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  1. BullyPulpit

    Good News for T Horne

    I completely tore my ACL, MCL, and tore my meniscus in two places and I have never been the same. With that being said I wasn't much of an athlete to begin with, but when I blew out my knee I lost all chances of warming a bench anywhere in America. T. Horne is on a completely different level and will come back better than ever. 3 KO returns his first game back!
  2. Oh good, I was worried his name rhymed with Duck or Spit! Those would have been terrible names to be forced to live with.
  3. Let's see what second half adjustments CBG makes. We have seen turnarounds before.
  4. I hope Bell is free to do what he does. Gilbert thought he was going to create Offensive Excitement, but he actually created Offensive Excrement! He wasn't that many letters off.
  5. BullyPulpit

    Bell’s Hiring Could Impact the IPF

    It's no longer a Gator Chomp, it is now the Daddy Shark!
  6. The improvement from this team is really showing up on the stat sheet. Through the Tulane game, USF ranks in the top 35 in the nation (top 10% overall) in the following categories: Free Throw Attempts (6th) Rebounding Margin (9th) Offensive Rebound Per Game (11th) Steals Per Game (15th) Turnovers Forced (28th) Winning Percentage (34th) Free Throws Made (35th) What is the most heartening to me is that all of those categories are the "effort" categories. CBG has these guys giving their all, they clearly believe in him and each other, and they are 100% bought in and committed to playing team basketball. Winning begets winning. Let's hope the second half of the season will be just as enjoyable as the first half!
  7. I think the most losses the team could possibly have in conference and still qualify for the Big Dance would be 4 in the regular season, and then of course 1 in the conference tournament, so long as it was in the semifinals or final. The OOC schedule was extremely weak, and we lost (albeit in OT) to the "marquee" opponent on that non-conference slate, Georgetown. Out OOC SOS was ranked 311 out of 353 teams. I don't know that an at-large team would have ever gotten in with a worse OOC, especially one from the second tier of basketball conferences. With 4 conference losses (14-4 overall) we would almost assuredly be a top 4 seed and receive a first round bye, meaning 1 or 2 additional wins in the conference tournament and an additional loss. 25-7 or 26-7 might be enough, but to me there is no margin of error beyond that given our OOC SOS. I still think the ceiling for this team is the NIT, which would be amazing. I predicted 15 or 16 wins prior to the season, and we are almost there already (probably would be 13-3 if the Charlotte game took place), so anything beyond that and I can't reasonably be anything but happy!
  8. Am I the only one that thinks we are going to go into Philly and pull off the upset? Clearly, the guys didn't look their best last night because they were looking ahead to Temple! Bulls win 71-69.
  9. BullyPulpit

    Willie in trouble

    Knock lawyers all you want, but, without them, no one would be held accountable for their actions, especially the rich and powerful.
  10. Wilcox still needs to catch a higher percentage of those borderline throws. Not all of them, but more than he has. As for Gronk, unless something dramatic changes for him in the off-season, I think he is entering the last two years of his career. His body is breaking down and he can't seem to stay healthy. He is going to be the "oldest" 30 year old in the league next season. It is a shame, as I love watching him play.
  11. If he can work on his pass-catching he is going to make a great replacement for Gronk in New England.
  12. BullyPulpit

    Football Complex Fundraising

    It may be because it is much easier to do the project all at once or there may be a greater cost to splitting it into phases. Alternatively, there may be a psychological element that makes it easier to raise funds prior to the project starting. This would be a great question for VPoA Kelly.
  13. BullyPulpit

    Football Complex Fundraising

    If that is the case then they might be able to break ground later this year. Thanks for the insight.
  14. BullyPulpit

    Early line: Tulsa -7.5

    If we grow more consistent from the FT line and start defending the 3 better, this team will be a lot safer bet. We didn't defend the 3 particularly well against UCONN (they had a lot of wide open looks) they just thankfully didn't shoot very well.
  15. BullyPulpit

    Football Complex Fundraising

    This means that in the last 6 or 7 months they have raised roughly $4 million more towards the project. If they are in fact are looking to have full funding in place prior to commencing the project, we could be waiting a very long time. If they plan to begin construction in 2019 they are likely going to have to finance at least half of the project cost. I can see VPoA Kelly waiting to see what the terms of the new TV deal are prior to making any formal decisions.