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  1. Ricky the Bull

    AAC Tournament

    Linkage for Friday: Game 14: No. 2 USF vs. No. 3 UConn | 10:00 am | Spectrum Field American Digital Network | Live Stats | Recap | Box Score | Photos | Highlights | ADN Interview
  2. Ricky the Bull

    AAC Tournament

    No worries... in my head I was thinking it was the main field. I would think we should be pulling for ECU. It seems that UH always gives us fits.
  3. Ricky the Bull

    AAC Tournament

    I know that you said we would be playing at 10am but then showed the ECU tweet. Is RR Field the main stage or is it the auxiliary field?
  4. Ricky the Bull

    AAC Tournament

    Since the tweet was from ECU, I would read it that they are playing Houston again tomorrow at 10am on RR Field.
  5. Ricky the Bull

    AAC Tournament

    At some point, you'd think there would be a "no mas" from UConn
  6. Ricky the Bull

    Goodbye, Selmon's on Boy Scout

    Didn't realize you knew the goings on. Still, was your first sentence really necessary?
  7. Ricky the Bull

    Goodbye, Selmon's on Boy Scout

    Perhaps there needs to be a TBP gathering to feast one last time on Selmon's wings (with Oklahoma sauce) and few beers. What say the group?
  8. Ricky the Bull

    Goodbye, Selmon's on Boy Scout

    Sadly, the family decided to not continue the restaurant and Selmon's will be no more unless someone decides to resurrect it at some point and they get the family's approval to use the name. As it stands now, Selmon's will be no more.
  9. Ricky the Bull

    Goodbye, Selmon's on Boy Scout

    I suggested that they auction off the memorabilia in the restaurant to benefit the IPF. I'm sure LRS would approve.
  10. Tampa Federal Savings & Loan to Glendale Federal to Barnett to NCNB to NationBank to BOA. From local to behemoth.
  11. Ricky the Bull

    Away Game Tickets- Football

    Definitely do the train from either airport.
  12. Ricky the Bull

    Why does USF Fail in Track & Field

    I'll go back and check my emails, but I don't think I heard anything about this campaign until I saw the site today. I think it would be a good idea if they would publicize something like this on TBP, since we have a fair share of program contributors. Edit: It could be that the IPF was prioritized so this effort got back-burnered.
  13. Ricky the Bull

    Why does USF Fail in Track & Field

    It looks like we are looking to add Women's Rowing. I'm not sure how that's going to allow things to change on the men or women's side from a Title IX standpoint. https://usffdn.usf.edu/herdfunder/222/
  14. Still waiting for that to bear fruit....