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  1. NovaBull

    Little Help...

    Seconded. I remember going to those games and ‘neer fans always KNEW they were going to crush us by 40 (they do burn couches after winning, so shows you the brainpower they’re working with). Also, buttgers. **** Rutgers...I mean, ruck Futgers. Schiano is the worst! Sadly, it is now UCF...how the mighty have fallen. I’m sad now.
  2. NovaBull

    USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    I am sure that Harlan and co. are doing everything in their power to make this jump back to the P5 happen. They understand the brand recognition and monetary gain that comes with a P5 conference affiliation. My main point is simply that USF must go all out to get back into this set-up - even if that means a BEast-style implosion down the road for our next conference - otherwise, be forever doomed to live a football life relegated to the minor leagues.
  3. NovaBull

    USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    Look, I get that is a possibility, but there is also the possibility that if the Big 12 expands to 14 or more then it survives and grows. My point is simply that at this time, with us being stuck in the American, we will never be able to compete for a national title and are considered to be in the minor leagues. Going from a former Power Conference to the lower tier has done a tremendous amount of damage both financially and from a prestige standpoint and USF must do everything it can to be back in one of the P5 conferences. Barring that, we will always be looked upon as the little brother to FSU, UM and UF.
  4. NovaBull

    USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    You take any P5 offer that comes our way. Period. End of story. The American is the tallest midget and will never get the respect of the big boys.
  5. NovaBull

    Tweet of the Year

    I disagree, it’s a very good tweet, but I think this gem from Lane Kiffin about the Tennessee job deserves Tweet of the Year:
  6. NovaBull

    Bulls Will be Ranked Again!

    Yep, being ranked 100% matters to recruits. The combination of head coach, Conference, ranking, city, academics, and ability to become a pro are all things that differentiate. The big thing that is holding us back now from getting the 4-Star guys is Conference, especially since we have ticked the boxes on all the rest.
  7. NovaBull


    Agreed. Growing up, I remember the hosts of sportscenter to be actually informed of the sports they covered and many went on to other actual journalistic endeavors, Keith Olberman anyone? But now, I don’t know if it’s my age (mid 30s) and a poor memory, but the show and the network feels more like a gambling website - what is with the constant sports betting lines and pick’ems - combined with a propaganda arm for the SEC and ACC. Does anyone notice this too?
  8. Coach Holtz, did you hack Brad’s account? If so, do you think the humidity is affecting Q today?
  9. I feel bad for these guys. Coaching has handcuffed them all year and they’ve won inspite of CCS and Gilbert.
  10. I’m okay with Q not taking punishment for an extra yard or two max. Those hits add up over the course of a year. Go watch guys in the nfl, they understand this and won’t take a hit unless they can make the first down or get a td.
  11. Same feeling here. I thought we got a great steal of a hire, but something just isn’t right between USF and Strong. His conservative philosophy after taggarts swagger just doesn’t mesh with our guys. Frost reminded me of what we lost when we played UCF this year.
  12. Riddle me this, does anyone think it’s possible to have both a high-octane offense and a fast, aggressive mean defense at USF? We seem to only get one or the other. Can we be top 15-20 in both or is that only for the Elites?
  13. Agreed. This offense is night and day from 2016. The overall numbers may not be down that much, but aside from UCF and UConn, they have been stuck in neutral or regressing the entire year. Sad to see really, especially when we know what this O could’ve been under Taggart.