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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

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  1. Might we have links to opponent message boards in a side panel again? Thanks Brad and mods. GO BULLS!
  2. Am I reading this correct that they will withdraw by July 1, 2022? Are they considering hanging around so they don't have to pay the early departure fee?
  3. And just for grins, from CFN early predictions... Birmingham Bowl Thursday, January 2 3:00 ET, ESPN Legion Field, Birmingham, AL American Athletic vs. SEC Secondary: ACC Projection: USF vs. Boston College Other Top Options: Cincinnati, Tennessee Last Season: Wake Forest 37, Memphis 34
  4. Great news! Hope it's at noon or 1pm though. Have to be at a rare Florida appearance of Elvis Costello that night in St. Pete. GO BULLS!
  5. 9-3 GT, SC St, SMU, UConn, BYU, ECU, Temple, Cincy, UCF Cronkrite St. Felix Bulls 31 - UCF 27
  6. How about just this move in time for the 20-21 season. Bring in Army as football only. They have a national following and won't hurt any TV deals. I know they will eventually go back to their old ways but they are still a name that would boost the conference, attendance and tv viewership. They could keep their deal with CBS as Navy also has to televise most of their home games and the Army-Navy game so they wouldn't get a full cut of the ESPN dough. Put Navy and Army in the East so they play each other every year as they must and move Cincy to the West. I think Cincy and Memphis could become a nice rivalry. Now the hard part...As conference and division mates, the Army-Navy game would have to be moved to Thanksgiving weekend which I know will cause a whole lot of heartburn for a whole lot of people, but why can't it be done? They would have to meet before the CCG just in case. GO BULLS and bye bye Huskies.
  7. This is a great point. Even though our TV deal is bigger, don't think the top of the MWC isn't talking about how to make them stronger and raid the AAC. They could agree in force not to leave the conference for the AAC, even though that's probably illegal.
  8. I agree opportunity to go mountain time. Boise and Air Force all sports plus Army football only. BYU too many issues. Having all 3 academies would be a big deal me thinks.
  9. Good for her! Man, what a season this would have been...
  10. The problem with 3 for 2's is that they will be scheduled over a 7 to 10 year period. With that length of time, cancellations are almost guaranteed. But I guess if we can negotiate very high buyouts then we're good.
  11. Looking forward to tomorrow, but August 30th can't get here fast enough. GO BULLS!
  12. Jonesy, thanks for saying that (if you are being sincere). I'm so fed up with the homophobia in this town and how it has affected my family. Will now step down from soap box.
  13. Cure, Boca, Bahamas, Gasparilla...the list goes on.
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