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  1. Yep yet USF wants to put out things like that being the only game against them to be in our top 15 in attendance, fake news!!!!! The USF\UcF rivalry truthers know better than that!
  2. I mean you picked a name touting a team that had just gotten into our conference, how did you think that was going to go for you? You are a USF fan but you picked an ECU name on a USF message board and you are upset that it didn’t go over well but you think my thoughts are insane, got it.
  3. Nope you are wrong. That was only good for USF so that wasn’t good or exciting at all. Poor UCF was in an inferior conference and got curb stomped so that can’t possibly be fun for Bulls fans. The only way to truly have a victory is for us to have our competition win.
  4. They are both in our conference, right? So whichever one makes it harder for us to be successful, it’s better to look good and lose than to have uneventful wins. Didn’t you see how much losing to UCF last season did for our program? Hopefully we can be lucky enough to repeat it every season until they can leave us to die in the AAC while we reminisce about how much more exciting it was to competitively lose to them than it was when we beat the **** out of them and left them for dead.
  5. Oh ye of little faith. It’s on my vision board and everything.
  6. B) you are wrong. C) my first assertion in the post you replied to was New England’s math was wrong because more than 1 percent of posters on this board are from other teams; ie EZU.
  7. I’m a year ahead of schedule on that one. My hairs kept saying should we turn white? Nope let’s get out of here and jump down the drain. I decided to beat them to the punch, I really showed them.
  8. A) there is no way this is the beginning B) My genius vs insanity will be measured by our success in getting into a real Power conference C) Your presence is proof of one of my assertions
  9. If Gandhi had that attitude the British Empire would have 1.5 billion more people. I’m going on a hunger strike until we stop being oppressed in the NCAA caste system and take our rightful position as an oppressor.
  10. Because I cared about this team, my alma mater, long before we had the misfortune of creating this conference. I guess being the least broken of the misfit toys could be seen as a success but I prefer to measure us by higher standards. The AAC is our sunken place and we need to get out.
  11. Well what were the odds of running into one of those in here? Apparently pretty good.
  12. There is no way you think that percentage is true. More than 1 percent are probably fans from other teams, more than half have disappeared throughout the years and they may or may not know or care and probably an okay percentage of people on here have no idea about our entire history or the current state of the AAC and who is in it much less who won it. Like I tell people anytime this comes up go tell 100 random people that we won the AAC championship last season and let me know how many question us winning vs question if the AAC is a real conference. The only joke, although a very dark humored one, is that we are in this abortion of a conference. The only way to win is to get out.
  13. You said we need hardware. That could be bowl hardware, The Who gives a crap conference championship hardware or you could simply take a trip over to Lowe’s. Now you want specific hardware, I really fear winning the AAC is not going to be as invigorating for our fanbase as some would like to dream.