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  1. Agree with the OP. This was a top 10 team even with the Big 10 in the mix. What would we have expected playing Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, etc? I will remain positive with the hope of being 3-3 after the next 4 games. That would show me progress during the first half of this crazy season. GO BULLS!
  2. Don't look now, but... Myrtle Beach Bowl ESPN, Brooks Stadium, Conway, SC Normal Bowl Tie-Ins: AAC or MAC or Sun Belt Bowl Projection: USF vs. Coastal Carolina Bowl Projections, College Football Playoff Predictions: Week 3 The College Football News bowl projections, and the predictions for the College Football Playoff after Week 3, including the Big Ten. And now the Big Ten should be a...
  3. No way those games are played without a penalty clause. This is our one shot and then it’s over unless by some miracle we get in the ACC.
  4. CJS cursing Dabo now for that late night call about what a great opportunity he has.
  5. We’ll get a couple scores in the 4th quarter against their newbies.
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