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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. And a catcher: Joaquin Monque - https://mobile.twitter.com/JoaquinMonque
  2. Another is RHP Fulton Lockhart of Lithia (Class of 2022)
  3. One commit is OF Cam Collier of SP Northeast
  4. So right! The brother of one of my daughter’s best friends is a UCF grad. He lives at home, plays video games and ushers at the local movie theater. Quite the testament to that degree. Oh, and he knows EVERYTHING, just like the rest of their internet slobs.
  5. I guess the significance of such game would really depend on the circumstances of the season, wouldn’t it? If it came at the end of an undefeated season that included non-conference wins against Florida, Texas and Louisville, I’d bet the stadium might be pretty jacked up. We don’t have to just be the underdog to get excited, do we? To your point, would we remember that game more than the non league wins in time? Maybe not, but it would still be fun to be in the stands when the team was playing for something that mattered. I’d bet there would be a whole lot of others there with me given that scenario.
  6. Who says winning the AAC would be a pivotal, defining moment for our program? I don’t hear anyone saying that. I’ll tell you, there will be very little lasting glory to winning the CBI, but I sure enjoyed the run. It was a long way from the Final Four, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable or significant in its own way for our program. The same would go for winning the AAC in football. Pivotal or defining? No. Enjoyable and meaningful in a way for our program. Yep. Don’t discount the value of it so easily. You talk like we’re some decades-old program. We’re still a young and developing program in a lot of ways. We got spoiled by our early success. We weren’t the norm. We were the exception. Of course, you’ll now explain how wrong I am and how we’re destined to minor-league purgatory forever. Maybe, but I’d bet not. Just enjoy today a little and don’t worry so much about yesterday or tomorrow.
  7. They've had THREE basketball coaches since 1978 - consistency and really good coaching with Gale Catlett, John Beilein, and Bob Huggins. Three coaches in 40+ years!
  8. I think West Virginia fans are feeling about the same as we are these days. They were contenders to win it all for a few years there with Pat White, Steve Slaton, et al. They're now consistently middle of the pack in the Big 12. My father-in-law lives and breathes WVU football/basketball and they've fallen pretty hard. He still brags to me about how much $$ they make compared to us, but they're not playing for the same stakes they used to and I don't believe the fans get any cut of the check WVU receives. I ask him to show me the check with his cut from the Big 12, but he hasn't produced it yet.
  9. Time for him to go "Judy" on USF, huh?
  10. The only transfer I am critical of is the kid from Tennessee. I’m not a fan of bringing in kids who’ve been dismissed from other programs - especially for criminal actions. Whether or not the charges stuck, it was enough for Tennessee to send him off. Let FAU have him. That’s their MO. You also potentially take playing time away from a kid who’s already in the program and working hard.
  11. I think you’re right on - we have no idea what to expect, especially at LB and in the secondary beyond Mike Hampton. Is it possible he’s the only returning starter in the back seven? I think so. The front four has good experience (Kegler, Pinckney, Livingstone and Reaves) now and solid depth. Seems like that’s where programs such as ours have the toughest time building, so it should give us hope. The years when we’ve been stout and experienced up front have typically produced good results. Let’s hope that’s the case again this go-round. One area of serious concern last year that we never talk about and I have no idea if it’s been addressed or not is special teams. Our kickoffs and kick coverage were horrible in 2018. Our punter was wildly inconsistent and our place kicker was solid at short range but we have no idea if he has a leg to hit one of any length - especially since he didn’t handle kickoffs, which leads me to believe he doesn’t have a very strong leg. Could this be the area that comes back to bite us in 2019? We also did next to nothing on punt returns. We were content to have McCants back there with sure hands who we could count on to catch the ball, but he wasn’t much of a return threat. Sure would be nice to have someone shifty there and it seems we have more than enough of those little burners on the roster to fit the bill.
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