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  1. I don't know if it is true, but I always thought that Dabo was a player's coach.
  2. Our best game was a loss to Baylor. The Miss. St. win ended up not being that impressive. This team has not improved as the season progressed. Not sure how much the Covid disruption was to blame, but it has been frustrating to watch. If you are truly a top 20 team, there really isn't anyone in the AAC you should be losing to.
  3. In fact, after reviewing things, Missouri State has a better profile than we do. They beat NET #5 Maryland, #40 FGCU, #46 Drake twice, #63 Illinois State twice, #73 UNI twice, and #87 Bradley twice. Their only losses are to #37 SDSU (21-2 overall), and #52 Wake Forest. Charlie Creme currently has them as a #5 seed in his latest Bracketology. (USF was a #6 prior to the UCF win) South Dakota State has a good case as well, with wins over #15 Gonzaga, #22 Missouri State, #29 Iowa State, and #37 South Dakota twice. Their two losses were on the road to #73 UNI (who they beat at home) and #109 Ka
  4. My prediction before the Houston loss was that our ceiling was a 4 seed. The Committee tipped their hats when the top 16 teams were released a few weeks ago and solidified that with the release on February 28th. Three teams with 7 losses were ranked ahead of us, with major conference teams Michigan (only 3 losses) West Virginia and Ohio State left out of the top 16, but ranked ahead of us in the NET. Assuming we win out, I see us with a 50/50 shot at a 4 seed or 5 seed. Our NET ranking is currently at #24 AFTER the win over UCF. If we lose another game we are looking at a #6 seed. We have
  5. I don't think his seat is all that hot, but he has to show something next year. Also, he may get a pass for the last 2 games. The Temple and Tulane losses were bad. I get that Yetna played sparingly against Temple, but we should have at least made that game competitive without him. We got absolutely rolled by Temple in the second half of that game. I can take losing to the Houstons and Memphises of the world, but not to Tulane and this year's iteration of Temple, at least not like that.
  6. I think this is fair. CBG needs to show a lot more next season. Covid is a mitigating factor, but the team's performance down the stretch is indicative of a team in disarray. It feels like CBG has lost this squad and the effort and passion are missing.
  7. This doesn't tell us too much. Williams is just learning the offense. McClain in a freshman. It says more about Marsh than it does the others. May the best player win and let's get this program moving in the right direction.
  8. I hope the Houston game was a wake-up call. It was a "burn the tape" performance. Flat, uninspired, and sloppy. Today's game will reveal the character of this year's squad. I expect them to bounce back in a big way and win this one by 8 to 12 points.
  9. Just an update, on February 15th he tweeted that his recruitment is 100% open and he wouldn't be deciding on his birthday, February 20th.
  10. The carousel on this one is amazing. Tennessee takes UCF's AD and HC, who retain their existing S&C Director, Artis, but bring in their guy from UCF to "oversee" Artis. UCF then poaches KSU's S&C Director. KSU turns around and poaches USF's S&C Director. USF then poaches Artis from Tennessee's to become their S&C Director. The circle is complete now. Artis was clearly the Infinity Stone and USF's turnaround is inevitable.
  11. May have been clairvoyant. The ladies look flatter than flat today. Better tighten up in the second half.
  12. Alvarez has struggled mightily since the return. She is 3 for 17 in the last 3 games, and her minutes have almost dropped in half. We need her 3 point shooting.
  13. Pure guess here, but I think they could have started the project last year, but given the fact that football was shutdown and a pandemic was raging, it was wise to wait. Even though the funding is different, it's a bad look to announce cuts while building a $25 million facility.
  14. The teams mindset is certainly stronger. The effort is there. Got to get back to the 35% 3 point shooting we saw before the break.
  15. The shooting has been absolutely atrocious since they returned from the Covid shutdown. Have to find the shooting touch again before UCF. The good news is that the defense and rebounding have all been solid.
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