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  1. Good for her! Man, what a season this would have been...
  2. The problem with 3 for 2's is that they will be scheduled over a 7 to 10 year period. With that length of time, cancellations are almost guaranteed. But I guess if we can negotiate very high buyouts then we're good.
  3. Looking forward to tomorrow, but August 30th can't get here fast enough. GO BULLS!
  4. Jonesy, thanks for saying that (if you are being sincere). I'm so fed up with the homophobia in this town and how it has affected my family. Will now step down from soap box.
  5. Cure, Boca, Bahamas, Gasparilla...the list goes on.
  6. Heard in the post game recap video that CBG is flying to MN this morning to watch Michigan State in the final four so he is not returning to Tampa with the team. Enjoy Coach! GO BULLS!
  7. Nice read. I think we go 9-4 with a low level bowl victory. We'll get a couple surprise wins.
  8. I don't care if they call it ticky tack or let them play but JUST BE CONSISTENT. That has been the problem with all the CBI games. The guys just don't know what they can get away with or not from minute to minute.
  9. Must win! DePaul could always go the glasses guy as the 7th man! GO BULLS!
  10. Over/under is 145 for game 3. I thought it would start out higher given we were at 164 (after regulation) yesterday on the same court. BTW,. the line is DP - 2 1/2.
  11. Wow. I'm guessing this is the first time in AAC history, we are both tied for last place in the standings? Unusual for both programs to fall in the same season.
  12. The announcers said Wintrust was booked with other events throughout the CBI. Sounds a little fishy that it was unavailable for EVERY game.
  13. These announcers cannot believe the calls and non-calls. I don’t usually complain about the refs but this is really inconsistent.
  14. I just got this email from USF saying that season ticket holders wil have access to a special tailgate area during the Spring game. I already replied to a previous email where I purchased tickets for a tailgate at $20 each. Is this the same thing or something different? Call me confused as it hasn't been the first time with USF communications. Thank you for your support during the 2018 season and for committing to joining us in 2019! As you may have heard, the USF Spring Game will once again return to Corbett Stadium on campus on Saturday, April 13 with a 1:00 PM kickoff! As an exclusive benefit for being a Football season ticket member, we are excited to announce that we have a special tailgating area for you this year! You will have exclusive access to a beer garden with food and other beverages provided as well as opportunities to win prizes and raffle items, including helmets, jerseys, and other apparel throughout the day. Prior to kickoff, fans of all ages can take part in eight skills testing stations and five display areas that will be part of Fan Pro Day starting at 11 AM on Elm Drive outside Corbett Stadium. There are also many other pre-game items including food trucks, photo zones, and a kids zone to make our Spring game fun for all Bulls fans! Fans are also encouraged to bring blankets and utilize seating areas on the grass berms surrounding the playing surface as a large crowd is expected. We hope to see you at Corbett Stadium on April 13th! Thank you and Go Bulls!
  15. Why is DePaul playing at MP arena and not their new home Wintrust arena? Fear of it looking very, very empty? GO BULLS!
  16. Sorry DEL, that would be me. They were onsale on ticketmaster right after the LMU game. Didn't know I was being a thief! GO BULLS!
  17. DePaul seems impressed with the Muma Center though I honestly can only understand about half the audio...
  18. Again money talks with a line of USF -2 and an over/under of 152. So money says the score will be Bulls win 77 -75. GO BULLS!
  19. I'd blow it up to 4-5 times that size and put it just north of the IPF covering the old softball fields, track , tennis courts in the trees and open field area. Would love to have it in this area instead of south of Fowler on top of MOSI. Sorry, but yeah let's start up the whole debate including awesome photoshops.
  20. 2 here, probably arriving a few minutes after tipoff
  21. Had a great time tonight. Just bought my tix for Monday night. Went up to $20 and only first level on sale again. GO BULLS!
  22. Not to be a downer, but 3384 was distributed tickets including comps and students. I'll bet we sold a max of 2500 tickets at an average of $14.50 (tickets were $17 and $12) for a total of $36,000. Still not bad for this type of pay tournament with teams ranked over 90 or 100 out of 351. GO BULLS!
  23. Not an issue anymore as DePaul is hosting games 2 and (if necessary) 3 next week. If we win tonight, we host game 1 on Monday night. GO BULLS!
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