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  1. jjlovecub

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I know people think I’m being sarcastic but I’m not - we have like 20k plus season tickets. The game is in our stadium. I would think we could sell at least half that in ticket sales
  2. jjlovecub

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Not buying from USF shows a complete lack of understanding of what we need to be doing to support this team. Bowl a game in Tampa, no travel (for most) we should sell 25k tickets at a minimum. Yeah we probably won’t but we should.
  3. jjlovecub

    Roll call

    100% with 4
  4. jjlovecub

    Gasparilla Bowl

    That is terrible
  5. jjlovecub

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Great news
  6. jjlovecub

    Gasparilla Bowl

    It is so different this year. Most years people scream anywhere but Tampa. This year Tampa is the better bowl game option for us. Its going to be close regardless and while you don’t get the Bowl travel feel we need to support them and go to the game!!
  7. jjlovecub

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I agree. I know Joey is set on us going to the Cure but Tampa makes way more sense from a marketing standpoint
  8. jjlovecub

    Gasparilla Bowl

  9. Yeah - that article literally said nothing new. changes will happen at some point. When I saw the article last night I was really hoping he had intel - guess he had to put out something
  10. jjlovecub

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Playing in Tampa is way better than the Cure. The AAC may not want us to get rolled by a P5 but do they want us to get rolled by Troy???
  11. If LSU played UCF’s schedule or Michigan or Texas AM or West Virginia they would be undefeated and they would all beat UcF
  12. It’s absurd if the top 25 is based solely on record. If you base it on the top 25 teams in the country then it makes sense. Just a different view point
  13. Couldn’t disagree more. And yes I would say the same thing if it was USF. Somewhere around 15 is about right
  14. I agree. I am not a BMM fan but when I saw his ballot I felt it was on track. UcF is not the 7th best team in the country with or without MM. just look 8-20 and how many teams would beat them.
  15. jjlovecub

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Any word on where we are going?