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  1. Nope. Had to watch one betting site ad and then it was the full Fox HD feed.
  2. ESPN+ will blackout the game if you're located in Tampa Bay. I'm on You Tube TV which is also in the negotiation wars with Fox/Sinclair. Just found this link. Not sure what's going to happen when they drop the puck: TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING vs. COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS - Box Score - January 23, 2021 View the TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING vs. COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS game played on January 23, 2021. Box score, stats, odds, highlights, play-by-play, social & more
  3. Also this hasn't stopped the professional leagues from publishing list of players and their status.
  4. I say 50% - 12 games 6-6, 10 games 5-5. I can't point to where the wins will come from, but not feeling awful about CJS' second season. GO BULLS!
  5. BULLS WIN AGAIN! (posting with my heart, not my smart) 2 Collins 17 Durr 9 70%
  6. I'm feeling we just don't pull it off for the NIT, but hope I'm wrong. Expect we'll be invited to defend our championship.
  7. Back from the game. Pretty good atmosphere given the situation. If DC could make free throws and hold onto the ball a bit better, we could be world beaters.
  8. I don't see anyone who hasn't already had P5 success taking this job. It's the death knell for all up and comers.
  9. Thanks much. What entry are you working? Seriously, I'm just going to go the men's game and watch the women on TV. I really don't want to sit in a seat for over 5 hours. Would be great if the doubleheader tickets allowed for reentry, but I knew what I signed up for. GO BUILLS!
  10. I asked this before and I think the answer was no, but I'll try again. With 1 hour and 15 minutes between games today, will we be allowed to leave and return after visiting one of the fine establishments on Fowler Ave? With no congregating allowed in the club and concourses, it would be nice if we could leave and come back rather than just sitting in our pofd for over an hour. Anyone know for sure? GO BULLS!
  11. CJL and his mother both lied in Florida?? Just a bit of post-Christmas humor. Have a great new year guys!
  12. Would the DH's both be 7 inning games? Consistently playing 4 9-inning games in a 45 to 50 hour period could be killer in the long run.
  13. I'll say it again. The best possible adds now in 2020 are to bring in Boise, Air Force and Army as football only. Result is 14 team decent conference for football. We would truly be the "American" conference with the 3 academies bringing a national audience. I know many will say that Army does not want to be in a football conference as they historically cannot compete, but with Navy and Air Force persuasion, it would be a done deal.
  14. Use to tailgate near his family. Nice folks. Wishing him the best of luck.
  15. Starting to think we'll be lucky to get 14 or 15 of AAC games in this season for both MBB and WBB. Rescheduling games is going to be very tough.
  16. Surprised with the amount of games we have on a network vs. +. Good news! GO BULLS!
  17. We’ve been to this movie many times over the last few years. Praying it has a different ending tonight.
  18. Ditto ditto ditto. Finally some confidence we can take teams to the wire.
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