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  1. So in a world where schedules never work, it looks like I may have to fly out Saturday night. For those who know (because I know how to use google maps for an estimated time), if the game ends on time around 7pm can I realistically return a rental car and make a Southwest flight departing at 8:55pm? I currently have a DL flight Sunday and it looks like SWA is the only one that has any late flight possibilities . Thanks for any insight.
  2. I’m confused as to why we aren’t on this list of Bowl projections. Please update. Thank you.
  3. Booked a Hilton Garden Inn for $95 a night plus tax. 20min drive to the stadium but I just can’t pay that much more to be close.
  4. Love the energy FAZA!! I remember when we talked back in the we are going to Canada for a Bowl Game days. Need more passion and commitment like yours. It's a mindset and the more of us that get it - the more successful we WILL become!
  5. Has he announced McCloud yet? There isn’t a chance Blake still starts right? I mean I heard what CCS said but there is NO WAY right?
  6. I’m going to hold out some hope for this season as long as McCloud starts moving forward
  7. So everyone who said it was Wisconsin’s D and not Bell’s fault. He still ok with 3 points in 7 quarters because this is GT’s awesome D. Asking for a friend.
  8. Pitt game will not be done by 2pm. Hope they switch over
  9. As someone who loves watching football but truly doesn’t understand the nuts and bolts of schemes and what goes in to play calling - what happened that our defense has deteriorated so drastically over the last several years? Forever, we knew we may not score but our defense would keep us in the game. Is it poor coaching? Not the same caliber of players? I just don’t understand why they struggle so much. Thanks for your input.
  10. Oh I do and agree completely. He was on his way out. I’m glad for USF he did. Since CCS isn’t going anywhere right now I hope he too can adapt and change. For me I don’t need him to keep losing so he gets fired. I’d rather he figure out how to turn this thing around. Have to think it’s a lot like pre-Syracuse for him right now.
  11. People hate their coach especially here at USF. CWT was no exception. People wanted him gone so when he started winning there had to be reasons why that had nothing to do with him. Even now they can’t acknowledge the man adapted to his situation, GREW as a coach (what a good leader should do) and turned the team around. I remember leaving the USF Clemson Bowl Game walking behind a group of fans who wanted Dabo fired because he was in over his head. Last year I remember seeing a link to a message board thread saying without his star QBs Dabo hasn’t done anything. It’s the nature of message boards and I shouldn’t let it get to me but clearly that’s my shortcoming
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