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  1. Dave_Glaser

    Game time Friday is 4:15 PM.

    It'll be over by 4:45
  2. When you're only throwing on third and long, you're not set up to succeed. The play calling gets worse every Saturday.
  3. This offense . . . It's ridiculous and will cost us this game for sure.
  4. Wasting our best defensive effort of the year with this putrid offense
  5. Throw to the sideline, run up the middle. Our 2-play playbook.
  6. Dave_Glaser

    USF MBB Undefeated

    There is no doubt that the excitement should be tempered. We're not a postseason team at this point. But it is refreshing to see the young talent being amassed for the first time in a very long time.
  7. Dave_Glaser

    USF Brand Survey

    BTW: I'm familiar with the guy who I believe is in charge of this mess - Joe Hice. He came from the same position at UF. Heard him speak before at a PR conference. Don't know if he was let go there or not. I'd be surprised he left there for here. He is a big time Gator. He's also well on the back side of his career.
  8. Dave_Glaser

    USF Brand Survey

    This is actually hilarious. The "Ambition over Tradition" tag line isn't bad, but the new logo branding is awful. They spent way too much money to scrap that, however. There is no reason at all that they shouldn't have just expanded on the athletics logo. It's universally liked. I thought I had read that they were primarily going to focus the rebrand on aligning USF more with Tampa to eliminate the geographical confusion. That's the direction they should have gone, utilizing the existing, excellent athletics logo.
  9. And Anthony Collins went to Texas A&M. Other than that, spot on post.
  10. Dave_Glaser

    CFB Live

    I haven't watched Gameday in years
  11. We had about a 25 year head start to make that happen, so I doubt it now.