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  1. I think the floor for this season is 3-9 and the ceiling is probably 7-5. So long as we see improvement and the building of depth, I will be encouraged. I think we saw some signs last year that CJS can at least motivate the players, even if the skill wasn't there. Getting NC State in week one improves our chances against them, although those chances are slim. Win that game and, who knows, maybe we could be in for a real surprise. I like to take the route of cautiously optimistic. Life isn't fun being pessimistic or blindly optimistic.
  2. Because you are myopic and unreasonable. I'm venturing to guess he is referencing each loss from last season.
  3. It's a crapshoot at this point to know what type of squad we are going to have. For as bad as last season was, we were down 21-7 to Cincy before giving up a late kickoff return, lost at Temple by 2 due to a failed 2-point conversion, blew a 13 point 4th quarter lead to lose to Memphis by 1, and were competitive with UCF down only one score in the 4th quarter before depth and experience became a factor. If just the Temple and Memphis games had gone our way we would have been looking at a 3-6 team and things would have felt a lot different. I would steer clear of any USF betting lines for the time being.
  4. I'm reading that right now after looking into it further. It appears that it was delayed by Covid and now it's future is up in the air. I don't know how big of a factor it would have been with landing recruits, but it definitely would add a wow-factor that would be difficult for USF to match. The idea of exclusivity to athletes and large donors and its proximity to their facilities makes it far more appealing than a pass to Adventure Island.
  5. From Matt Baker's article on the new locker rooms: "Quarterback Brendan Cyr and New Mexico State transfer Xander Yarberough have left the program due to “personal obligations,” Scott said." Cyr is not a real loss, as we already have more QBs than we need, but Yarberough was a nice depth piece with some game experience at DE. DE is probably one of our weakest positions on this team entering the Summer, which is saying a lot. Hopefully someone can emerge to shine opposite Rashawn Yates. Keep an eye on Tramel Logan, I think he could be ready to take the next step after getting some PT as a true freshman last year.
  6. I think building it out in phases is prudent, not only financially, but from a continued excitement, recruiting and PR standpoint. Having an unveiling of new, state-of-the-art facilities every single summer for 3 consecutive years has much more of an impact than just having everything built at once. It will keep the players hungry and excited and will be a reminder to boosters about how far their contributions can go. We stagnated for a decade-plus and have a lot of catching up to do with other programs. UCF's lazy river compound will be a great recruiting tool for them and USF needs to continue to find ways to catch up, while not completely mortgaging the future with unsustainable debt.
  7. These are points of pride for the players and the staff. When you see improvements it makes you want to be better. USF football had stagnated since the Lee Roy Selmon Center was opened. I love that CJS showed the players a video of the Ponderosa trailers, the Selmon Center and then let them see the new locker room. This program grew so much from 1996 to 2007, it was crazy but not sustainable. I hope that with the new locker rooms and the IPF and training and fitness center the new regime can keep the passion and fire growing around this program. We are one big season away from getting back into the thick of things. It probably won't be this year, but this year will lay the groundwork for future seasons. For the first time in a while I can say that I'm excited to see what the future holds for USF football.
  8. This is incredible. I touched upon it on the Realignment thread, but I didn't have the numbers for this past year. We are right on FSU's heels, as they were at $700 million as of last year. Money begets money. USF had 135 parents last year alone. Those patents can turn into more money that further grows the endowment, that funds the creation of more patents, that leads to more money for USF.
  9. What exactly does the Pac gain from an alliance with the watered down Big 12? I still think the B1G is going to poach the top of the Pac 12 prior to the renewal of the Pac TV contract.
  10. Man, I would love to USF football that good again in High Definition!
  11. Eventually, yes. But the GoR that the ACC teams signed is too expensive to even begin to think about buying out. They are locked into the ACC for at least another decade.
  12. Why in the world would Penn State ever consider leaving the B1G? They make more there now than they would in the ACC and that is with their contract coming up for renewal. I never have gotten the sense that PSU was unhappy in the B1G.
  13. Baylor's fundamental religious views are an impediment to inclusion with the Pac-12, at least from what I have heard. It may be the reason that BYU has never been seriously considered by the Pac-12 either.
  14. What USF is doing is really incredible. USF conducted over $530 million worth of research in 2019 and that resulted in the award of 135 patents in 2020. They are exceeding their endowment in research grants which, for a school of its size and age is unheard of.
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