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  1. Nick and family own a fitness center on US41 here in Lutz. http://www.skyathletix.com/
  2. My niece is going to Furman and many good friends are alums, so I'm sort of glad he's going there rather than elsewhere. I especially fondly remember when they beat UCiF during that storied O-fer season. Keep the recommendations flowing and don't be discouraged!
  3. I imagine coaches get inundated with tweets, emails and other communication regarding a great prospect (i.e., their son/relative/friend) and I'm not sure how they filter that. It may be a great question to ask one of the coaches or VPAMK. Perhaps the recruiting coordinator/staff can provide help if you email them directly.
  4. Committed to USF per Twitter and reported by the recruiting services. According to 247, our highest-rated recruit to-date. https://247sports.com/college/south-florida/Article/Saint-Augustine-athlete-Dequan-Stanley-commits-to-USF-Bulls-148477518/
  5. I think that it wasn't a surprise to many that he wasn't ready to jump to the NBA at this point in his development. It's always worth a look to see what areas need to be improved. I'm glad to took a look and got the feedback, which probably reiterated and reinforces what CBG and staff have been telling him.
  6. It illustrates someone's highly subjective opinion. I wouldn't let that make you sad.
  7. The combined metrics may get us closer to an AAU invitation. We are already at or above current members in several benchmarks.
  8. Impressive offer list! https://247sports.com/college/south-florida/Article/Eau-Gallie-safety-Jordan-Blackmon-becomes-USFs-ninth-commit-148091697/
  9. Wow... says a lot about the leadership and culture over there.
  10. I think there will much more focus and intensity on the field and a much-improved esprit de corps, the same we saw after we saw when when Brian Gregory changed the culture with men's hoops. Like that program, I think we will see better results from our players. How will that translate to wins and losses? I think a bowl game isn't out of the question and that our losses will be hard-fought and not for lack of effort. I also expect the same colorful epithets will not be hurled onto our sidelines this coming year as last.
  11. I think this has come from being let down, repeatedly, from high expectations. I truly think that we have an administration in place that understands what it will take to get better and to do it the right way. As fans, we need to not only look for a steady improvement but also get behind the coaches and athletes to encourage that and also be realistic enough to understand the ebbs and flows that will invariably happen with college sports. The past cannot be brought back, especially as we want to remember it.
  12. I will take the potential upside we have now, given that we have it now. Let's revisit this when there's data where we can actually discuss comparisons.
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