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  1. But thanks to relativity the bottom photo is of a league leading home attendance with another USF sellout.
  2. If the AAC is any indicator, probably not, but oh what could have been.
  3. I just kindly pointed out it was unfortunate that there was not an opportunity created by them to have themselves replaced with another team that the community at least has a fleeting interest in.
  4. May you never go to prison... If the 10th highest rated coach in the AAC can turn the ship around, who can?
  5. Is RayJay going to have to change its policy on Molotov cocktails and weapons in order to meet the new CDC guidelines on mass gatherings?
  6. Temple would probably be the most likely but probably not, that being said that doesn’t mean we ought to be celebrating that there is a missed opportunity at reshuffling the deck because we currently have a deuce seven off suit that we should be happy to muck.
  7. And if multiple teams in their conference and their out of conference slate are also not paying they will simply play 6 games because why would you ever bother to fill your schedule like teams scramble to do anytime they are able?
  8. I would say most any team in California has a decent shot, Illinois would not shock me as well as NY. You literally made a detailed post and map of what teams were least likely to play, I would start with the bluest ones and those most likely to have concerns over public safety being disregarded for entertainment purposes. No the thought is if teams on our schedule are not playing we would look to fill those games with other teams that are playing and are likely situated.
  9. We wouldn’t pay a fee if the opposition is the one dropping the game, that’s what this whole thread is about.
  10. If AAC teams were not playing games I would have a pretty good idea that teams would not be playing at all. I do not need to know who the other teams are in order to know that there would be teams on their schedule more desirable than AAC teams as that is more than half the teams in college football. I do not need to know what a conferences intentions are as if a conference has teams not participating it would make it more likely to need to play outside the conference than it would to say nope lets drop more games. If hurricanes are an out for playing conference games than I am pretty sure a world pandemic that your local government will not let you play sports in would be more than enough to get out of any contractual responsibilities if they so like. The cost of dropping a game that no one wants and you are not the one buying out of has zero costs and adding a game that is against a team that people actually want to see is worth a cost even though it probably will not come with one and would be net positive (pay no attention to the fact that an AAC program and games comes at a millions of dollars net negative every single year since we had the misfortune of joining it).
  11. Yes I am unfortunate in having to deal with posts like this but I am selfless enough to spread the fortune of my posts with all of you, you are welcome.
  12. There will be teams that don’t play this season and their schedules are littered with teams that will need to find replacement games most of which are a better quality game for us. That we will have to play all of the AAC teams as normal is a lost opportunity.
  13. I would guess the delta comes from those who have graduated not participating while those who are incoming are not all early enrolled.
  14. 8 more teams to go until the AAC reaches the perfect number You want people to watch USF football sober? Haven't we suffered enough in 2020?
  15. I want to pretend we get to have nice things for a while longer
  16. I think Nick has now lapped him, Mike just could not remember that you needed to be licensed and show up to court, Nick apparently is playing Mario Cart.
  17. We clearly should have dedicated a few practices towards Drivers Ed circa 2007-2010ish
  18. I hope this is finally the time we get it right and are finally delivered the better we were promised but with every passing year the plateau is looking a lot more like a pinnacle.
  19. Sure lets go with that is that still not better than the penultimate?
  20. If only there was someone we could have hired with a proven record of not only winning, but winning here...
  21. Maybe we can get more people in by marketing “Usf Football, having fans safely social distance for the greater part of a decade”.
  22. It is because the University transfers in the delta from revenues and expenses out of non-allocated accounts https://www.usf.edu/business-finance/resource-management-analysis/documents/operating-budget-17-18.pdf In your example it is line 13, so if you know the athletic fee amount from the year subtract it from the $19Million and change and that should be the shortfall that the University covered from other accounts.
  23. I thought we were taking the government approach and losing money is what we did, nice to see there is a line in the sand.
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