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79 Bull

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  1. 79 Bull

    AAC Tournament

    Man on third with no outs, doesn't look good for the boys.
  2. 79 Bull

    AAC Tournament

    Haven't followed baseball this year so I have to ask... Stuart threw 2 wild pitches in the first inning. Has that been an issue with him this year? GO BULLS! GO PIRATES!
  3. Ugh. Only G5 mentioned is UConn.
  4. 79 Bull

    USF vs UF Continues

    I assume the contract states the game will be played at RayJay. We're probably giving them 30,000 tickets too. Whatever it takes. GO BULLS!
  5. 79 Bull

    The Poor vs The Rich

    I'm all for a hefty pay day game once per year until we are sitting at the big boy table again. Besides adding to the coffers, always a fun away game trip and experience to play traditional programs.
  6. Lighting in playoffs, Rays game and Rowdies game. Come on. At least it appears we outdrew the Rays game tonight. No one is at the Trop.
  7. 79 Bull

    Where is the USF ad?

    Went to Bolts game yesterday. Started heading over at Curtis Hixon Park where some tents were set up with give always. The Lightning were giving out magnets, tattoos, beer koozies and signs that fold up to be a noise maker. Much to my surprise the signs where half Bolts in blue and have Bulls in green. Either our marketing partnership is paying off or they just pulled out the leftover boxes of signs from USF night at the Lightning. GO BOLTS! GO BULLS!
  8. 79 Bull

    Birmingham Bowl Commemorative Ticket

    Can't make game so emailed them about mailing the tix again, no reply yet.
  9. 79 Bull

    Spring Game April 14th

    Ditto. Wish Bolts were at 8pm.
  10. 79 Bull

    Spring Game April 14th

    Chances are pretty good that day that the Bolts will host game 2 of round 1. Will hurt the crowd a bit. I’ve got tix for that game, hope it’s Friday or Sunday.
  11. 79 Bull

    Bull's in plain view

    The other goal tonight was block letters. I’m not sure mixing it up helps the logo marketing effort. GO BULLS!
  12. 79 Bull

    Bull's in plain view

    Back to block letters and on the side dashboard for tonight’s Bolts game. Boo.
  13. 79 Bull

    Our 2018 Bowl Destiny is Set

    2 Bowl games like Navy please.
  14. Can't rely that much on student fees. I want an OCS really bad but don't want to raise tuition and hit up the students to fund it.
  15. 79 Bull

    Even UAB is getting a stadium...

    Stadium looks okay, but it's 2 miles off campus, owned by the City and UAB has to chip in $4 million per year to help pay it off. I would think BJCC is getting the parking and concessions revenue. It's really not "their stadium". I know many of us want an on campus stadium where USF controls the operations and revenues. This model isn't it. GO BULLS!