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  1. If I remember it correctly they asked if he saw any separation happening and he simply responded “yes” so it really could have meant anything and he didn’t actually try to explain the context in anyway
  2. I guess I tried to read positives in it that someone was separating from the pack in a positive way, I guess that’s on me for trying to hope. I should have known better and that it clearly meant we were separating ourselves from a passing game. I just can’t help but be a glass half full guy, maybe one day I will learn better.
  3. That’s definitely how I felt when Frost cried about it
  4. Sometimes I lose track of where the site ends and reality begins.
  5. You know me too well I think there are a few arguments I have got involved in out of ennui and found myself caring by the end for no other reason than the sake of the argument. You kind of just took the fun out of it though so we may have to save it for another day.
  6. I can try if you like but my heart won’t really be in it
  7. If anyone on the team would have wanted to go for a FG (besides the kicker) I would find new players. A late FG in a blowout is strictly a vanity move for the coach and it says a lot more negative about them that they would even try it than it says if they got shutout. It was pretty bad but when you are at ND and getting beaten by all the points you aren’t going to have very many calls go your way.
  8. I would crawl through glass to only lose to those teams this season
  9. I agree I would rather get shut out than kick a field goal down by a million late in a game, I think it’s a bad look all the way around and shows you care more about the optics of a shutout on your resume than anything of actual substance to your team.
  10. I completely agree with that on the face of it the offense we would run if we had any offense does not seem at odds with the realities of recruiting here
  11. Well there are several threads where I had pretty positive things to say if you would like to be shocked but this one is for my catharsis so that I can continue my long suffering. We just need to keep moving forward and make steps towards improvement, no matter how you slice it today was not a step in that direction and I’m pretty sure CJS would even freely admit that.
  12. If I knew the answer to that I would be all for it but since I don’t I would rather just wait for Cinci to find out.
  13. I agree completely and I hope that we see it, if we do have tangible improvement I will be pumped and excited for the future and will have no problem voicing it but if we don’t I would like to hope everyone can be honest and say this year was disappointing even if they want to be hopeful for the future. These first two games did not have the result I would hope for if we fire a bad coach and hire a good one but it’s early and we have at least three years to improve, I just want to see incremental progress.
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