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  1. Definitely seems like a mix of Navy plus trying to outmaneuver the MW. Don't think it matters for Wichita St though. Going off memory but I don't think any sports aside from football use divisions so there's really no AAC sport where they'd be east even if Navy was for football.
  2. They're probably hopeful but doubt they have one. Makes no sense for the Big 12 not to invite them right away with everyone else if they really wanted them right now. The B12 scuttlebutt also made it sound like Boise and Memphis were the closest 2 of the ones who just missed the cut.
  3. App would be a good add just for the sake of adding strong football. Even if we shift away from market adds, I'm still not sold on Coastal as being a reliable good football add like App or even Marshall would be.
  4. The AAC seemed more committed to fertile recruiting areas and urban universities. App for sure is better on the field than most of the additions. Coastal is good right now but they're still so new it's tough to know if they can sustain this or not. One bad hire or a QB downgrade and now you're stuck playing a bad team in Conway, SC in front of 10k.
  5. Navy wants to be in the west for Texas recruiting. It's the same reason they're in there now despite being one of 2 teams in the north east corner of the AAC.
  6. Little bit of all? Lol appealing to the younger generation by being active and obnoxious on multiple platforms.
  7. I can agree with that. Which is why I'm impressed with some fan bases like Iowa State. They've had great support even when they were historically bad before these recent years. But I'd also say the core UCF base is bigger than USF. I feel like our marketing and OCS also helps us pump up the bandwagon core a little easier than y'all.
  8. 100%. That's why I'm not judging based on attendance during this year. Because in 2015 we had nobody. I'm saying that when the good years come, and they will, you guys have to change your approach to build the core of non-fair weather fans. The bandwagoners will always exist but you need a solid core that will always be there. We've still had good attendance even though we're getting further and further from the 17-18 run.
  9. Gonna give you that upvote. It's not easy to support a team during a low period. I think what your administration needs to do is really bring in the students and spam the living hell out of the Tampa area next time the team is on a high period. I feel like y'all had a great 2 years in 16-17 but didn't get the fan support that should've gone with 2 years of a ranked team that legitimately competed for the conference.
  10. Depending on who the AAC adds, I can see USF score a better football tv deal as an independent. The question is will it be better by enough to make it worth while paying the AAC exit fee, give up the shared basketball credits, give up the payout from the teams headed to the Big 12, and very likely have to downgrade the other sports to the Atlantic Sun because the AAC will definitely not let USF take football out and leave everything else in.
  11. There's probably some truth to what they're saying but it really feels like sicem365 is just churning out constant expansion chatter now just to generate views. Those things probably help the teams that just missed the cut this go around but I also don't think the Big 12 is as eager to push past 12 right away as they make it seem. Purely my guess but the Big 12 is probably waiting a few years to see what happens to the PAC 12 during their next contract go around. Because if USC, Oregon, Washington, etc aren't happy, the B1G could say screw the alliance and make it's move. At which point I think the Big 12 would rather add Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, and Colorado rather than more G5 schools. Am I saying those are all better than Memphis, USF, Boise, etc? Not really. But you know how the perception game goes. It'll be a better look for the Big 12 to grow with teams already having a long history of being in the club rather than more outsiders. Of course, the PAC 12 could always stay in tact and not get raided by the B1G. Or they get raided and decide to stick together and expand with some MW teams so who knows lol
  12. Most of the USF posters here have no problem having constructive conversation with me since I'm not here to troll. But if my presence bothers you so much you can feel free to ignore me, block me, go build a Jim Leavitt statute. Whatever floats your boat.
  13. Was it really that out of the blue? The Athletic's report on 9/2 wasn't a vague 4, it noted which exact 4 teams the Big 12 was taking. After 9/2 but before 9/8, the likely timeline of events for the following week became known, including that 9/8 would be the day the teams submit their formal applications. USF wasn't among those in the 9/2 report so it would make sense that a major decisionmaker at USF would respond some time after by telling the fan base they're going to address the things that likely hurt their expansion chances this go around.
  14. You're comparing teams in vastly different situations though. I know this post specifically didn't mention ND and BYU but we'll get those out of the way by mentioning they've been around a long time and have historical success. That builds a large following. USF is still very young in football. Now for Army and Liberty. Army loads up on easier schedules. They tried the conference thing and left because it's tough to consistently compete with schools that don't have the same restrictions on players that military academies have. They just want a winnable schedule to advertise for their military branch. Liberty is a private school that makes bank on online students. As a private school, they can really sort of do what they want with money so they've just been throwing down on athletics. As opposed to what the rest of us have to do in having some success to attract more donors to have greater success to then attract even more donors and on and on. Liberty didn't have a successful season last year because of some great freedom or windfall that independence provided them. It's just dividends from being loaded and able to flaunt it.
  15. This has been my stance for a while. People love the symmetry of 4 x 16, but how does that make any sense for the tv partners. There already are (or were) 64 teams in the P5. Rearranging the seats doesn't do a single thing. Instead, we'll keep seeing what just happened with the Big 12 and SEC. The actual premier brand gravitating together to create an even better product for the tv partners and use it as a way to shed the deadweights. Now ESPN won't have to pay Texas Tech and Kansas State the same money they were paying Texas and Oklahoma.
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