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  1. A highlight of the AAC would definitely be a short segment of a video, “here in the aac we pride ourselves on being the best of the worst”.
  2. You could probably count them on JPP’s right hand.
  3. A United States and Canada Mount Rushmore.
  4. puc86

    Adidas Has Arrived at USF

    I stand corrected
  5. puc86

    Adidas Has Arrived at USF

    The cardinal would probably look weird in green and gold but to each his own I guess.
  6. We never negotiate good deals any more.
  7. puc86

    I wonder who this is directed at?

    False I was a Penn State fan, I lived in South Florida with my family for a while and my sister was a Miami fan and at least once a year we went to a Canes game and we usually went to the annual pig bowl.
  8. As far as I am concerned the site is perfect, there is not one other site on the internet that I still go to from 16 years ago when I was still in college and certainly none that I frequent as often. I think its amazing and admirable that you put this much effort into something that is a labor of love and has no competition. You do not get the credit you deserve and I am sorry I have not thanked you enough or made the contributions I should have.
  9. Maybe marginally, I have never noticed them to be too bad it pretty much just text and a few banner ads. Lets see what monitis has to say... its actually a little slower than I would have thought but its not like you are are selling anything, are trying to convert before anyone navigates away or that anyone else here has anywhere else to go on the entire planet to talk about this subject. It scored better than Reddit so that has to be good for this market.
  10. I had noticed my notification icon had went from red to green and it was the first time I had noticed that.
  11. puc86

    I wonder who this is directed at?

    The only public transit we ever used were the metro rail and the metro mover. No one ever claimed that public transit had anything to do with attendance. Someone earlier stated that they used it to go to the Miami games at the Orange Bowl and later someone else said that it was due to Miami's success. I simply pointed out that it was used by many that arent Jtrue because they did not like dealing with the lack of parking and the zoo that was little havana on game days. Ray Jay is a stadium not built 95 years ago and has ample parking it is not the same as the Orange Bowl in any regard (although you can still park in yards if you like) other than it is not in Coral Gables just as Ray Jay is not in Temple Terrace.
  12. puc86

    I wonder who this is directed at?

    I was there too. My family lived in Kendall we drove to the stop by Dadeland and took the Metro Rail. Yes it was a mile but it was packed and many, not you, but many found it much easier to walk than to deal with the traffic and the lack of parking.
  13. puc86

    I wonder who this is directed at?

    Never claimed it was amazing, just the best in Florida and was a necessary component to games at the Orange Bowl given the lack of much actual stadium parking. There are only so many cars that can fit in a little havana lawn and there are only so many lawns. But business insider recently ranked Miami 11th based on a lot of data points for whatever that is worth. http://www.businessinsider.com/cities-best-public-transportation-2017-6
  14. puc86

    I wonder who this is directed at?

    Joey sucks??
  15. puc86

    I wonder who this is directed at?

    I think the metro rail is top 10 in terms of use for mass trans in the nation and has something like over 20 million uses a year. The people mover is okay for downtown and if people aren’t laying on the tracks the tri rail system is pretty good at getting people between Dade, broward and palm beach. It may not be nyc but Miami definitely has the closest thing to mass transit in Florida and was an important part of attendance at orange bowl events.