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  1. Except that we can easily win the AAC and play in Boca Raton in which case winning the AAC is absolutely worthless. If we lose to Wisconsin, Georgia Texh and BYU we aren’t going to a NY6 game no mater how many AAC championship games we win. Beating the teams you hope to be able to face if you win the AAC is a good in and of itself winning the AAC is a way to hopefully be able to get another game that matters that we could then hopefully win.
  2. Because it won’t. Just walk into any sports bar in any town USA and tell everyone that USF has won the AAC 50 years in a row. Not one person will know that the AAC hasn’t existed, that we haven’t won it or that anyone would lie about winning something that absolutely no one except 30 or so people on USF and apparently UCF message boards cares about. If you beat Wisconsin, Florida, and Alabama people care and take notice but if you beat Tulane and say it’s important because you made a trophy and everything the world will be forever colored unimpressed. Is having the biggest and best **** sandwich really any better than having the worst one? The problem is the **** sandwich and not the magnitude of it.
  3. Given the state of the program following the dismissal of CSH it’s amazing to have the dance be more than a pipe dream. It’s actually reasonable to think we can be on the NCAA tournament next season and that’s a great problem to have.
  4. Anything I can do to make the world a better place, welcome to our community and maybe fortuna will lead some of us to your area at the end of the season. Who doesn’t dream of border town vacations?
  5. The hippopotamus, he is not born going, "Cool bean, I am a hippo." No way, José. So he tried to paint the stripe on himself to be like the zebra, but he fool no one. And then he tried to put the spot on his skin to be like the leopard, but everyone know he is a hippo. So at certain point, he look himself in the mirror, and he just say, "Hey, I am a hippopotamus, and there is nothing I can do about it." And as soon as he accepts this, he live life happy. Happy as a Hippo.
  6. All I read there is I am the best, so thanks Trip.
  7. Argumentum ad verecundiam is a defeasible argument which all too often people simply accept as fact.
  8. I’ll be damned if I would let something like “experts” sway my decisions.
  9. Exactly. Just say it louder and more often. At first people will laugh. Then they will start saying things like self professed or qualifying it as your opinion. Then eventually they forget that the only reason they have heard something so often is because of you, at that point they just accept that they have head it enough so it must be true. Exactly!! Or insane; I like to straddle the line.
  10. That’s not the right way to navigate the internet. You need to state every opinion as fact. Be as big an ******* as possible. If someone proves you wrong you never admit it you just keep doubling down on your opinion no matter how far of a corner it paints yourself into. Every day is a new day so don’t be afraid to completely pivot on your opinions but never acknowledge that you have changed or were previously wrong. You are always right, everyone else is always wrong and if you argue the point long enough they will eventually give up allowing you to be proven the winner of every argument. Some people will wonder what’s the point of interacting with people this way, because **** ‘em that’s why.
  11. Because they have a reporter that goes with reported numbers and we have one that has a hard on for actual numbers. If you take every penny spent on campus including tuition, housing, books, food (pay no attention to what is your take) shops, tickets, advertising, debt service, salaries etc take the absolute value of all of them and add them together and then probably multiply by two based on aspirational future growth it’s pretty simple to get to that number. Or you can just hard code the number to $4 million and know no one cares enough to make a sunshine request and you can continue to live in your grand delusions.
  12. It would be a place that didn’t include any power 5 teams, they have all of the power, the NCAA knows it, the P5 knows it, the G5 knows it and every network knows it. If the NCAA was ever dumb enough to try to flex its muscle the P5 would break away and continue to be successful while the NCAA would be left to whither on the vine like whatever the football upstart that just failed was called.
  13. A gps without a map is pretty close to worthless
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