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  1. Shockingly more insightful than most of the posts on this thread
  2. No I’m talking about people that switch programs are of course more likely to switch programs again How many years ago?
  3. If you have been divorced you are 50 percent more likely to get divorced again and if you marry another divorced person you are 200 percent more likely, doing something for the first time is always the hardest and once you get over that hump doing it again is really no big deal.
  4. I would have to know what yard line, about the food spread and bar situation in order to make an informed decision on what I would do. Especially because I’m sure they didn’t say how you had to wear the shirt.
  5. The best way for us to capitalize on this (read the absolute only way) is that the NCAA is planning on their rules to prevent athletes from competing with the university on exclusive sponsorships they have signed which mostly is impactful to their shoe deals. That’s a lot of money for the university at a major program as well as the best path to money for the athletes but we can probably afford to give up the $5 adidas gives us to wear their ****** HS hand me down uniforms in order to get in talent that maybe attracted to their own shoe and glove deals.
  6. If I have to choose between winning and losing against them or anyone I obviously prefer winning but my favorite era of the bore on I-4 was when we didn’t play them. 0-4 and no more was where the series was meant to end from a Usf perspective. I honestly don’t have a single person irl that’s ever told me about how excited they are to play UCF, not a one.
  7. Which brings us back to the fact that no one on earth cares at all about how many aac teams you beat, everything always comes down to what you do against the P5. Ecu et al may as well be citadel and at least from an attendance perspective would be better off being FAMU.
  8. That’s a fair way to look at it if the tv networks see it the same way if they don’t then we are stuck with the same amount of money or less with the added benefit of it being divided more ways and with the added bonus of having to compete with more teams for the same goals we already can’t obtain
  9. I’d be happy enough to begin discussing if we are returning back to the National stage and getting back to where we decided to nuke the program, 1000 aac wins in a row wouldn’t get me or most people to think we are in a better place than we were 12 years ago.
  10. Either that or we will have the most over developed section 8 house with no hope of ever being financially solvent when the market crashes down and our remodeling is valued at zero dollars which we were counting on using the sell of the property at a gain over the house and remodel to pay the contractors with and now we are sitting at a net negative, one or the other.
  11. I think you are kind of missing my position but it is probably because I am not conveying it quite right. I value the AAC at exactly zero so I honestly put no weight on the games, winning the conference is but a means to an end to playing and hopefully winning another valuable game. If we managed to win the aac and won zero p5 games or didn’t play in a NY6 game I wouldn’t be excited or celebrating and if I had to choose between beating Florida or Texas in a season vs winning the conference I would pick those wins every single time without question. No one discusses their big wins against AAC t
  12. Athletes have a much smaller window than even a coach and their contracts are not as inequitable as coaches, maybe baseball is closest. Guaranteeing large portions of the contract without any expectation of performance or having equally severe penalties for leaving is pure insanity. FSU certainly has felt the impacts of their coaching contracts and I think it’s more impactful than you expect to even money schools. It is entirely weighted to the coaches and even Clarence Thomas commented on the insanity of them as amateur status of the students is defended tooth and nail while the coaching cont
  13. It certainly involves beating teams I care about and I honestly can’t remember a time when that happened under CWT, I think it happened a couple of times under CCS and I’m certain that our current coach hasn’t done it because well he has beaten exactly one FCS team. Being in a P5 conference obviously gives a coach more opportunities at success but if we beat Florida or Texas win a conference and then beat a P5 team in a NY bowl I am going to be just as happy with the coach as I would be had we actually been in their conference. Beating Tulsa, Tulane, ECU and UCF just doesn’t do it for me and t
  14. Until I see a higher top to this mountain I’m going to stick to my belief that it was the actual pinnacle, if we haven’t found it in over a decade and a handful of new better coaches I’m not quite sure it actually exists for us. I dream of a day of one day sniffing that plateau and it seems so far out of reach that the thought of something beyond it almost seems unfathomable.
  15. But if you could get a decent coach to sign it, which in the current market you wouldn’t, it really doesn’t need to be much more from our perspective. The biggest issue I have with coaching contracts is that they are not equitable, sans Rick Petino’s contract. Both parties are free to leave at any time for any reason but if it’s the school’s choice you owe most of your contract and if it’s the coaches decision they owe pennies on the dollar. That is complete nonsense because both decisions are being driven by performance and only one comes with a stiff penalty for reacting to the same cause.
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