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  1. But that location isn't in the feasibility study... So you're telling me the study was a waste of time and money? I don't believe it!
  2. Man I hope MK is on the horn with the Sun Belt commish... We're ******.
  3. First time I've heard the name until today: https://www.usf.edu/news/2021/will-weatherford-elected-new-usf-board-of-trustees-chair.aspx
  4. If I were your family I'd say you need both now get back to work.
  5. It may very well be lip service, but hell it's good news no matter how hard you try to spin it to a negative. .
  6. Or maybe they are starting to bend the rules and/or work in the gray area as most athletic departments/universities tend to do.
  7. Both Maryland and Rutgers are AAU university's. Some conferences have academic standards which you would know nothing about. Now get back to work there are a bunch of hungry people in line.
  8. Big 10????? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Slow down there speed racer.
  9. My bad, you just came off as a troll by how hard your bashing the program. I know where you're coming from, but I don't think more turnover is the answer at this point in time. Best thing to do is let the season play out and go from there. Bottom line is we have been outmatched from a facility standpoint for years and hopefully this changes over the next few.
  10. I agree, but if the CFP doesn't expand and remains at 4 teams then the Big 12 will be on the outside looking in. This has been made obvious by the recent moves by the SEC and the scheduling alliance between the acc, pac 12 and b10.
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