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  1. Looks like three other little-used players have moved on, too: Tereza Vitulova, Angelee Rodriguez and Jade Blagrove.
  2. I was wondering a little about how Jose was adding these new faces with Betty and Shae returning, so here's one answer . . .
  3. Looks like we may know a decision by early/mid next week on Corey Walker Jr., and the vibes seem really good. If Walker does jump on board he'd be the second-highest rated player we've ever signed, behind only Caleb Murphy. Cross your fingers - and toes - for this one. On paper, we'd be better AND younger.
  4. He just signed JUCO transfer Patience Williams from FSW College. Conference POY, 3rd team All-American, one of six finalists for National JUCO Freshman of the Year . . . Williams signs with South Florida FORT MYERS, Fla.- After a spectacular freshman year with the Florida SouthWestern State Buccaneers, Patience Williams will head up the road to Tampa next season...
  5. Looks like she'll be a senior - one and done. Am I missing something?
  6. Yep. We may go with 11. The plan always was to hold one back, so we were playing with 12 scholarships. We may hold two back if we don't get Walker.
  7. Reports are that we are ALL IN on Corey Walker Jr. and he is the only other player we are pursing at this point. If we don't get him, we'll hold on to the scholarship.
  8. It's even more impressive when you think they're doing it without the goat - Viens.
  9. True. And always with the right hand. I wouldn't look for him to score. Play some interior defense, give some fouls and rebound the ball. That's what we need from this guy.
  10. NEB: No question they do. All you have to do is look at the numbers. Is the competition level going up for most of them? Yes. But it did for Rideau, too, when he came here and that worked out OK. I was ready to pitch it in when the exodus came, but I really like the new additions. And let's not forget the one true freshman in this mix - Trey Moss. He's a nice player. If we can add a Walker (Tennessee) or McCreary (South Carolina), there is no question that we have a better group coming in than the group that left. I don't think there would be many arguments against that.
  11. We're also in the mix here . . . he still has four years of eligibility. And notice the shooting percentages. Follows the trend. Curtis Jones - Indian Hills CC Athletics Curtis Jones
  12. As of today, we are right in the thick of it for Corey Walker Jr. Corey Walker Jr. | VolQuest Corey Walker Jr. - 4 Star Power forward for Tennessee on VolQuest
  13. Absolutely, you can't lump those two in with the rest of us - not with their tradition. The AAC is a solid hoops league.
  14. For sure he has his work cut out for him with all the new faces. But let's not sell AAC hoops short. We did just have a Final Four team and a team that won the NIT.
  15. And that's what I meant by a change in the offense and recruiting philosophy - maybe at MK's request? - to create a more watchable product. Get guys with some offensive game and teach them how to defend, instead of the other way around.
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