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  1. USFBulls12

    In Game Chat: USF vs Cincy

    We're hitting FTs today, I like our chances down the stretch to pull an upset when we're playing this way, while hitting FTs
  2. USFBulls12

    In Game Chat: USF vs Cincy

    The only REAL Collins
  3. I'm super stroked for the meat up at this year's spring game! Same place as last year guys? I'll bring the jelly this time.
  4. Good game Bulls, onto the next one (impossible matchup vs Cincy on their home court where they're amazing)
  5. Looks like the Bulls will lose another close one..make FTs at an acceptable % and this team potentially moves to 16-0..unbelievable.
  6. it's nothing like hitting a baseball? Have you ever hit a baseball and shot a free throw? It's psychology at this point
  7. What a coach is right! I'm loving this guy..great hire! Let's go Bulls
  8. Come on, FTs are one of the most basic parts of the game. It's a simple shot from a standing position from the same distance it's been their whole lives. Little kids can be good at FTs, high school kids can be good at FTs, college players can be good at FTs, and NBA players can be good at FTs...but the same goes for being bad. Because it's such a rudimentary shot, it becomes psychological. It's similar to hitting in the game of baseball. You learn how to hit a baseball very young and adjust with age..but even the best MLB players can look like they've never hit a ball in their lives if psychology dysfunction takes over their minds. I doubt all these players from USF were this bad at the FT shot or incapable of improving it throughout their entire basketball careers, some 15-18 yrs at this point.
  9. It has to be mental..they know they're bad, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy Wow, what a momentum shift. Basketball psychology fascinates me
  10. Kiir just went the entire length of the building in 2 strides.
  11. Great way to open the second half and make this a game again...they can't take their foot off the gas or this has the makings of another close 3 point loss...keep up this offense and let's win this one like men.
  12. USFBulls12

    USF vs Tulsa - It’s Game Day Baby!

    You never let the white kid have the ball behind the 3 point line for the last shot.. Welp, that ended up being fun. Momma Collins hates it.