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  1. Free any Bulls fan who would like to go today at noon! PM me....
  2. Wish I could make this but will be celebrating mom's 91st birthday! Free to any USF fan!
  3. Ricky the Bull

    Women's Soccer - NCAA Tournament

    Linkage for the match: http://www.espn.com/watch/_/id/3458490/south-florida-vs-1-florida-state-second-round-ncaa-division-i-womens-soccer-championship
  4. Ricky the Bull

    USF vs Austin Peay - 11/12 7pm

    They had been on this player ever since a flagrant 1 earlier in the game. A couple of times he turned around and smiled at the fan(s) but at the end something was said and the player was restrained when he jumped the bench. He never made it to the stands and the fan waved and walked away. There was a pow-wow with one of their assistants and Barry Clements and the security staff after it was over.
  5. As I've posted before, I'm very impressed with the effort level of the players. Even through the losses next year, you saw the players fighting until the end of the game... no one gave up. I'm expecting 15-16 wins this season and very entertaining basketball. I think that the size of the crowd last night exceeded expectations and I think we'll see attendance climb.
  6. Interesting tidbit - we actually have size at the post this year. The second-largest in the entire conference.
  7. Ricky the Bull

    This might get you mad.

    That needs to be an action item for the coordinator at Athletics, then. It really should be no different than what the Alumni Association does for graduates to get them involved.
  8. Ricky the Bull

    This might get you mad.

    It may be that they hadn't come in a while, like you suggested. The tweet didn't indicate that he did. If they hadn't, I'm sure it would have been a surprise. It would also sense that the policy would have been in effect from at least the start of the season, which would suggest that this is his first game.
  9. Ricky the Bull

    This might get you mad.

    All players for all sports are given the opportunity to join the Varsity Club and is well-publicized. Matt may confirm this, but that is my understanding. It's not just so they get informed about tickets, but to maintain the connection with the university and former teammates and other benefits.
  10. Ricky the Bull

    This might get you mad.

    Because the Varsity Club would have let them know of the change.
  11. Ricky the Bull

    This might get you mad.

    It seems to me that an ex-player who wanted to make sure they stayed plugged in would have joined the Varsity Club. They would've gotten all the information they would need for tickets and other events.
  12. Ricky the Bull

    Women's Soccer Killing It

    I can't understand how we can have a 'name' softball coach and yet not be able to attract the talent to be one of the best teams in the nation. Not disparaging CKE, but trying to understand what factors keep us from being able to beat the "Floridas" and other elite programs.
  13. Ricky the Bull

    OL Christion Gainer Go Fund Me

    I know that GoFundMe makes it convenient, but is there a way to contribute to this another way so a percentage of my donation doesn't go to GoFundMe?