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  1. How can a college baseball team in Florida not be an above average team compared to colleges not in Florida?
  2. I was a freshman in 1969-1970 living in Eta in Andros Center. Brahman Basketbull did not start until November of 1970. Up until then Homecoming centered around a soccer game! So as bad as our football team currently is, it is wonderful having a football team!
  3. I believe the first Monday Night Football game aired on ABC in September of 1970 with the 1969 Super Bowl Champion New York Jets playing in front of 70,000 fans against the Browns at Cleveland Municipal Stadium. I was a sophomore at USF and lived in Eta 209. I watched that very first Monday Night football game in the UC (University Center) with maybe twenty other guys in the television room on the first floor. Gosh, that was so very long ago!
  4. Many years ago, I think in their first year of existence, the New Orleans Saints had a defensive lineman named Steve Stonebreaker. Maybe a relative to our new board member?
  5. I do not remember the year this game was played. I am referring to the game played at Pitt where we were huge underdogs in an early season game when Walt Harris was the Pitt Panthers coach. Marquell Blackwell was our quarterback and Leavitt called for an onsides kick which we recovered, scored a touchdown, which gave the footbulls huge momentum to achieve this amazing upset. It was one of our first enormous footbull victories!
  6. Steve, have you heard from Coach Chip Connor lately? How about Phil Shelp? Only kidding of course.
  7. According to a story going around USF around 1970: Anheiser-Busch was willing to build USF an on campus football stadium when USF was born, rent free if the university advertised Anheiser-Busch products in the stadium. However, the first president of our university, John Allen, was against big-time athletics and said "NO" to Anheiser-Busch. So, we could have had a Brahman football team way back in 1960!
  8. I'm sure very few of you ever heard of coach Bill Gibson. The first USF men's basketbull coach was Don Williams who started the program in 1970. Coach Williams announced his retirement shortly before the end of the 1973-1974 season. We played Florida State at Curtis Hixon Convention Hall (our home court) about three days after Coach Williams announced he would be soon retiring. I sat on the bench ( I was the student manager) as we upset the Seminoles before a ruckus crowd. What a great game as the team dedicated the win to Coach Williams. Bill Gibson was named coach a few weeks later. He was t
  9. Great stuff, Steve Mazza! Thanks for those photos of Penny Greene from 1975-1976. Neat seeing (well, a partial view) of Coach Chip Connor congratulating Penny Greene. A great trip down memory lane. Also cool seeing our home court of Curtis Hixon Hall.
  10. Go to fausports.com. Click on football and you will see Willie talk about the nine recruits they signed today. Instead of saying "do something" and "get on the bus", he talks about playing in paradise. I will certainly follow FAU football in 2020 by going to fausports.com fairly often.
  11. I still find it hard to believe that FAU and UCF have on-campus stadiums and we don't! FAU is also building a football training facility right next to their football stadium.
  12. The FAU on-campus stadium is very nice. It seats about 32,000. I went to three games two years ago when] I was a math tutor for FAU football players. The team was lucky to draw 15,000 for a home game. I expect more than half of the crowd at the USF-FAU game on September 26 to be wearing green and gold!
  13. The first year of the USF men's basketball team, !970-1971, Tommie Davis, one of our guards, shot a jump shot to attempt his free throws like Hal Greer. Tommie was a very good free throw shooter. I know this first hand because I was a student manager for that first Golden Brahman basketbull team.
  14. I don't think Miami wants a coach whose team has lost six consecutive games. They maybe would choose Manny Diaz but, of course, he is now the coach at Temple.
  15. A sports writer in this morning's South Florida Sun-Sentinel predicts USF-Marshall in the Boca Raton Bowl December 18.
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