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  1. East Lake, North Pinellas ,North Pinellas , North Pinellas , got it now?
  2. East Lake is in North Pinellas , learn a little Tampa Bay geography !!!
  3. I wish it wasn't so, but having fans at games this season isn't going to happen, even Texas isn't that stupid, without fans at this game it may be an advantage for us.
  4. Live on the first hole of a course , one person per cart rule.
  5. I would hate a nanny state , but I do support a a more compassionate one .
  6. I'm also invested in the market so I'm certainly not anti-corporation ,I just want them to pay a higher rate on taxes a more fair rate .
  7. Most liberals do not rage against wealthy people in fact many liberals are in fact wealthy , corporations do in fact employ people and create goods but only with help from government ( roads, infrastructure, law enforcement , fire departments , loans for R&D , to name a few ) . They do think corporations should pay more taxes ( some pay none ) Caring for the poor and the weakest among us is certainly a trait of liberals, but to think it's in exchange for their vote is absurd. The reason the middle class shrunk was due to a recession caused by a republican president ( which. always seems to happen during republican administrations.) The less well to do do depend more on liberals for help because without them there would be no help. Liberals could solve most of the problems in society if conservatives would get the hell out of the way . By the way trumpism is not a conservative ideal but a cult of personality which inspires those that. don't see the idea of being the melting pot of the world as a great advantage to us all. Amen.
  8. Is it way out there to suggest that liberals care more about the well being of society as a whole? You know being only as strong as the weakest link. Take for example the bill just passed, the Republicans wanted most of the money going to corporations while the Democrats wanted most going to those who lost their jobs, luckily the latter passed I'm not really into chaos.that much.
  9. I certainly agree with you regarding the bloated defense budget, but privatizing the military, NEVER . How would that have worked in WW2 ?
  10. So what kind of assistance are you and other 'individuals' offering to our neighbors in Tampa Bay , so I can get involved with you? I know a few bartenders , hairdressers , waitresses, dental hygienists , store clerks etc etc etc that could use ' individuals ' help. I still think together through our taxes we will do much more .Keep me posted I'm available.
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