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  1. I think you have to work JB in there as well. He’s our only real 3-pt threat and is needed to stretch the D to open up the driving lanes and the interior.
  2. Murphy is definitely going to continue to develop and has a ton of upside, but you’re right, as of now, Castaneda is option 1.
  3. The problem there is I’m not convinced Castaneda is starting PG material. He’s been a serviceable #2 PG option, but really needs to take the next step in order for him and this team to be successful. I’d almost be tempted to let DC run point as the offense usually runs through him anyway, but he’s certainly turnover prone so that has its limitations too.
  4. We all should have been CFB coaches. Apparently you can make millions and continue to fail upwards your entire career without even hinting at being a decent coach. I’d say the Peter Principle is in full effect here, but I thought Fitch’s ceiling was waterboy...
  5. Only 3 assists so far for the Bulls through almost 3/4 of the game. This isn’t gonna cut it. The loss of Rideau (a floor leader and general) seems to be hurting much more than anticipated.
  6. I’d still rather die forcing the QB to make quick reads on different pressure looks vs giving him all day to read the defense. Doesn’t mean either will work though...
  7. I’d be curious to see how many times we rush four or bring a blitz compared to other years. I’d suspect you’d find this year we’ve played with only three down linemen more than any other team in recent memory.
  8. The secondary stinks because we’re only rushing three on every play and Gabriel has five seconds to find a man. Its very hard to cover for more than 3-4 seconds as a DB.
  9. You have to have offensive production before you can see a decline in offensive production.
  10. Fortin looked like he had potential based on the four snaps he saw (plus his time at UNC) so I’m not counting him out yet. Not impressed with anyone else I saw behind center though.
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