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  1. It depends on if you are looking at it from a USF or a career perspective. NFL definitely, USF probably not, USF/NFL maybe depending how much weight you give each part.
  2. I find multiple anonymous sources to have more panache but that’s just a personal preference
  3. I think my biggest issue of late has been not being willing or able to not respond, until Brad hits us with ots and then I burn with the heat of a million flames that I can’t get the last word in but I do in fact not respond. Life could be so much easier if we could just start winning, hopefully it’s sooner than later.
  4. Noted. I will try harder, I honestly thought my first post was fairly positive for the moment but I guess I can see why my current positive is still on the wrong side of a normalized positive.
  5. I never bash the fans, I never bash the players, I never bash the students and I never bash the university. Some how thinking that maybe consumers and actual Bulls aren’t the actual issue and that people paid to do something should be expected to do those things at a proficient level is seen as the anti Usf position in this bizarro world we have created.
  6. I think it all comes back to what I’ve said was the problem the entire time, no one wants to go to a stadium to see their team plan AAC teams.
  7. That actually sounds fun but I’m definitely going to change my posts to reflect the betting action, I will be the Charlie Hustle of the pen. Well assuming they can bet on my blog.
  8. No one doubts that he is trying or that he cares or that he wants to win as much as anyone, unfortunately there is nothing our attitude can do to help him win but him winning will have a huge impact on our attitudes. If there was a number of positive posts I could make to get him over the hump I would get to typing.
  9. The evil men do lives after them the good is oft interred with their bones. Judy was ambitious and some think think this was a grievous fault and grievously we have paid for it. I personally like ambition and fortune favors the bold, she guessed wrong a few times but that’s going to happen when you take enough ambitious strategies. Unfortunately the errors seemed to be more in sports and that’s where the focus of this board is but she wanted more for the university in every regard I find no fault in that she only delivered to those ends 99% of the time, it’s better than never trying.
  10. I almost never start a thread I only get my inspiration from things I read and respond to, I wouldn’t know where to begin but if you would like to move my posts you’re certainly free to do so
  11. There are some very pointed topics where we align. One of the problems with having too much success in specific areas is you sometimes forget that you may not be able to capture that same magic in areas you aren’t as familiar, especially when you have high dollar contributors asking you to work your magic in an area that would seem so simple in comparison to a full university.
  12. Some places in life appreciate consistency, although I appreciate my complaint is that we are being too consistent as well
  13. Laconic certainly plays better when it’s fun it’s just gone on far to long that it now comes across mean spirited. We just need to win so we can make complaining fun again.
  14. I have plenty of good memories from Sports Belle through UA. I don’t think I have a single good memory from the Adidas era and I think besides the base home jersey being the worst jersey we have ever had we have also had the worst run we have had in them, I don’t see how we can’t get a refresh next season to coincide with our selling of rebirth of the program.
  15. I actually have nothing negative to say and I think from the sports prospective I agree with @Triple B that hubris had more to do with it that apathy. That being said I entered a commuter school and left a legitimate university. USF was put on the map by Judy and I always find it shocking how people have soured on her to the degree that they have. You left off and Clemson has one
  16. I’ll have you know that Under Armor was my favorite
  17. No you are simply mishearing that, that’s actually the sound of someone that knows they are doing a great job, are in their first year because of Covid and is trusting this is all a part of the process of success and not the sound of someone that is exasperated because they know they are failing miserably and that losing forever isn’t a path towards anything but the unemployed forever line.
  18. I was at the bowl game where we beat them, I was with a bunch of Clemson people, I did not meet a single person that didn’t want him fired. Literally not one, but please go on. Also he is the only coach we have and it’s football season, what do you suppose we should talk about? How Dabo Swinney Went from Bad Hire to Hot Seat to National Championship Game In football, it has become a race: Who can fire coaches fastest and most often? The NFL can't even wait till Black Monday anymore. At the college level, coaches are...
  19. He definitely says the words you expect a coach to say, hopefully it starts to translate to results sooner than later. There is a very important part of coaching like Dabo he has down to a science but Dabo gets to be Dabo because he hires the right people and they recruit the right athletes. When you don’t make good hires and your recruiting is average at best unfortunately you need more than just words otherwise you you like Dabo at the start of career when he was looking like he was closer to being fired than winning a National Championship.
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