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  1. UCF football's Antwan Collier arrested on illegal gun charge Following a traffic stop early Thursday morning involving nine University of Central Florida football players, five of them did not make the trip to Houston for the...
  2. As someone who knows people whose health has been personally compromised by this virus, you, sir, have your head in the sand. Your attitude is ignorant and dangerous. And, please, there is no need for you to respond, unless you’d like to take your mask-less ass to a spot I can send you to visit with some who are dealing with this “fake pandemic” that’s just like the flu.
  3. I was the only one awake in the house and wanted to tear the roof off when Randy scored, but . . .
  4. I don’t disagree with you, but that’s not what I was asked. I was asked what I would do IF it was a proven solution. When there is a PROVEN vaccine, we’ll have a whole new debate because there will still be a group of anti-vaxxers, etc. who won’t take it and argue that you shouldn’t either. The whole thing is tiring. I just know that this virus has done serious damage to families and the country, and we’ve not handled it - individually or as a nation - with much competence. We’re more interested in debating it and pointing fingers than agreeing on a sensible path forward. Leadership is lacking
  5. Did you see the word PROVEN in both the original post and my reply? Are we there? I don’t know. The scenario presented said - would you shut down if it was PROVEN to significantly lower/eliminate the cases of the virus? I can’t see any other answer but “yes” to that question. Economic impact vs. people’s lives? Not really much choice, I would think. The idea that might actually be a choice to ponder is what makes me worried for America. Again, it seems to be a matter of whether or not you or someone you know/love is directly affected by the virus. If it hasn’t personally touched you, well then
  6. And we have to find a way, eventually, to pump more financial resources into the program - as we all know. The comparative numbers are eye-opening: http://cafidatabase.knightcommission.org/fbs/aac
  7. We’re in exactly the same situation today as we were when Taggart came to town. One major difference when it comes to recruiting is we can’t bring kids on campus. That’s not going to help Jeff.
  8. Can’t argue that, and didn’t say he was the only one. Thanks, Charlie Strong.
  9. True, but he’s not playing AGAINST FCS-level schools. Therein lies the problem.
  10. You can label me and call me all the names you want. It doesn’t change a thing. This is a PUBLIC HEALTH issue. And if it was PROVEN that we could nearly eliminate the impact of the virus by shutting down all but non-essential services for 6 weeks - as I’ve heard some public health experts suggest - then I ABSOLUTELY would have no problem doing that. Why should anyone have a problem with that? Again, not political, common sense - which seems to be in short supply. I know people affected by the virus, and I’d gladly abide by whatever public health recommendations it took if it meant they didn’t
  11. I don’t necessarily blame Roberts for his play, I blame the coaches who keep putting him on the field when he’s clearly not a Division 1 player. He should be starring at an FCS or lower-level program. He doesn’t have any of the tools to be a D1 FBS football player. Not his fault. He’s out of his class.
  12. The people who are complaining about wearing masks don’t know anyone who has been personally affected by the virus. Those of us who do realize how truly asinine their arguments are. There is NO political aspect to this discussion. It’s a simple public health issue, but you’re too selfish to recognize it.
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