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  1. Crap FL had a couple good years. The last few years they finish in the middle of the AAC with an average season. They are still in the American. The only thing IMHO they have passed us in is fan passion and attendance - which drives me crazy. But in the big picture they are right where we are - nowhere
  2. Were we not invited to defend our title??
  3. There is a reason he transferred from Miami. Any time we get a transfer from a big name school I’m fairly certain it won’t work for us. MCClain was my favorite on the day. I see why Fortin is the front runner and I was pretty impressed with Marsh today.
  4. So we are upset about people leaving off a team that was NOT good (even though we are a basketball school)? Not sure what the turnaround is but it doesn’t appear to be in sight unfortunately
  5. So the guy who couldn’t beat out McCloud is the best so far? Great.
  6. Covid impacts everyone and we were not good pre the 32 days off. Look I didn’t expect anything this year but several were calling for a tourney birth this year. There is zero reason to not be able to put a team on the court every year that can at least make us say hey this team might make the tournament and I don’t mean the CBI.
  7. The problem is it is consistent with not meeting expectations. Every year we hear - we are a basketball school. We are going to be good this year. Stan Health’s tourney team seems like forever ago - oh because it was.
  8. This board did judge Flowers like that. A quick search will find hundreds of posts about how horrible he was when he first took the reigns
  9. Spread out and so baron feeling. Weird seeing the 100 level up. Everyone is being very respectful, keeping space and just glad to be here. Limited concessions but enough.
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