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  1. I wasn't apologizing for what I did... just that I couldn't help out a fellow Bullspenner..
  2. I just gave them to a middle school principal who was having a challenging week, so she could take her family. So sorry!
  3. I'm out of town this weekend and wanted to make my 4 tickets available to anyone interested in going. This includes paved parking next to the stadium (Lot D). $100 for everything. Message me!
  4. Just as long as the So Flos don't have the yellow undershirt that hangs out. That ruined the look a few years ago.
  5. Michael Kelly said one option is to put it at the track stadium's location and then create a new T&F complex. I like the idea of having it close to both the dorms and the athletic district.
  6. It will probably be the lower bowl unless there is sufficient demand and they'll open up one of the upper decks.
  7. I have one ticket to sell in section 209, row Z, so it's in the shade. Comes with club access.
  8. Also, heard that concessions at the stadium are cashless. So bring the plastic.
  9. We drove down from Va. Beach last night, so we were pretty washed out by the time we got to the hotel (Hampton Downtown). We'll be walking around town and maybe driving to see some sights until the alumni event this afternoon. Message me if you want to meet up. I know that @BDYZRis here somewhere, too!
  10. Google put mine under "Promotions" in my Inbox, so I didn't see it at first.
  11. I can't wait to see this at Publix again before the season starts. After what I've seen this preseason, I'm feeling good that we'll see the excitement from the casual fans as we get better and better.
  12. I'll be going with the wife. I arranged business in SLC that week, so it worked out nicely.
  13. FBS Independent Football Schedules (2022-2031) School Total Games Power 5 Games Home Power 5 Games Power 5 Percent Home Power 5 Percent Army 85 14 5 16.5% 35.7% BYU 65 28 14 43.1% 50.0% Liberty 74 20 7 27.0% 35.0% New Mexico State 45 5 0 11.1% 0.0% UMass 57 11 1 19.3% 9.1% UConn 55 20 9 36.4% 45.0%
  14. Thoroughly enjoyed the locker room tour and scrimmage today. The guys looked crisp and focused, running between scenarios with purpose. "Fortin to Williams for a touchdown. That's six for the Bulls!". Get ready to hear that a lot this year. There were many former players there for an anniversary event. As one person mentioned to me, Kawika Mitchell looks like he can still play. Chatted a long time with J.R. Reed. He lives in Ponte Vedra and hasn't been back here since 2015. We talked about his Memphis game and the great Houston game he had the year before. Coach Mo really connects with his players and does all the drills with his guys. He was a position coach that really stood out. After the main offense vs. defense series', CJS took the 1st team offense through drills with different down/timeout left/points needed scenarios so that they think about what to do and not to do in order to put the team in position to win. Overall, I'm more fired up about our chances vis-a-vis past scrimmages I've seen at this point of fall camp than those of the past several years. Let NC State prep week begin!
  15. This article is from a homer and for pie-in-the-sky consumption by state fans. I think this will be a much tighter game and not a gimme, as suggested.
  16. Yep! And congrats to Gene on his retirement from the TPD!
  17. For those who want to attend, our nationally ranked USF women’s soccer team will face off against the Florida Gators next Thursday, August 19th at 7pm.
  18. They would have to do a lot of moving of utilities and other things to get the fence moved out closer to Sycamore. I imagine this process is in the works before ground is broken where the building will be.
  19. Where does USF’s quarterback battle stand after one week of fall camp? Jarren Williams, Cade Fortin, Katravis Marsh and Timmy McClain all are vying to take the first snaps against North Carolina State.
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