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  1. BrowardBull17

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    They're much better this year than last year.
  2. BrowardBull17

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    Nonsense. I was at that game and it was packed.
  3. BrowardBull17

    GT Attendance?

    Is that the season ticket holder lot?
  4. BrowardBull17

    GT Attendance?

    Would be whiskey for the convention.
  5. BrowardBull17

    GT Attendance?

    Ready to smash some beers and kick some GT tail. Got a babysitter for the kids for this one and will be getting rowdy in 125.
  6. BrowardBull17

    New adidas gear

    The one at tyrone mall has all kinds of firearms and ammo. They just got rid of AR's.
  7. BrowardBull17

    Season Tickets?

    Mine are supposed to be here Thursday.
  8. Dont know anything about that guy but our marketing dept has been awful.
  9. BrowardBull17


    ESPN sucks. I saw that during the highlight as well from that guy, who seems like a jocksniffing nerd btw. Espn uses to have great on air personalities but that has fallen way off IMO. Too busy blowing the SEC to know the difference between us and C.
  10. Bold: May daughter dominates the Easter egg hunt prior to the scrimmage. Not so bold: Offense destroys defense
  11. BrowardBull17

    Ruben Guerrero to Transfer

    More talent in the gym than the Sub Dome.