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  1. BrowardBull17

    Possible OC's

    I dont think the job will attract much attention considering Strong looks like complete garbage.
  2. He hasnt done anything without Bridgewater.
  3. BrowardBull17

    What p***** me off the most

    Our pass rush wasnt good last year and we actually had talent. Our DE's were a joke this entire season.
  4. BrowardBull17

    Transferring players

    Tackling is effort. He didnt show any out there.
  5. BrowardBull17

    Transferring players

    Hes not a D1 QB period.
  6. BrowardBull17

    Transferring players

    Can Nick Roberts go? Gutless performance.
  7. BrowardBull17

    Justin Burke to call plays

    Would still be more efficient than Sterlin.
  8. BrowardBull17

    USF Recruiting? Yeah, pretty good...

    Would be nice to be in the mix for more big time recruits but I've noticed that CCS targets a lot of EE players. Jahquez Evans is an EXCITING QB. Darius Williams, Raymond Collins, Joshua Blanchard and Malcolm Ray are pretty solid. I don't know a ton about some of the others though. Collins and Blanchard both have UF offers.
  9. BrowardBull17

    USF Recruiting? Yeah, pretty good...

    He's not Ed Oliver but he's an immediate impact player at a position that sorely needs it.
  10. We're not in for as many 4 star and immediate impact guys as we were with Taggart around. If you look at the offer lists of the guys we have committed, not many of them have legit p5 offers.
  11. BrowardBull17

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Why? Why would he leave UGA to come here?
  12. BrowardBull17

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    I agree with this sentiment. Hopefully Mattox bounces with him.
  13. BrowardBull17

    Bye bye Sterlin!

  14. BrowardBull17

    Strength and Conditioning....

    Jimmy Bayes didnt get any bigger in his entire career.
  15. BrowardBull17

    Bring everyone back

    No thanks. Just give me an OC that is somewhat creative and ill be happy.