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  1. Faza - Not going to make it, but you should head over to Tap42 in Boca. Close to the stadium and tons of great brews on tap - plus the food is pretty good too.
  2. He meant add 2 teams from the ACC, Big 12 and Big 10, as ESPN would never let us lowly peons in the G6 compete for a “real” national championship.
  3. Once we moved into the BEast, we were competing against legitimate top-tier teams that had a 50+ year head start. That takes some time to overcome as it was a much bigger jump than to CUSA. IMO, it felt like we were just a few classes away from finally having the depth needed to sustain success throughout the entire year when the bottom fell out. Maybe it comes if we stick with xCJL or maybe it doesn’t - only in an alternate universe do they truly know what happens.
  4. To each their own, NEB. From what I saw (just a humble member of the commentariat and 2005 grad), we were on a very consistent upward trajectory - start a program from scratch, win, move up a level, take a bit of time to start getting better players, start to win more, then move up another level, rinse and repeat. That all seemed to peak with xCSH in South Bend (with xCJLs recruits), then came the precipitous fall from grace (LRS passes away, we started to lose more with Skippy, ESPN tells Cuse and Pitt to bolt to the ACC, BEast dissolves, etc.) and the rest is history. I ultimately
  5. They simply ran out of depth. Once a few injuries kicked in at key positions (usually at game 6 or later) we just never had the same talent on the 2nd string. I’m convinced that we were about to turn that corner (as I know many other louder commenters on here are as well) right around the time xCJL and USF parted ways.
  6. That’s because Brian Kelly is a huge ****. Always has been, always will be...
  7. I’m completely with you. I wear the green and gold goggles too and definitely didn’t see us as 52 points worse than Notre Dame. Thought MAYBE we’d cover at 23.5 and even had hopes of a win if we could force 3+ turnovers.
  8. “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” George Carlin
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