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  1. Nobody really knows who the susceptible people are,herd immunity would take 70% of Americans getting covid which could kill up to 3 million Americans, are you ok with that?
  2. Sorry I'm done, it was just that poli sci major in me.
  3. Could you give us your sources for that assessment?
  4. And to the loved ones of the 200,000 dead Americans???
  5. Favorite USF road trip was to the Sun Bowl in El Paso Texas, we lost to OREGON but representing the Big East, wow I thought we were really finally going to be a relevant football program, but with the end of Big East football..........still my wife and I ate at this great cattle ranch on new years eve, visited White Sands,NM. Gilla National Forest, mountains, deserts, really memorable trip.
  6. Couldn't playing this game be risky to our team seeing as our first conference game is a week later, medically speaking ?
  7. That was a proud moment, and that trophy is beautiful.
  8. I'll take the points, thinking more like 13 at the most. Like that there will be no fans, hopefully we'll have a full house at our place next year.
  9. I want to see this team look like they could give Notre Dame a very tough time next week, and Sun Dolls.
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