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  1. The Bulls coach is nearing 1,000 wins, and perhaps an Olympic coaching gig. By Joey Knight Updated March 22 TAMPA — No nook or crevice is wasted in USF softball coach Ken Eriksen’s cozy second-floor office, where a hearty assortment of mementos, knickknacks and photos have come to roost. Hats and helmets abound, as do plaques and trophies and trinkets. Hanging stately on one wall is a framed USF jersey bearing Eriksen’s name and No. 732, presented after a 2013 triumph against Seton Hall, when he became the school’s winningest coach in any sport. Perched on a nearby brown shelf are a collection of yellow-green softballs commemorating career wins 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900. Tucked in the back of an armoire is a photo of the 1982 USF baseball team on which he played, the first in school history to reach the NCAA Tournament. Rest of story
  2. I remember the time we moved a C to DE .... and that worked out pretty well. A lot of the times moves like this have more to do with assessing the player's ability and better utilizing him, not a dearth of talent at the position he's moving to ..... or a glut of talent at his old position, which would be a good sign.
  3. That's the usual, ultra overreacting Puc does on a pretty much regular basis when talking USF football, isn't it?
  4. That's my thought, too. If Houston had lost, it would have been big for the conference ...... winning the next one would be nice for the conference, though.
  5. Got it. I'm at the diametrically opposite end of the court and the SB guys looked to be in a pretty good coming off ....
  6. So you're saying that we shouldn't pull for Kanigit success in MBB like we're supposed to in football?
  7. Needs to handle it by not handling it, leaving that up to the person hired to handle athletics ...... only asking MK "What can I do to help?"
  8. Didn't count Dawson originally in my 3 transfers because he's not playing this year ..... and by my count we only have 6 from last year's roster and only 3 who touched the floor for a losing USF team: Brown Collins Lang Rideau Scekic Yetna Agree completely about Juco's being more like hs recruits than the transfers because they don't have a choice but have to go somewhere else.... which is why I look at it like we've got 11 of the 15 rostered players, a CRAPLOAD, who initially chose USF as the place they wanted to play at their next level, not as a 2nd chance or better opportunity but as their first choice and best opportunity ..... which is why I just wasn't getting the whole redemption thing.
  9. This team consists of 3 transfers which, to me, is not a crap load. The majority of the players on this team aren’t here because they were looking for a 2nd chance or better opportunity. USF was their first choice to play at this level. This isn’t a bunch of players looking for redemption from previous missed opportunities. Maybe I’m misunderstanding your point.
  10. There was a thread on the Main board about that awhile back ...
  11. That part's not entirely true. Most of the players here are at this level for the first time, coming from hs or jc. They came here because of the school and the vision CBG gave them about setting a foundation. This season is more about them seeing they made the right decision...... at this point anyway.
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