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  1. I like people that blaze new trails and take the road less traveled; I hope it works out.
  2. The wise man will always appear foolish to neb man.
  3. I’m referencing one of the greatest political philosophers of all time and you are referencing a fictional Tom Hanks movie character’s slutty mom, those things are quite different.
  4. Typically, but like most of my jokes there are half truths in them. I honestly am not a fan of the conference but I’m aware enough that things can be worse and we are probably here for a while. Have a happy 4th!
  5. “USF football was born free and yet everywhere it is in chains. When the revolution happens those of you that have come to love and find safety in your chains shall be forced to be free.” - Rousseau
  6. Most everything has been canceled already for this holiday so I think our brighter days are right around the corner
  7. Anytime you go out on a boat and less people come back than go out people are going to create some controversy.
  8. Hopefully one day we will celebrate USF’s independence from the tyrannical AAC just as we celebrate the founding of our nation.
  9. I think if there is anything we all should have learned over the past few months it’s that politics and sports do not mix very well... we probably should have had a rule or something.
  10. I’m not sure of when but it definitely won’t be one, of that I am sure.
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