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  1. So if we need our student fees just to keep us afloat, they’re just overcharging theirs?
  2. That’s one of the things that scares me, CJS looks to be an almost perfect hire just like Skip did ....... but USF has a way of making sow’s ears out of silk purses. Hopefully Scott can pull this off.
  3. I could have sworn that sometime awhile back April 2020 was given as a groundbreaking date.
  4. If he is just now acknowledging that we have to play better the last 8 minutes of games I may have to reassess my anointment of him as the savior of USF MBB ....
  5. ****, this could be the Kanigits' ultimate end game, going Independent. You know they think they can pull it off ala Notre Dame....
  6. I guess it all depends on what your perspective on "passing us by" is. They've certainly been a lot more successful lately but that can be cyclical. As long as we're both at the level where going 13-0 still only gets you a post season exhibition game, no one's passed anybody by, IMO.
  7. If I'm alive 10 years from now and we're scheduling those dipshits when we don't have to, I'm going postal on someone over at the Selmon Center
  8. We absolutely did. Didn't we all think he was 100% satisfied with the way these games have played out at the end .... ?
  9. If that's what it takes to separate us from those assklowns ..... I'm good with it.
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