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  1. Think we are doing very well on Social Media. Think these short videos need to be shown in movie theaters. Marketing is hiring, much needed. In Tampa airport is a large "Welcome to Bulls Country". Think these need to be on billboards across #BayMade counties. Let's here some ideas! STAMPEDE !!!
  2. I know both of these games did not go how we wanted but I'm uploading them here as a request.
  3. Everything I’ve read on this hire is nothing but positive and full of enthusiasm. I too, am excited to see a young up-and-comer leading the Bulls. However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t this excited after each hire. Holtz was the answer to Leavitt’s caveman style approach to football. Until he wasn’t. Taggart was the answer to Holtz’s lack of enthusiasm and recruiting chops. Until he was swept away. Strong was the answer to Taggart’s lack of defense, but he forgot to bring the offense (or return any discipline) with him. Finally, we have a coach that answers a few voids. Recruiting, player development, Florida contacts, enthusiasm, youth and a few other qualities. I want this to work. I just can’t allow myself to get too excited until the difference is seen in the field. I’ve never been a paper champ style of fan. I will do my part financially to help this program out with facilities and always, always cheer on this team. GO BULLS!!!
  4. Get your budget ready to buy your 2020 season tix if you don't already.
  5. Those guys at TDS put the odds of Jim Leavitt becoming head coach at 500:1 early in a story they had. When I first saw those odds in an excerpt posted here, I thought it was just a joke designed to further deride CJL. Afterall, “the field” was like 7:2 or something close. But it was actually part of their story. So, for them to do that, I have to believe they may have received information from Michael Kelly or his proxy. They seem to have been embraced by USF Athletics this last season. I’m beginning to think this was the chosen way for Kelly and USF to dismiss Leavitt as a candidate and front run it with their useful idiots at TDS. It was an attempt to extinguish the thought before it took hold in larger USF Bulls fan communities. Clearly if that was the plan, it didn't work. Then of course Nathan follows with a comment deleterious to Leavitt that he hit a player. Not allegedly. Hope I’m wrong, but beginning to smell a .
  6. How will it get done, officially? Set the emotions aside. Utilize unnamed sources and "only rumor" if you choose. What will we SEE not what do we HOPE for? What will be the final outcome? If I need to add an option to replace "Other", I shall.
  7. Arizona State for me, for two reasons: - My son goes there, the other one will soon. - 15 minutes down the road They’re, of course, P5. But the football isn’t discernibly better. OCS is old, yet under renovation.
  8. I enjoyed all the football banter. As you already know, I came in with Strong and I am going to leave with him. I have no ties to the school and I do wish the program well. He deserved to get fired for the garage performances this year. This is a trend that I saw at both Louisville and Texas. For some reason he doesn't know his own personnel and their ability. The game has passed him by. However, if Bell gets the job, I ain't going nowhere!!!! I would like to see what Rodemaker can do and see how Bell hits the portal for a new Ol. Lol
  9. I'm predicting 11-1 regular season with wins over UCF, Wisconsin and Georgia Tech. I give the program an A on addressing needs and staff. Please give your prediction on W-L's and how you feel about the following below: 1. State of the Program- I think that CCS needs to be on Defense full time and leave all of the offense and special teams to KB. CCS has the chops for defense and needs to so called get off the bus blitzing. Through the infusion of players from P5 programs, we have depth unseen in these parts. Linebackers were going to be a big problem for us, but through development and transfers, it now has become a plus instead of a minus. I am confident that the offense will put up 35 on Wisconsin. I think since CCS has always had awful special teams, let KB run the entire special teams unit, period! I was probably more concerned about the secondary than I was the lb's, but with Studstill and Barnett eligible I feel we have a real chance to be solid. I liked what I saw out of Evans and hope Sails is eligible. Now, just take a look at the weight that has been added upfront on defense, now we have some players that can wreak havoc on the edges and hold their ground up the middle. Something tells me that our ends will be the best in the conference and we certainly have addressed that through the portal. I mean we can be real special at that position. 2. Transfers- CCS did exactly what I thought and even added a few more surprises. I like Thaxton, Burnett,Studstill, Slade, Jones, Sails, Macon and Trice. I am hoping to get a surprise on the OL. All of the D transfers are instant impact if eligible.
