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  1. It was the SoFlo shoes, baby .... and, ****, looked like a lot of red in that crowd. UH T&F fans travel well.
  2. I think the apathetic coverage is more based on the team's performance rather than any fans demands ....... When the team is better, more coverage, from both ends of the spectrum with the columnists doing what they do.
  3. More high profile?? You mean an International Championship banner....
  4. This is what the media does in wannabe major sports cities. McEwen and Mizell did it for TB back in the day, with a lot more class and less whining than that douchebag over there.
  5. It’s more like kids from Florida don’t seem that concerned with coming to USF ...... although, honestly, what really does it matter in the overall scheme of things. Good players come from everywhere. It’s just something else to nitpick about.
  6. Exactly. It'd be like being disappointed for not winning the lottery. It is what it is ........ but, for what it's worth, if i thought that's all it would take, I would sell your soul for a seat at the table.
  7. After he retires ..... I don't want him anywhere near that ******* burial ground.
  8. The only disappointment I'll feel in all this is if we get taken by a P5 and this Mother of All Threads fades away to nothingness ....
  9. Hopefully, we can get the rust knocked off early enough for the Panthers to finally see the real Lightning this year ....
  10. I think he'd be one of the few that they'd welcome back if there is a chance ...
  11. I can appreciate that and look forward to forthcoming process ....
  12. If you were talking DC it would have been an awesome joke ............. and before you ask..... yes, I am the arbiter of jokes for the board.
  13. 4 years ago that's a question that never would have come to mind ...... ******* dumbass Kanigits.
  14. Maybe he thought Seth was still there ....
  15. Out of state so didn't see last game but sounds like Panthers finally getting **** together enough to make this a Rivalry with a capital R and finally a playoff series to cement it. Hopefully we're at somewhat full strength for them. And Maroon getting a game suspension but that ******* douchebag Wilson gets a $5000 fine ..... wtf?
  16. Maybe they think having him have to work through struggles is better for him at this point in his development.... who knows.
  17. Panthers fans coming out of their comas ........... team does look pretty formidable, though.
  18. They were on campus, evidenced by this vid, but unless JB had his hair cut after the pic with CBG, which is possible, that wasn't taken real recently ....
  19. I think he's probably been, historically, the most positive poster on the board ............ and the originator of Tamplona ..... which negates all that goodness.
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