinking LOLLL
  2. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    Welcome TruthARevolutionaryAct

    he should be forced to change his screen name. Lol.
  3. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    CCS.... I think has mailed it in

    then he **** sure better surround himself with more competent assistants than Sterlin Gilbert. what he can't do he should have assistants who can.
  4. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    CCS.... I think has mailed it in

    what the **** is that? how do u not know how to answer that question? it should be automatic: "we're not trying to build the same type of thing here. we're building something BETTER."
  5. TRUTH D. Antagonist

    Ucf Refs

    the 15 yard penalty for that perfectly legal quasi-suplex tackle in the first quarter of last year's game putting UCF in the red zone was enough for me. the AAC has a vested interest in UCF's continued success. they would do the same for any conference team in that position. it is the best marketing the AAC could possibly have, elevating the perceived quality of the product it goes hand in hand with the "P6" thing. unfortunately USF didn't put itself in a position to be that team.
  6. **** it. Time for the hard drugs & liquor. hope they can come back but 20 unanswered points is a total collapse. this is an absolute joke.
  7. he succeeded in the first half then proceeded to do the exact same **** he's done all season. it's ridiculous.
  8. is it possible that CCS went conservative with a 17 point lead after 2 quarters? he does know touchdowns are worth 6 points (+1) right?
  9. the maddening thing is the first half play calling was actually decent... yet instead of continuing what got the team a 17-0 lead, he reverts to a tinfoil wrapped baked potato. it really can't be questioned at this point: Gilbert is incapable of calling 4 quarters of solid plays. i don't know if he's stubborn or just ignorant.
  10. why Baby Jesus??? THIS is exactly why Coach Chuck didn't run that 1-minute offense at the end of the half. if there is a foot we will shoot ourselves in it. Now imagine what we'd do with 100 yards.
  11. These commentators are slurping Temple hard. is this a local Philly crew or ESPN crew???