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  1. Fold football and throw all of the resources behind basketball.
  2. No worries but that 20pt difference would have inspired me to probably bet and hope we win by single digits
  3. It’s not a relegation league otherwise Boise would have been in last time and pretty much no one that got called up would have been in.
  4. I miss it all! The beer was colder, the stadium was filled, the sun wasn’t as hot, the teams were more exciting, my wife was younger, and we were young misfit warrior kings that felt we could beat the world now we have lived long enough to know the disappointments of life.
  5. The only way to win the AAC is to win a ticket onto one of the lifeboats off of it, who won the last foot race of the passengers left on the Titanic? Who won the last Game of Gin? Did anyone left on the boat as it sank actually win anything?
  6. If any of our coaches could have done it it’s CJL, he literally worked a miracle here and we were like I don’t really like fish and bread and this wine isn’t even a good vintage, now go fetch some more water and try again.
  7. I would much rather be winning 9 games and losing the BEAST every season while beating up on marquee out of conference opponents than losing to marquee programs and winning 9 AAC games to take the AAC conference championship every season and I feel that anyone that says they don’t feel that way is being entirely disingenuous. So we don’t have conference hardware? Does the AAC give out a conference championship? Where would you put it? Somewhere below your presidents blue athletic patches from elementary school? And maybe just above your coed kickball participation trophy?
  8. Odd because they all seemed like really patient and reasonable people.
  9. This!!!! When people were crying about plateaus they should have cared more about falling into the valleys we have been damned to.
  10. See UCF and the fact they are not a marquee program thus a win against them cannot be marquee. They are a perennial cellar dwelling G5 program that is on a two year hot streak in 11 game seasons against not so hot talent. We have never even seen a recruiting class for their marshmallow looking coach and not one person that’s ever beaten them had ever bragged to one person about it.
  11. Welcome, and what, pray tell, would you like to talk about?
  12. I want to know what’s the best team to have ever had a marquee win against UCF.