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  1. I like that we are separated from the rest of the AAC, it warms my heart
  2. When the Rays move to Montreal we need to look at a dual use stadium and going with them.
  3. How in the **** are people paying more for Vipers tickets than USF tickets??? Seriously what the ****????
  4. It’s because AD’s negotiate these deals a handful of times in their career while coaches are represented by people negotiating their deals at least that many times a year. Also to the AD getting their “guy” is the important part to them so that they can move on up and leave any bad deals with the next guy, where as agents are only worried about getting their guy paid. The inequity of the contracts are appalling especially when you look at the lopsided clauses for breaking the contract, if a school breaks it they owe every penny if a coach breaks it they owe comparatively nothing.
  5. It depends on the conference, a Big East basketball championship would have the bees knees.
  6. The nerve of some people, I say we hunt down these evil doers.
  7. If there is one thing I hate it’s people that try to dwell on the past...
  8. I think you have to believe that if you get there you can make a run even if you haven’t so many times before but the guaranteed way not to become the Cinderella of the NCAA ball is to not make it in.
  9. I would argue only a loser mentality would desire to play at a lower level just to be able to pretend you were successful, you compete to show you are the best and the best are competing at the NCAA tournament. Sure winning it is better than not, sure it’s better than what we are currently doing but I don’t want to believe that anyone would take a guaranteed win in the NIT over the chance to show your mettle in the NCAA.
  10. Competing against the best on the biggest stages is a whole lot closer to the Platonic Form of winning than not making it there to begin with, most people would give any trophy, championship or award they ever received just to compete for a shift, series, drive or at bat at their respective sports. Coming in dead last at the Olympics is more impressive than any place at any race to get there because it’s the pinnacle of all of those other races and winning low level tournaments and conferences is nice ,I guess, but anyone being honest would rather be taking their chances on the main stage.
  11. There are parties for selecting the teams to the NCAA and people hold their breath when they are on the bubble, those that have the G-ds shine upon them celebrate and go to the NCAA tournament and those who are fortunes fools look sad as their bubble bursts and they get relegated to the NIT. The NIT is much like the AAC in that there is no real champion because by being in it you have already lost.
  12. No one wants to go to the NIT vs getting into the NCAA tournament, winning it is certainly not better than coming in 32nd in the NCAA tournament, every single person in the NIT would trade places with a play in team.
  13. Wasn’t his most successful season in Dayton getting to the second round of the NCAA? Something CSH also accomplished. Unless you are suggesting winning the tournament for people that didn’t make the NCAA tournament and to which everyone recognizes is a consolation prize is somehow better than actually winning games in the real tournament but there is no way anyone actually believes that. I like CBG but if that’s his ceiling than we have been there before it just feels like a lifetime ago.
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