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  1. Blew a big lead in the 2nd half. I've seen this movie before. Does it have a different ending this time? Not so sure
  2. Dickie V lives in Sarasota and admitted to not knowing anyone on USF's roster prior to getting the assignment to call this game.
  3. I'd rather them remain aggressive than settle for bombing up the 3 at the end of the shot clock
  4. Another Indian burial ground victim. Alvarez went down with what looks to be an ACL injury. Carried off.
  5. Ok just hand me the rope, I'll go hang myself now for having an opinion.
  6. I don't understand..after any loss throughout the season, this is all this board has in every post. Now, a small amount of time heals the wounds and suddenly it's "unnecessarily negative" and I'm desperately craving attention? Did we not only win 4 games this season including South Carolina STATE, UCONN, & ECU? lol Sorry I don't see failure as butterflies and rainbows. We're currently a dumpster fire. And all I said was I felt bad that he is going to be performing in an empty theater after leaving Broadway.
  7. Person who down voted this, what's there to disagree with??
  8. I feel bad that CJS has to leave this excitement in a stadium full of fans in the college football playoff, to come and coach our dumpster fire in an empty stadium with no real interest in our football program from the vast majority of students and local, state, and national audiences.
  9. I was never a fan of giving 18-22 year old men a sticker.
  10. I don't find satisfaction in a coach saying he played high school football in Florida. I know that if I was a player looking for my best opportunities to play college football, I don't care where my coach is from or if his mother lives in Deltona. It comes down to more than that more often than not.
  11. Weis and Spencer look like they would be great additions for the Bulls
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