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  1. I warned you guys that meeting Puc in public was a bad idea!!
  2. Citadel is up by a td on Ga Tech in the 3rd quarter and it makes me realize how bad of a team we really have. Tech is garbage (though being in year 1 of a total gut job is excusable), but we’re in year 3 under CCS and we’re somehow even worse - and getting worse by the game. I don’t care what happens against SC State, but I’m actually kinda hoping we lose in order to get this clown show of a coaching staff out the door ASAP.
  3. The best part of this will be in 10 years when nobody remembers who ACTUALLY won the 2014 Orange Bowl, I’m sure more than a few people will take it as ACTUALLY having occurred. They’ll think, “oh yeah, didn’t that team have a pretty good record for a few years in the mid teens and upset some Big 12/PAC 12 school”?
  4. Meant to upvote, not laugh. I agree completely.
  5. Has to be a 3 and out or this game is over... He ran out of bounds?!?!
  6. GT’s punter is impressive. If this goes to OT (I know, next to impossible based on a 4-point difference) they should have a puntoff to determine the winner.
  7. I hear ya, but you gotta let him be him. If that’s what he likes and makes him comfortable, no sense in rocking the boat over it - we aren’t the Yankees. My 2 cents...
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