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  1. The line is USF -2.5 so slight favorite with an over/under that is a score of 74 or 75-72. Money talks and it sounds like money is saying this one's going down to the last few seconds or OT. GO BULLS!
  2. Is this a normal BV setup? It's weird to not have a game clock or a shot clock on screen.
  3. Ouch. Watching on BV so I don't have much room to talk about the crowd, but you can throw all that break even talk about attendance out the door.
  4. If I remember correctly, the 8 football schools were to get twice as much as the 8 basketball schools. I'm no math giant, but I think that would have meant approximately $12.4 million per year to each football school and $6.2 million per year to each basketball school. My recollection was that the Pitt president persuaded the others we could do better while liyng through his teeth because he knew they were bolting soon.
  5. I think tickets are only $17 and $12. That just doubled your break even calculation.
  6. It's an okay bump for now, but $7 million isn't going to cover much in the year 2032. And now I have to buy an ESPN+ subscription to watch basketball and half of the football games.
  7. Totally missed that Vitter was Chancellor of Ole Miss.
  8. I think we win 7 or 8 out of 13 so I’m running far away from that over under.
  9. Anyone else think these are slim pickings except for the SMU Provost and VP of Academic Affairs?
  10. I think SMU and 1 tourney game are good for the NIT. Don't want to be USiF but if we make 10% more free throws and maybe 2 other plays go our way, we have 4-5 more wins than we do today.
  11. First UConn has to beat the mighty Pirates to get another shot at our Bulls! And we have to beat the Cougars to get another shot at the Huskies. GO BULLS!
  12. Keeping an eye on this at work. Glad they are going to win but every time I took a peak it looked like really sloppy play.
  13. Mine is holding up tonight. I don’t dare switch to another app or turn it off. I didn’t hear either. What’s up?
  14. 50% chance we get another shot at them on Sunday. http://theamerican.org/documents/2019/3/4//2019_Bracket.pdf?id=3079
  15. I too was a bit choked up about Laura so I didn’t notice that we did not contest their first trip down the floor. Very nice!
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