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  1. “...Brett sucks...” There, fixed it for you.
  2. I’m mid thirties as well and even I BARELY remember Mike Jones so his window was very small. Long story short, he was a rapper that had a song where he kept repeating his name (Mike Jones) in hopes that it would make him more famous - it KINDA SORTA worked???
  3. Clearly it’s Base on Balls️️️️
  4. Wow, just watched his highlight film and can’t believe this kid wasn’t getting looks from some larger programs. Seems like he has all the tools (and he’s a lefty so it just looks that much sweeter on the release) to succeed here and could be a huge get for us.
  5. Another loss to FAMU in the same year??? Has this ever happened before? This team just can’t seem to put it together right now. Can’t hit, can kinda pitch (with Ragsdale on the hill) and can’t seem to win a close game. Things need to improve quickly or this season will soon be a lost cause with the team missing out on postseason play (AAC tourney, not NCAA) which would be an absolute joke to not be included two years straight.
  6. Put this game in the anti-choke column, Bry. Now that’s what grit and determination look like - along with a rainbow three that brings rain. Q and Brown stepped up big time in the end, along with Marcevic the entire game. Thats the way to go out on senior night...go Bulls!!!!
  7. Ugh, Ragsdale strikes out 10 and only gives up 2 runs and we lose 2-1? Thats a game you HAVE to find a way to win if this team has any shot at being competitive this year. I understand UF is #1, but you can’t get swept in a 3-game series. This is baseball, not football, and Mohl has to find a way to manufacture some semblance of offense to take 1 out of 3 games.
  8. Do they have a 10-run rule in college? Just asking, as it may save some time this weekend.
  9. Four guys just stand around and watch as the free throw shooter gets his own board - smdh. Pathetic effort and CBG has every right to be fired up right there. These guys folded like a cheap tent tonight and should be ashamed at this effort in the last 5 minutes of this game.
  10. They looked so GOOD in the first half that it’s absolutely shocking that it reverts to streetball when things are getting tight. Guys are just standing around watching Q or Collins take it to the goal and it kills any momentum. I’m sure CBG sees it - hell, a bunch middle aged guys watching on tv can see it - but has trouble dealing with it because they ARE our best offensive players. So the guys on the court need to have the confidence to stay the course (ball movement, teamwork, crisp passing) and stay with it. All of this is way easier said than done of course.
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