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  1. I respect your opinion but humbly disagree. That is not how college kids think about baseball as the best kids usually go pro after high school, with other good players getting signed by either JUCOs (so you can get drafted every year) or 4-year schools. UT is unique in that within the Bay Area (Seminole High Warhawks baseball for the win) many scouts recommend that school over a USF, especially to JUCO transfers. So they get a ton of talent that’s already experienced. As a guy who will speak from personal experience (with both myself and lots of guys I played with around the Bay Area), UT is a place you go to learn and go pro, whereas USF has never had that same reputation. I don’t quite know why, but I will leave you with one final anecdote (since they always prove correct over the long term ;^D), but I was recruited by UF, UT, Clemson, UNC, LSU, SPC, HCC and some other out of state teams, but never once received even a sniff from USF - even though I was in Pinellas County. Out of all my other friends/teammates, let’s say about 30-40 guys who either went D1 or turned pro from the Bay Area, only 1 even went to USF. My point is that USF (at that time, it may be different now) was lacking in assessing/landing talent in its own backyard and that just shouldn’t happen.
  2. I’m not sure I’m following...UT is defending DII national champs and probably has more draft picks form their team than USF (have not verified this, but just a hunch). As a former college player myself back in the early 2000s (man I’m getting old) UT was ALWAYS better than USF and it was a known fact by scouts everywhere in the state that they’d certainly compete with the big three in Florida college baseball.
  3. That was a complete giveaway by our guys in green tonight. ECU tried to hand us the win and we couldn’t take it. SMDH
  4. I’m calling a wild drive to the rim by Collins, an out of control shot, but then Durr comes in for the tip-in for the win!
  5. The University of Tampa would give UF, FSU and UM a serious run for their money...and is light years ahead of USF right now. My point being that the talent is definitely in the area, but just not making its way to USF.
  6. Durr is showing some good growth, but maricevic is absolutely killing this team. I know we need size, but I’ve said this before, he just isn’t a D-1 athlete. Time to go small with Durr on the bench.
  7. Tough loss tonight against a quality opponent. Hopefully the guys can gain some confidence from this game (similar to Georgetown last year) and continue to get better the rest of the way through.
  8. We need Rideau to step up here with one of his patented pick pocketings
  9. DC was out of control on that play, too easy to call a charge there. He needs to be smarter than that.
  10. Seriously. And then he gets the bailout call to boot.
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