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  1. Take football only Air Force, Boise and Army and be done with it. 14 football schools and 11 olympic. That’s a true AMERICAN conference.
  2. Really excited again. Amazing we're talking positively about football in the middle of January. Now if only MBB would have won the 4 games they had commanding leads...
  3. yep, but nothing compares to the old Alamo in the late 70's, early 80's.
  4. Great atmosphere today even with about 1/3 wearing blue. Got a taste of what it was like 20-25 years ago. When we had our biggest lead, I turned to my son and said things will start going south with 7-8 minutes left in the game. We've all been to this movie many times this year and never liked the ending. Man, it's tough to be a Bulls fan.
  5. That game was unreal. Don't get too excited. Half of the seats in the second level are still on sale. I fear those days are long gone. GO BULLS!
  6. Hope we show up and at least make it competitive. GO BULLS!
  7. I was really excited for conference play after the FSU game, but wow this is just painful.
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