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  1. jjlovecub

    Charlie Strong

    Agreed. I hate to lose more
  2. jjlovecub

    Charlie Strong

    Congrats and well deserved. He is 6-0 this year and 16-2 overall. It’s interesting how the nation realizes he is a good coach but a portion of our fan base apparently knows way more.
  3. Was better for USF how? Nobody outside of USF and Kansas fans even remember that Kansas game or that Kansas was “good” that year
  4. I’m going to go against the norm here and say No. if we beat a 11-0 ucf team I seriously doubt it would get more than 10 seconds of buzz and then people move on. if we too are undefeated and win out (doubt seriously this happens) the result for us is the same whether ucf is 11-0, 10-1, or 5-6. The more ucf wins the more they get talked about in the media, around the water cooler etc. I want them to get zero press and for people to forget they exist. Would there be major publicity before 11-0 vs 11-0? Of course. I just find it difficult to believe that it last past the week of the game and then nobody would care.
  5. jjlovecub

    Total Chaos

    It was us!! USF. Your welcome
  6. Now my positive explitaves would get me banned
  7. There are no words for how I feel. Well there are but I prefer to not get banned from the this board
  8. Is there a place with good wings near the stadium? I want to catch the end of the Michigan game after ours tonight. Thanks.
  9. New QB and a new RB 8-4
  10. jjlovecub

    Sun Dome Naming Rights Coming Soon

    Wonder when the invites for the men’s selection show come out?
  11. The turnover is unreal. I only know JL and he is the only one who even semi knows me. I agree with Bourbon Bull that they have shifted from a philosophy of relationship fundraising to one of just landing the big donor. Look it must work for them because it has been shifting this way for some time. I’m glad it works for USF and hope it helps them attain their goals. It just doesn’t appeal to the average or even above average donor.
  12. 1,000?? That is terrible!! I don't care what bowl we are in or where we play - that is simply unacceptable. Complain all you want about the conference or the schedule or the coach or no OCS, etc., etc. You have 12 months to throw aside $20-$30 a month. You have a handful of dates to set aside. Sure there are always situations that stop you from going. That is NOT who this is meant for. It is for those who can go but aren't. You clearly lack an understanding of what this takes. We are 9-2!!!! We sat through 4 years of crap!! Enjoy this time even if it wasn't your ultimate goal and get to the game!!
  13. Isn't everyone going? My son and I will be there.