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  1. Dave_Glaser

    USF Run Defense

    It might help if we had more than one linebacker on the field, huh?
  2. Dave_Glaser

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    This is nonsense. Stand for key plays - needed third-down stops, goal line stands. Stand when we score. But standing for the entire game is disrespectful to everyone around you. My Dad has a knee and hip replacement, my nephew is 5 feet tall. How are they supposed to enjoy the game when you're standing in front of them all game? Have some respect for those around you.
  3. Dave_Glaser

    Polls - Week 4

    And FIVE Big Ten teams ranked despite how bad that league has looked the first three weeks. Michigan State stays ranked because they didn't play despite loss to Arizona State, which lost to SDSU yesterday. Michigan ranked at 2-1 thanks to great wins over powerhouses Western Michigan and SMU. Wisconsin loses at home to BYU, who already lost to Cal. There should be NO POLL until after the third or fourth week of the season. So the argument is you can't drop Wisconsin out of the poll when they started at #6? Well, you could avoid that logic if you never had them in the poll to begin with if the first poll is out after week 3 or 4.
  4. Dave_Glaser

    Polls - Week 4

    Notre Dame at #8 after squeaking past Ball State and Vandy the past two weeks. Jeesh! Every year. Nonsense.
  5. It was some inside joke between the two in response
  6. Also, if you follow Nick Capogna (former USF OL) on Facebook, he joked with Rod this week about Voodoo 5. Rod responded.
  7. Rod Smith is a great guy. Got to know him during the BullsEYE days and he's a fantastic dude. If for nothing else other than he recruited Matt Grothe!
  8. Dave_Glaser

    Why the Dark uniforms?

    If so, we've picked green for 21 years.
  9. Dave_Glaser

    Why the Dark uniforms?

    We've always worn green at home. I can't remember a home game when we didn't.
  10. Dave_Glaser

    Welcome back to an old Face

    Mike: No one is saying Lelo isn't a good guy. As for moving on to another coaching job? Not one better than the one he already had; not with the trajectory of the program he was leading. How many more years after eight without an NCAA Tournament bid do you think he was going to get at USF? He made the right tactical move to step aside from coaching when he did and hopefully he makes a serious impact for our university in his new position.
  11. Dave_Glaser

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    Oh, and remember how they love to crow about their conference championships? I get that. But one of those conference championships came the same year as 64-12.
  12. Dave_Glaser

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    You're right, but how can they argue that as a news source? If they want to make that argument, then the Rays should be relegated permanently to the inside pages and never see the front page. Only Yankees and Red Sox stories should make the front page in this market.
  13. Dave_Glaser

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    No doubt, this is a tough market. Another thing that bugs is the media narrative that somehow every game against the so-called P5 is a chance to make a statement. Does USF have to win EVERY ONE of these matchups to make its statement? If they're paying attention, is there anyone out there at this point that doesn't believe USF is capable of competing in a P5 conference? How many P5 wins does it take? Do we need to go down the list again?
  14. Dave_Glaser

    Ga Tech game may not be over

    Bingo! I just take a knee there and go home. Game over.