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  1. Granted, if UT/OK leave early, the B12 will get a heft exit fee. However, the media deal has a clause that it can terminate their deal, which will take up that fee plus cost more in media revenue going forward when it is renegotiated. I don't see where the B12 is in any position to dictate anything. If I'm the AAC commish, I'm working out "what-if" scenarios with ESPN, etc. on packages with a combined league with teams from the B12 that would give those teams more long-term value than languishing in the remnants of the B12.
  2. Good to see Michael Kelly still having strong ACC connections. It can certainly come in handy as thing shake out.
  3. Not to mention being taunted a second time.
  4. Many years passed before #10 was worn again. What a tragedy to lose such a promising young man.
  5. Should have guilted them on those eyesore, illegal snipe signs on every roadside, median and street corner.
  6. Not sure which is the team hotel. I have the Provo Marriott booked.
  7. I remember seeing this, but can't recall whether I filled it out.
  8. A Joel Miller bobblehead might be popular with some. Allegedly.
  9. Our software uses "batches" for processing and it's an unwritten rule that we pronounce it "Badges?" from that movie whenever it is used in a sentence. It really lightens up the Teams meetings...
  10. Thank you, BaseBulls for an exciting finish to a great season and to give us hope and excitement of things to come with this program! Now that you have the taste, you know what it takes and what to expect to make postseason trips an annual event.
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