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  1. BrowardBull17


    ESPN sucks. I saw that during the highlight as well from that guy, who seems like a jocksniffing nerd btw. Espn uses to have great on air personalities but that has fallen way off IMO. Too busy blowing the SEC to know the difference between us and C.
  2. Bold: May daughter dominates the Easter egg hunt prior to the scrimmage. Not so bold: Offense destroys defense
  3. Our schedule is a joke.
  4. BrowardBull17

    Ruben Guerrero to Transfer

    More talent in the gym than the Sub Dome.
  5. Hard for me to see a guy riding with his wife and kid being the aggressor but who knows?
  6. BrowardBull17

    Nate Allen has a new home

    I'm freakin pumped
  7. BrowardBull17

    Rodney Adams Combine Performance

    Mid to high 4.4
  8. Thats basically what Playstation VUE is right now. I currently get all of those channels and pay exactly the same amount each month.
  9. BrowardBull17

    Baseball Starts Tonight With a Victory!

    Hoping to get across the bridge for a couple of Friday night games this year.
  10. BrowardBull17

    Predict the next USF big news

    Good - Season tickets for football will be on the rise again. Bad - players will transfer
  11. BrowardBull17

    Spectrum Sports

    Everything about Spectrum sucks
  12. BrowardBull17

    National Signing Day '17

    I think Brini ends up here. If we finish with Dingle/Harris/Brini today thats a solid transition class. People are sleeping on Nick Roberts too. Hes a stud.
  13. BrowardBull17

    2017 Breakout Stars?

    McCants is going to ball tf out
  14. RIP Houston football. Quinton Flowers might run for 500 yards by himself against his soft read and react scheme.