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  1. Let’s hope this trophy tonight casts a coaching tree shadow for my BULLS!!
  2. NEB -you’re getting creepy between the butt sniffing and the trolling And the down vote inventory ... NEB enjoy the win by proxy... GO BULLS!
  3. I loved the adversity and the eventual outcome!! Let’s go BULLS!
  4. Don’t pout creepy ol’ toad... GO BULLS!!
  5. Thanks Scott for the thought and to come say hello. Superb guy and instantly engaging and highly genuine.
  6. Renewed my Silver Bull membership the hour after the presser ended and told MK it was strictly on account of MK’s coach prowess and CJS’s message and presser. As good as it gets to this point.
  7. Renewed my Silver Bull membership the hour after the presser ended and told MK it was strictly on account of MK’s coach prowess and CJS’s message and presser. As good as it gets to this point.
  8. Winning matters (Captain Obvious, circa 2016, or so). The coach who lands and wins will quiet the haters independent whether its CJL or not. Haters become lovers, opposition become advocates. Win and even CJL opposition will brandish new "Coach Leavitt' tramp-stamp tatoos on the smalls of their back and be forced to get the 'Fire CJL barbed wire tattoo' lasered off their middle aged, flaccid biceps. Truth is, all those that said there was zero chance CCS was gonna hit the deck due to lack of $ are getting a 9 course prix fixe menu of crow done four ways.... careful of predicting CJL is not interested, eligible or even wanted by MK at this point lest we fire up the kitchen again. To this point its all message board fodder, though my suspicion is things come into focus very quickly.... the next 2 weeks should be fun. Between you and me, I'm just so happy and relieved to be talking about something other than the offensive USF offense, the penalties, the lack of team discipline or CCS perceived ambivalence to it, real or not :))
  9. Ooooohhh, take that Buccaneers........ouch! This...
  10. I would agree the pro-scheme requires the most athletic and skilled lineman. I'm not sure that a team requires 'the top NFL prospect lineman' to be successful at a pro-scheme even at the college level. Skilled yes, though not the NFL prospects in most cases. I'm excited to see what MK delivers.
  11. I would agree with the necessity to have a top tier offensive line for success in the pro-style scheme. I also agree with you that this is not solely a QB issue. Take a look at many top offensive lineman at other institutions and I've found that many of them are in fact athletes from Florida taht have chosen to leave the state. Florida is now the third most populated state in the U.S., surely we produce enough offensive lineman beyond many mid-west states. I think its also important to remember that we are always eligible to seek talent outside the state. Were as eligible as anyone to seek talent from the midwest, trouble is I dont think there has been a great degree of emphasis on large, skilled interior lineman at USF. I agree with you 100% that the spread-option masks shortcomings on the line. I think we are more a product of our decisions in player selection and scheme than a shortfall of available skilled lineman in a state. Afterall, there are double the number of people living in Florida than there are in say Ohio. The talent resides here, to be sure....a good discussion- thank you OB!
  12. The topic of 'pro style offense' has become somewhat of a burdensome, negative topic on this board of late. I've wondered about this. Predictably, I suppose on account our program has had significant success with a dual threat or spread offense, I wonder if a pro style offense isn't a burden provided we have leadership that is keen at athlete selection to ensure it is implemented properly. I believe we can be successful at either with the talent in Florida. Round object, round hole instead of square object, round hole.
  13. I had a few minutes this morning and was looking through coach CJL's photos on his twitter account over the years. You can tell the guys heart is still here in the state of Florida. See all of the references to Florida, photos of what appear to be his visit to the Don Cesar, the beaches of the West Coast, flying into Florida and snapping photos saying how good it is to be back as he's landing....his 94 year old mother being here, his heart's here....Cant help to pull for the guy no matter his outcome- with USF or other..... https://twitter.com/CoachJimLeavitt?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  14. NEB my wife and I just moved to St. Pete from Boston in 2018. She is from Gilford, NH near Lake Winnespesaukee just north of you by about an hour. We would attend USF-UCONN games throughout the years. I would assume you had as well. Perhaps we even unknowingly attended one together. Lived in Tampa from 1991-2006. So glad to be home. My wife has had a tough time with the heat as you can expect.
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