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  1. Dave_Glaser

    AAC Tournament

    McClanahan didn't make all-conference teams, maybe that serves as some extra motivation.
  2. Dave_Glaser

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    Lelo Prado was a disaster.
  3. Dave_Glaser

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    We're a program that should be in a regional nearly every year. I'm not that concerned with the AAC. Conference accolades are fine, but it's all about what you're doing to win a regional and super regional, and we're not doing it with this pitching staff. After 14 or however many trips, it's time for us to win a regional. It has to be about more than just getting there at this point.
  4. Dave_Glaser

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    We'll take the W, but the past 7 games - 11, 17, 6, 9, 10, 6, 8 = 67 runs allowed!
  5. Dave_Glaser

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    What a ridiculous pitching staff. This team is going 1-2-BBQ.
  6. I'm with NEBull to a large degree. The stupid monopoly called the "P5" is a much bigger villain than UCF at this point. I was totally OK with their national championship claim, but they didn't know when to stop and have just turned a valid argument into a silly internet meme. I also have not encountered a more vile internet fandom over the past two decades than the UCF boneheads. Yes, everybody has them. Nobody I've run into has been as maddeningly ridiculous as them.
  7. Dave_Glaser

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    As close as all these American teams seem to be, I'm not sure seeding means a darn thing in the tournament.
  8. Dave_Glaser

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    This pitching staff is . . .
  9. Dave_Glaser

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    Yager is the starter tonight
  10. Dave_Glaser

    Men's Golf Regionals

    What a disappointing finish. Didn't see that coming.
  11. Dave_Glaser

    Men's Golf Regionals

    Dig yourself a hole, why don't you? C'mon fellas!
  12. Dave_Glaser

    USF dropped from D1 baseball poll

    Shane is good. There's no doubt. He just hasn't been consistently good like you need out of your Friday starter. We've had a lot of Friday starters over the years with lesser stuff, but they gave us good outings every week (Mark Roberts, John Gorham, Casey Hudspeth, Randy Fontanez, etc.) - outings you could count on. I think we were all hoping for that from Shane. If he was more consistent on Fridays, we'd be having a pretty dominant season in the league. We'd probably be 15-5 right now.
  13. Dave_Glaser

    Men's Golf Regionals

    They're playing at home, right? Looks like the Bulls are starting to make a run this morning . . .
  14. Dave_Glaser

    USF vs WSU

    And he'll be a huge disappointment in someone's minor league system if he can't start throwing strikes.