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  1. The green jersey is still nothing short of awful. We were promised custom changes from the catalogue HS garbage we had to get since we signed on so late (never mind that other P5 programs got custom jerseys in the same time frame) yet a year later the jersey looks we got hand me downs from @George Jenkins‘ HS. Adidas is the emperor with no clothes and I would just as soon go back to Sports Belle as accept whatever it is they are trying to do with our shiny gold iron on logos.
  2. I don’t hate Publix I find it to be perfectly average and I find it sad that people have come to have such low expectations that they find mediocrity extraordinary.
  3. Publix is to grocery stores and subs as the AAC is to football conferences, sure you are P6 which means you you are better than Food Lion, Winn Dixie, Walmart and Subway but is that really that impressive and what you want to hang your hat on? There is not a single thing Publix does exceptionally it’s the basic ***** of grocery and its only glorified here because every other option was horrid and people connected them to a pleasurable experience from their commercials and nostalgia. Publix could do better but they don’t because they haven’t had to and no one here requires anything from them.
  4. Pickiness of the quality of fans is a luxury our attendance doesn’t afford us. Our problem at current is far more quantitative than qualitative.
  5. Posted 57 minutes ago I’m soooo torn. One idea has my preferred result and the other has my preferred methodology. Oh the pain that is the duality of man.
  6. You never forget your first, especially if all of your others are remarkably unremarkable.
  7. That's odd. CWT is pretty renowned for his game day coaching particularly with regard to halftime adjustments.
  8. And so is laid the first brick in the path towards reconciliation and healing.
  9. We should rotate colors from our secondary color palette
  10. I think Adidas probably pulled a CWT, that is come in and set the bar so incredibly low that anything you do appears to be an improvement.
  11. "And the logo is black instead of green and black is not an official color".
  12. Once we win that elusive AAC conference championship the fans will come back in droves. That is, once they find out what the AAC is and are educated on why beating Tulsa while typically completely inconsequential to any program is somehow made important because it’s to be crowned to best of the teams you have never heard of before in your life (there is even a trophy and everything).
  13. Everyone that’s why they thought I was crazy and making up new conferences. They said they knew both conferences the SEC and the ACC.
  14. I had to stand on the corner and make snarky comments about the AAC to random passers by; I was lucky to not be Baker acted.
  15. I know I’m not the best person to be making the argument but a strong argument can be made that this is by far the biggest job he has had and could have conceivably Peter principled here. You are welcome
  16. A successful coach that couldn’t beat the coach he went on to replace but I digress
  17. Because short of winning a national title or close to it a certain percentage of the fanbase was never going to fully accept him. Granted he didn’t help himself but for people like me it probably wouldn’t have mattered much.
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