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  1. Let’s get her on the payroll seems like as good a use of money as hiring CJS’ father
  2. I would definitely prefer garbage bags over our current home greens which are by far the worst uniform in program history, so I don’t think we are as far apart as you may think
  3. Well how do we get some of that?
  4. This is just way off base anyone can see that the slime uniforms were a million times better than our current green uniforms which are the biggest piles of uninspired generic garbage that has ever been produced for our football team, they are embarrassing.
  5. You haven’t filled out the 47 forms in triplicate and have them notarized yet? I think they had to be sent via fax or certified mail by Black Friday along with a negative Covid test within 72 hours of the mailing.
  6. No I actually truly like them our soflo uniforms are a million times better than our standard green Adidas jersey which I truly can’t stand and the mirrored green helmet maybe the best alternative helmet we have ever had.
  7. Why would anyone want to? They were beautiful.
  8. Either that or when it just shuts down in 1 to 2 years
  9. They were the best thing to happen to this program in years
  10. The helmets are pretty awesome I hope to see more of them along with the black ones
  11. You aren’t going to win many games giving up 4th and 7 and then not converting 4th and 1
  12. If even the most awesome uniforms in program history aren’t enough to pull us out of this tailspin, what can?
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