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  1. BrowardBull17

    Ucf Refs

    Refs arent going to matter if we keep throwing for 5 yards on 3rd and 6, kicking kickoffs out of bounds and not getting any pressure on opposing QB's. I refuse to believe that teams like Tulane and Temple have more talent than us. This coaching staff needs to dial up their best game if we want to even have a chance.
  2. BrowardBull17

    Our QB is not a good QB

    Completely agree. Even a decent OC would be able to mask his deficiencies. Gilbert does him no favors whatsoever.
  3. If they host game day, beat cincy and then lose to us next Friday it would be the greatest thing that ever happened.
  4. One of my best friends was on that team and saw it happen.
  5. Dude assulted a player. He's never going to associate with USF ever again.
  6. BrowardBull17

    Potential QB Transfer

    This dude can ball. Would love to have him here.
  7. BrowardBull17

    Attendance Article, Matt Baker

    The UConn game was packed. Feel like attendance hasn't been bad at all thus far this year.
  8. BrowardBull17

    If Charlie leaves after this season ...

    Stop with this nonsense
  9. BrowardBull17

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    If you sell your tix to a ucf fan you should be slapped. My brother in law is ucf alum and lives in NC. Dude is here for Thanksgiving and i wont take him to the game. I see the guy maybe twice a year. I refuse to be a part of their nonsense in our stadium.
  10. Hey another knee-jerk reaction thread.
  11. BrowardBull17

    Please Get Rid of Strong

    We really don't have as much talent on defense as this post suggests. We rarely generate any kind of pass rush, don't tackle well have smaller DB's for the most part. Teams run on us because the most active LB we have is a Safety. Last year, I definitely get this post. This year, not so much.
  12. BrowardBull17

    View from Coogville

    Just come out swinging for once, please.
  13. BrowardBull17

    Matt Baker is a self serving tool

    He's trash. The TBT is a disgrace.
  14. He was in the opening day roster and played in game 1 so I think he might be guaranteed.