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  1. UWF is DII, so i dont think USF is eligible to play them.
  2. bull2saintleo

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    All of these schools have a full board of 12 games for 2019. The Big Ten and Big 12 play 9 game conference schedules, so only 3 OOC slots are available every year. https://fbschedules.com/future-college-football-schedules/ Most P5 teams have a full schedule for 2019, so barring any cancellations the following teams have open dates. Louisiana-Lafayette, UTSA, UAB, FAU, FIU, and of course the FCS schools.
  3. bull2saintleo

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    I checked Big 12 future schedules, and only options are TCU ......not too shabby. Big Ten, Pac12, ACC and SEC all look all set for 2019, so not happening barring any changes unless i miscounted. With our strength of schedule, i feel like a G5 FBS school would be nice rather than FCS. Options would be Louisiana-Lafayette, UTSA, UAB, FAU, FIU,
  4. bull2saintleo


    Yeah SDSU was in he Chargers Qualcomm Stadium (not current NFL but was then), and Temple plays in the Eagles stadium.
  5. bull2saintleo

    Illinois game TV

    I was just going to say this...i'll have to check at home to see if it works for me.
  6. My feeling is that unless Fitz completely poops the bed these next two games, he will likely start week 4 in Chicago. Bucs bye week is week 5, and the Bears game is on a short week following Steelers on Monday Night Football. After the bye week, its up in the air.
  7. bull2saintleo

    Is it a stretch to say...

    Counting the bowl game, ND went 8-5 Losing to Michigan, USC, Stanford, FSU (bowl game), and USF
  8. Rutgers 07 by a landslide...that was just such a letdown. Did I expect us to be #2 that year, probably not. But **** the dominoes fell that way and we made it. Honorable mentions for games I was at go to Army 04 and Houston 17, mainly because I was at both games and both felt like a swift kick between the legs.
  9. bull2saintleo

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    Big Ten Network is Fox owned, so i would assume if the game could be simulcast locally it would be Fox13 and they probably have another game to air at that time Due to stadard Fox commitments. If you think finding the Illinois game is tough, try looking for UMass in a few weeks. I dont know what channel that'll be on.
  10. bull2saintleo

    New USF Academic Logo

    Yes correct, the seal is seperate from the brand. You can check usf.edu/brand for more info.
  11. This was too funny....and its not like the game was ever even close.
  12. bull2saintleo

    Bowl projections week 1.

    1. Way too early 2. No way they pair us against GT again, they usually avoid repeat matchups in bowls unless its playoffs.
  13. bull2saintleo

    Pregame announcer

    The HOT Band announcer I believe is someone who's been doing it since the beginning of HOT Band and that's why it keeps happening.