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  1. For our sake, we’d better hope it’s 20 teams per league at this point, because if it’s only 16 per (or even 18) we may be on the outside looking in as the ACC (plus FSU and UM) probably doesn’t want (or need) a third Florida school and we certainly don’t fit the SEC profile.
  2. We have to find a way to score. We’ve pitched well enough to get a W, but the offense needs to string a few hits together and put up crooked numbers on the board.
  3. Gold, goldfinger…figured I’d just go for it as something different.
  4. Idk, I’d kill for someone to not confuse USF with our brethren to the east in the swampland of central Florida. On the bright-side, most of the clients I deal with out of the Northeast, Midwest or West Coast don’t differentiate between USF and UF/FSU/UM, so we got that going for us…which is nice.
  5. That’s just big city living...the more people around, the more chances there are for homicides - it’s simple statistics. Besides, have you been to Clemson, SC or College Station, TX on a non-game day weekend?! I’ll take Tampa, Philly, NoLa, Houston, Orlando and Cincy every day of the week.
  6. No worries, great minds think alike!
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