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  1. Earlier booked an Air BNB just north of campus when I realized there were no hotel rooms under $350 per night available near campus. A good portion of those 100,000 people must book hotels for all home games as soon as the hotel reservation dates open.
  2. Also like reading all this positiveness, but I have to say I hope we don't hear in a press conference on Saturday or Sunday that we were unprepared for Bye.
  3. Wow. I never thought I'd be so excited and happy to be included in the first four out of anything! A top seed in the NIT would be awesome. GO BULLS!
  4. If CFN updated their schedule predictions, I think you would find them having us at 5-7 instead of 7-5 as we are nowhere to be found in thier latest bowl projections... https://collegefootballnews.com/2019/09/bowl-projections-college-football-playoff-predictions-week-3
  5. I really like the 4pm kickoff. For me, can watch game day, first half of noon games and be home by 8 to watch prime time games.
  6. You forgot the 10 minutes they were in the Big East.
  7. Just searching for some good news this year even if it's a lie. Felt okay walking out of the stadium for the first time in a long time.
  8. You were correct sir. Full page coverage today, mostly positive and no actual attendance figures!
  9. Actually not horrible now. Game time 90 degrees, 25% rain and 60% humidity.
  10. and look for my Bulls in the sports page. Yes, I still get the local rag on weekends. Today on the college football page, there are 4 paragraphs about UCF (all positive about a player profile and their 3 quarterback rotation) and 1 paragraph about USF (negative about team record scoring only 10 points in back to back games). All Matt Baker, Joey nowhere to be found. This from my and USF's hometown paper giving more coverage to the Orlando hometown team. GO BULLS!
  11. Looks like the entire north end zone is being used for these tickets. If the students show, at least both endzones will be full. GO BULLS!
  12. God forbid this game gets cancelled. Gonna be a whole lot tougher to get to 6 wins on the season.
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