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  1. Ricky the Bull

    Looking for watch party

    This watch party may be closer than the one on Dale Mabry: Pasco County All Televised Away Game Big Storm Brewing2330 Success Dr. Odessa, FL 33556 Contact: Phil Kupczyk, phil@horanrealtygroup.com
  2. Ricky the Bull

    Looking for watch party

    Do you have a PayPal account? I'll bet TBP members will get you where you need to go and back and buy you a beer, to boot.
  3. @Eric_Soncrant must be disappointed!
  4. Ricky the Bull

    Practice Facility updates??

    And don't forget the credit card points/cash back!
  5. Ricky the Bull

    Practice Facility updates??

    We always ask what the priority is and have our donation go to whatever is needed most, so it's going to the IPF. Before that, it was the tutoring center. As ET mentioned, the monthly installments are great. They can even make those vary by month if that helps,
  6. Ricky the Bull

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    Speaking of revenge games, this is an interesting site that gives historical records for all teams and also series records by team. http://college-football-results.com/ncaa_1a.htm
  7. Ricky the Bull

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    We need a revenge game with Hofstra! Oh, wait....
  8. Ricky the Bull

    Practice Facility updates??

    I believe we have enough to complete the design phase of the project with estimate of shovels in the ground next year.
  9. Ricky the Bull

    USF Flag on Gameday!

    Funny (and somewhat sad) story: My wife is an administrator for Hillsborough County Schools and got a call from an incensed parent exclaiming how her child's school would allow a symbol of racism to be displayed in her child's classroom and that this has caused her child to be traumatized and feel demeaned. You guessed it, it was the flag above. <sigh>
  10. Ricky the Bull


    This game will be #4, so I'm hoping we'll see some action from a lot of true freshman to get them game experience while still preserving their redshirt. It will be interesting to see the depth chart next week to see who will be sitting for the remainder of the season.
  11. Ricky the Bull

    Polls - Week 4

    I think part of it (again, stressing the objectivity) is that writers start seeing what other writers are doing and saying, "oh, yeah... USF".
  12. Ricky the Bull


    -23 1/2 and -24 now.
  13. USF 49-10 (no field goals) Cronkrite St. Felix 545