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  1. If we take one of the Clemson coaches , he may be playing for a National Championship , does he stay through their season ? How will that affect our recruiting?
  2. I don't think MK will discuss any potential candidates at today's presser ,why would he?
  3. Next hire cannot be a miss , if there's a chance to get to a P5 conference we can't lose to central anymore and must win championships. , it's in your court MK good luck.
  4. If we were to win 50 to 0 tonight, it would not forgive this pathetic season. How my beloved alma mater can't dominate this league year after year with the talent available to us in this state is shameful.
  5. Can't run can't throw can't catch can't kick can't defend can't coach can't win , how far we've fallen.
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