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  1. This game illustrates how great CBG is as a head coach. He constantly has this team improving. Just imagine how good we could have been with Yetna and Kiir. We could be 11-4 right now, but I'm ok with where we are at. Just keep improving!
  2. Poaching assistant coaches from a P5!!! This was a lateral move for Dye. He must love Coach Scott.
  3. I imagine that we have a lot of that in place with Bulls Vision already. The question I have is the required neutrality of the announcers.
  4. The reaction by Clemson fans to losing Jeff Scott has me more excited for his arrival. I just hope and pray the promise that he brings translates into leadership and a good on-field product.
  5. It was fun while it lasted. I look forward to see what Jeff Scott can do here. Hopefully, he leaves the program better than when he inherited it.
  6. Which is probably more impressive than just about every victory that has followed.
  7. If by pen you mean $3 million dollars, then I guess you are somewhat closer to reality. A retread is a tire that failed the first time through. Leavitt did not fail. You can loosely use the term to mean someone returning, but it isn't the proper use of the term.
  8. You do know he didn't give a crap towards the end at SC and spent most of his free time golfing, right? You are getting excited over a coach that would be no more than half in.
  9. He also isn't going to let emotions cloud his decision. He knows this is a critical time for the program. We had a stretch where we went something like 35-5 over 40 games across 4 separate seasons and didn't see the gains in attendance and financial support one would expect. That explains the aggressive shift in scheduling philosophy and will hopefully explain putting his neck on the line in hiring Leavitt in order to save this PROGRAM.
  10. Drew 34,000 for that game, which wasn't bad. The program was gaining steam. Even with a 6-5 record, we had over 45,000 for the finale against WVU. We had over 43,000 against FAMU as well. We drew better back then.
  11. I think he would have eventually gotten us there if given the time. The guy proved he could coach up talent. We were in constant transition in his tenure and playing against vastly superior talent across the board.
  12. Would you rather be 10-3 with a victory over a top 5 Alabama, a bowl win, but no conference title or 11-3 with an AAC crown and a loss in a bowl game? Hmmmmm.....
  13. His plateau is 7 or 8 wins, but he's won 9 before.... Got it!
  14. Edsall left on his own accord with eyes toward bigger and better things. Leavitt was never leaving USF unless it was for Kansas State. There isn't anything quite analogous to the Leavitt situation out there right now.
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