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  1. This board did judge Flowers like that. A quick search will find hundreds of posts about how horrible he was when he first took the reigns
  2. Spread out and so baron feeling. Weird seeing the 100 level up. Everyone is being very respectful, keeping space and just glad to be here. Limited concessions but enough.
  3. some nice giveaways. Let’s do our part ! Bulls Club Renewal Coming to Your Mailbox This Week! Bulls Club Supporters,
  4. Every year - we are going to be so good. I can’t wait until basketball season. We are a basketball school. Every year - after the first few games........... I’m all for believing and cheering. What I don’t understand is what those who say we are going to be good see?? I was pumped for basketball season. I hope we turn it around.
  5. I’m going to go back and read those threads on how good we are going to be this year. I hope it is true but USF forgot this so far today
  6. Nobody said championship. We are 1-8. What did you expect to happen? All done of us are doing is looking at the improvement we are making. We have to rebuild this thing and that is going to take time. You have a lot of passion. Why not use that for the good? Sure be critical when it is warranted but what good does it do to get on those who want to focus on the good? Just my 2 cents.
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