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  1. 100? 1,000? 1 million? Two out of every three plays is a run up the gut in this offense.
  2. After tonight I think we all deserve these to help ease our sorrows.
  3. NovaBull

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    100% agree. I said this in another thread to Brad and it’s complete coachspeak horsecrap.
  4. Prescient...yet so obvious that only the smartest of men will ever figure it out. Find the best available runner who is serviceable throwing and he can dominate the AAC. So what if he’s not a “next level” QB, he will be a CFB legend.
  5. NovaBull

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    100% in agreement.
  6. NovaBull

    Our QB is not a good QB

    I personally haven’t seen enough of B.B. to make a determination either way. He’s really only 10 games into his college career (or finishing up his freshman campaign as far as games played goes) so I think the verdict is still unknown. What I do know, is the predictability of this offense, mixed with the difficulty of these throws (why is every throw an out or go route?!), makes it a steeper learning curve than most.
  7. NovaBull

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    That “my guys” line is complete and utter ******** every time. That means either you’re so inflexible you don’t know how to adjust or need a culture of players bending to your authoritarian will to succeed that your ceiling will never be very high in the first place. A truly great leader finds individuals strengths and then puts them in positions to utilize those talents to the best of their abilities. Based on the past season and a half, plus the three at Texas, I just don’t see this staff ever adjusting. It’s time to go poach an exciting young OC from a big-time program who needs a springboard into the head coaching position.
  8. NovaBull

    The moment I knew

    100% agree. I’d KILL to have xCWT back on the sidelines running the GCO. My fiancé is an FSU grad and she’s not as convinced, but I told her about the one game against Syracuse when the light switch came on and we were never the same again. Time will tell with Willie at FSU, but I’m on the xCWT bandwagon still...
  9. NovaBull

    23 passes for 82 yards

    Less than 100 passing yards in a game in the modern era of CFB is just plain pathetic. Gilbert continues to put our guys in position to fail rather than succeed and it’s disheartening. Also, I’d say it’s time to see what BK can do with some game experience in the system.
  10. Eerily similar...right down to the getting up a score and going right back to the vanilla, run the clock, conservative, play not to lose mentality. In my eyes it’s a generational thing with how they learned the game. Sorry to burst your bubble CCS and XCSH, but a two touchdown lead with an entire half to play doesn’t hold up in college football any more. Hell, it’s not holding up in the NFL either. You have to keep scoring and can never take your foot off the gas. Say what you will, but XCWT and XCJL both knew you had to step on someone’s throat and never let them up for air.
  11. Ah yes, my bad. I’m watching the WVU vs WKU game and thought I remembered him playing for Huggie Bear. Getting old stinks...