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  1. BullyPulpit

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    We don't repeatedly shoot ourselves in the foot against Illinois and we beat them handily. 600+ yards of offense is ridiculous. We literally couldn't have played any worse on offense and still won the game. That was a D- game for the offense and a B effort from the defense. I agree we can't take anyone for granted, but I think we beat ECU by at least 17. As for the 2 to 3 yard runs, you have to do that to keep the field open for the longer plays. You need to have that threat of Cronkrite ripping off a 20 yard run to move the safeties up a few yards and give our receivers a chance to go long. You need that middle run to catch the LBs cheating and creating an opening for Wilcox on a seam route. I will concede that our redzone offense needs to show some improvement, but the 2 to 3 yard plays are a necessity at times.
  2. I refer to every "movement" I make as a UCF. This morning I had a big movement and took a huge UCF.
  3. He is getting a shot. I observed after the first preseason game that they were holding QF back to keep him under wraps. I believe their intention is to have him be on the practice squad this year, learn pass protection responsibilities and the RB role, and then give him a legitimate chance to make the roster next season. QF is a gifted athlete and a winner. I hope he gets to display all of that soon.
  4. BullyPulpit

    Joining P5 vs Being P6

    This next round of TV rights will really dictate where this conference goes in the future. We need the TV partners to be financially invested int he future success of the AAC and to be willing to lose money in the short run in order to make it in the long run. I am not sure if that comes from splitting up the package among different stations or if it means coming up with a viable and lucrative digital media rights deal, but this is really make or break for the conference and any P6 aspirations. The product on the field may be competitive, but if we can't afford to keep coaches and improve facilities, then it really won't matter.
  5. As unfulfilling as yesterday's win may feel to some of us (most of us) keep this in mind: there are only 27 teams that are 3-0 in FBS and 33 teams that are still undefeated. That means there are 95 teams that wish they could trade places with us. College football is a war of attrition. All that matters for us are Ws and Ls. Just keep winning! Go Bulls!
  6. BullyPulpit

    New Season Goals Start NOW!

    No goals have changed. While the coaches could do better, that game was just a comedy of errors. Too many bad penalties, missed FGs, unlikely turnovers, etc. The defense settled down and played well. The offense moved the ball with relative ease, but constantly shot itself in the foot. We couldn't have played much worse, but we still won. The goal for the season is to still win the AAC, nothing happened yesterday to change that.
  7. You can't say that definitively. This is college football. We banged up the GT guys pretty good. Penn State should have lost to App St, then turned around and ripped Pitt by 50. Doesn't mean App St would necessarily beat Pitt. I will reserve judgment at least another week or two as to how good our defense actually is.
  8. BullyPulpit


    Agreed. I was way off. I suppose I was one off on current NFL stadiums, but we played at a total of 8 stadiums that were NFL at one point or another.
  9. By my count, today's game at Soldier Field will mark the 5th different NFL stadium that the Bulls have played in. Obviously, Raymond James, then Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, BOA Stadium in Charlotte, Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, and now Soldier Field in Chicago. Interestingly, USF has also played at 3 MLB parks (Tropicana, Miami, Rogers Centre in Toronto).
  10. BullyPulpit

    Five Question Friday

    1) Strongest Bulls unit, RB or WR? Definitely WR. RBs have shown flashes, but disappointed that Sands and Mack haven't really contributed. 2) What do you like most about Blake Barnett? His field vision and ability to move outside of the pocket are amazing. 3) What concerns you most about Blake Barnett? Whether or not he will stay healthy all season/return for his Senior/Heisman/CFP Campaign in 2019. 4) Favorite tailgate beverage? Tito's and Vitamin Water Zero Lemonade5) What is your guess on the greatest number of members to sign up at TBP in one day? 115
  11. BullyPulpit

    Soldier Field Walk Through

    This tweet seems to suggest that USF Football's Twitter is either a day behind in posting, or that the Bulls are just now departing Tampa for Chi-town. https://twitter.com/USFFootball/status/1040669336543879169
  12. Well, apparently the coach and the team read this message board and realize that the locals were getting restless and this was a make or break season for the volleyball team.....glad to see they responded. The power of TheBullspen.com never ceases to amaze!
  13. BullyPulpit

    Ole Miss Transfer TE?!?!?!

    The new tv deal should help bridge the gap.
  14. BullyPulpit

    Ole Miss Transfer TE?!?!?!

    I conceded that he appeared mobile, but not that he had high end speed. He doesn't have high end speed, but he is mobile and knows when and where to run because he has incredible field vision.