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  1. Well that does it for me this week. Enjoy the entertainment!
  2. To be fair, it was ugly since the stadium filled up with blue and orange.
  3. @Brad I'm going to need access to unlimited reactions this season, please. I've already reached my limit today.
  4. It's reasoning like this is why we had to settle for the field goal.
  5. Actually is a very sound investment decision. *I am not a financial advisor, just a guy drinking a beer.
  6. Oh yippie! We're turning on each other and it's not even halftime!! LET'SSSS GOOOOO!
  7. If we're gonna jump all over Cade for his poor play, I need to give it to him these past 2 drives. He looks much more confident and is slinging it
  8. After watching the replay on that one, UF can run that play every possession on #1 if they choose to. He won't be able to defend it.
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