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  1. I just don’t think is a mentality that will get you anywhere. We scheduled Oklahoma and Alabama and oh yeah Auburn before we turned the corner way back in our beginnings. Keep expectations high and then reach and exceed them. I’m not in favor of lowering them So people feel better when we beat inferior opponents.
  2. Must win game regardless of how they finish this game
  3. How would one not know the schedule? You plan other things on the bye week.
  4. For all of the arguing and whining and heartache that comes with a Saturday Game Day, it is way better than not playing. Here is to a big win next week. I will watch all day today but the excitement level is not the same for my Saturday.
  5. While I understand your point. All 3 of those teams are totally beatable. If we get better as the season goes on, I think we have a chance in those games.
  6. Seriously? That’s what happens when you get the ball at the 2 yard line. You score that much - when we have had several years not being able to score on the goal line - you are a stud.
  7. You guys seriously complain about anything. It's more of an administrative type job. And do we not learn from our failures? I go to my dad for stuff now even at 47. And sometimes he will say to me, "well don't do what I did" - I doubt he is there telling him how to run the team. That isn't the role of the job. I am just looking forward to winning again so the Fire Jeff Scott posts change to "he would have never won anything if it wasn't for McClain!"
  8. And if we win 3 or more can you admit that just maybe you were wrong? If we win 1 or 0 the rest of the way I will be happy to admit I was wrong
  9. We absolutely can win 4 this season. And I’ve watched every minute
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