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  1. Agreed, there needs to be a happy medium between academics and athletics...
  2. Yes, I agree. I lean towards Blanchett because of her education background.
  3. Man if I didn’t have such a busy weekend I would’ve taken you up on the offer.
  4. Oh no, im all in with the Bolts too. I think we're kind in that hangover state right now just waiting for the playoffs.
  5. @Brad what is the status of this weekends tickets for Liberty at USF?
  6. The days of the multi mil/10 year baseball contracts are over. While players may WANT what guys like A-rod and Pujols got in the past, analytics and other details have caused teams to pay for the player now and not what he will be. Those Pujols and A-ROD deals were so lopsided based on production. Guys like Harper and Machado might get 30 mil/year, but maybe no more than a 4-5 year contract.
  7. I really hope the new hats are sold in the bookstore...the Adidas flexfits are comfortable and fit great.
  8. Wow i just put two and two together that Incredibull used to be a director at my office. He was a great guy for the limited time I knew of him and he even offered USF football tix to me only because he saw the USF helmet on my desk. RIP Incredibull....you will be sorely missed. Prayers and condolences to his family and friends.
  9. It seems like this year was pretty even in reference to records, no one really stood out.
  10. They had a special QB draft in November https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_AAF_QB_Draft
  11. Rain seems to be clear, the filed was covered until about 3-4pmish so all should be good. Pretty sure the bowl game cancelled alot of pregame events in the parking lots but game seems to be a go.
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