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  1. He does look like the real deal and hopefully this gets Clemson on the future schedule. We are 1-0 vs the Tigers where BJ tore them up in the bowl game. Looks like he was on staff during that game.
  2. Cool USF folks have been tailgating in lot SW of UCF water tower for many years. (SW corner of Gemini and Libra). https://www.google.com/maps/place/UCF+Water+Tower/@28.5977333,-81.1978015,17.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x65a5991bf2130ae4!8m2!3d28.5978029!4d-81.1969034
  3. I would expect the coaching staff and/or students to be placing these signs all over campus for our football team to see. Staff should start film study this week by just showing that one play, stop the projection, drop the remote and walk the frick out of the room. May need something gut wrenching like that to get fired up for this big W. Remember, its a 4th quarter somewhere!
  4. Jim N' Nicks was much better than Dreamland last year.....cheesy biscuits was a bonus.
  5. SW corner of Libra and Gemini, across from the water tower is where many Bulls have had tailgating in last 2 games there. 2013 Bulls outfitters had the huge rocky inflatable staked down there and 2015, the Green Bulls bus was set up. I will have the 8ft rocky inflatable going this year. Set up early before ucf fans get a chance to.
  6. Southwest corner of Gemini and Libra across from the UCF water tower has been the Bulls tailgating location for at least our last two games there in 2015, 2013. Would arrive early though as it is free but somewhat of walk to stadium.
  7. We had a helicopter flyover on a nationwide Thurs/Friday game that we lost to Pitt with Grothe at QB and the last one since that I can remember was at least 5 years ago with c130 flyover. You would think with our highly recognised rotc program and MacDills proximity, we would get at least one a season.
  8. Heard from the TV announcers at the start of last week's FSU game that their flyover was done by MacDill AFB. Now if they jetted up to Tallahassee for that bad team and game and they don't go ten miles North for ours, we got issues. No excuses now that the weather is looking perfect for Saturday. Anybody in the know? When was the last time we had a flyover for a Bulls Game ...... years ago?
  9. UCiFs mascot looks like Marvin the Martian (Bugs Bunny) Marvin's response on the night of 11/24: "What Happened?" We will be sending the Knights(Marvin) "to the pit of misery ..... dilly dilly"
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 42 seconds  
  11. Someone please put a meme together of Q jumping over the rocks to the open ocean like Willie did.......has to get to staff that he has to be free to run a more open play selection.
  12. Mark Harlan mentioned at the Memphis tailgate party prior to the game that we should have heard the time from ESPN this past Monday. Apparently ESPN is waiting on results from this weekend's games? Anybody hear anything?
  13. Anybody know roughly the time they are supposed to be doing their walk through on Friday? Will be eating lunch near stadium after Graceland and thought we may be able to see them walk in.
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