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  1. USFBulls12

    Amazing weekend

    He was actually just walking around a Macy's with his wife talking to the mannequins on Saturday. ...and he's never been married..
  2. USFBulls12

    This is nice....

    That's music to my ears. Imagine if we ever filled a stadium with everyone chanting USF..it would be deafening
  3. When the visiting team is from Florida and the game is played in the same state of the home team in Illinois, it's a road game. Houston is going to lose their P5 matchup, over 100 points scored in that one
  4. I wonder how the UCF fans in The Basement enjoyed our come from behind win. They're either confident they'll beat us or...well I guess I don't care to know their thoughts
  5. they'll likely continue throwing deep. Our run defense has been too strong this season
  6. USFBulls12

    Ole Miss Transfer TE?!?!?!

    No, I don't think Charlie leaves after this season
  7. Without Barnett coming in, our "backup" is our starter..don't be fooled by a title.
  8. USFBulls12

    New logo

    Why couldn't we just take theirs, and add an "S" and "South"...this would've ended much better.
  9. No turtleneck? Why does our band dress like plumbers? These are the questions we need answers to..get on it Joey Knight.
  10. USFBulls12

    Barnett Wins the Starting Job

    He's gonna need to change his style because when you're in a garbage conference, style points matter in developing a dominant team status. ...even if it's only dominating against garbage opponents. We don't get to change the schedule but we can change the perception of the team by what we do with said schedule.
  11. 1) South Florida2) 38-143) Jordan Cronkrite4) Tyre McCants5) 405
  12. We really should try to utilize our non-football sports as a farm system for our football team. You can throw a baseball, can you throw a football? You can block a soccer ball, can you block a FG? You can run fast in track, but could you run just as fast if someone hands you a football to run with?
  13. I thought this topic was going to be about Elon Musk and $TSLA stock tips
  14. USFBulls12

    Who is CJF talking to here

    This is a boss move. Go CJF! He's the real face of USF athletic success...too bad he doesn't coach football
  15. At my gym in Scranton, PA I've seen 3 different people wearing USF attire over the past year. First was a twenty something year old man with a USF hat (he said he got it from his dad who traveled to Tampa for work but didn't really seem to be familiar with the school or athletics -- just liked the logo). I spoke with Lauriell Young (2011-2014 women's soccer player) who was working out in a USF t-shirt and says she now works in the medical field here in Scranton. Also just yesterday, a young man walked in wearing a USF shirt. When I asked, he said his sister just graduated from USF in May but he does not attend. For how small town the area I live in is and how far away from USF I am, it's shocking to have such a connection to Tampa. I love it!