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  1. South Florida Strong is taking for preorders for a United Start 2 Finish shirt and according to Twitter, theyve agreed to donate 20% of all profit to the IPF. Shirts to be delivered early January I think. I got mine ordered.
  2. Not that I agree with what Spicer is doing, has anyone done research on if other programs do this?
  3. I personally follow the same rule as your son, no matter how bad or good a game is going I will not leave until the game is over.
  4. If that’s the case, I don’t think they’ve exercised the option at all.
  5. His name is Beau Edwardson and supposedly he's been doing it since the early years of HOT band in the late 90s.
  6. I just drove by Wednesday and it was still there, did they begin to take it down already?
  7. I'm beginning to feel the chances of this happening are getting increasingly better...and for person reasons Michigan
  8. Yeah buddy, props to Kelly. He isn't messing around.
  9. I'd give anything for a payday to visit Michigan in the Big House...its a place i'd love to see a game and why not see the Bulls
  10. Pretty solid, I think we’ll we good weather for Thursday-Saturday
  11. Not to sound negative, but while the signature is authenticated that looks like a fake jersey. I dont recall any Bulls football jersey with gold numbers and white sleeves.
  12. I drive thru downtown Tampa twice a day commuting to and from work, and look at that ugly logo on the side of the new building, just waiting to see it gone...
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