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  1. because nobody actually reads welcome threads. lol.
  2. unless there's 5 years of eligibility Martin is a Senior. takethat takethat takethat @JTrue !!
  3. I've seen better officiating at middle school games. this is a disgrace.
  4. THAT WAS NOT A TRAVEL!!! that was absolutely a foul on Q!!! WHAT IS THIS???¿?
  5. I don't care if u have a wide open three, run down the clock on every possession. no reason to shoot outside of 8 seconds unless u have a wide open cutter with an uncontested layup at the basket. use up as much of those 35 seconds as possible.
  6. These in-game commentators are really juggling Memphis' nuts. Is this an ESPN broadcast crew or a crew from one of the teams, cuz if it's team broadcasters they SHOULD be using the home team's guys. whoever it is at least TRY to be objective. They're acting like USF doesn't even belong on the court with Memphis. Look at the record, fellas.
  7. #13 on Memphis looks 40 years old... he must be one of those that takes a decade to write his doctoral thesis,
  8. what the fork does this have to do with their subs? popcorn chicken is for people that like their hard, stale breading with a smidge of assorted, unidentifiable proteins in the middle. aka nobody.
  9. that was absolutely the most egregiously bad 5-second violation I've ever seen.
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