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  1. We see this does work, because the USF Twitter account is back after being suspended.
  2. I have wondered why we did not just build the IPF for 10-15 million, then start on working on saving for the OCS.
  3. Is Larry Scott actually under consideration for OC, or is ET just making a suggestion to the board?
  4. That cannot be true, because he has only been head coach there for 2 years and has a winning record.
  5. I was hoping it was Stong's middle name, but I looked it up and found out his middle name is Rene.
  6. Looks like the renewal deadline was March 30th for 2018 tickets. Also, for 2018 tickets, I believe the initial alumni discount was 20%, dropping to 10% after a certain date. Trying to find the prices for 2018 to compare.
  7. For curiousity sake, does anyone know what Strong’s buyout is?
  8. After all of that, he referred to the announced temperature at the start of the Georgia Tech game instead of the actual. Seems inconsistent to me.
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