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  1. Kind of like a wet fart but more in the front That’s not how ghosts work
  2. I feel the AAC is a succubus slowly sucking the life from us via our nocturnal emissions.
  3. Always a good choice, probably the best free dollars I ever spent on tickets to USF was on D Wade led Marquette. My favorite games in conference whatever this is called is when we have our scrimmages.
  4. I would obviously pick Louisville, West Virginia or Pitt. Next question.
  5. puc86

    USF New President Search

    Generational talents like CJL and Puc86 aren’t going to get in line with 30 other people we need to be courted and wooed.
  6. puc86

    FB survey

    If we actually got our studies right there would not be a need to constantly be in the exploration phase and what fun would that be? Life is but a feasibility study.
  7. They are the embodiment of snow flake culture. A constant demanding that their voices must be heard and accepted while seeking confrontation by actively engaging the groups least interested in their message. They display a hubris that is laughable while at the same time constant enough to elicit a reaction and then they cry about being victims of the backlash they created. They detest Judy and us, while at the same time begging for our acceptance, for having done nothing to them but provide them the hand up that has given them the closest thing to legitimacy they have had. I’m not sure that preeminence makes up for the blunder that was embracing them. This is what happens when you don’t have a most powerful man in the building.
  8. puc86

    Willie in trouble

    A) sure B) every conference we were in before was better than the AAC C) this isn’t just a subset of CWT’s games it’s his overall record not just here but everywhere he has been D) he is our only coach who to lose to an FCS team since we went to FBS and he is our only coach to never win a bowl game E) you said he won a lot which you are free to believe but the fact still remains that he had more losses than he had wins and that had nothing to do with CJL.
  9. puc86

    Willie in trouble

    Almost as many as he lost.
  10. And people thought @TRUTH D. Antagonist had the most accurate post on here in years...
  11. The war on I-4 makes me
  12. It’s not fair to expect everyone to be as fair, reasonable and level headed as I am at all times.
  13. Sometimes when you fire your only good coach that is the heart of your program you pay the price for it.
  14. puc86


    If you weren’t trying to make a false equivalency to USF then why is it on this board?
  15. puc86


    When any of our coaches accomplish a tenth of what Nick Saban has done they can do whatever they like.