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  1. Tulsa. Temple's in our division. We need every edge we can get to make it to the CCG even if that means weakening our SOS for now. GO HURRICANE! GO BULLS!
  2. I get all the hate for UCF, but I have to pull for any AAC team over a non-conference opponent. GO BULLS!
  3. 79 Bull

    Looking for watch party

    The watch party for Pasco/Hernando is at 4201 N Dale Mabry Hwy. Enjoy! GO BULLS!
  4. 79 Bull

    This is nice....

    Um I thought we had 1,000 at tailgate in New Orleans and 3,000 at that game, That being said, today was a much louder, more energetic crowd in the 4th. Good Times!
  5. Gameday email from athletics says 113-117 and 103. Should be 2,000 STRONG! GO BULLS!
  7. For those in Tampa with Spectrum, the game is on 820 and 1192. Just set the DVR from Chicago in the Spectrum app. Beautiful day here!! GO BULLS!
  8. 79 Bull

    Chicago Roll Call/Updates

    Saw lots of Bulls in Wrigleyville, was a fun night. Now on to the real game. GO BULLS!
  9. Anybody know what time the Bulls walk through at the stadium is happening and what gate they may be pulling up to? With the Cubs game moved, it's now a possibility to greet the team. GO BULLS!
  10. Sounds like we need a pink backpack ready to go for the UCF game.
  11. 79 Bull

    Bulls Happy Hour Friday

    Actually the Cubs move is going to hurt the Alumni happy hour as most folks were going to go after the Cubs game ended around 4:30. Now I would guess a lot of people will skip the happy hour to get to Wrigley area bars around 5:00-5:30. GO BULLS!
  12. Because Cubs have make up game in DC Thursday they just moved Friday’s game to 7pm! There goes happy hour for those with game tickets. Geez.
  13. 79 Bull


    Agree 150%. At both Bulls Walks this year, Charlie was smiling, high fiving and thanking people for coming to the game. Last year, he was not smiling and staring at the ground ahead of him. I took it for being focused, but I like the newer CCS better. GO BULLS!