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  1. Collins did have a great second half.
  2. Refs taking the flow out of this game, toughest defense we've played so far.
  3. East lake bull

    Good News for T Horne

    T Horne, you have years to be great, keep pushing, can't wait to see you on the field again.
  4. Houston Cincinnati Temple UCF
  5. East lake bull

    In Game Chat: USF vs Cincy

    Think we practiced free throws ? Outscored them in the second half, questionable calls put us in foul trouble late when we were surging. We can beat Houston,but we need a loud intimidating crowd. Be there!!!
  6. We can beat anyone in this conference IF IF we make free throws, no one plays harder. Beat UC Tuesday night!!!!!
  7. What a great run !!!!! Lots of time to win this one.
  8. East lake bull

    Why some ucf fans are scumbags....

    Hopefully just fans not students, players or alumni, people who never attended a university and never will.
  9. East lake bull


    Wow, hope ccs got rid of all the trash,onward Bulls!
  10. East lake bull

    USF vs Tulsa - It’s Game Day Baby!

    Down by 7with a minute to go, tie it up, loose in the last second ,heartbreaking , gotta get on the plane come home and whip Tulane.
  11. East lake bull

    USF vs Uconn - It’s Gameday Baby!!!!!

    Outstanding win tonight, dealing with the pressure at the end ,just outstanding! Finest win in many many years. Congratulations coach and our whole team.
  12. East lake bull

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    See I did again, newbie not nearby.
  13. East lake bull

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Sorry, Bullnard not Bullard. I'm a nearby, my apologies.
  14. East lake bull

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Do we have this defense you speak of Bullard?
  15. East lake bull

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Fun&gun.....grrrrrreat . Defense on field 70% of game......baaaaad. Must be balanced.