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  1. I guess I get it, kinda. You don't hire the best coach available, you hire the best coach available that runs the same type offense or defense you currently have ..... and then he's made to hire the opposite coordinator type that runs the same type defense of the coach that left. I'm assuming this philosophy is all on the assumption you're replacing a successful coach and it would change if you have to fire a coach?
  2. Upper right corner where you see your screen name, use pull down menu and go to Ignored Users. Add name(s) ............ and I envy you.
  3. My narrative has been pretty clear on the one simple point this discussion started on and you keep trying to move the goal posts back to your rambling on:
  4. Remember what we're dealing with here, one person's fantasy world view of college athletics ...
  5. Before he corrects you, it's overall Revenue that's up the $10M. Contributions doubled to $5M ...
  6. Keep trying to go off topic, bry, you're definitely awesome at it. You said he hasn;t moved the needle at all with alumni as far as donations go, despite the fact that donations doubled, and you can't back it up.
  7. The point is you're accusing him of something that you have no clue is true or not at this point ...
  8. Spirit of the thread got sidetracked, me included, so please try to honor it. Not aimed at you Gator but rather at now missing posts ...
  9. You were supposedly quoting the AD last year before fiscal year end ... keep trying, bry.
  10. I was pulling for you, Frisco, so went to double check and sadly, it is like The Price Is Right .....
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