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  1. Randy Shannon went to UCF, maybe we could find a few nickels and pick up Manny.
  2. In the last few years, we needed a quarterback who could teleport or fly. A QB definitely needs legs at USF with what we have.
  3. Which came from his senior year when he had a drop in passing. Was there something more to it? I don’t know. But I’m a data guy and would guess there was and the young man wanted to win.
  4. What I’m saying, is the qb doesn’t play defense. Our defense is playing not so well. So in terms of importance, we need a massive amount of help on defense. This is an area where our quarterback does not play. So, if a qb played the best game of their life, it might not amount to anything. I repeat might. He needs to step up, but in all honesty our successful teams had players on both sides of the ball.
  5. I’ve said this before and will say it again. He’s not on defense and while I’m at it, he’s **** not the coaching staff. I don’t care how important of a position it is. It’s one important position on the field/sideline. I’m sure other teams win with less from a quarterback standpoint. We need a few players to step up. We need this football team and staff to learn from the tape.
  6. I do believe they should have “ran” a different play. I’m just saying the man isn’t a running quarterback. He is a gifted and blessed young man.
  7. I hope the whole team learns from the game film. I hope the coaches learn from the game film. I hope fans stop looking at Timmy as the sole hope for this team.
  8. There also seems to be a reason for his rushing madness. His senior year he passed for over 1500 yards and ran for 577 (63% of his hs career rushing yards). His junior year he passed for 2700+ yards and only ran for 175 yards. People may be taking his athleticism and applying to what he is not.
  9. I may get blasted for this, but Timmy wasn’t a running high school quarterback. That is what we want him to be. He attempted 654 passes and ran 254 times. 72% of the time he attempted a pass. In a podcast I listened to, they mentioned that his high school coach also has stated that.
  10. You must have read half of my post. I said that.
  11. Those traditions have to be built early on with the student body helping to lead the way. Our student body doesn’t know USF or football. It’s a serious problem. That said, we need students (and people like me) to come back to the seats. (No problem calling myself out)
  12. Our fans/student body seem to cheer while we are on offense. I would like this new tradition to disappear like a fart in the wind. Alumni tradition - when you see someone wearing green and gold, say something that centers around the university.
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