  10. Now looking towards 2020 and the first game against Texas. This is the key to the off season and how we can win this game. These 3 players: Barnett and Mason receive a medical RS. Both are eligible and I don't have to explain to a few of you on how this is possible. Do your own homework. This team was so bad this year due to the really awful qb play. If Barnett receives a medical red shirt, this would give a capable QB who actually is a qb. If Barnett gets a medical, it will allow the future qb, Rodemaker, to be eased into the system and learn. If not, Rodemaker is pretty dang good and can at least go through a progression. If Patrick Mason, gets the medical, he can be key to stopping the Horns Down running game up the middle. I am happy with the progress of Greear and Boyles as the season progressed. In addition, Mims gave us really good spot play and that will just give us a good core and not to forget Bellamy. The LB's will be the strength of the D. The Oline: While probable the worst I've ever seen, it is a great day to see Atterbury and Norman to move on. Hopple should have been playing RT the whole year and Norman at RG. Yes Billy is that bad. I really think, and I know you don't want to hear it, just getting 3 lineman through the portal from up north or the midwest. Part of this team's problem is chemistry and there are too many kids on here from the same area. In other words, if you look at all the p5 schools in the state of Florida, with maybe the exception of UF, the OL stinks all the way across the board. Joiner Jr., with some added weight in the off season will be a real jewel. If we can keep Ford on the team and out of the doghouse, it will be a really nice one two punch. I would not stop there, we need a bruiser somewhere and you know were we can find one. I think that the receivers will be fine, we have a kid from Tn sitting out this year and another freshmen coming in that I think will be dynamic. McDoom will come of age next year now that he has found some success. Mathis will be good as a TE and would like to see Lloyd or Carter step up. For Heaven's Sake, go find a grad place kicker. Burke probably needs to be fired at this point. On the defense: The D is missing just a few pieces. We really need 2 DB's. I think Davis can replace Studstill, but we need a free safety and guy to rotate any position in the secondary. I think Thaxton will surprise you next year and the juco DT looks nasty on film. We really needed him. Most of the problems with the D is they were gassed by the woeful offense. We started to play a lot of young kids at the end and I was happy about that. Now Texas is a big Physical Team that uses a running QB to wear you down. We are going to need the Lb's to be disciplined and the ends to make Ehlinger scramble early. They have tall WR's that can kill you if Ehlinger can get it close. For a team that has 2 prior top 5 national recruiting classes, they are not that fast or impressive. Make them play from behind and turn it into a shootout, we can win. I think our D is the key to this one. I am confident that our young guys will get bigger and stronger this off season and CCS will add about 4 transfers to that side of the ball. We need impact players and CCS will go get them. If we get ran off the field, it will because he let Roberts start and play. The kid is plum awful when it comes to tackling.
  11. Monday I will make the argument and substantiate it with facts. I would like to encourage all fans with a football IQ to join the thread. We can discuss the state of the program and what player personnel that needs to be improved. Please if all you can say is fire Charlie then the Monday thread is not for you.
  12. I'm tired of you faithless fans. So I decided to actually post about football. Joiner Jr. runs wild tonight for 200 plus.
  13. vs. November 29, 2019 8:00 p.m. Spectrum Stadium Orlando, FL This will serve as our official in game thread for in game discussions and commentary. Stand alone topics should still be posted in a new thread. For those preferring the brand new chat room for in game discussion, you can find the BullsChat! chat room link in the above title bar, the mobile menu selection or click here. Both the board and the chat room function well on mobile phone, tablet or desktop. GAME DAY vs. C. Florida USF will head 90 miles down I-4 for the Bulls’ fifth and final road game of the season. Two of the Bulls’ four wins and top two offensive performances of the season vs. FBS teams have come on the road in 2019, scoring 48 at UConn and 45 at ECU in wins. WAR ON I-4: The only rivalry game in The American, the War on I-4 resumes as part of a department wide sports series between USF and UCF, schools separated by approximately 90 miles of Florida Interstate 4. The War on I-4 all-sports series began in 2016 and has been won by UCF the last three years. The Knights currently lead the 2019-20 series, 18-6. The football teams play for the War on I-4 trophy unveiled in 2016. USF leads the football series, 6-4. The teams have split the last four meetings. The UCF football program was started in 1979. USF began football in 1997 and varsity athletic competition in 1965. SCHNEIDER STANDS OUT: Australian punter Trent Schneider has earned CoSIDA Academic All-District honors to go with tremendous season that has seen him post the top three game punting averages in program history, a game yardage record and on pace to set season yardage and average records with a 45.9 ypp, 12th nationally. TOP 10ers: Senior RB Jordan Cronkrite has moved into the top 10 all-time in rushing at USF with 1,808 career yards, 9 shy of seventh all-time. Senior TE Mitchell Wilcox brings 1,310 career receiving yards (10th all-time), 11 TD (8th all-time), and 98 receptions into the game and needs 6 receptions to move into the top 10 all-time in that category. DISRUPTIVE DEFENSE: USF has posted a takeaway in every game on the season and has 6 games with two or more. USF’s 24 takeaways on the year eclipse last year’s total (21) and rank third nationally. The Bulls rank 6th nationally in fumbles recovered (12) and fourth in tackles for loss (8.7). The Bulls have held 7 of 11 opponents below their season total offense and scoring averages. SERIES: USF leads, 6-4 IN TAMPA: USF leads, 3-2 IN ORLANDO: USF leads, 3-2 LAST: UCF won, 38-10, in Tampa in 2018 USF VS. AAC: 29-26 WEEKDAY GAMES: 19-26, Fridays: 11-12 TV: ESPN: Roy Philpott (p-by-p), Kelly Stouffer (analyst) & Lauren Sisler (sideline) RADIO: : 95.3 FM/620 AM AUDIO STREAM: iHeartRadio - Bulls Unlimited USF RADIO NETWORK FLAGSHIP: 95.3 FM/620 AM WDAE (TAMPA) IHEART RADIO (DIGITAL) - BULLS UNLIMITED Jim Louk, play-by-play Sam Barrington, analyst Joey Johnston, sideline PREGAME SHOW (2 HRS PRIOR TO KICK) Jim Lighthall, Jay Recher & Darek Sharp TheBullsPen.com: Major In Game Twitter Feeds Bulls on Social Media Twitter: @USFFOOTBALL, @CoachStrong_USF Instagram: USFFOOTBALL Facebook: facebook.com/SouthFloridaFootball Hashtags: #GoBulls; #HornsUp; #BullStrong Game Day fans gallery: n/a USF official site: GoUSFBulls.com C. Fla. official site: ucfknights.com Live Stats South Florida Game Notes - South Florida Depth Chart - South Florida Stats C. Fla. Game Notes - C. Fla. Depth Chart - C. Fla. Stats GAME DAY CENTRAL Go Bulls!
