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  1. This is going to take a down and dirty, gritty, signature CBG/USF style game to pull of the win. I could see this one coming down to the wire. Hopefully, the season continues.
  2. He is a disruptive force, I just have a hard time seeing how he features on a team in the current NBA. 20 to 30 years ago he would have been a top 5 pick, but with the speed and shooting in today's NBA, I don't see him getting more than a few minutes of the bench. The real question is will a team use a draft pick on him or just sign him as an undrafted project? Would he be better off going to play in the Chinese league or somewhere else internationally?
  3. They play that grinding, defensive style (like Virginia) that leads to a lot of regular season wins, but doesn't translate well in the Tournament.
  4. The problem with streaming is that it is a youth targeted, youth dominated market and the youth has not shown the same level of interest and commitment in following real sports as previous generations. None of the streaming services want to be the first to lose their ass on a media rights deal for sports content. Some have dipped their toe in the pool (Amazon with the NFL) but we have yet to see a real commitment from anyone.
  5. This happened in 2011 and blew up in the conference's face when realignment took place. In fact, I would be willing to bet that realignment occurred because the Big East spurned ESPN's offer, so the powers-that-be in Bristol assured the conference's destruction.
  6. I do really enjoy watching the overreaction and disgust. If I had known so many on here had the intimate details on the negotiations, I would have asked how things were going weeks ago. For those of you that were there with Aresco when ESPN pantsed him and took his lunch money, what was the best offer that he turned down?
  7. It is an invitational. It is not based purely on merit. I am quite honestly more surprised that WVU accepted the invite. They are the first power conference team to play in the CBI in years. Would have actually been nice to have a few other power conference teams in there to raise the profile of the tournament.
  8. Yes, they just Tweeted out the starting 5 and he is going to play. Hope he is fresh and inspired.
  9. Fewer than 1 per game....God awful! If teams are forced to lineup a linebacker or safety on him in space they will be in big trouble!
  10. 12 total catches for 122 yards and 1 TD. Totally unacceptable. So glad SG is gone.
  11. I would be shocked if he didn't get a camp invite. I really hope the Buccaneers offer him a shot. Also, I hope he and his agent do the best job of trying to select the team that gives him the best shot of making an NFL roster, that is sometimes the toughest challenge/calculation to make.
  12. I should have said that their two main contributors are seniors. As we saw last night, they are nowhere near the same team without Katie on the court. The drop-off from Samuelson and Collier to the rest of the team (with the exception of Dangerfield) is pretty substantial.
  13. I understand that, but the consensus from their fan base was that they were going to go all the way this season. Loaded with senior talent, this was going to be their year. From their perspective next year will be a struggle and could be the first time they drop an AAC game.
  14. If UCONN doesn't improve over the next few weeks they will not be winning the National Title.
  15. While this season will be remembered as the one that Jose and the team had to overcome adversity to grind out a winning season, it will be remembered by me as the one that got away. This was the season we were poised to beat UCONN and possibly win the American. If we don't lose our top 3 players I just don't see how we wouldn't have at least shared the regular season title with the Huskies. If anything, hopefully Jose now has the formula to beat them when we are at full strength. You have to take the game to them physically and play fearlessly.
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