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  1. dclenden

    In Game Chat: USF vs Cincy

    Seriously ...
  2. dclenden

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Heard from the Bulls office
  3. dclenden

    Gasparilla Bowl

    It’s USF Marshall in the Gasparilla.
  4. I am not watching the game unfortunately. I thought they would have espn but they don’t on this flight. I’m ‘watching’ on gameccast and reading TBP. I’m likely flying over the remnants of hurricane Michael and I’m more concerned about the O line and BB’s regression than the turbulence.
  5. I’m cackling to this in row 16G on a Lufthansa to Frankfurt right now with $15 WiFi - thank you. You made it worth the $15z. My wife is watching an Amy Schumer movie with her headphones in next to me and finally I laughed out loud out lauging her For once. You’re a good soul.
  6. Think of the bright side- we get beat by UMASS and no one will want our coach, USF gear all goes into the Walmart 50% off rack...
  7. We’re making their QB look like Joe Montana
  8. dclenden

    Do not miss this side of Willie

    Or the penalties for that matter. #unpolished
  9. dclenden

    Willie to FSU is official

    Strong also met with FSU on Sunday according to article http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/21679513/willie-taggart-leaving-oregon-take-florida-state-coaching-job
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/ucf-knights/knights-notepad/os-sp-ucf-josh-heupel-new-coach-20171205-story,amp.html
  11. dclenden

    Congrats UCF KNIGHTS!

    Brings up a great point UCFKnight- UCF and USF rise together. USF and UCF will be two dogs that continue to fight over a rotten dog bone as long as were not in the P5. This should be priority. No team with your record of accomplishments should continue to bottom feed for irrelevancy. USF and UCF hopefully will continue to fight hard together for the next step and the only one that matters frankly- the P5.
  12. dclenden

    Q we love ya brother!!

    See you at your BOWL game Q all the way from Boston.
  13. dclenden

    AAC to Big 5 Gap Is Clear

    winners show respect independant...dont be a tool, Nancy. Act like a Bull in victory and defeat. Ill send you the notes on how.
  14. dclenden

    AAC to Big 5 Gap Is Clear

    Shut up dip*hit. show some class, crybaby
  15. dclenden

    Congrats UCF KNIGHTS!

    You guys are superb UCF. Such a great story as well. Great win fellas.