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  1. Tradition needs to come organically. Fans aren't given the opportunity to create them because the game experience is scripted with piped music filling gaps between contests, announcements, etc.
  2. If you are looking for a dive bar near campus, there was Morgan's Pub on Fletcher near 15th. They had one of those portable signs on wheels and someone was constantly changing the name to "orgasm"
  3. Some nice USF mentions during the game.
  4. Welcome! You can stay downtown, where you're near the Riverwalk and can take a trolley to Ybor City, which has clubs and Cuban cuisine (Columbia Restaurant, e.g.). My favorite beach is St. Pete Beach because it isn't as busy. There are also options to stay there up to Clearwater Beach. Flags are OK, just not sure about poles. You may want to check the Raymond James Stadium website on that.
  5. It may not be an "announcement" per se. Maybe a milestone or something behind the scenes. Don't be disappointed if nothing flashy is announced (if at all). Just know the wheels they are a-turnin'.
  6. I'm writing this after just being discharged from the hospital due to a stroke that occurred Tuesday morning. It was a minor one, and I am very lucky. The main reason that I wanted to write this private matter is that I consider the Bulls nation a family and I don't want to see this happen to any of you, if possible. The cause of my stroke, after extensive tests (CTs, MRIs, poking and prodding), was high blood pressure. This is something I had been treated for but my monitoring of it with a home b.p. machine had become very lax. I'm not a smoker, ran 2 miles the evening before, and am in otherwise good health. So, don't get lulled into the feeling that you shouldn't check these things because you consider yourself healthy and invincible. If you smoke, stop. If you're diabetic, make sure you are on meds to control it. Watch what you eat...avoid processed foods and substitute chicken and fish for red meat, which you can have in moderation. If you have a family history of heart disease or hypertension, get a home B.P. monitor to check it or have your B.P. taken at one of those machines at the pharmacy. If it is high, see your physician. This can be easily controlled with inexpensive medication. Stay healthy, Bulls Nation. I want to see all of you in the new stadium!
  7. We can always count on people finding a way to turn a positive thread into a negative one.
  8. The crowd was extremely loud at BYU and, yet, we had not one false start. Incredible!
  9. My understanding is they gave our fans free ice cream and "cougar tails", which is a long, fried piece of dough with glazed maple topping. I agree that the fans couldn't have been nicer, even walking in and out with their students. I wasn't approached for recruitment but they did answer questions I asked about their faith.
  10. Students in the stands 2 hours before gametime.
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