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  1. I'm from Cleveland and finding an Agora here was awesome. Such great times there though it only lasted a few years. Also Buffalo Roadhouse was my intro to punk back in the day.
  2. I believe that’s what they’re doing with the official OCS announcement
  3. Tanga was on the Courtney Campbell Causeway back in the day. It was next to a Japanese steak house and some joint that had great Philly cheesesteaks. I'm talking 1975 to 1985. Greenery was the place to be especially if you lived in Fontana. Tapper Pub/Red Mule at 15th and 131st, Alamo, Morgan's and Char-Pal. One night in 79-80, cops were about to raid Char-Pal and arrest the owners, dancers and patrons who got a bit too close when plain clothes came in the back door and alerted about 10 of us college kids it was about to go down and they escorted us outside. Good times! GO BULLS!
  4. Third quarter more people in the west club than in the stands plus there couldn't have been more than a couple hundred students.
  5. All 3 timeouts in the second half were taken after having a good 60 seconds prior to taking each one and they all did not make one bit of a difference with the outcome (if my sunburned memory is correct).
  6. and I didn't go fishing. If we had anybody on the O line that could make half of their blocks and anybody on D who could make half oi their tackles once they have a guy wrapped up, we'd have something here.
  7. Early walk this morning and I smelled VICTORY in the air! GO BULLS!
  8. There is no QR code on the game tickets, they magically are "read" at the gates. The parking pass does have a QR code on it and is really "scanned" upon entry to the lots. For club access you have to show the same gold ticket with no QR code (but Club Access in very small print) each time you enter the club. GO BULLS!
  9. Thanks John. This leads to another question. Are you going to try and give us comparable seats in Amalie or will everyone get good side court seats regardless of location in the YC? Thanks again and GO BULLS!
  10. If JL says it's happening, that's all I need to hear. Thanks. GO BULLS!
  11. Somewhere on here someone said that the OCS announcement was going to be made at the homecoming game. I still have to believe it's announced the Monday after our first win this season, hopefully next week! GO BULLS!
  12. I wasn't going to admit it, but my plan is cheesesteaks from Wawa. Don't tell anybody because I'm a bit embarrassed. GO BULLS!
  13. We'll never know since no one is actually pushing for actual numbers any more. My guess is 12,000 for Tulsa at noon. If we beat Tulsa, we get 18,000 for Temple at 7pm. If we lose to Tulsa, we get 15,000 for Temple, With season tickets sold and student tix, the announced distributed attendance will never go below 20,000 this year even if we sell zero single tickets for a game.
  14. And they didn't say xCx once which surprised me. Some nice, and accurate, shout outs. GO RAYS! GO BULLS!
  15. Don't know if this has been posted yet, but I'm assuming they are holding whatever the announcement is for the Monday after the first FBS victory this year. Can't come out with something to generate excitement and ask for more support right after another loss. Hoping we hear on Monday, October 18th. GO BULLS!
  16. Well, 3 of the 4 best teams we'll play are behind us. Those 3 will all be ranked in the top 20-21 tomorrow. We really may have a shot at 6-6. GO BULLS!
  17. Take it easy Skin. Only USF shirt in the joint in a sea of Vols and Spartans.
  18. In Key West tonight. Heading out soon to Jack Flats to watch the game. Last time I was here was the SD State game and there were 3 other tables of Bulls fans watching the game. Hope they're around tonight. GO BULLS! Forgot the original post - only gin and tonics for me.
  19. 1997 1975 Stream Spectrum so I guess I have cable No ??
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