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  1. Let’s try again this year. A table of 8 is $1200. I’m in for 2 seats. Let’s get a BullsPen table!! Who is in?
  2. My entire September-November calendar scheduling is waiting on the release of those dates! LOL
  3. I hate that I have to preface my comments but I would like to avoid the onslaught. I will start by saying I’m so excited for a new chapter and I am even more excited that the fan base “appears” to be rejuvenated (at least until our first loss). I guess after the last few years we all want hope. Can CJS motivate people and is he doing the right thing with his approach? I think so. Where I get confused is the “he is an amazing communicator” comments over and over again. I mean I guess and maybe it’s the field I work in where I am continually exposed to motivational speakers. The press conference was ok. He s media interviews decent. Does he make me want to run through a wall? No. Does he inspire me ? No. But also I’m not a football player so maybe to them that’s what they need. And I get we are all motivated by different things. It’s not a bad thing but I think people are just thinking everything is amazing and I hope it will be. My rationale mind just struggles with those comments and wondering what I’m missing?? But hey if this team and fan base are 100% for it that’s great because my excitement for USF has always been there.
  4. I’m not discounting him. I’m merely saying we don’t know. CCS was a part of championships as a coordinator too. People need to be optimistic and I am too. If you go back to prior threads people said CSH was an upgrade from CJL and CCS was an upgrade from CWT. Now in The defense of all those it would be extremely difficult for CJS to NOT be an upgrade. I just want to see what he does for us before I proclaim him the savior of USF Football.
  5. How do we know this coaching staff is going to be good? Not saying they aren’t but CJS has never been a head coach. I know we are hopeful but it is still very much unknown.
  6. I think it is more than that. In 2016 at 8-1 in our last home game before we played in Orlando we only drew 26k. We were winning and scoring and not drawing crowds.
  7. All depends on the kid. I took my son to his first game at 6 weeks old. He attended our first bowl game that year in NC at 6 months old. A few ups and downs but he was hooked early. He is a die hard and the one that the people glued to their phones ask to sit down because he stands to cheer on 3rd down on defense. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Start them young
  8. While I don't always agree with Cousin Ricky I am in 100% agreement here. USF has yet to say they have a coach, are making an announcement, etc. Sure social media and "sources" run rampant. It is all speculation - after all there has to be some reason they haven't made an announcement yet right? It can't simply be they are still going through the process.
  9. If it is Scott, do we get him now or does he finish the playoff run?
  10. The most comical thing to me is the number of people screaming for CWT to be fired. In fact the same way they screamed for CSH and CSS to be fired. And now those same people want him back. I said to keep him because I believed in his plan. And now I say don’t take him back. If they ultimately decide he is the guy I will support him 100% but he didn’t want to be here. I love the high scoring games and winning. I just don’t believe he is the only coach who can get us there. I want to move forward
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