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  1. Great is the only level CJL knows, I miss him
  2. Or when people call you out on it just say nope you typed what you meant and they are wrong.
  3. But we replaced them with other teams that came from football conferences too, so pretty much the same thing only different.
  4. Louisville and TCU are better than any other team in this conference and all of the best of the crap here were also there with us.
  5. And the majority of our conference was called up into the big leagues and replaced by dreck that no one would have ever considered putting into their conference but that had no impact at all. The BEAST had a decent history and some prestigious institutions that had national recognition and appeal. The difference in the sentiment is palpable in every facet not the least of which is the money, access and prestige. The AAC doesn’t even compare to Conference USA when we were in it much less to the BEAST.
  6. Mostly I feel I am right about everything but I would agree with Tripple in that I am perhaps a tad melodramatic and prone to attention seeking outbursts that may marginally overstate my actual beliefs (which I’m not even sure actually exist anymore as I feel myself slowly disappearing). What I am mostly certain of is that I hate the AAC, I hate morons that think we are tied to UCF and that their success is beneficial to us, I miss the Big East, CJL was a god amongst men and our hubris killed the goose that laid our golden egg, Stan Heath was our best basketball coach, Seth and Willie we’re both average but great showman, CSH sucked and could never beat the coach he replaced, Gregory seems promising and Strong I fear isn’t what I hoped he would be. I am still a Bull thru and thru and I will be at every game I can cheering us on but I hate what we have allowed ourselves to become and I am now more like the old guys watching the muppets than the college kid I used to know, young me would punch current me right in the ****.
  7. My favorite part was his brother stealing his horrible act and simply going by his surname as well, what can be proprietary about “y’all want to smash some fruit?” And yet sadly he is probably a top 10 recognizable alumni.
  8. The hulkster seems to have okay money, Gallagher not so much I guess smashing fruit isn’t lucrative as you would hope.
  9. If we can’t get a seat at the table it’s worth considering. We play with the also rans and the market has spoken on how it feels about G5 football in the Tampa Bay Area, spoiler alert much like the rest of the country no one cares. In every other sport our path to relevance is unlikely but possible but in our current football standing it’s literally impossible. If there isn’t a plan to gtfo folding or moving down isn’t unreasonable it’s accepting the life we created by founding the AAC.
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