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  1. As corny as it may sound, the only thing that it could possibly be an "investment' in is the student athletes. If you're looking at it in any other way you're treating the support as an entertainment value and I can fully understand not wanting to throw money away on it.
  2. So you supported during the early years of CWT, the latter years of CCS but this year from hell leads you to question competence and pull support ....... smh
  3. This is the same argument that befuddled me when someone on here stopped supporting MBB AFTER Antigua was fired, waiting too see how things went. “Thanks for making a move that needed to be done for the program but now try and fix it without my help.” I can kind of understand that attitude with the last regime but still didn’t agree with it. The current regime has done nothing to lose that confidence yet and is now even more handicapped financially with what’s going on ..... I just don’t get this kind of decision.
  4. You are now tainted with the Mark of the Beast.
  5. There’s never a good time to pull financial support for a program like USF but doing it now exponentially increases the damage. And your reason for the IPF not being further along than it is may be indeed valid .... which makes your decision even more puzzling. Anybody with a hand in making those contracts we’ve paid millions in buy outs are no longer with the university ....... or maybe you’re saying we shouldn’t have fired them?
  6. If we had EVERYBODY available on this talent challenged roster I could kinda go along with that attitude because you do never know in games like this but under the present circumstances, nope.
  7. Very few coaches I’ve hated in Sports more than Sean Payton. Bucs need to find a way .....
  8. Pretty sure they had 1 time out left but still ....
  9. For the record, I never want to play them ..... which I know is wrong for your Rival and all ..... but I guess it's due to all the water under the bridge in here, going back dealing with the biggest douchebag fanbase in college sports .
  10. I actually have heard that but, as of yet, I've not run across any customer service issues bad enough that would warrant going down that demonic path ...
  11. Hopes and dreams > Any strategy that involves Tweeting
  12. It would be a pathetic display of desperation that had no chance of working from the beginning because it's based entirely on fantasy. If the roles were reversed, I'm confident it's a road that UCF would go down. It's a route that delusional losers would choose. We're better than that.
  13. Going to boil down probably, as usual, to strength of schedule. Per Sagarin, A&M has the 27th ranked SOS, while Cincy has the 105th ............... There's no way a 1 loss A&M gets in over a 1 loss Clemson because that would mean that Clemson would have avenged their 1 loss by defeating ND in the ACCCG ...... unless I'm missing something.
  14. Announcers said it was actually a good move but I didn't get it either ......maybe a healthy respect for the UCF offense ..... but the Kanigits only had 1 timeout left to score 10 points in 1:30. What was even dumber to me was the final play call. Take a delay of game penalty to see exactly how many seconds left .... you don't freaking go into the shotgun ..... have qb take direct snap and just backpeddle for the 3 or 4 seconds and take a knee.
  15. Even in a normal year, it would have been tough to get a decent game on this short of a notice. Our other 2 home games are FAMU and Stetson. Look on the bright side, if this was an exhibition game, probably wouldn't be televised so is our first chance to see the wildest hair in USFMBB history ...
  16. If the NCAA doesn't recognize the game, what does it matter if it's classified as an exhibition or not?
  17. Need to check and see how many of their D are seniors .....
  18. Although I found this pretty entertaining, please understand why I moved it here ...
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