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  1. Wow you are amazing. I’m confused as to why USF hasn’t at least brought you on to consult or even lead this program.
  2. I don’t get why we run 3 vanilla plays down 35-13 and they go full offense mode and score? Isn’t that the approach we should try?
  3. What does that mean? A lot of people here know about USF? But YES put it together!!
  4. None of that has anything to do with cheering on USF at the game. Unless your kid is playing in the high school game of course then by all means go to that. I will keep updated on the Rays while at the USF game since you can’t go to that game live which would Have been a valid excuse. That’s all these are - excuses. I would love our fans would have a different mentality about HOW we support our team.
  5. If there wasn’t a chance the line wouldn’t be 10
  6. Unless you are not going anywhere for safety reasons why would you not go? You only get so many games a season. Make the most of it and we will see you Friday!
  7. Then don’t call the time out. 3 time outs you still have a chance to get the ball back and score. That time out was worse than the actual play call which was not good
  8. Get your heads out of the toilet. This mentality is insane. Get better. Go to games, get others to go to games, donate money to the Bulls Club. Do more than complain and call death to USF football. The logic isn’t rationale. So when you have failures in life, you can’t overcome them? This mentality of quitting gets you nowhere. Support this team moving forward. You can’t give CJS a few games and call it done. Stop whining and do your part to help us get better.
  9. Yeah my last response as Not the mentality I believe in or want for someone leading the USF program. But no worries I’m sure Mike Kelly will be like “man that’s a brilliant idea”.
  10. So you fix it. You don’t quit and go backwards because you encounter obstacles along the way. Quitting is the easy path. You go to FCS you will never get back.
  11. This makes no sense. The sheer financial impact of this makes it a stupid decision. You don’t go backwards. A few years ago we were 10-2 and a few years ago crap central was 0-12. There will be ups and downs. You move forward and never look back. You would lose 90% of the small fan base that we have
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