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  1. puc86

    Football event tonight

    The AAC ruins everything but it does come with the added benefit of making most people not know or care about the things it destructs, so there is that.
  2. puc86

    Football event tonight

    Why do we seem to make the easiest things at any functioning business appear to be so difficult for us?
  3. They should put them under our stewardship and make them a satellite campus.
  4. Charles Kettering Maybe if you subscribe to the patriarchal construct of linear time.
  5. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer, especially not on the day of love. Let hope float eternally and chipper up buckaroo.
  6. Clearly this means it’s bad news since that buzzard is swirling. Heaven forbid any light shine in his sad lonely beat writing world.
  7. I’m moving to wherever this guy is and voting for him for whatever he runs for, he is clearly a forward thinker.
  8. I think it’s a Brad Johnson joke.
  9. Rugby beat UF something like 96-0 so they are in contention too.
  10. I refuse to accept that this has happened to us and prefer to think of the AAC as our purgatory where we are atoning for the sins of Doug and Judy.
  11. Because he is a media hanger on. Sometimes they let him into the media hospitality room and in exchange he blows anyone with a media pass and defends their journalistic integrity. Journalism is a business, a dying businesses and there is no integrity because integrity leads to unemployment where as there is still some rare opportunities to grind out a gig if you enjoy muck racking. If the Daily Stampede were in a conference it would be in the AAC, if they call themselves journalists long enough maybe someone would believe it (much like the aac claiming to be P6 most people probably assume no one would lie about something the world doesn’t care about).
  12. Mostly that there are other people in Walmart buying groceries.
  13. You can't be all things to all customers. The first thing you need to decide is what you want to be and then see how that corresponds to the customers you are seeking. Trying to be all things to all people makes you a rudderless ship destined for failure. You can't be the best Kosher restaurant as well as the best place for BBQ pork because those things like many others are at odds with one another.
  14. I am doubling down on corning niche markets with the belief that people will tire of the inauthentic products that a turn and burn market creates. I believe in the good of people and their innate desire for the authentic quality I can create on my five topics and not the half hearted attempts to seek inorganic growth just try to claw away at market share, I want fans that are better than that even if it comes at my demise but just in case I am wrong I may hedge my bets and invest heavily in meth futures.