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  1. Triple B

    USF vs UF Continues

    If there was any chance of this being a reality, UF would never have agreed to this.
  2. Triple B

    USF vs UF Continues

    Didn't drop SJSU. Just moved them a week later in 2023 ...
  3. Triple B

    Craig Watts

    CCS should have begged and coddled him like CWT did with Q ....
  4. You were close. Just the best of times if Pitt and Cuse didn't "decide to be idiots" ..... but they did. If that's what you meant, my bad.
  5. It was the best of times ... It was the worst of times.
  6. If that was a criteria for making the big time, we checked that box years ago ...
  7. Nah, but apparently an inane comment by our resident troll about how this Barnett thing is a huge improvement over CWT by CCS has triggered a critique of both coaches based on a pretty weak example of comparing their way of handling a player thinking about transferring ...
  8. First, we don't know if CWT "begged" Q to stay. Second, if Watts was a huge component of CCS plans for the next several years do you honestly think he would have had the laissez faire attitude you're attributing to his handling of that situation?
  9. I'm not sure how many are still in those BE days (at least one BIG one, though) and think it's lowering ourselves now ......... but what does perplex me is how in the hell do you consider it a Rivalry but show any kind of support for the delusional natty nonsense from over there ..... and spare me the P5-G5 ********. True Rivals would never, in any form, but into that tomfoolery, which leads me to believe we have some fans that don't understand how this whole Rivalry thing is supposed to work. That's not how that works ..... that's not how any of this works.
  10. It's a rivalry now, and as long as we're at the same level, so you may as well just grin and bear it ....
  11. Triple B

    JK breaking news

    Helps a little with the loudly quiet signing period ending 2 days ago ...
  12. Triple B

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    Love Ovie's competitiveness but I hope to see two more sticks broken over the next 4-5 days.
  13. I think grad transfer says it all by himself. The 2 qb's aren't that unusual considering only had 2 on scholarship, with none being brought in in 2017. Don't they normally try to get one per class ..... at least most schools other thsn USF?