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  1. At the Phoenix airport heading home, but lifting a glass to Mikey G for continued recovery!
  2. This was tweeted by CJS, so I imagine anyone who has renewed can attend.
  3. One of four states I haven't been to (ID, Dakotas, Montana). I'm in.
  4. It's nice to have a coach who actually embraces social media and doesn't delegate it to others.
  5. It's the Yuengling Center...so, yes. If you want free parking and don't mind a small walk, you can park on Sycamore Dr. (east side of Corbett Stadium). There's a dirt/gravel lot at Elm and Sycamore that you can park for free in, too.
  6. Includes parking and buffet/drinks. Game is at 3pm. PM me your email, if interested
  7. I'm probably heading up to work with SUNY Oswego for a week soon... hopefully when things warm up.
  8. I recall Shahid had some serious health issues. Dobras is at most mbb games so I'll ask him tomorrow if he has any information.
  9. Prayers for healing being lifted, buddy! I'll stop by next time I'm in town. RTB
  10. It shows as being on ESPN3, so you can watch it online or cast it to a smart TV, if you have one.
  11. This gross generalization is the antithesis of sophistication. You make cogent points in a thread and then post insulting drivel like this. Why?
  12. The big question in the game so far is what the hell the Cincy coach wearing?
  13. We'll be in the third row behind Dickie V....sweet!
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