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  1. If we learned anything from Game of Thrones (and if you didn't, what was the point of watching) it is that those that wanting to ascend to power should automatically be disqualified from running for office.
  2. Just like they do for sanitation, guns on the premises, capacity, and a plethora of other things, right? If people and businesses could be trusted to make smart decisions for themselves when it comes to matters of public health then we wouldn't be in the position we currently find ourselves.
  3. If only it were that easy. The problem is that others haven't been taking personal responsibility. This is not your fault, but we are all left to deal with the fallout therefrom. You can blame the anti-mask crowd for a lot of this, along with a lack of leadership. I don't pretend to know where hospitalizations and deaths will ultimately be trending, but it is a major public health concern if the healthcare system gets spread too thin. You have to respond in the face of a potential public health disaster. You look at the list of activities with the highest risk for spreading the virus and bars are at the top. I also think we should be temporarily shutting down gyms, pushing back the opening of theme parks, and restricting other activities that are high-risk. If all they are going to do is close down the bars for a little bit, it is a waste of time. Bars alone are not responsible for the virus spreading like wildfire. So from that standpoint, yes, it is stupid and designed to placate the masses. We could sure use a real leader right now. Unfortunately, our choices for Governor were mop head and the meth head that is into gay escorts. What a time to be alive!
  4. Never said that they shouldn't have been wearing masks also. Are all bars in Florida outdoors as well? Because that has been shown to make a difference as well.
  5. What is your strategy for wearing a mask while drinking libations?
  6. I join you in the blissful, optimistic delusion that CJL will return and lead us back to the brink of greatness, finally completing the prophecy that was contained in the Book of Lee Roy.
  7. You don't see it? Apparently you need to start watching some alt-right programming and YouTube videos. It will all become very clear to you after a few weeks in the cult. Fact: Every major oppressive regime in world history began by forcing its people to wear masks. Don't believe me? Give me a few minutes and I will go make a false and misleading meme supporting my position and falsely attribute a quote to a respected historical figure that you can then help me spread like legitimate fact across social media.
  8. This is a reasonable perspective. I wouldn't put you in the "freedom/my body, my choice" crowd. We clearly have some on this Board that are more on the extreme of the anti-mask spectrum. I wouldn't take the approach of policing other's behavior either. I just get annoyed and frustrated seeing the progress that we were making being completely derailed and potentially costing us the opportunity to enjoy everything that we were looking forward to seeing, including USF football and basketball. That is where the selfishness of others comes into play. We were probably just a few more weeks from really having the virus under control here and being able to control things with reasonable precautions and contact tracing. While you may only know one or two people that have the mindset that masks are the devil, there are definitely more than a few of them out there. If there weren't, we probably wouldn't be in the position that we find ourselves.
  9. When I think of puc86 the first word that comes to mind is usually "optimism."
  10. I know you will not likely see this, but take solace in the fact when those wanting to exercise their "freedoms" are presented with a cogent argument about wearing masks they either ignore it, try and make a joke, or put forth an ad hominem attack. Trolls are going to troll. They feed off of the negative reactions they get on social media. It's a pretty sad and pathetic existence if you ask me.
  11. Me neither. I long for the days when I can get a nice whiff of a Pall Mall or a good ol' Lucky Strike while I'm trying to enjoy a nice dinner out I don't have a problem with it because I have to respect that other person's freedom and their right to blow their smoke wherever they want to out in public. I also think that it's ridiculous that there are laws concerning sanitation and food handling at restaurants. Let the cooks be free my dudes!
  12. All these anti-mask freedom fighters need to join with me and start going into stores and restaurants barefoot, shirtless, and smoking a cigarette. If you don't like our disgusting feet and cigarette smoke getting in your lungs, stay home! You know the risk when you go out in public. We're free to do whatever we want and we don't give a crap whether it impacts someone else. Hell, if I want to shoot my gun in public places, that's your problem stay out of the way of my bullets or stay home! Freedom! Murica! #1....Wooooooo.
  13. I think everyone looking at these restrictions and precautions are looking at it through the wrong lens. It isn't the fact that Covid-19 is LIKELY to kill student athletes, it is the fact that it COULD. Just imagine the backlash an athletic department would receive if they chose to eschew safety precautions and return to normalcy, only to have cheerleader or football player succumb to the disease. Again, it may be a small possibility, but we are talking about hundreds of athletic departments nationwide. The same holds true for professional sports. The players aren't likely to get anything too debilitating given their level of health and athleticism, but the coaching staffs aren't that young and, a lot of times, not that healthy. Pat Mahomes will likely be fine, but would you have the same level of confidence about Andy Reid? It is going to be really fascinating to see how professional team leagues navigate these waters more from a PR perspective than anything else.
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