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  1. Not sure that makes me feel any better. While we're taking on Utah Valley in the CBI, they nearly beat Duke. We have quickly been left in the rearview mirror. Time for the pendulum to swing back before it's too late.
  2. The guys are now our last hope. If they can't keep it going, we're on to the fall.
  3. Looking to put a capper on a disappointing Sunday. Softball, baseball, men's tennis all got spanked today.
  4. Softball - L. Baseball - L. Can Jose and the ladies salvage another lousy USF sports day?
  5. Would be GREAT to see the ladies also reach 20 wins. How about 40+ hoops wins this year combined from the men and women? That would be something!
  6. How many did we win of the 3 against UNC? And you're just disregarding their win at FSU? Not sure why you want to argue with me? You think this is a potential regional team. I don't. You think this team can finish in the top 3 or 4 in the AAC. I don't. That's fine. We'll see, won't we?
  7. UCF is 15-6 and has beaten UF, Auburn and FSU. Listen, I want them to succeed. I've been following USF baseball since Robin Roberts. I just don't see this team making much noise. I'll be glad to be proven wrong.
  8. We'll see. At this point, we're no better than Houston, ECU, UConn, UCF, or Tulane. We could lose series to any/all of them. And you can't get to a regional without winning your mid-week games - we haven't finished more than four games over .500 in conference play since 2013.
  9. I'm watching this team like you are. I don't see them doing a whole lot in conference play. Hope I'm wrong. Looks like maybe a .500 team to me.
  10. I think I'm going to sleep on this season. There's nothing much to see here.
  11. Jose says we'll know whether or not Kit comes back next year "in the next 10-12 days."
  12. Four finalists announced. I like the guy from SMU. https://wusfnews.wusf.usf.edu/post/usf-committee-selects-4-presidential-finalists
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