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  1. Jeff said he wanted to go into the Cincy game knowing who his starting QB was. Do you think he knows? I sure don’t.
  2. If nothing else, I hope someone puts together a tape of No. 2 on our defense in run support. He started the game getting run over. Now he’s running away from the contact. I would be OK never seeing him on the field again.
  3. This isn’t necessarily the game to evaluate him, but McCloud does look like the same player as last season - and obviously that’s not a good thing
  4. Anyone still want to argue that Nick Roberts isn’t too small to play run support? He was steamrolled 3 times in the first quarter.
  5. So, we see the gap that exists at this point - and it’s HUGE. Good luck Coach Scott. Lots of hard work ahead.
  6. The size difference all over the field is glaring. Thanks, Charlie.
  7. As many advantages as that program (ND) has, they should be on par with Clemson and Bama.
  8. It is being reported by someone who follows USF basketball very closely.
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