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  1. Bry, I don’t need you to agree with me all the time. I haven’t spent nearly as much time in this forum as a lot of you have. I’m just looking for a place to intelligently discuss USF athletics with other passionate fans, but I’ve been in and out over the years because the topics seem to get hijacked so often by the negative souls among us who don’t feel we can do anything right. I’ll agree that we haven’t had a lot of success and there has been mismanagement and bad decisions made along the way, but it sure would be nice to find a home online where there was some optimism and an urge to help get this thing on the right path. Too many times, I just run into a handful of single-agenda posters who turn every thread into a pissing and moaning contest. It sure doesn’t help us - especially Brad - attract new fans. I’ll be completely honest, a lot of the Bulls fans I hang with have told me they won’t come near here because their impression is that the forum is filled with nothing but “fans” who are unhappy, hyper-critical, unwelcoming and can’t stay on topic without inserting something negative. We should take a lesson from all the Clemson fans who came here to congratulate us on hiring Jeff Scott. I was so impressed with the universal class they showed. All I’m saying is, think before you post. You know who you are. It’s OK to be critical when deserved. It’s not OK to be critical just for the sake or to maintain some sort of persona you’ve created for yourself online. 1) Jim Leavitt is NEVER coming back 2) Brian Gregory deserves a significant leash to see what he can do 3) Jose Fernandez deserves a statue for where he’s brought that program - out of complete ashes 4) We’re in the AAC. It’s important for our future for us to become THE power in the league. The Big East BCS bid isn’t coming back.
  2. No rivalry. I’m just trying to eliminate negative people from my life and that dude surely is one.
  3. Why don’t you just stop reading my posts altogether. I’m going that way with yours. This will be the last one I’ll read.
  4. I’d be surprised if Noah wasn’t starting week one. You don’t come as a grad transfer and not start.
  5. Again, despite the doom and gloom of the preseason predictions, I don’t think we are devoid of talent on the defense. Let’s take a look at the defense: DB - Obviously, this is the most experienced and highest-regarded unit on the team. Sails may be our best player overall and Hampton was our best corner heading into last season but struggled a bit. He needs to bounce back. If he does, we may have the two best CBs in the league. We have experienced safeties also in Roberts, Sanders and LaPointe - but I’d like to see us get bigger and more physical there. Interested to see RS-F Leonard Parker. He was a heck of a two-way player at Plant. LB - I think most of us like Boyles and Grier here. Mims probably isn’t a starter, but he provides good depth. Bellamy is also a solid depth guy and we add the Michigan grad transfer Gil here, too. Could probably use another guy to emerge here. DL - Although they’ve been up and down so far, Pinkney, Kegler and Green are experienced seniors inside at around 300 pounds. Barber and Yates have also seen plenty of snaps and we need to see what Waller will be. The ends are the biggest question marks on the defense, I think, but I’m eager to see Tennessee transfer Thaxton. What about Stacy Kirby? He was one of the top signees in the class two years ago. How about Jason Vaughn? He had some moments last year in limited time as a true freshman. Add your thoughts.
  6. I know there’s a lot of doom and gloom in the preseason predictions, but I don’t think we’re in as rough shape as most people think. Yes, there are plenty of question marks, but let’s take a look at the offense. This group is much better stocked with athletes than what Taggart had when he took over from Skip. Holtz left Willie with a team void of any speed or depth. I don’t think that’s the case here: QB - ? But I like Noah Johnson and who’s to say McCloud won’t make a jump forward? Q was god awful in his one start as a freshman. Cade Fortin? Maybe. RB - Joiner and Ford are capable but small; Felix may be better than both with more size. And we haven’t seen RS-F Josh Berry yet, either. TE - Mathis and Brinkman are experienced and relatively proven. WR - No one has broken out, but this is Scott’s wheelhouse and there are athletes here who’ve played snaps: St. Felix, McDoom, Weaver, Miller; and some interesting others who could emerge: Latrell Williams, Jaquez Evans, Terrence Horne, RS-F Logan Berryhill OL - Three starters return - Jennings, Harris, Cecil - so you have to fill a couple holes and build depth. RS-F McDuffie, Blanchard and Hall were all decently regarded recruits and have the necessary size. Hopple and Wiggs are seniors who’ve seen snaps. I’m not saying this group is anywhere near Q, Marlon, MVS and Rodney Adams, et al, but it’s an interesting lot that a good coaching staff and scheme might turn into something salvageable. Add your thoughts.
  7. Call me crazy, but I think this season hinges specifically on QB and offensive line play. If we’re serviceable in those two areas, we can be in and win games. I don’t see a bare cupboard like I did during Taggart’s first roster.
  8. NE, I didn’t react with a thumbs down, just hit the wrong button and it won’t allow me to change. I’m with you. Too depressing to watch, especially since I knew Will pretty well.
  9. This guy predicts ONE win: https://herosports.com/college-football/usf-2020-schedule-predictions-ahah
  10. I missed that, too. Yep, I was under the impression he was going to focus solely on track, but somehow he seems to turn up in more than one preview as an RB candidate. I think it’s bad reporting and just making an assumption since he was on the football roster at South Carolina.
  11. https://www.yurview.com/the-upside/usf-coach-brian-gregory
  12. This link: https://hollandbarstool.com/product-categories/logo-products/college-teams/university-of-south-florida.html
  13. We'll have the "All Hair" team with him and Caleb.
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