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  1. If that’s the case then how can you not LOVE what Fernandez has done with this program?
  2. Anyone know if we’ll get another bobble head with season tickets this year? Loved the Grohawk!
  3. Dude, you're so wrong. You obviously don't know of this program pre-Jose.
  4. Eh, they just had one guy who couldn’t miss a shot for 20 minutes. We scored 46 points after halftime.
  5. Kickoffs were horrible last year. If they didn’t address that, they just weren’t paying attention.
  6. Of the coaches at USF worthy of criticism, Jose is LAST on the list.
  7. As a Dad whose daughter just finished her freshman year in the USF Honors College, I'm absolutely thrilled. I'm not sure she'll ever take classes in the new building since she will graduate in just two more years, but it's still an amazingly generous and important gift for the future of our university. As much as we like to complain about how our athletic programs seem a bit stuck in the mud, the academic side of our U has put together the equivalent of multiple conference championships and New Year's Day bowl wins over the past few years. The momentum there is amazing and it's up to new Prez Currall to keep that moving.
  8. It’s absolutely her right, but one of the most decorated players in school history who has a chance to move up the school record books doesn’t transfer for one year. She stays, scores big, takes the team to the NCAA Tournament and has her jersey put in the rafters in about 10 years.
  9. What the? She’s going to transfer and play somewhere? In college? Are you kidding me?
  10. Just a note about men’s tennis: they lost to eventual national champ Texas in 2nd round of NCAAs. Same thing may end up being said of softball (FSU) when that’s said and done.
  11. OK. Let’s talk in a year or two when the program has bottomed out and the firing is inevitable. You don’t need a crystal ball to see this coming.
  12. Elimination Saturday is complete - just as expected. The softball program has always been the same as the baseball program - they struggle to produce any offense against higher caliber teams.
  13. I don’t see any way he succeeds next year - that’s the only reason I’d say a firing now is viable.
  14. He won’t be fired, but for the good of the program long term, please don’t fill the roster with JUCOs next year in an effort to save your job. That will only prolong the rebuild.
  15. This is a dumpster fire waiting to happen next year. The 1-9 lineup will be completely devoid of experience and power. Regardless of how the pitching looks, I don’t see how they score runs in 2020.
  16. Take a look at the roster. It’s almost a total rebuild next year. It could be worse than this year.
  17. You’re right, but there’s little chance next year is any better if you look at the roster. It’s almost a complete rebuild.
  18. I agree, Kelly won’t make this move, but I still don’t think Mohl’s the long term guy.
  19. I’m not normally the guy to agree with this so early, but my gut tells me there’s no way Mohl is the guy to get it done long term at USF. Kelly won’t make this move, but I sure wouldn’t talk against it if he did.
  20. Time for Kelly to make his first move and first new coaching hire. I know he had an NCAA team last year that Kingston built, but I have zero confidence that Mohl is the guy long term. Trust your gut.
  21. Can’t believe Mohl made no pitching move at all. Alvarez has never thrown that many pitches. And it ain’t getting better next year. It’s a complete rebuild.
  22. So does the difference in our scheduling philosophies signal who’s all in on the American’s Power 6 nonsense (UCF) and who’s not (USF)? Puc should take this as a huge positive sign.
  23. Winning C-USA championships hardly qualifies you to be the voice of college football and worthy of criticizing other programs. My point is there has always been an arrogance - or perhaps compensation for some sort of inferiority complex - there and it’s not warranted just because of the past two years. As high as their “up” seasons of late have been, they have some equally “down” moments on their resume. Their finest season to date was two years ago and our team was every bit as good that year.
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