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  1. Anyone notice that Antun switched on defense every time to help out on the guard and his man would simply roll to the basket and take the pass for the easy hoop? I was wondering when CBG was going to tell him to STOP SWITCHING!
  2. Not sure they deserved to get in. They’re proving that tonight.
  3. Until Collins makes a shot away from the rim, he’s going to struggle.
  4. Yetna injury 5th in preseason AAC poll David Collins mom blah, blah, blah
  5. These announcers say the same thing every game
  6. What happened to the suffocating defense we played last year?
  7. Reality is that with a serviceable offense we’re 7-3 right now. And for those who are still on the KB bandwagon - are you telling me there’s not enough talent on that offense to score 3 TDs a week? That’s all it would take to be 7-3 today.
  8. I guess we’re shooting for the biggest turnaround in college basketball two years in a row - from plus 14 last year to minus 20 this year.
  9. More pain. I’ll see you all sometime later the next decade. They look flat out awful. Stepping out of bounds, missing layups, shooting 20 percent at the line, lousy defense. Goodbye. Not putting myself through more of this. Nope.
  10. Yikes. We’re in trouble unless this changes in a hurry. We do nothing particularly well right now. We’re in for more disappointment, I’m afraid. It’s a Bull’s life.
  11. Should we schedule the parade? Check this: https://encoura.org/eduventures-2019-student-success-college-football-playoff/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWXpSaVlUSmxZek13WkRJeCIsInQiOiJ4R3RQQTZTaEtzTlQyOFwvcmZheGNXK2JDUGVxUms4NkdKR29mV1wvYytMNitSOG80MXdTMGhCS0JxUFpCVlwvaFwvSXFWYkdIRWN4aW92ZEhMNXB1WHdwUVE9PSJ9
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