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  1. Pretty place- though as most places prices for lakefront are awfully expensive. My wife and I have discovered this this year as we have been in search for a place. Good luck in your search Rocky.
  2. You too. My wife and I as I think I previously mentioned to you years ago used to live in Boston- now were in St Pete, however, are currently in Gilford, NH, for the summer, in the Lakes Region (wife grew up here)- not terribly far from you! Here just for the summer on Lake Winni- beautiful place, to be sure. Used to shiver at the UCONN FB games watching our Bulls sometimes win. Never been to Amherst but have driven past many times on 93 on my way from Boston.
  3. Thanks NEB for the apology. Its not necessary. I was in truth hoping that the perceived gap between UCF and USF was simply conjecture. The numbers don't lie. I wasnt truthfully aware of them. That said, I have no doubt UCF numbers on all of those fronts fall off precipitously when UCF eventually like all programs underperforms. Bad timing for USF, to be sure. I attended the Auburn and FSU wins and it seems like a lifetime ago. I didnt have grey hair then, not the least of which recently was undoubtedly contributed in no small part by USF football the last ~5 years
  4. Sadly, particularly after seeing attendance, contributions, budgets, I don't have one unfortunately. In truth, the numbers came as a surprise to me as I was hoping the numbers were closer than they were between institutions. Admittedly, all of these numbers are being contributed to while USF football is on its back- even places like Auburn and other schools see a tapering off in football contributions during low times. My suspicion is that they will improve as does our performance on the field. I would be curious to see how UCF's numbers mentioned (attendance, $, etc) faired during their 'dark years'. Im guessing not very well.
  5. Show some civility and courtesy- Im a USF fan, college, medical school and residency- 13 years total. I asked a simple question pertaining to numbers regarding attendance, contributions and others were kind enough to provide- ones I was not aware of- an effort to fill in my knowledge gaps on the topic Openly, perhaps to your dismay, you're not my performance metric.
  6. Your and my team. Take a deep breath and shut the TV off....it'll ease the pain. More importantly stop shouting...
  7. Ill overlook your foul mouth and poor attitude on account that your team is getting eviscerated. Tough pill admittedly. Just this time however....
  8. There's that snide condescending tone ....shouting from your front porch with a bald head and your eager tone..... well done and thanks for supporting my point. More importantly stop calling me Jesus, my son.
  9. Thanks Foot for the serious reply minus the snideness this board has developed a reputation for. I can’t imagine any program not seeing a surge in revenue in years their football team has successes. I would be more interested in seeing program numbers in years teams are lackluster. This would be a better metric for long term success for inviting a team into a conference in my mind considering there is only one winner of it all each year.
  10. +1 my point. I have never seen a bunch of more pathetic, meek, apologetic group of twinks in my life. Send me your addresses and I’ll quick shipping you apologists a UCF jersey. pathetic
  11. What are attendance number comparison- again data? Share it? how about the ‘donor base’ your talking about? Have actual Numbers? Im genuinely asking for the ACTUAL numbers. I’ve not seen them. If you don’t know them, that’s ok too. I haven’t seen them.
  12. Indeed, and well said. It’s what I figured. No one has a clue. At some point one has to challenge ‘propagation of conjecture’ as just more of the same nonsense- truth is, ‘no one has a clue’. As was previously pointed out in this thread, sports writers have an uncanny knack for writing and propagating previous conjecture born of previous conjecture- rinse, wash, repeat. Clickbait. Unless someone has measurable data on what makes UCF>USF by a P5 suitor (which I’m open to hearing) short of the win-loss ratio of the last 48 months, I’ll wait to react to an actual announcement.
  13. Sounds to me that the body of this ‘UCF football superiority’ over USF’ is based largely on conjecture and not hard data. I’m not saying UCF doesn’t get selected over USF by the B12, just for every true data point that UCF>USF there are 200 pieces of conjecture. Perhaps there is more of a ‘USF inferiority complex’ than a UCF superiority complex- we’ve been bad recently thus who could possibly want the USF product in their P5 portfolio. I’ve yet to see hard data that UCF has a larger fan base, athletic budget or other that would substantially tip a P5 suitor’s scale to pick UCF>USF. Admittedly, I’m sure some hard data exists, I just haven’t seen it functionally hit this message board. I’ll remain open.
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