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  1. WBB is allowed 15 scholarships and there are 15 players on the roster which includes Silvia. Either CJF isn't utilizing all his scholarships, an MBB trademark for years, or her scholly does count against the limit.
  2. I really didn't think he looked that much worse than TB. I don't think 2 of the 3 picks could be placed on him, unless Kamara ran the right route and he threw the wrong one. Bucs just made the crucial plays when they had to, especially the Cook fumble and the Tyler Johnson catch on 3rd down .....
  3. I think that was all part of the same incident, staying at his house and tutoring to become eligible ....... and also, if memory serves me, the players involved never made it to the court.
  4. Knute Rockne and The Ol' Ball Coach are the only two ....
  5. But a great player and coach at the college level ....... but I'm also not seeing Prime Time emulating that, but you never know.
  6. Only "best" player I can think of that did make a good coach was SOS .....
  7. 2021 C J Ross LB 2/1/2020 (SIGNED 12/16/2020) Davon Hicks LB 2/16/2020 (SIGNED 12/16/2020) Keeon Terrell DE 3/6/2020 (SIGNED 12/16/2020) Jaelen Stokes DB 4/10/2020 (SIGNED 12/16/2020) Timmy McClain QB 4/19/2020 (SIGNED 12/16/2020) Gunnar Greenwald TE 4/22/2020 (SIGNED 12/16/2020) Andrew Stokes P 5/19/2020 (SIGNED 12/16/2020)
  8. We've got 2 commits that haven't signed, Hobbs and Williams. Is one of those moved to next year?
  9. Has this transfer been mentioned? Didn't have him on my list or remember seeing his name .... Remy Bikowski - Football Remy Bikowski (--) Offensive Line - 2019-20 (TEMPLE): Part of the 2019 recruiting class ... did not
  10. In double checking that (it's what I do), found out why WBB has been so much better than MBB. They've got half again more staff/ support ....
  11. I felt really bad for Brees. I think he's been class act most of his career and that's a horrible way to end it ..... The rest of the Saints, especially their head coach, can eat **** and die.
  12. Assume you mean Fournette and McCoy and I think you're right ........ would love to see him here.
  13. Sure you're not confusing him with him Q as far as the recruiting ....?
  14. Whatever it was, the extra time between games couldn't hurt in regards to him ...
  15. Spencer was already doing double duty, just moved from lb's to safeties. Still need a rb coach, one way or the other to replace White ... if it's not an outside hire, just a shift of responsibilities, could be a cost cutting move.
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