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  1. BullyPulpit

    Men's Golf Regionals

    Well, I was dead wrong. Disappointing showing by the team this week.
  2. BullyPulpit

    Men's Golf Regionals

    It's quite different playing for the national championship versus playing in a regional. You should try and geographically protect higher seeds and not give an advantage to lower seeds. Just my opinion. UCF should have been shipped to Columbus or California.
  3. BullyPulpit

    Men's Golf Regionals

    USF has settled in and is essentially battling for 4 spots in the next round with 6 teams. I am baffled how UCF, as an at-large team, was able to get to play at their home/hosting site. They sent #6 in the nation LSU out to California for their opening round, but the Knights get to play at a course that they obviously know very well. Not really fair, but I see USF passing them by tomorrow with a strong finish. I think we end up in 2nd place in our region.
  4. BullyPulpit

    Men's Golf Tournament Selection Show 5/2 @ 6pm

    USF will be staying close to home playing in Kissimmee at the Reunion Course. Candy, Florida, and UNC will be formidable, but the Bulls should be available to finish in the top 5 and advance if they go out and play their game. Opening round runs May 14-16.
  5. BullyPulpit

    Baseball Polls

    Wichita State was a great addition for men's basketball and baseball. They also seem to be pretty good at softball too. Over 50% of the conference making the tournament would be amazing.
  6. We will find out tomorrow at 6 pm where the golf team will be assigned. The selection show will be live at 6 pm on Golf Channel. The closest we could play is in Kissimmee at the Reunion Course. We haven't played there in a competition recently. Hopefully the guys have tried to get out there for some practice this week just in case. Not sure if the NCAA rules allow for it or not. https://www.ncaa.com/news/golf-men/article/2018-05-01/2018-ncaa-division-i-mens-golf-championships-selections-be
  7. BullyPulpit

    Free Agent Making $

    Not necessarily. The key is to select the right team to either sign or tryout with. Here is a good list of undrafted NFL players that went on to have pretty good careers: https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/gallery/nfl-draft-best-players-undrafted-history-rankings-042617
  8. BullyPulpit

    WBB Renewal Email

    Thank you. The games I attended had the hot dog and hamburger buffet. It is good to know there are some better options.
  9. BullyPulpit

    WBB Renewal Email

    What are those vegetarian options? The men's game I went to with the buffet (FIU) had hot dogs, hamburgers, tortilla chips and cole slaw. I wouldn't really call tortilla chips and cole slaw a vegetarian option for a pre-game buffet. I would hope that there was something a little more substantial than that.
  10. BullyPulpit

    WBB Renewal Email

    I agree, but the increase would be steep vis-a-vis the current ticket prices for something extra that I wouldn't want/use. Now, if they had a nice salad bar option or something like that, I might consider it, but hot dogs and hamburgers are not my thing.
  11. BullyPulpit

    WBB Renewal Email

    It's about a $120 ticket increase. They are eliminating the ability to have Club tickets and not purchase the food option. I think it is a terrible idea. I am a vegetarian and the food options are awful. I emailed them back asking what accommodations they will be making for vegetarians and haven't heard back from them. If that is the case, I will just buy single tickets for the 4 or 5 games a season that I am able to actually attend.
  12. BullyPulpit

    Bulls are ranked #20 by Baseball America

    I could see us matched up with FSU. We really need to finish strong and have the Noles flounder down the stretch and maybe we can steal the host slot from them.
  13. BullyPulpit

    Bulls are ranked #20 by Baseball America

    Never say never. Baseball is an interesting sport. We already have shown that we can compete with top 10 teams. If we happened to be hot at the right time, I could see us taking down FSU. If we continue to win 2 out of 3, it would be a travesty if they stuck us in with the potential #1 overall seed Gators.
  14. BullyPulpit

    Bulls are ranked #20 by Baseball America

    The American is arguably the 3rd best conference in America this season. SEC is clearly #1 and I feel that the ACC is #2, but looking at OOC winning % and overall strength of the teams, it is hard to argue against the AAC as the #3 conference. 4 of the top 21 teams and 5 of the top 47 is really impressive. Of course, we have a couple of bottom feeders that are weighing us down, but what conference doesn't?
  15. BullyPulpit

    ESPN Top 100 NFL Draft Prospects

    I don't know about Big End, but I have been calling him Dead End. I have been referring to him as that to friends for a while and posted it a month or two ago on the board. Not sure if anyone else coined it before me, but, if not, I am surprised that they didn't. Dead End Senat is the perfect nickname for him.