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  1. Kind of a different situation, though, a pwo compared to a five star, #18 player in the country ........ and I'm still not sure how this whole pwo thing works. It shows him signing an NLI. Are there 2 types of NLI's and how do they differ?
  2. 2021 C J Ross LB 2/1/2020 Davon Hicks LB 2/16/2020 Keeon Terrell DE 3/6/2020 Jaelen Stokes DB 4/10/2020 Timmy McClain QB 4/19/2020 Gunnar Greenwald TE 4/22/2020 Andrew Stokes P 5/19/2020 Desmond "Tank" Mamudi DT 5/20/2020 Jordan Blackmon S 6/11/2020 Dequan Stanley ATH 6/23/2020 Gabe Nealy DB 6/27/2020 12. Nickolas Tshivuadi WR 7/4/2020
  3. Only reason I'm still here ....
  4. What's kind of a head scratcher is how/why Howard would even go after him ....
  5. That's the flag flying at the top of our tailgate flagpole and just love it .... although got it from Amazon but didn't notice it as a knockoff. I must have lower standards.
  6. His head coaching stint with the DR FIBA team had at least given him some hc experience which a lot of assistants moving up don't have coming in. Things still may have imploded at some point but he did get some talent to commit here but couldn't get them to the court, or stay here, like McMurray. Feliz and Baxter playing with Jamal that last year should have translated into a better season and maybe boded well for the future but all pretty much a moot point now.
  7. Definitely an in interesting, and refreshing, story ...... Hope he sticks.
  8. ... at least for a while. FAU’s Willie Taggart continues to mine Tampa Bay area for football talent The former Florida State and USF head coach looks to the region for players often, and with great success. By Kyle Wood Published Yesterday Updated Yesterday Willie Taggart never misses a chance to tell potential recruits that there’s nothing like Florida. It’s where the new Florida Atlantic coach was raised and spent much of his career. And one of his main selling points to high school players around the talent-rich state. He’s been known to dip into the Tampa Bay area often, and with great success. Taggart recently landed verbal commitments from 6-foot-6 twins Jordan and Jaden Sandlin, both three-star offensive linemen at Tampa Catholic, for FAU’s 2021 class. The class is currently the best in Conference USA and one spot ahead of USF’s. He previously signed three-star defensive tackle Malik Jones of Zephyrhills Christian for the class of 2020. Rest of article
  9. If COA could have gotten all the players he had committed/signed to get here and then stick, I think things would have turned out differently ....
  10. Come on, Frisco, do I really seem to be the traumatized-by-a-message-board-post type .... but that's a whole different animal than what you encountered.
  11. Anything to pull the focus away from that ***** C-19 ....
  12. Howard University can pull in a 5 star, nationally ranked #18 player, and the best CBG can do is a measly 4 star, 62nd ranked player? .................. WTF, coach??
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