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  1. Perfect, arguably our two (former) best guys going to top 25 schools. Why didn’t we win more again?
  2. Ummm, 2029 and 2031?! GTFO with this schedule. We’ll all be dead by then and this game will be played by the AI that’s replaced us through a simulation on a computer...can’t wait!
  3. Pretty good article that will tell you all about how free agency works...it’s a pretty short read too. Learn About Major League Baseball's Free Agency Rules An overview of the free agency rules in baseball, including the history of free...
  4. 100% contract related. MLB needs to lower the free agency requirement as guys who should be playing in the pros aren’t - which SHOULDN’T be the case ever. Just one other way that owners are ruining the game based on protecting their own profits and turning new generations away from the game itself.
  5. All sports are political...there’s no such thing as only sticking to sports.
  6. I say let’s pull a Pitino and run the 40-minute full-court press. In college, this defense to offense can definitely work, especially when there are limited games to play.
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