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  1. Do we have a clear understanding of how many players are in the Covid protocol? If it is a significant number, I would support rescheduling the game for December 12. The extra practice and ability to have more players dressed will be beneficial. There is no rush to play this game at this point unless USF wants to be done with the season and start saving as much as they can in expenses.
  2. Apparently, the only thing our players can catch is Covid-19.
  3. That was an amazing trip, despite the outcome of the game. We did have a great turnout at that event. By pure happenstance, Judy and Doug took a bunch of big donors out to dinner at that very same restaurant. We saw them and asked them to speak and they were gracious enough to do so. We were blessed to be part of the growth of a program while it was still a small, intimate, and connected experience. We had such amazing access to the coaches, administration, and players. The type of access that more established program's donors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to have. No matte
  4. Of course it is. We don't coach guys to get blocked 5 to 10 yards downfield in the run game.
  5. This is a glorified scrimmage for them. We really need to treat it the same way. Down and distance be damned at this point, you need to see who you have that is a baller and who is just going through the motions.
  6. Tackling was great last week, these are just much bigger and better guys for ND
  7. We can't pass. Did you see Dukes after that pass by Johnson? He clearly knows how bad our QB play is.
  8. That bogus holding call on Brinkman was a KILLER! Please, baby Jesus, let them lose.
  9. If there is a 5% chance it is the 40 or 50, you take it in this one. Our only chance to win involved turnovers aplenty and special teams points.
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