  14. Johnny ford suspended indefinitely - violation of team rules
  15. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com's 2019 Football Prediction Contest Game 12 South Florida Bulls vs. C. Fla Knights November 29, 2019 Vs. 8:00 PM - ESPN Spectrum Stadium Orlando, FL The Contest: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select the winner for the week's South Florida football game - as well as make some tie-breaking prognostications. Prizes await, as does the respect and admiration of Bulls fans worldwide. First...the rules: 1) You must be a registered member of this message board. 2) You must completely answer the contest questions. 3) Post must be submitted prior to published game start time. 4) There can be no modifications to your post after the published game start time. 5) Your prediction must be part of this original thread. For additional contest rules, please read the small print below. And now, the contest: For the Bulls game against the C. Fla. Knights on Friday, November 29 please select the following: 1) The winning team 2) The final score 3) Bulls leading rusher 4) Bulls leading receiver 5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over) Please try to keep in the above format so that it will be easier to manage. Sample response would be: 1) South Florida 2) 80-3 3) Jordan Cronkrite 4) Randall St. Felix 5) 450 After posting your entry, please feel free make your case for your picks, or predict other aspects of the game. It will make the thread much more entertaining if everyone gives their reasons for their picks, and make predictions on other aspects like special teams, rushing, or who to expect at Quarterback. Important: The winner will be decided with the first and second prediction items. I am looking for the person that comes closest to the actual score, not simply the margin of victory. If more than one person is correct, or equally close, we'll go to item three. Closest wins. If still tied, we go to item four - if still tied, item 5. After that, whoever gives the best reasoning, and pre-game analysis wins.* This week's prize : Mid-Court, First Row Aisle Seats (2) to USF MBB vs. Dartmouth Friday, December 6 Includes free parking and Buffet or NCAA South Florida Bulls Traditional Wall Clock Show your team spirit with a collegiate wall Clock Traditional design looks great Mineral glass Crystal allows for superior visibility School color-coordinated outer bezel Clock measures: 11.5" x 11.5" https://amzn.to/2Doptx9 Please be sure your correct full name and address for shipping is in your account profile. Good Luck! Previous Winners: Game 1 - @George_Bullnard_Shaw Game 2 - @El_Toro_86 Game 3 - @E.T. Game 4 - @USFRaider Game 5 - @TExpress Game 6 - @NJBull Game 7 - @feardabull Game 8 - @Gatorbull325 Game 9 - @baflint Game 10 - @NewEnglandBull Game 11 - Game 12 - Prize information: All prizes are in stock at TheBullsPen.com home office in sunny Gilbert, Arizona. It gets very hectic at the home office during the season. Hence, your prize may not ship until after the season. *Small Print - As with previous years' contests, Bulliever is the final judge on all entries. He will select the winner based on secret, pre-established criteria. All decisions are final.
  16. Let's help the program out and search the portal and submit a list to CCS. The program has no money to fire him. So we might as well help him.
  17. Does anybody know if they still do the “Jr. Bulls on Parade” where the kids run across the end zone before kickoff? If so, still Gate C 30 minutes before kickoff?
  18. I can't promise pictures of the cat, but otherwise a great selection of player and fan pictures at Senior Night
  19. Nebraska is or was a storied program with resources. How does this program think it has the right to prematurely remove a coach that has won 2 conference championships in his 9 year career? People this place was not stocked with any talent in the most important position on the field behind QF. The guy that came in got hurt and the young guy is just not ready. If you want to like the blue bloods then do as the blue bloods do!!! Be patient and let the guy do what he is paid to do.
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