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  1. And from one of the all-time Bulls greats, nonetheless . . .
  2. Just some thoughts . . . The alma mater announced today that its current endowment stands at $690-million, which I believe puts us with the second largest endowment of any Florida university - or perhaps neck-and-neck with FSU for No. 2 (UF is nearly $4-billion, UCF is less than $200-million). If we can ever get the athletics side cooking, USF is well positioned with its endowment, research, and academic profile to become an absolute, well-rounded powerhouse institution. And if we can achieve AAU status in a reasonable timeframe . . . I know we like to complain about the lack of on-field success we have had, but if that ever turns around, it would be hard to argue that the university leadership didn’t do things right. Could this have any impact on conference realignment? Maybe not, but if you are looking at the complete picture of the universities in consideration, we are a better football and basketball program away from being recognized as a public education powerhouse. And you have to believe that it’s an easier proposition to improve a couple sports teams than it is for other universities to approach where we are as an educational institution that demands respect. University of South Florida raises more than $100 million in private gifts for the third straight year Even in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the University of South Florida community rallied together during fiscal year 2021 to support students, faculty and...
  3. There exists no good source of consistent USF sports news coverage. The best individual news/inside info coverage of any team at this point is Russ Wood’s work on men’s hoops at the USF Rivals.com site.
  4. Six solid innings vs. Red Slobs. See if he comes back out for 7th . . .
  5. You’re winning. You’ll draw fans. We’re not. We won’t draw fans. Wait a few years and it’ll swing again. It’s the sports cycle. UCF is not Nebraska or South Carolina where the fans will show up regardless of the record. There were tons of empty seats in that erector set just a few years ago.
  6. Such short memories . . . Sports are cyclical. Give it a few years and the pendulum will swing again, and again, and again. Neither of our programs are positioned to maintain a certain level of success. We will both have peaks and valleys. Unfortunately for us, it’s their peak and our valley at the moment. It’ll change. Write it down. The downside for us is we always have to compete with the pro franchises in our market. They don’t have that issue. That said, we need Jeff Scott to be what we hoped he would be when we hired him. We can’t afford another miss.
  7. The only measureable they should consider are those dominant numbers he’s been putting up since 2019. Bring him up or trade him to someone who will. Don’t bring in guys like Feyereisen (career ERA around 3.5 with 31 walks in 51 innings) and hand them the ball.
  8. The whole thing is just nonsense. We all know it’s heading for four “super” conferences that will be college sports, so let’s just get it over with already. SEC, ACC, Big Ten, PAC 12 - make your 20 picks, set up your divisions and let’s finish this charade.
  9. So when are the Rays going to give Phoenix his shot or trade him to someone who will? It has to be more than a little frustrating for him when the Rays bring in journeymen like Matt Wisler and J.P. Feyereisen while he’s tearing up Triple-A. His numbers in relief at AAA Durham this season: 3-0, 39 innings, 23 hits, 8 earned runs (1.85 ERA), 49 strikeouts, 5 walks. He deserves a call-up. He’s 26 years old, so he has good pro experience behind him and still plenty in front of him. He pitched 61 innings in AA and AAA in 2019 and had an ERA just above 2.0, so he’s proven it over time.
  10. South Florida Basketball: Zoom with head coach Brian Gregory - College Hoops Watch By Kenneth Cross Bulls coach Brian Gregory as a remade roster and is ready for Not a whole lot of meat, but there it is . . .
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