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  1. I said earlier I hate myself for this attitude. That being said, I believe we have lost 4 in a row 5 out of the last 8 seasons so it's really not unexpected. I guess I better stay away from this board that I thought was a safe vent space. I'll change my attitude and say I'm now pumped for Friday and I'll get on that renewal for the 13th year in a row. GO BULLS!
  2. Announcer said that’s 4 straight losses and they’re not used to that in a Tampa. Umm yes we are.
  3. 79 Bull

    I was glad CCS was hired

    It was a fine experiment with another school’s money.
  4. Why is Temple passing? You don’t pass when you have the lead. You might score.
  5. Charlie has that “I think I need to say the team did not execute a great game plan in the post presser” look on his face.
  6. Can’t wait for Kelly’s email this week. No matter what happens here I don’t have a clue how you spin this ****.
  7. I would say I’m turning this off but I guess I’m one for train wrecks.
  8. I hate myself this year. Always had hope in the past.
  9. We have the lead. You don’t pass when you have the lead. What are you thinking?
  10. That’s on BB held the ball a micro second too long.