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  1. May make the trip , thanks for the valuable information.
  2. I repeat ACADEMICS ie shared research is what gets us chosen to move up to a p5 conference. All the schools who moved up during the last conference expansion are quality academic schools as we are now ,UCF is not even close to our academic class. , just a fact.
  3. I vehemently disagree, our ACADEMICS are far superior to theirs and this is far more important than athletes to schools in major conferences ie shared research.
  4. All of these factors, bad hires, Big East imploding, lack of AD leadership, higher academic standards, led to our current situation, and maybe beating us means more to them than it does for us, after all we've been in a big time conference. In the final analysis we will be the ones chosen to move up when realignment comes because we are an academic powerhouse.
  5. Maybe cbg should make every player shoot 100 free throws a practice , then maybe they could make a shot inside the three point line other than a layup.
  6. How in the hell can we lose 9 straight against these guys,never mind don't answer, it's embarrassing.
  7. Durr really gets some cheap fouls called on him , the big M is having his best game so far thankfully
  8. Don't forget the possibility of grabbing Chase Brice from the portal .First time we have a coach who has seen first hand how to build a championship program.
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