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  1. If Bama stays Bama and you beat them, you have a chance.
  2. From The State: Brice added that he has not heard from USF or Georgia yet, two schools that were mentioned as possible landing spots as rumors began to swirl about his future late in the season. A source told The State on Monday that USF is not expected to pursue Brice after landing transfer quarterback Cade Fortin from North Carolina earlier this offseason. There was speculation that Brice might end up at South Florida after former Clemson co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott was hired to lead the program.
  3. Find us one guy who has a consistent stroke and can shoot the ball. ONE freaking guy!
  4. Beating us DEFINITELY means more to them than vice versa. That’s not an arguable point.
  5. And our academic profile can continue to improve if the front door (athletics) becomes more attractive.
  6. If you look at his Twitter feed, he claims some BIG offers, including LSU.
  7. . . . about how we’ve gotten to the current state of our “rivalry” with Oviedo Community College. For the better part of 40 years, we dominated this matchup in nearly every sport, with a few exceptions, yet somehow it is now lopsided in their favor. Is it as simple as a series of bad hires by us and good ones by them? Is it a matter of a different focus in resources - ours on the academic side and theirs in athletics?
  8. Worst case scenario for women’s hoops - and it would be so USF: After years of dominating in league play but not being able to climb Mt. UConn, the Huskies leave the league and USF becomes an also-ran. You can almost feel it coming. It’s USF destiny.
  9. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before getting up. Well, we’re there.
  10. With all the punishment we’ve taken supporting this athletic program, if/when the universe finally rights itself, we should be in for one hell of a ride. I just hope I live to see it.
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