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  1. You're correct, I don't doubt you've seen people touching their face with a mask on- I do it myself. Too often. Though in aggregate, masks mitigate covid transmission even with people grabbing their masks and the science supports it. Reference the evidence I provided. This is why its important that its been studied and not connected to anecdotal 'evidence' or what people 'think' or 'see' people doing. Masks mitigate transmission- that is not refutable at this point. Here's where you're correct: As for Sweden, you're right, they didn't 'lock down' everything. Though early timing of a
  2. ET86- agreed on at times poor mask compliance. Wearing it on one's chin is not effective, we can agree on this. Just know that the more compliant we are the more effective they are. For comparison, in the U.S., there are 10 immunizations required of you from the time you enter grade school- polio, diptheria, tetanus, pertussis, etc- those things we have had since we were a kid. If you dive into the compliance for any of these vaccines in the US, we still only vaccinate 70-90% depending on the vaccine series. This doesn't mean that because we only capture in aggregate 70.4% of series-
  3. Sure, DJB, here is El Toro's comment about devaluing the efficacy of masks suggesting that their value was limited to a 'fashion statement' which I responded to : 'Show me one study that says these masks make a difference. Masks have become a fashion statement and a way to virtue signal. Some are bedazzled, some are crouched, some are buffs worn as masks and most people don’t wear them correctly anyway.' -El Toro
  4. You're right, the chin strap doesn't work. It is important that we work together on this however. Masks work and they've been politicized sadly, by both sides, but they do in fact work to prevent illness. This is no longer refutable. I am sorry that you got sick and am glad to know that you are ok. I know that having COVID can be hell- glad you're on the mend, my friend.
  5. I understand. This is also my point, yes, there is evidence that having ANY face covering keeps people from touching their face, nose and mouth and potentially transmitting the virus to hard surfaces where it can be picked up by others. Remember this is NOT only airborne but can be picked up from a surface so a fitted N-95 while likely better isnt the only way to mitigate it. Researchers were initially adhering to 'only a fitted, N-95 works' and were eventually surprised to discover that any face covering mitigates transmission, admittedly, more than others. MASKS WORK and in ways we don't e
  6. I can not provide you with one study to support masks work, El Toro, though we now have over two dozen as I am a physician. Here's the evidence summarized in perhaps the most prestigious journals in the world, Nature, JAMA and PANS . I recognize that it doesn't fit your thesis that 'masks are a fashion statement'. I'm honestly not here to argue with you but misinformation is just that and must be corrected so others don't propagate stories that are untrue. 1. Nature: Oct 6, 2020 Summary: 'The science supports that face coverings are saving lives during the coronavirus pandemic, a
  7. Take my purell-ed hand my son, I shall lead the way....
  8. This is a pathetic conversation, to be sure. At face, a grown man who knew the rules acting as if he was put out to wear a mask because he was so offended and it was so hard. One last thing, the anti-masker crowd is pathetic. I’m in Spain where not virtually a single face is without a mask for the love of their country and fellow countryman. They actually take pride in it. Love your country. The least patriotic group of Americans I’ve ever witnessed are this group of Americans generating any excuse to not wear a mask despite the scientific evidence to the contrary. People acting
  9. Wait- society has rules? Like seatbelts, taxes and rules against ****? f-ing democrat socialists. Wait, I have to pay taxes for kids to attend public education- but I dont have kids- who do they think they are- commies.
  10. He'll have plenty of time to ponder the ridiculousness of his refusal when he's in the ICU having his tracheal deep suctioned through his endotracheal tube while he's attempting to mouth the words 'I cant breathe' I seriously cant deal with the asinine nature of this non-sense anymore. More dead Americans than died in all of WWII come March- sure stick to your guns on this, makes you look American.
  11. Yes. Baby it’s me baby bear taka-the-teet and shush.....
  12. False equivalency but nice try dumb dumb. No more paint sniffing.
  13. Brad, surely this thread could be merged with a former ‘Bring Jim Back’ post or a fart joke thread? It bears worth mentioning, in aggregate the US response to COVID was deplorable by all and any measure. The only time that truly mattered was the first 3 weeks of this mess. Law of logarithmic spread. Anything after those first three weeks was akin to sweeping dust in a wind storm. Mattered very little. The evidence to the US’a awful response is irrefutable: Sweden didn’t broadly shut down and mostly told old people to stay in. People continued eating in restaurants and went ab
  14. Let’s hope this trophy tonight casts a coaching tree shadow for my BULLS!!
  15. NEB -you’re getting creepy between the butt sniffing and the trolling And the down vote inventory ... NEB enjoy the win by proxy... GO BULLS!
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