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  1. This is definitely the right attitude and I wish I wasn’t feeling like I would prefer the season would just come to an end.
  2. I wish I could get fired up for this as you are but it just feels like another weekday AAC home game to me.
  3. It’s the day before and it’s not like anyone is traveling for the game, do people typically take several days off for our G5 home games?
  4. This starts at 4 and ends at 6, which 5:30-6 is the earliest most people could arrive.
  5. I grew up on the tough streets of e-commerce.
  6. puc86

    Roll call

    There should be plenty of room to try out new vantage points.
  7. puc86

    Thursday Weather

    A little known fact that I was unaware of until watching Super Troopers.
  8. puc86

    Thursday Weather

    It’s because I’m made of sugar.
  9. puc86

    Thursday Weather

    There is certainly an elegant beauty to simplicity, unfortunately it is lost on the hoi polloi.
  10. puc86

    Thursday Weather

    Are there conditions that aren’t prime for running between the tackles?
  11. puc86

    Thursday Weather

    Can we build it inside? If not count me out.
  12. puc86

    Thursday Weather

    They should have kept it in the Trop then we could have enjoyed the climate controlled environment. If G-d wanted us hanging out outside he wouldn’t have invented buildings, electricity and central heating and air.
  13. puc86

    Thursday Weather

    Throwing to RBs? What kind of tomfoolery are you proposing?
  14. You have a home stadium in Ireland? Maybe it got the lion’s share of the budget.