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  1. Didn’t you get the memo? Covid is exclusively a USF problem which is peculiar since the thousands of people that visited the super bowl here packed into crowded spaces and used masks sporadically resulted in a whopping 50 cases. Thank G-d we didn’t have an OCS or we probably wouldn’t have gotten to play a single game.
  2. If it were that obvious we wouldn’t be discussing the tremendous effort put into managing to go defeated
  3. They say they had no plans to move and were motivated by not having a place to play and being told they were valued at zero dollars, it maybe petty but they state that it was their motivation and they had no other option. I see no reason they would lie about this since now they trumpet it as a great plan they had to differentiate themselves.
  4. It is their perception that they were and what motivates the customer is ultimately the only truth that matters as they make the decision on where to spend their dollars, they built the stadium because they perceived that they had to and whether that was reasonable or not doesn’t really matter.
  5. I will be perfectly happy when I can see a tangible positive path forward and people do not try to make up nuances to football which historically is easily measured in wins and losses. CJS managed to lose every single FBS game and that’s not even as good as several FCS level programs, there is no nuanced way to look at that level of failure. It sucks and he needs to do better as measured in wins and losses.
  6. I absolutely think that many coaches could have won those other two games and I do not accept that because we got blown out means that no one else could have been competitive. I think CJS started behind the 8 ball by deciding to delay his transition, I also believe that his hires were lazy convenient choices that should have expected scrutiny following their failures and he made very basic rookie mistakes that would not be expected by anyone that has successfully lead before (ones that he acknowledged and is saying he is trying to correct going forward). Given that we had less games last seaso
  7. As long as we are I will be happier by how much is another question contingent entirely on the amount of games above it.
  8. Sorry my bigger issue, obviously I have issue with everything. But if we expected to go defeated going into the year and people said by year 3 they expect to get 9 wins I would be less irritated. My bigger issue is that people had expectations in year one and are now pretending they did not and are now coming up with excuses for failure that seem like they have no expiration date. We can wait for year three for me to get really fired up but at that point we better not be explaining to me about how .500 is actually the best that could be expected and how everyone knows you can’t have any expec
  9. I was wondering why no other coach thought about if they could just improve the oline things would simply fall into place.
  10. I had the typical 4 year experience which is why I know that by year three I was pretty well set on my graduation trajectory and the gpa I would finish with.
  11. My issue isn’t so much year one (although I obviously didn’t like it) it’s that people then extrapolate that to being .500 at year three and when that takes you to an abysmal place just isn’t good enough. If we want to use silly terms like year zero, Covid year, and evaluation year I am fine with that as long as it doesn’t lead to that we can expect three full years of failure because by that point your culture is set, your team is mostly yours and you have upperclassman that you have brought on.
  12. I am perfectly fine with you finding optimism in 4-8 I am not sure why it bothers you that it’s a nonstarter for optimism for me.
  13. That it would be difficult is why it would get praise as would 5 wins, 3-4 would be holding serve and getting 1 is failure. Do you honestly believe that it was not possible for anyone to have won 3 games last season?
  14. There is no such thing as an optimistic 4-8 in my eyes before optimism can be attempted to be garnered you have to at least crack .500.
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