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  1. Yes, but it can only be sold for scrap in China at this point.
  2. We have absolutely no way of knowing how many cases there are right now. It is still way too early in the process to draw any broad conclusions. Of course that won't stop people from making selfish decisions that could put others at risk, but at least a lot of private corporations are doing what they can to help flatten the potential curve. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst and whatnot. Enjoy your trip. Wear sunscreen.
  3. Except you are missing the point that this isn't the flu. It is an easily contracted virus with no vaccine. Literally breathing near someone that is not even coughing can lead to infection. The R0 for the flu is about 1.3, but with vaccinations, the virus is controllable. With an R0 of 2.2 this virus spreads at a rate exponentially greater than the flu, and greater than any of the variations of the flu that have emerged over the years. The WHO is reporting that 40% of those infected have very minor symptoms. 40% develop pneumonia and could develop lung scarring, but won't require oxygen. 20% worldwide have required significant medical intervention. About 2% are dying. I'm sorry about your 401k. I imagine based upon your demeanor that you are around 35 or so. You will have time to recover. I'm more worried about my immunosuppressed 70 year-old mother that I help care for than my retirement account at this point, but we all have different priorities.
  4. It's too early to make any determinations about the actual death rate. However, with the rate of spread, if just 5% of those infected required hospital treatment (which is likely a low estimate) our systems would be completely overwhelmed. Social distancing is the best solution at this point to prevent a failure of our medical system. We know the R0 is 2.2. The spread of this virus is like wildfire and lacks the mitigation of vaccination or immunity. Without any intervention, we would likely have 60% of the population infected (200 million) within the next two months. Even a mortality rate equivalent to the flu would result in 200,000 deaths. Everything we have seen worldwide suggests a higher death rate than the flu, even if it isn't quite the current 2% projection.
  5. It's actually based on epidemiology and science, but I suppose that is like fear mongering and panic.
  6. They probably would have had us back if we wanted to be in it. You have to give the champs the ability to defend their title if they don't make the NCAAT or NIT. Next year we will make the NIT, so I don't think the CBI will be on the table.
  7. The tournament is cancelled this season. USF will remain the reigning CBI Champions until at least April of 2021!
  8. Not to be a jerk, but the irony of you saying he needs to learn to speak Spanish while you use the wrong form of "Their" is too sweet to just gloss over.
  9. This game illustrates how great CBG is as a head coach. He constantly has this team improving. Just imagine how good we could have been with Yetna and Kiir. We could be 11-4 right now, but I'm ok with where we are at. Just keep improving!
  10. Poaching assistant coaches from a P5!!! This was a lateral move for Dye. He must love Coach Scott.
  11. I imagine that we have a lot of that in place with Bulls Vision already. The question I have is the required neutrality of the announcers.
  12. The reaction by Clemson fans to losing Jeff Scott has me more excited for his arrival. I just hope and pray the promise that he brings translates into leadership and a good on-field product.
  13. It was fun while it lasted. I look forward to see what Jeff Scott can do here. Hopefully, he leaves the program better than when he inherited it.
  14. Which is probably more impressive than just about every victory that has followed.
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