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  1. You just called me what I already called myself with the addition of a two letter adjective. It's all good. (I still say there is no football played before November. There will simply not be enough revenue to start a season prior to then. Hope I'm very wrong.)
  2. Debbie Downer here, but me thinks there is no way we have a season this fall. Even if we could play, schools will be hit hard by out of work fans cancelling season tickets, not buying tickets and not making donations. TV revenues without advertisers would be drastically reduced. It would be pretty dismal. How about just postponing the entire season from September-January to February-June? Hopefully things will have greatly died down and people will be back to work to be able to buy tickets and make donations. Move all fall sports to after the new year. GO BULLS (whenever you play)!
  3. I guess those bad OCS decisions we made 10, 20 and even 55 years ago (AB wanted to build us Busch Stadium in the 60's) are looking awfully smart now. Given the new normal and the new economy, our OCS will never be built. I'm resigned to that fact and ready to move on. I now love RayJay (just a bit of cynicism)! GO BULLS!
  4. So sorry Jonesy. I posted that on the heels of hearing that our president wants to relax social distancing to give a jolt to the economy. I need a deep breath and also need to be more optomistic.
  5. Um, ask Hong Kong how that return to normal life is going. Really hope I'm wrong but I think we're all dreaming about a full season and have to agree with smazza on this one.
  6. I thought this was a fairly well thought out article from CFN about having plan A, B, C and D for this football season... https://collegefootballnews.com/2020/03/can-there-be-a-2020-college-football-season-you-have-4-months-athletic-directors-daily-cavalcade
  7. Good question. I was proposing general relaxation before the panic hits that one has to go out and buy as much toilet paper as they can. Seriously, I get the shortage of sanitizers and disinfectants but is the toilet paper thing about the possibility of being isolated in your home and not being able to get to the store? And btw, good luck Slick.
  8. Steve being the voice of reason...yes, here in Florida people are acting way more crazy than a hurricane. I just don't get the toilet paper thing. Deep breaths (at a proper social distance) is the way to go.
  9. I'd be VERY happy with 6-6 which means we go bowling and get in a couple extra weeks of practice. GO BULLS!
  10. I hate watching this movie over and over and over again.
  11. We’re under 12:00. Time for everything to go south. Hope I’m wrong.
  12. No probably about it unless someone beats them in the tourney. End of an era in our conference.
  13. Yes, miracle please tonight. Let's move that stat from 0-30 to 1-30! May be our second last matchup for all of time. GO BULLS!
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