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  1. There are too many to be sure of which one?
  2. TCU and Louisville both got selected by P5 conferences by those that do the selecting so clearly I am not the only one that thinks they are more marquee than anyone left in the G5, those that cut the checks agree with me completely. If you guys get selected and we do not I will begrudgingly accept that your path was clearly the better one but as it currently stands we are both in the exact same place and the total number of AAC conference football championships sum to the exact amount that we have. You guys have an OCS because you had to not because of any foresight, the Citrus Bowl was in disrepair and needed to be refurbished and they specifically told you the value of your team and its fans was zero dollars (the number seems a bit high to me). Boise State was in the exact position you currently find yourselves but for some reason they were passed over, almost as if money you can make for the conference and academic fit are the only requirements and not how many championships you can win in a crappy conference or if you are forced to build a stadium from Popsicle sticks that would not support crowds for actual big league football. The only way to actually win the AAC is to get the **** out of it and currently we are tied at zero on that front.
  3. While they are my fondest of memories and I do not think I would given them up for anything, I kind of understand this position a bit more now. Ignorance is truely bliss and had we taken the UCF path I would probably be perfectly happy in the AAC as I recognize they are and should be.
  4. No it’s a joke about you wanting to use a word that has bomb in it for an entire year.
  5. When USF was in C-USA it had teams in it that are now in the P5, namely Louisville and TCU. I would gladly trade back to C-USA as it was when we were in it and this is only odd to you because when you were in C-USA everyone of any value in the conference had already left, notice a pattern? As for my marquee wins vs aac conference champions position it’s really simple and not quite controversial however you don’t seem to understand it and I’m not quite sure how to make it clearer to you. I do not value the AAC at all I therefore do not value an AAC championship at all (I do recognize it’s value as a means to an end that I do value, the NY6 game). I do value wins against P5 teams as do you since you also highly value the NY6 game (it’s valuable because of who you play). If you win the AAC but lose all of your P5 games the only thing you are guaranteed is an AAC trophy however if you win the P5 games and not the trophy you still get your marquee wins (which the opportunity to have is the only value to winning the AAC). Winning the AAC doesn’t automatically get you into a NY6 game, there are several times where it has not and every single season winning a G5 conference means four teams will get nothing from there conference championship. You have done both and got to go to NY6 games and have even won a couple, so this in no way diminishes the achievements of your team. Why does it bother you that the order I value the things we are discussing in NY6, P5 games, aac championship while you value them NY6, AAC championship, P5 games?
  6. So how many times exactly have g5 teams had multiple P5 losses and made it to a NY6 game? As I have stated every single season 4 out of 5 g5 conference champions do not get a NY6 invite and I’m pretty sure all those picked for the NY6 game have a P5 win. You can call my argument hypothetical as much as you like but the ratio seems way more on my side. Want to know the fastest way to move up in any ranking? Win P5 games, the fastest way down? Be G5 and lose to anyone. My argument regarding P5 and NY6 however is that what makes it a big deal is who you are playing and the p5 game is against someone that would make it a big deal in and of itself. By contrast what makes the AAC championship not a big deal is once again who you are playing against. I realize this is confusing to you because this is the best conference you have ever been in so it seems like a big deal to you unfortunately for us this is by far the worst conference we have ever been in and sadly not as exciting for us.
  7. If I am wrong how many time have you or any G5 team lost all of their P5 games and made it to a NY6 bowl? I assume you have won conference championships outside of the times you went undefeated or lost to one highly ranked team, surely you made it to a NY6 game in those seasons and beat out an undefeated or near undefeated other G5 team. Four out of five G5 conference champions are guaranteed to kept out of a NY6 game and one G5 team will finish every season with less than 2 losses. If you lose two games as a G5 team you are almost assured to not be the anointed one getting to a NY6 game. A NY6 game and not a conference championship is the prize any G5 team can hope to achieve because you get to play on the big stage against a quality program. If you don’t get both you get nothing in return however wins against P5 programs are far closer to the ultimate goal of the NY6 game than being the conference champion that no one cares about or can name. I could go tell 100 average sports fans the USF has won the AAC championship every year it’s been in existence and the only thing anyone would question would be that the AAC is an actual conference and I wasn’t mispronouncing the ACC.
  8. If you try to out crazy the people that you are arguing against they are less inclined to try to engage you in brinkmanship.
  9. I try not to think about it. Maybe I should talk to a psychiatrist about my unwillingness to accept the AAC and how it may coincide with my inability to come to grips with the ending of my youth that it happened to coincide with. The AAC is not only the death of something I held dear in my youth but perhaps has become a symbol of my own imminent death.
  10. I think Andre Hall is around 36 and my profile picture is of me standing next to him after storming the field as brought to you by the St Pete Times article of fans call unnecessary roughness so while I come across as more maturing than NEB'S mature this is sadly about as good as its going to get from me and I had to be somewhere in that range.
  11. I credit our crowdfunding venture with getting us over the goal
  12. I wanted to post something snarky about not wanting to know anything Joey has to say but sadly I actually kind of wanted to know this and it wasnt posted in any kind of way deserving ridicule. Why cant we just fast forward to tweets on the nuances of announced attendance vs thru the gate attendance so I can get back to my ********?
  13. The best AAC conference media day would be one where USF is never mentioned.
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