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Everything posted by Dave_Glaser

  1. Just excited to watch McCloud's progression this season. He obviously has the tools to be very good for us for a long time. One thing that also stood out was his decision making - didn't look like a freshman starting his first game. He protected the football and made plays when given the chance. Competition will obviously step up in class as the season progresses, but he looked like a gamer.
  2. I watched him almost exclusively during the spring game to figure out why a guy that size was buried on the depth chart. His feet are s-l-o-w
  3. Saturday night is the key. If that is a day game, nobody’s there. That said, it was a really good crowd and a very pleasant surprise.
  4. There’s another one coming. I saw the Battie kid we have committed from Sarasota. He is a talent, but he is a tiny kid.
  5. We have so many small guys that we hardly look like a division 1 team at times when I look at the field - Ford, Joiner, Sanders, Roberts, Phillips, Horne.
  6. If that offensive line play doesn’t get fixed, we win, maybe, two more games.
  7. UCF: The most insecure fan base in America. I’d like to think that if we were on a roll like they currently are that they would be the last thing on my mind.
  8. The 104 overall ranking is impressive, but we're ranked #44 among public universities. How about that? Super impressive.
  9. The academic side is so impressive. Time for athletics to catch up.
  10. Well, in years past, we complained because we’d win the big non-conference games and then fall flat in conference. We now have a chance to flip that script, but only if we’re able to consistently play a cleaner game.
  11. Where’s this McDoom we heard so much about?
  12. Yes. And I’m not putting all this on Blake. To an extent, he’s a victim of who we are - and who we are is a team with a sub par offensive line. In a way, I do feel bad for both Barnett and Cronkrite. Neither of them has much chance behind that offensive line.
  13. I’m not debating you on this. We should not see Barnett starting again in a USF uniform without it being forced by injury. He should now be third string.
  14. This isn’t even a debatable point. If Barnett starts it’s only because of stubbornness or some misplaced sense of loyalty.
  15. He could have won at Bama. YOU could win at Bama. If a USF coach ever starts a QB who is not a dual threat, he should be fired immediately. It shows a complete lack of football sense and understanding of where USF is as a program.
  16. In the right place, Blake is a productive QB. USF is not the right place. If we ever run a QB out there that isn’t a dual threat, fire the coach immediately.
  17. I’m mad as hell! To me, if a team beats you, OK, shake their hand and move on. This was a textbook case of beating yourself. That, I can’t stomach. The only positive to take from this is that we should now have the right QB behind center.
  18. There’s A LOT riding on the Georgia Tech game. Let’s be honest. They MUST play better and win this game or risk losing what there is of the fan base. If they get smothered again, the SC State game will be an absolute ghost town.
  19. It’s all about Georgia Tech at this point. If we go up there and take it on the chin against a program in transition, call it. If we play better and come home with a W, the season resets.
  20. Missing in action: Tyrone Barber, Jacob Matthis (3rd team), Stacy Kirby.
  21. My gut says you’re right. We’ve already seen the best of him. Time to move on.
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