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  1. NovaBull

    Attendance at IL

    Chicago is a Notre Dame town through and through, with Northwestern running a distant second.
  2. NovaBull

    Barnett: Real Deal

    Agree on all fronts except...Julmiste?!
  3. Does it count though since we used to be in a “Power” conference? But seriously, we have some legit talent on this team and have had NFL caliber guys and have been a very successful team for some time now - rightfully earning us a top 25 ranking for 16 and 17. The know-nothing’s just assume a G5 is automatically worse than a P5 school, but I’m sure coaches and players all know not to sleep on us at this point. That being said, Big 12, would you like us to join your conference yet?
  4. NovaBull

    You did get +40

    Tech played tough...Turnovers were the difference. Good game and wish you guys well in the ACC.
  5. NovaBull

    How Was that for F'n Play Calling

    Three HB dives in a row on the goal line in the first half...smh. Other than that, Barnett is the real deal and was deadly accurate.
  6. Agreed, it bugs me too. It’s the definition of short-arming the ball. So why is he so **** accurate?!
  7. UConn is Pindell and nobody else on offense and the defense is...lacking. Not a chance they make a comeback here. I put the over/under on their win total at 4.5. if we lose to them it’s going to be a long year.
  8. Hahaha, I remember those days as a fan base. Hang in there Huskies, with Edsall you’ll be...mediocre again.
  9. Gnats up 14-0 early. UConn looks slow and Milton is being Milton.
  10. I really wish cincy had used him in the slot as I think that’s his best chance on offense. He’s dynamic in space, but being lined up in the backfield and talking handoffs just seems like a poor fit.
  11. Edit...former D1 athlete many years ago. And coming from a team with a coaching staff I disliked, I wish the rules had been the same for me as it was for the coaches.
  12. As a fellow D1 athlete, you have to find a spot to play. The ultimate goal is to go pro, which you can’t do if you ride the pine. Sometimes the coaching staff isn’t the right fit and sometimes you sit behind Tom Brady....
  13. NovaBull

    Little Help...

    Seconded. I remember going to those games and ‘neer fans always KNEW they were going to crush us by 40 (they do burn couches after winning, so shows you the brainpower they’re working with). Also, buttgers. **** Rutgers...I mean, ruck Futgers. Schiano is the worst! Sadly, it is now UCF...how the mighty have fallen. I’m sad now.
  14. I am sure that Harlan and co. are doing everything in their power to make this jump back to the P5 happen. They understand the brand recognition and monetary gain that comes with a P5 conference affiliation. My main point is simply that USF must go all out to get back into this set-up - even if that means a BEast-style implosion down the road for our next conference - otherwise, be forever doomed to live a football life relegated to the minor leagues.
  15. Look, I get that is a possibility, but there is also the possibility that if the Big 12 expands to 14 or more then it survives and grows. My point is simply that at this time, with us being stuck in the American, we will never be able to compete for a national title and are considered to be in the minor leagues. Going from a former Power Conference to the lower tier has done a tremendous amount of damage both financially and from a prestige standpoint and USF must do everything it can to be back in one of the P5 conferences. Barring that, we will always be looked upon as the little brother to FSU, UM and UF.