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  1. He's not talking about THAT AD. He's saying that MK should have fired a head coach after only two seasons, with a 17-8 record ...... and then those so inclined could watch the national media really pour some negativity our way.
  2. Of course I will but there's no freaking rule I have to endure all their negativity during the bad times to do that. There's no badges being given out for exposing yourself to all that ******** during the down times. I feel the pain just fine without having someone nationally pile on .....for a totally obscure reference from an ancient Bill Cosby routine that I'm probably the only that'll get: "Just turn off the radio".
  3. This guy does not pass the smell test ... moved here
  4. I don't think they dropped the ball on this, just overestimated the common sense/critical thinking abilities of ALL of our fanbase ....
  5. Should be in a safe zone here but I agree to use discretion ....
  6. You're on the list ......... looks like you're up around 2025
  7. Maybe just a Michelob/USF lover ....
  8. To me, this is a lot of people's biggest ******* problem, worrying so much about what other people think/say and not just appreciating USF football as USF football. Creates a lot of emotional dilemmas .... Yeah, but the thing was they didn't do it in the given games they really needed to ...... but of course that hinges on how one defines "games they really needed to" and a story for a different time.
  9. Yeah, but the thing is, unless Chryst pulls a Bobby Bowden about underestimating us after we beat them, we won't know ....
  10. So there is a silver lining to a loss this Friday ....
  11. Even though I live in the suburbs, I’ll accept that and I guess the looking ahead game is just a form, the most popular form, of a trap game ..... BUT, I think you’re totally underestimating the Badgers coaches/players and definitely disrespecting USF by lumping them in with the likes of CMU. The fact that they’re coming here should already grab their attention indicating that we’re not your normal ooc sacrificial lamb.
  12. This is basically it. Most watching those 7 wins realized we weren't running the table and were incredibly fortunate to have that early run but also didn't foresee shooting blanks the rest of the year, either. Bottom line with what we lost, basically the heart and soul on both sides of the ball, a .500 record shouldn't have been that much of a shock before the season began ...... it was the way it played out that psychologically bruising.
  13. You definitely weren't a voice in the wilderness about that last year, though .... had plenty of company .... but Puc pretty much nailed why y'all primarily got the reaction you got.
  14. Absolutely agree. There are also people on here who literally pick us to beat every P5 opponent we play. It's the yin and yang of message boards. I brought Michigan up because I'm apparently not totally familiar with what constitutes a trap game ....
  15. Vince is still feeling guilty about taking so long to bring Wrestlemania here ...
  16. I agree with the theory, just not the application of it here. Maybe if they were playing Michigan next rather than 9/21. They've got an abysmal CMU team up following us and then a bye week before Big Blue. I think we may still have a little cache left and won't be lumped in with a team like Central Michigan ..... definitely not by the coaches. If we do win this game I think it will have everything to do with us being that much better than last year and little to nothing to do with them looking past us.
  17. That's a great gift for grads ....
  18. Well it's sure as **** not "completely changing".They reversed the Ybor and Hyde Park events and moved the homecoming one to campus, where it should be. This was much ado about nothing ...... and we we will definitely just have to agree to disagree.
  19. Finally occurred to me who you remind me of .... .... no, not King Arthur. Here's the full awesome clip for those unfortunate not yet familiar
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