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  1. BullyPulpit

    USF Volleyball Schedule

    Everything is relative. I am not expecting us to compete in recruiting with the likes of the Pac 12 or B1G, but we don't have to. We need to be able to beat out the teams in our conference. Not every year, but once every four years or so. To go as long as we have without any measurable success is unacceptable. It appears that mediocrity has become acceptable as it concerns the women's volleyball team and the players and coaches are certainly delivering just that.
  2. BullyPulpit

    Woman's basketball Adds 5 Star Beatriz Jordao

    All programs have some level of turnover at some point in time. Could be a personality clash, a style/system issue, or she didn't like USF/Tampa. Not sure what you are getting at with this post.
  3. BullyPulpit

    USF Volleyball Schedule

    I would imagine that conference affiliation might have played a part in that, but the fact remains that we are capable of fielding a competitive team. We certainly can't accept the results of the last 15 seasons. This should be a make or break year for Draper. Finish in the top 4 of the conference or dust off your resume.
  4. BullyPulpit

    USF Volleyball Schedule

    That is completely unacceptable. If I'm Kelly, I am looking for her replacement immediately. Lost 18 out of the last 20 sets and at least 13 in a row....Sad!
  5. USF should consider doing a two-fer or three-fer deal for new season ticket holders. $150 or $175 for a season ticket to both football and men's basketball, $200 for football, men's basketball, and women's basketball.
  6. BullyPulpit

    USF Volleyball Schedule

    Hopefully VPA Kelly will come in and do a complete evaluation of all of our athletic programs. Coach Draper has had 6 full seasons to improve the program and has floundered, despite the AAC as a whole not being a strong volleyball conference. Not that we should be making the NCAA tournament every year, but she has really failed to field a truly competitive team.
  7. BullyPulpit

    USF Volleyball Schedule

    This is one program that doesn't seem to have any traction. 2000 to 2002, we showed promise, but then pretty much nothing since. I don't follow this program closely, but does anyone have any insight as to why they can't seem to get it going? Now that WSU is in the conference, it is going to be tough for us to ever make the NCAA tournament.
  8. Thanks for sharing, I missed that. Although it wasn't the best toss (a little high and outside when it looked like Mack was trying to cut back towards the middle) Mack needs to at least secure the ball there.
  9. BullyPulpit

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    He is at the Trop today covering the Rays so I imagine it is too quiet there for him to make any phone calls.
  10. BullyPulpit

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    He may have kept his CARDS close to his chest, but now he is definitely grabbing his BULLS by the horns.
  11. BullyPulpit

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    Can one of the moderators please change the title of this topic now that it has been confirmed that the initial report was inaccurate?
  12. Granted it is a small sample size, but he only had one fumble (which wasn't a turnover) in 105 NFL carries (regular and preseason) last year. By comparison, Frank Gore had 3 fumbles on 263 carries.
  13. BullyPulpit

    The Ultimate 2018 Off Season Question....

    1. BB was in a much different situation than BK and CO. QF was an entrenched starter with success and the experience edge. 2. Asiantii Woolard. 3. And lost it the starting gig. 4. Asiantii Woolard. 5. Asiantii Woolard.
  14. BullyPulpit

    The Ultimate 2018 Off Season Question....

    I say that Kean starts the season, but Chris finishes it. Blake has just never been able to beat out competition.
  15. BullyPulpit

    We Made It!!

    Right on our heels doesn't necessarily mean a coin toss. Also, for the sake of argument, how do you think one of our programs can significantly pull away from the other at the present time?