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  1. Bad call on the hold, bad call on the fumble called an incomplete pass. We are getting no breaks this game.
  2. Ken Niumatalolo may have missed his "Taggart" opportunity.
  3. Houston dismisses LB Eyabi Anoma for rules violation Linebacker Eyabi Anoma, who was expected to be an impact player for Houston in the 2020 season, was dismissed from the program for violating team rules.
  4. I think that we had 3 starting OL out and a barely cracked-open playbook. I think people did see was more discipline and passion that will lay the groundwork to give us a chance.
  5. Dancing isn't just a Dabo thing. xCJL did a dance or two with his players, as I recall.
  6. I can't think of a better person and the resultant success for our coach to emulate. The dance was for the players, not for you or me.
  7. It's interesting reading tweets from former players watching that game. Lots of "bad flashback" references.
  8. You don't see a zero yard punt return for a TD very often...or ever.
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