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  1. Nowhere in this discussion did I call it your problem. If you took it that way, that is your problem. It was a genuine question as to why a non participant, and I repeatedly noted it wasn't just you, needs confidence going into a game. Maybe we are using two definitions. I mentioned wanting peace of mind and maybe you should have just gone with that because that sounds like what it may mostly be about going into a game.
  2. I think a better way to put that is that we all agree to HOPE that Saturday is a great game and HOPE to come out 8-0. There are more than a few on here that expect us to get annihilated and don't expect us to come out 8-0 ...
  3. Would be totally awesome ..... and at least the haters would finally have something to really ***** about. 10,000 > 4 or 5
  4. Don't think we can say it's a Tampa problem considering a lot of it on here is coming from elsewhere ...
  5. Triple B

    Site Issues Anyone

    Ditto .... Double clicking helps sometimes
  6. Many people with confidence that we suck as a team doesn't mean diddly when game time starts either ... and I'm not questioning whether you need confidence or not, you obviously think you do, but rather it's what "you" need that confidence for? I don't think it's gambling, obviously not motivation to go to games ..... is it just a peace of mind?
  7. If he's focusing on the stands and not the ball when he kicks, there could be the real problem ...
  8. Glad I read the whole thread before responding because this is pretty much my take too. To the casual fan, pretty much oblivious to the opponent, that was a pretty exciting game, with big splash plays being made by the home team. The only ones who would consider the team laying an egg last night are those paying more attention to style points than wins ..
  9. This is has been a running theme on here and the question that keeps coming to mind is what do you, meaning the collective you, need confidence for?
  10. Triple B

    New Tradition

    If the "sway wag" is where you stand up and put arm around person on each side of you and sway back forth, not my cup of tea either .... but the WHOLE student section was doing it. It should stay.
  11. You're right, got carried away ..... luckily didn't go into my "the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor" spiel.
  12. It's basically a matter of making getting the ushers trained properly, and to be consistent, a priority because it's been hit or miss since being at RayJay. Sometimes they're annoyingly diligent about checking tix going into the Club. Sometimes it's a pretty **** lax. I'm in 214 which is on the cusp of the auto Club access sections.
  13. With wonderful, "faithful" fans like this, wouldn't blame him a bit for wanting to get away from such ********: Whining like a baby on a message board is one thing but when you start yelling toward the players coming off the field, after a win, a win that puts you at 7-0, you're the ones embarrassing the University.
  14. Wouldn't this mean the black unis should stay since not wearing them would be changing the uniform ...?