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  1. bull2saintleo

    Need Tickets for Friday

    I saw this too, probably upper deck seats. They were in largo yesterday
  2. South Florida (I will not join the dark side) 35-31 Cronk St Felix 321
  3. I might be out of the loop but was the fairgrounds an option? if so where? I was never aware of a venue large enough.
  4. I too like the way Houston's new stadium looks. Structurally it might be the same as UCF materialwise but it kjust looks like a stadium rather than a bowl with brick walls.
  5. bull2saintleo

    2019 4th OOC Opponent Is....

    Our AAC schedule next year is @ ECU, Navy, UCF, UConn and home with Cincy, Memphis, SMU, and Temple. I also have doubts Wisconsin will be ranked. Theyre 6-4 right now and only getting votes in the Coaches Poll around #40
  6. bull2saintleo

    2019 4th OOC Opponent Is....

    While it would be nice to play a non-FCS school, we got hung out high and dry by Central Michigan way too late in the game to find someone with openings on their schedule.
  7. bull2saintleo

    Univ S. Alabama--full speed ahead

    For those that have been to both, is the structure of FAU vs. UCF stadium similar? FAU looks much more aesthetically pleasing but I wondered if it was still the metal ground or sometime different.
  8. I cant pick against us....it's just my rule South Florida 31-28 Ford Wilcox 321
  9. bull2saintleo

    Univ S. Alabama--full speed ahead

    #1 - Mobile cant really compare to Tampa since USA is the only team in town, Tampa has 3 major league teams as well. #2 - Ladd-Peebles Stadium is going on 70 years old. Probably not the best condition. #3 - 25k seat stadium for less than 100mil will likely be on par with C.'s place in Orlando. A giant erector set that bounces.
  10. bull2saintleo

    Petrino is out ...

    Yeah, i dont see UL bringing in a second in a row repeat HC.
  11. bull2saintleo

    Game Time Temple

    Not really....they're really aren't many other options this week. Most big schools are playing their cupcake games, and both teams are ranked. Cuse and ND is probably the other option, but that games at Yankee Stadium.
  12. bull2saintleo

    UCF Game Time?

    Looking here http://www.espn.com/college-football/schedule?week=13&redirected=true it appears CBSSN selected their games, and we're not one of them. We'll likely be on on the ABC/ESPN family of networks. Other games that day are: - Houston @ Memphis - ECU @ Cincy - Virginia @ Va Tech Oklahoma @ WVU is already on ESPN at 8pm
  13. bull2saintleo

    UCF to host College Gameday

    I would hope if and when it happens, they host Gameday on campus and not the RayJay parking lots. Some nice sites on campus would be MLK Plaza or somewhere around the Yeungling Center
  14. bull2saintleo

    Charlie Strong contract

    This.....though I agree his staff needs changes.
  15. bull2saintleo

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    USF just opened the upper deck on the home side yesterday. Tix range from $30-60. Resale sites like Stubhub, Fan Retreat, etc. are going for alot more than that.