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  1. Agree completely. Back him and give him some more time. There's no good to be done in making a change now, or even next year.
  2. Every team we play has better "basketball players" than we have - or, at least, more of them. Every team shoots the ball better from the field and the free throw line. When we win, it's because we out-athlete a mid-major or catch somebody at the right time. We have so much trouble doing the things that are fundamental to basketball - shooting, passing, dribbling. So many silly turnovers. So many missed open shots. So many missed free throws. You can't make up for those things against decent teams. And, I don't think I've ever seen more team slumps than I do with USF basketball. Why is it that
  3. Yetna needs many more minutes in the college game if he has any desire to play pro ball. I'm OK with Brown returning simply because he's the only outside threat on the roster right now - except maybe X. Murphy could be a go-to scorer for sure, but not until he becomes at least a serviceable enough perimeter shooter that defenders have to come out and guard him. You can't get to the hoop when your defender can play off you because he's not afraid of your jump shot at all. The freshman PG Moss has a lot of potential.
  4. You can't win if you can't shoot the basketball - and we can't shoot the basketball. There is no one who forces the defense to come out and guard but Brown, and he's not enough. Murphy needs to spend the next six months in the gym working on nothing but the mechanics of his shot. Otherwise, he's a non factor. You can't drive by your defender when he's playing six feet off you because he knows you can't make a 12-foot-and-out shot with enough consistency to hurt you.
  5. We need to keep winning, not just to be Oviedo CC, but to get a decent seed in the tournament. We've always been screwed by our NCAA Tournament seeding. If we can win Thursday and win the tournament, they can't keep us from being a high seed.
  6. For awhile, I was in the camp that it would be nice to bring Collins and Brown back for a fifth year. Now, not so much. Time to see what some new blood might be able to bring. Yetna? Where's he going? Caleb Murphy is the real question for me at this point. He's got some great athleticism, but the dude simply can't shoot the basketball. He's a liability on the court right now. All you have to do is play off him. Doesn't matter how wide open he is from 15 feet out, he's not going to make that shot with any consistency to make you come out and guard him.
  7. It's a difficult life you're living to be that pessimistic 24/7/365, puc. On a day when the athletic department is making an important announcement that we've been waiting to hear for several years, this is what you've got? You must be a blast at parties.
  8. Gus isn't their biggest question now, it's replacing all the great, productive players who have moved on. Gabriel gives them a fighting chance, but A LOT of production just walked out the door there.
  9. Looks like he redshirted as a freshman and only played in four games for Baylor in 2020 (6 catches for 69 yards) before opting out for the rest of the season. Lots of potential in this signing.
  10. Kawika posted on Facebook that his son Lewai is committed to USF. He may be a PWO. Don't know. Lewai Mitchell on Hudl Watch Lewai Mitchell's videos and check out their recent activity on Hudl
  11. Athlete from Maitland - son of one of USF's all-time greats!
  12. Joey Knight departure = change in fortunes? Coincidence? Maybe.
  13. Men’s Basketball Game Against Florida A&M Canceled - USF Athletics The USF vs. Florida A&M game was canceled on Friday.
  14. Massive UCF-managed Arecibo telescope collapses in Puerto Rico Scientists and Puerto Ricans lamented on Tuesday morning the collapse of one of the most powerful telescopes on the Earth, managed by the University of Central Florida...
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