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  1. USFBulls12

    Tyre with pre-Adidas Adidas

    At my gym in Scranton, PA I've seen 3 different people wearing USF attire over the past year. First was a twenty something year old man with a USF hat (he said he got it from his dad who traveled to Tampa for work but didn't really seem to be familiar with the school or athletics -- just liked the logo). I spoke with Lauriell Young (2011-2014 women's soccer player) who was working out in a USF t-shirt and says she now works in the medical field here in Scranton. Also just yesterday, a young man walked in wearing a USF shirt. When I asked, he said his sister just graduated from USF in May but he does not attend. For how small town the area I live in is and how far away from USF I am, it's shocking to have such a connection to Tampa. I love it!
  2. USFBulls12

    Google's QB opinion

    We rely on Volume "S" for South Florida of the Encyclopedia.
  3. USFBulls12

    Adidas Has Arrived at USF

    Look like they are from the 90s because the Adidas logo is a very 90s dominant logo in my own opinion. It reminds me of the 90s, along with FILA. Something about Nike's swoosh has stayed relevant in my mind and of course UA dominated the 2000s until it didn't..
  4. USFBulls12

    Best bowl game yet

    Did you answer the front door?
  5. USFBulls12

    In 252 Days...

    Who's the starting QB?
  6. USFBulls12

    USF Women Bball vs Oklahoma

    USF style!
  7. USFBulls12

    Willie to FSU is official

    I believe he got that phrase from his days with Coach Harbaugh...I've seen a television segment once that showed Harbaugh saying it to his players at Michigan.
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  9. Is that missed extra point going to kill us?
  10. If this game is even remotely close, that miss is going to hurt BAAAAD
  11. That's what happens when you have a young and energetic coach who let's the QB be great
  12. This one is in the books. 50+ to teens/twenties
  13. We can't stop this offense, I'm sorry. We just can't do it.
  14. How does that feel mcgee..USF: home of the undisciplined player
  15. USFBulls12

    Women's Basketball vs Butler

    leading 40-25 at the half over undefeated Butler