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Everything posted by puc86

  1. I have no doubt but none of them are G5 stadiums that we are competing with. Or let’s even add state schools that have a stadium FSU is a ********, Florida is a ********, UCF is a ********, FAU is a ******** and FIU is a ********. No one is making decision based on the stadiums location because it has no effect on their life.
  2. Hopefully they bring the program some much needed luck.
  3. Thanks for all the effort to make a long discussed board dream come true.
  4. A better coach is able to sell an NFL stadium as an asset to recruits, we have seen it before the only time we had a good coach. Better facilities, better field better everything should be an easier sell than hey we own this piece of **** but at least it’s close to your dorm and that has no effect on you in anyway shape or form.
  5. There is no one that actually thought we would go undefeated (well maybe a couple of people) but I just don’t see a reason to pick against my team especially when I gain nothing from it. At the same time I was saying 15-0 I was also predicting that KB would be a garbage hire and that was the only thing hopeful people were pointing to for their optimism. If someone asked for predictions for the team going forward I would say we finish 10-2, now if there are stakes involved I would try to avoid the bet and if I just couldn’t my answer would be quite different. I don’t see what it gains me to be mad at future losses when there is so much time we get to be mad about actualized losses, there has to be some time for enjoyment, excitement or at least ennui. That being said I honestly believe we are building on something with the basketball team and if an outsider predicts first four out it doesn’t take much of a jump for a fan to predict making it in even if it’s a play in team.
  6. As amazingly impossible as that would have sounded three years ago I agree, if we don’t make the actual tournament this year I will be disappointed.
  7. Then the problem will be the turn and lack of long term leadership. When you remove the possibility that the person in charge of everything could conceivably be any part of the problem it’s easy to come up with problems around every corner.
  8. I’m sure people have migrated away from mining the saturated BitCoin market. Let’s convert their server rooms in portal miners and get everyone the portal has to offer; if anyone tries to enter the portal we will convert some of our servers to ddos attackers. The portal is war and not for the faint of heart, it’s the difference between going 7-6 and going 6-7.
  9. I read the word mayonnaise and started to void myself in my mouth. Anyone that eats three jars of mayonnaise should be jailed.
  10. But they won their category so you should think that’s better than being the 5th best fine dining establishment. Winning your category is all that matters even if that makes you the 336,578th best restaurant.
  11. It would be a dream to be able to make it back thru the digestive track and be transformed back to cardboard instead of where we are the results of the cardboard the dog ate.
  12. I can’t speak to that as I don’t eat pork, but I imagine it tastes like bbq sauce.
  13. He probably is happy that he doesn’t have to continue getting teed off on every week.
  14. No my opinion is that success has to have some sort of consensus in order to have actual value. If making money is McDonalds goal then they are great (this should be their ultimate goal) if making great food is their goal then they probably should go back to the drawing board, if our goal is to be a great football team than winning the AAC shouldn’t be part of that equation because the people that care about the AAC much less it’s championships is pretty close to that zero percent number you are throwing around. Everyone in the AAC automatically loses because at the end of the day they are in the AAC.
  15. There is no way you think most people are impressed by McDonalds food. Many times people go for it because it’s the only option or it’s convenient or within their budget but all things held equal most people would go for something else if they could. In a lot of ways it is a lot like winning an AAC championship I guess, but without the whole money thing of course.
  16. We almost beat a team that almost beat Citadel, if that doesn’t excite you I just don’t know what this team can do to satisfy people.
  17. McDonalds brought in $23 billion in sales, I am still not impressed by McDonalds Food.
  18. If the portal is the saving grace of our program shouldn’t we get better as we bring in more portal players instead of worse? Is incremental progress impossible? Does every player have to be a portal player before the team can improve and when it’s only 99% we will go 0-12 but then those last two portal signings will miracle is to 15-0?
  19. You can eat dirt cheap but who would want to? Out preforming the buffet model I guess is an accomplishment just like I guess winning the AAC can be seen as an accomplishment but I wouldn’t expect too much fanfare for either. Aiming for the stars and hitting the moon isn’t a failure just like aiming for the gutter and hitting the AAC championship is much of an accomplishment.
  20. So exciting!!! Who cares about qualitative when you can quantitative. I hope everyone enjoys their lunches at Golden Corral.
  21. All we need is the defense to force 8 turnovers and for the team to play FCS teams every week and we should be just fine
  22. Out recruiting the aac isn’t horribly hard but to our recruit Clemson he will need to recruit the NFL.
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