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  1. Solid schedule. Not a single true road game which is interesting.
  2. USF's press release states that in just 4 years we have gone from #88 to #44....simply incredible. With the addition of the Downtown Medical School, the continued progress in research, and the emergence of the pharmaceutical program, the sky is the limit for USF. I could see us being a top 25 Public University by 2030.
  3. Q had 6 carries for 47 yards and 2 catches for 7 yards. I'm hopeful that he will at least get a spot on the practice squad and another chance to shine next season. He outperformed his competition, Ellis, by a large margin tonight.
  4. Down 1-0. We apparently had a great scoring chance and missed high, 4 minutes later the turtles took the lead. Bummer.
  5. They don't look very good or athletic. Poor tackling.
  6. Most of the models right now take the storm across the state into the Gulf and then making a turn and heading towards Georgia.
  7. No, they didn't. The live stats aren't working. They are coming out of half now tied 0-0
  8. A team that used to be one of the most successful on campus looks to pull off the HUGE upset playing the overall #1 team in the country, Maryland. 0-0 thus far at halftime. USF has yet to record a shot on goal. A tie would be a win here.
  9. I didn't go there, the Euro model and Paul Dellegatto did!
  10. It's a ways out, but we might not be playing in Atlanta next weekend. Would suck, but there are bigger things in life than football. Hoping the high pressure ridge unexpectedly lifts tonight or tomorrow and this thing drifts out into the Atlantic.
  11. Macon and Sails have the most pressure on them to perform at a very high level, immediately. They will have to be our best playing transfers for us to have a chance to win this one.
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