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  1. Thanks for the new avatar, do you think CJS can make biscuits?
  2. What else were we supposed to talk about? Skippy was told to beat Florida in his first conference, without skipping a beat he quipped back that’s why he was here. Shockingly enough just saying it in a press conference didn’t really amount to anything and even more shocking is that Skippy has the second most impressive resume of all of our coaches. The time has come to do something and until that thing is done you can’t really expect for people to talk about more than your record says you are. If I didn’t want people talking about my losing I would consider trying to win a single game, but that’s just how I roll.
  3. Never once is going backwards a necessary step towards improvement and the sooner you start taking steps forward instead of continuing the wrong direction the easier improvement will be to implement and the more likely you will be there for its implementation. Maybe day one things should be expected to be a disaster but by day 200 you should be able to vector in on at least a single thing you could make better, CJS will likely go 500 days without a single FBS win and that’s a bit difficult to sell as improvement you know is happening.
  4. I am not really a faith kind of guy so while I don’t think last season prevents him from taking us further simply that I would like to see something tangible that points towards improvement before I can believe that brighter days are ahead. The first game looked like a disaster to me which I proclaimed, I was told a million reasons why what I saw was not the truth and brighter days were coming that season, those days never came, so when people are seeing brightness in what looks like darkness to me I prefer to take a wait and see approach. Incremental progress can take place immediately in life and snowballs but it all starts with that first process improvement which you can always find the avalanche of reasons it couldn’t be done if you look hard enough. I’m a political scientist whatever that means
  5. I think that would be a fair conversation had he even gotten to the same ballpark of ineptitude, that he completely rewrote the book on the subject is why being fair and rational is to be of my opinion and not of the oh well he tried and said some hokey things so that must be improvement mindset.
  6. I think we are aligned on the facts but simply disagree on the severity of the nothing CJS produced. When someone sets the bar very low for you it’s usually the easiest to have tangible positive impact, it’s pretty much a given that you should be able to hold serve and very few people are able to come in and do exceptionally worse than the person that failed before them. USF had more spring practice than the majority of FBS programs, every team had to deal with Covid and the issues that surrounded it and out of the 20 coaches that got to start in a covid year it is pretty universally recognized that CJS fared among the worst. When people fail miserably they are too unique to compare but once again when they actually succeed it’s not because they were unfairly handed advantages. CJS fired people for his failed year so it’s pretty clear he knows that there is plenty that can be gathered by performances last season (even those as unique as ours), we should spare him the subtle bigotry of low expectations.
  7. So what degree of criticism in your unique view is merited for failing in the face of adversity in proportion to the the praise that would be merited for overcoming adversity (like many others were able to do)? He was hired to fix a mess, he made the mess worse than it’s ever been and part of leadership is overcoming adversity not simply being hades a winning hand and managing not to completely blow it.
  8. He reminds me of Ted Lasso. Nice guy, says a lot of the right things, people pull for him and then on the field nothing improves and no one wins.
  9. The only thing I can’t wrap my head around is why this couldn’t be demonstrated during the course of last season. At some point something could have been improved week over week but that never seemed to happen, maybe this year will be a pleasant surprise.
  10. Almost as if Covid had nearly zero impact on success and failure? Why didn’t anyone tell Jeff Traylor he could mail in the season and not bother doing better than Frank Wilson’s 4-8 record by going 7-5?
  11. You know those are the same adversities faced by other programs last season right? You also know that some programs actually succeeded and their accomplishments were not diminished while some failed and coaches were fired for how they handled their adversity. The only people that think adversity should make you immune to your results are people that failed completely and have no positive to hang their hat on.
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