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  1. USFBulls12

    WBB - Team of the Week

    This is what happens after a mention of potential national title contenders in our most successful sport at USF. The Indian burial ground spirits have unleashed on our best player to stop this nonsense before something great can happen here.
  2. I live in Scranton...Dwight is my best friend. Mose, Dwight, and I play paintball quite often.
  3. Did I hear someone is looking for Evan Kraky? He is a sales rep for UniFirst Corporation in Scranton, PA. His LinkedIn page even includes our beautiful, err, horrible academic logo... https://www.linkedin.com/in/evan-kraky-438a7793
  4. LMAO I was being jokingly sarcastic...I am often more outraged by the overly outraged. Everyone needs to lighten up and stop looking for something to upset them.
  5. racist comment... Is that because they all look alike to you?
  6. USFBulls12

    WBB vs Ohio State

    Bulls crushed 'em!
  7. USFBulls12

    Mama Bull

    It's like seeing "Betty White" trending on Twitter...
  8. Massey is predicting a 10 win season (not including the exhibition win vs U of Tampa) https://www.masseyratings.com/team.php?t=7278&s=305972
  9. USFBulls12

    Comment from a player...

    Maybe we need to go back to Vero Beach....worked so well for team/ coach bonding and success back in the Skippy days...
  10. USFBulls12

    Comment from a player...

    The kid probably just started learning how to talk during the Holtz years...I'm sure he picked it up from hearing it so often.
  11. Oh yea! Golf too! And women's basketball when we aren't playing against UCONN! We're so awesome!!
  12. Hey everyone, it's alright...we're a women's soccer school!
  13. Or at least pass around lines of coke at halftime..
  14. A win last week vs. Houston and if we didn't **** the bed like we did today and this is a completely different season with HUGE momentum... 8 of the Top 25 teams in front of us last week lost when we were ranked #21..and today #9, #11, #13, #14, #15, #16, & #20 have all lost or are currently losing in the 4th quarter. Oh the missed opportunities we face as a program. We could have been a 9-0 Top 14 team after today...If the cards played out in our favor the rest of the way, there very likely would've been a Top 10 Bulls match up vs a Top 10 Knights at Ray Jay for the first time ever. That would've been fantastic for the AAC....a lot of ifs, would've, could've, should'ves...this is USF. We don't know how to seize good opportunities.
  15. This is what it's like to be USF. 7-0 to start and now on a 2 game losing streak (including a loss to the powerhouse that is a 3-5 Tulane team on our home turf in front of a near season low home crowd) and definitely out of contention for a conference title yet again... Go Bulls, you never cease to surprise..