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  1. We should be hosting the Gators. Identical RPI, but we won our conference tournament.
  2. They are so smug and arrogant. I hope they lose out and end up 7-6.
  3. The fans are turning on Huepel already. They are on the same trajectory that we were after we lost Taggart. First season was good, second season disappointing, let's hope his third season is an absolute disaster.
  4. This team is the most balanced we have had since the Courtney Williams led team. I see big things in their future. Could this be the season they finally knock off UCONN? I'm going out on a limb and will say yes! If we had been healthy we would have had a shot last year.
  5. We are locks for the NCAAT no matter what, but another conference title would be nice!
  6. MikeG is a great guy who always brings good energy to everything he does. He captured some amazing photos from the golden years of our program and has always been one of the best Bulls fans we have had. I wish him a full and speedy recovery!
  7. It's a Strong showing for sure! This program is in some trouble if we can't get fan support up soon.
  8. This might be the worst home crowd I can recall. No students here yet either. Hopefully it fills in a little bit
  9. Not a bad season all things considered. Beat UCONN and SMU and we definitely get an at-large in the NCAAT with our RPI. We were #42 prior to beating Cincy and Memphis (who was #26). If we only beat UCONN and lose to SMU, it may be close.
  10. Great start for the Bulls and the AAC as a whole, going 7-0 on the night. Going to be a tough and deep conference.
  11. They are going to get upset tonight by a familiar for...SJSU! Go Spartans!
  12. After we beat Temple Thursday night I hope the bandwagon starts to fill back up. We are going to be 6-4 going into the Memphis game.
  13. If ECU can hold on and we win out we play for the conference title....as simple as that.
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