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  1. Wonder how long until UCF surpasses us in this ranking too or if that's just in sports..
  2. Massey has us winning this one by 2. https://www.masseyratings.com/team.php?t=7278&s=305972
  3. We're hitting FTs today, I like our chances down the stretch to pull an upset when we're playing this way, while hitting FTs
  4. I'm super stroked for the meat up at this year's spring game! Same place as last year guys? I'll bring the jelly this time.
  5. Good game Bulls, onto the next one (impossible matchup vs Cincy on their home court where they're amazing)
  6. Looks like the Bulls will lose another close one..make FTs at an acceptable % and this team potentially moves to 16-0..unbelievable.
  7. it's nothing like hitting a baseball? Have you ever hit a baseball and shot a free throw? It's psychology at this point
  8. What a coach is right! I'm loving this guy..great hire! Let's go Bulls
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