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  1. Ricky the Bull

    Google's QB opinion

    They're still downloading at 1200 baud.
  2. Ricky the Bull

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    I think the spirit of the bylaw here was that students shouldn't become "part-time" during football season. Dropping a class and "making it up" in a subsequent quarter/semester would be a massive loophole. I really can't see the NCAA reducing the penalty unless there were extenuating circumstances (e.g., death in family).
  3. Ricky the Bull

    Tyre with pre-Adidas Adidas

    Got free drinks from CLT to BOS from a FA who was a USF grad. It always pays to wear the colors!
  4. Ricky the Bull

    Tyre with pre-Adidas Adidas

    Flying into Boston this evening wearing my Bulls polo. Already got a "go Bulls!" in Charlotte...
  5. Ricky the Bull

    Auggie officially on FSU Staff

    We should have brought in Delbert Alvarado for ST and video production help.
  6. Ricky the Bull

    When do Season tickets get mailed?

    I believe they're going to scan cards this year, just like they did last year for MBB and WBB.
  7. Ricky the Bull

    Public announcement on template

    I'm a donor and I still see ads, both banners and pop-up.
  8. Ricky the Bull

    So, what about Charlie?

    CCS spoke at a Bulls Club function at the Tampa Sports Club a few weeks ago and he seemed very comfortable speaking to the crowd, and taking questions from those in attendance. He also hung out to speak with everyone who wanted to chat afterwards. Unlike xCJL, he didn't look past you to check out the quickest path to the door after his obligation was fulfilled.
  9. Ricky the Bull

    Missed marketing opportunity

    My son went to Stetson and Follett ran the bookstore there in DeLand.
  10. As a practicing United Methodist, I can assure you that bourbon is not frowned upon. Although, grape juice is used for communion....
  11. Ricky the Bull

    Shane McClanahan Update

  12. Ricky the Bull

    New AD Search

    Perhaps Brooks is bowing out because he knows a decision is forthcoming...
  13. Ricky the Bull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Oh, the humanity!
  14. Ricky the Bull

    Goodbye, Selmon's on Boy Scout

    I just got a note that the proceeds from the sale of memorabilia will go directly to the USF Selmon Mentoring Institute.
  15. Ricky the Bull

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    xCWT is in a great position now in that he can use his recruiting skills to bring in top players and then afford to bring in and keep top assistant coaches to help make up for any game day coaching deficiencies he has. It sure would have been nice to pay and and keep the Tom Allens and others who were difference-makers.