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  1. Nope, primary market $7. Check it out: https://www1.ticketmaster.com/usf-mens-basketball-vs-temple-university-owls-mens-basketball/event/0D005547A36996A8#efeat6916
  2. I'm looking forward to Memphis. Good team that is very winnable with this squad. Tickets in 107 and 108 are only $7 and you're really close to the action by the Bulls bench.
  3. Just received this same text. Serious marketing happening for tomorrow. I really hope we can get 5,000 in da house tomorrow night.
  4. Interesting. I've only been to the doubleheaders for MBB and I went to both buffets for both doubleheaders with no issue and no wristband. Maybe just for single MBB games? Thanks for the heads up.
  5. If you have tickets for sections 101-104 I don't see how you would be denied the buffet once you're past the club entry. I've never seen any kind of monitoring of actual tickets during the buffet time.
  6. The game was originally scheduled for 2pm but then changed to 1pm so original tickets (and those being transferred) still have 2pm on them.
  7. Can't go on Saturday to the WBB Tulane game. Will give my 2 club/buffet seats (row G center court aisle) away to anyone on this board that will take a kid to the game. First person to PM me by Friday night at the latest gets the tix transferred to them. I'll need your email and name to transfer. Remember, I really want these to go to a USF fan taking a kid. Thanks and GO BULLS!
  8. 79 Bull

    FB survey

    Same issue here. I emailed them saying the logic and flow has errors.
  9. 79 Bull

    WBB vs. UConn 1pm...

    Tough road ahead with the 3 starters and Rader out of the game. All they can do is fight and learn for next year at this point.
  10. 79 Bull

    WBB vs. UConn 1pm...

    Ummm doing well against their whole second team. Not sure what Gino’s strategy is.
  11. 79 Bull

    free throws

    Can't hurt. the real shooters should try starting at the arc, take one dribble and do a jump shot.
  12. on ESPN. Normally I'd be really up for watching this game to see if we could finally pull off the upset, but this year with all the issues, it could get really ugly really fast. Good luck ladies!
  13. Hopefully we can split the next 2 and be 3-3 going into the rest of AAC play. 10-10 in the AAC regular season and tournament would be a dream season.