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  1. bull2saintleo

    Bowl Records by Conference

    It seems like this year was pretty even in reference to records, no one really stood out.
  2. They had a special QB draft in November https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_AAF_QB_Draft
  3. bull2saintleo

    Thursday Weather

    Rain seems to be clear, the filed was covered until about 3-4pmish so all should be good. Pretty sure the bowl game cancelled alot of pregame events in the parking lots but game seems to be a go.
  4. I thought i saw somethign recently Green jerseys at the very least:
  5. I'd have to look, but i thought i saw a week or so ago a pic that had patches on the green jerseys.
  6. Thanks, ill give it until tomorrow. I appreciate it.
  7. If no one claims them, would you consider mailing them to me? Im a collector of our game tickets and would love to add to my collection.
  8. bull2saintleo

    Cannot Print Free Bowl Tickets WTF

    Sorry but you have to remember this is NOT a USF home game, even if it's at Raymond James. USF (and Marshall for that matter) are working with the bowl committee and going by their stipulations. Going to will call really isnt that big of a deal...
  9. bull2saintleo

    For you Tom Jones haters

    He'll be the senior media writer for the institute, "writing about the world of journalism and today's media" https://www.tampabay.com/sports/2018/12/15/tom-jones-says-goodbye-to-sports-after-33-years/ Its kind of like shift of career in the same company because the Poynter Institute is the parent company for the Times Publishing Company.
  10. bull2saintleo

    Marlon Mack Career High Today

    This.....all this....
  11. bull2saintleo

    For you Tom Jones haters

    I know you were just jokingly but in all seriousness, he’s accepted a position at the Poynter Institiute for Media studies in St Pete.
  12. bull2saintleo


    You all talk like this league will have a long term future....I doubt we get more than 2, maybe 3 seasons.
  13. bull2saintleo

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Oh yeah, I had to watch at least parts of a few bowl games on my iPad at work. 2015 Miami Beach was rough since it was a Monday, and to avoid Monday Night Football ESPN had the game at 230pm...and the only college game that day.
  14. bull2saintleo

    Time To Audition King as OC

    Well he cant change much of the x's and o's, but he can change how and what strategy the existing plays are called.