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  1. Have lob tell me what he picked and I will tell him if her wins or not
  2. In keeping with the spirit of the thread I am going to go ahead and take this as a compliment
  3. The difference is striking but in all fairness CCS was a simply a man before his time when it came to social distancing the media and fans.
  4. I thought you left, aren’t people suffering enough? (Btw I don’t actually mind you and recognize this is a bit too harsh of a joke for someone I don’t have a relationship with but you have to expect some ribbing when you publicly announce your departure and you were such an ardent supporter of someone people had rallied against).
  5. If I ever miss Colin’s soccer discussions on here I will wonder on over to TDS. It’s only been about a decade so I’m sure that day is right around the corner because of the due factor.
  6. Maybe we need to open more circuses so we can return the “writers” of the TDS to their natural habitat
  7. I agree we need to make our own viruses and stop importing them from other countries.
  8. Yes but most people try to find the school and then the education program it is more theoretical that someone could actually transfer despite football and because they actually want to follow an academic path to a new school.
  9. Someone in theory could have academic reasons as well.
  10. So he is more than a warm body, hopefully we eventually have camp and someone ends up shining after an actual battle for the position.
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