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  1. The most comical thing to me is the number of people screaming for CWT to be fired. In fact the same way they screamed for CSH and CSS to be fired. And now those same people want him back. I said to keep him because I believed in his plan. And now I say don’t take him back. If they ultimately decide he is the guy I will support him 100% but he didn’t want to be here. I love the high scoring games and winning. I just don’t believe he is the only coach who can get us there. I want to move forward
  2. Not that bad??? That is so much $$. Is what it is but that’s a lot of money.
  3. I’m going to totally contradict myself because I said been there done that with CWT but CJL didn’t leave on his own. I think he would restore a fire to USF. I know he never won a conference title and man his teams could rack up personal foul penalties but I think I would jump up and down like a little kid if it happens.
  4. I was one of those who said CWT should not be fired when many wanted him gone. I love the guy BUT I don’t want him back. He left once and he will again the first chance he has. Been there done that. Let’s move forward.
  5. Ok but to tell people to screw off because they were wrong??
  6. Why the hostility? We are all Bulls Fans with different opinions
  7. So you need a thank you email from MK? Like you quit sending support unless he sends an email saying we know your frustrated but we are working on it??? Like he isn’t on a cruise ship not working on it. Not trying to be insensitive just not sure how an email makes anyone feel better or want to continue to support USF. Not to mention this board would light up with criticism of the email no matter what it said. We all know that’s true.
  8. The irony in a lot of these comments is the pure blind love so many showed for Harlan during his tenure here
  9. I don’t want him back either but he was clearly better than CCS
  10. CWT was rock bottom? Please give me rock bottom again
  11. I love Bowl Games and even if we could have been 6-6 I would have gone as I have been to them all and will go to all of them. I refuse to book vacations anywhere in our Bowl window. Let’s be honest though had we made one people would complain about the crappy bowl or how far they had to travel or who they were playing. Those same people scream their USF fan status from the rooftops. So that’s the only good part of not making a Bowl Game is not having to read those posts. So wish we were bowling.
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