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  1. Apparently you missed the WVU game in 2007. Was about 20,000 fans louder than the Tin Can.
  2. USF has a really good sophomore SG named David Collins, but yes, I wish we still had Anthony with this squad.
  3. I don't dislike Rideau, but he represents this team's ceiling. This team will go as far as he can take us. He doesn't have to be a great shooter, but his FT shooting almost cost us the Austin Peay game. He seems to be a pretty good decision maker and an above average defender. Castaneda is not ready to run this offense which is why PG depth is a big concern for me. I suppose Collins could fill in if needed, but that wouldn't be ideal.
  4. This team is fun to watch. Hardworking and scrappy, just like their coach. I think the two biggest weaknesses are going to be shooting and point guard depth/play. Rideau is serviceable, but he makes quite a few mistakes and doesn't seem like he is going to be a good shooter. I do like the way Gregory is easing Castaneda into the offense as well. I thought we could be a .500 team this season, but I might have to revisit that prediction. GO BULLS!
  5. BullyPulpit

    WBB - Team of the Week

    I'd have to agree with The Sheriff on this one. I was waiting to find out exactly when the injury occurred, but up by 38 with 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter is probably a pretty good time to at least pull Laksa and Ferreira. We know what we have with those two. However, if Jose felt that they needed to be on the court to build up stamina or for the team to further gel, well, he is the coach and I would defer to his judgment. This isn't a situation where you blame Jose for a freak injury, but you can sit back and say, "****, I wish she hadn't been in the game at that point."
  6. BullyPulpit

    WBB - Team of the Week

    I did that when I was 18. Tore my MCL as well. Brutal injury. She knew it the moment it happened. I wish her a speedy recovery and hope she battles to get back next season.
  7. BullyPulpit

    WBB - Team of the Week

    The goals are all still there in front of us. Laksa is a great player, but we still have a lot of great players. I don't think we can beat UCONN without her, but that doesn't mean we can't win all of our other conference games and get to the second weekend of the NCAA tournament. The Oklahoma game will be very telling as to the trajectory for the rest of the season.
  8. BullyPulpit

    2019 4th OOC Opponent Is....

    No, it is not. Which is why I agree that playing an FCS (while likely a necessity) is a waste. We open at home with Wisconsin (8/31) and then go on the road to Georgia Tech (9/7). I prefer the FCS games to be a tune-up game in week one to shake off the rust of the off-season. If we have to have a non-opener FCS game, I would hope that it would be on 9/14 after playing two decent, physical teams to start the season.
  9. BullyPulpit

    Early FB Renewal?

    You're welcome! LOL
  10. BullyPulpit

    Early FB Renewal?

    My best guess is that it is 10% off the ticket price, but not the donation amount required for the seats.
  11. BullyPulpit

    WBB and MBB in good hands

    I accept it as its own sport. It is quite different from the game the men play in speed, style, execution, and fundamentals. To me, looking at it from that perspective makes watching it more enjoyable.
  12. BullyPulpit

    WBB - Team of the Week

    They were grossly underseeded as a #11. We had no business playing them in the first round. It really wouldn't have mattered, because we likely wouldn't have beaten the Sisters of the Poor with the way the team came out and played, but it still is worth nothing. We should have been a 5 seed and Buffalo probably should have been a #8 or #9 seed.
  13. Joey Knight isn't officially reporting it, but just tweeted that he heard it is South Carolina State. Makes sense given the OOC schedule of Wisconsin, Georgia Tech, and BYU.
  14. BullyPulpit

    Early FB Renewal?

    6 home games versus 7. Wisconsin, BYU, and some random FCS school that will be announced today. Also, have to pay for Charlie's contract increase. The $99 season tickets are still the best deal in town!