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  1. The team's been playing together for one year ..... and the team's goal every year should be to make the Big Dance but the next step in this team's progression would be making the NIT .......but it wouldn't be shocking to see them in the NCAA's, just shouldn't be in any way, shape or form expected.
  2. As a Bucs fan, I'd look kind of silly casting aspersions upon another pro franchise so I just took the path of least resistance ....
  3. 1 major sports franchise as opposed to 3 that are vying for the corporate sports dollar. UCF is not a similar situation as here.
  4. A lot of stuff that comes from our fans are ludicrous .....
  5. Flamingos >>>>>>>> The Wizard (my apologies to him if he reads this)
  6. Nobody who is 'us' has moved up recently. Frisco listed the "us's" and nobody has moved up ... Although nobody really knows what "ready" will mean then unless a criteria from the P5's is published, I agree ...
  7. He was Saturday .... or did you mean on the board?
  8. Meh, I've been told that Dallas-Ft Worth area has as many distractions as Tampa Bay does so you could have found a nice beach to chill at ....
  9. Stats I saw said 5.5 per carry, holding them to 2.1 ..... and I guess it's all about how you want to look at things. We didn't really have to drive the ball that much on them. After the first two negative drives shaking off JM's first start jitters, there were 11 drives with Jordan under center and we scored on 8 of them. I realize that 11/11 would have been optimal but still ..... but I do agree that we won't really know much until SMU but just pointing out that, as usual, you can look at a game and glean what you want to from it.
  10. If y'all want to start a thread for each away game you want to discuss, I can pin them and see how it works ............ of course, this plan is subject to change at the discretion of the board's Overlord.
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