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  1. Bulls On Parade

    Gator game is now

    Solid ooc games...now just need a good team.
  2. Bulls On Parade

    USF Recruiting? Yeah, pretty good...

    I can't dog Strong on recruiting we have seen this season some great freshmen like Horne, Ford, Bell...if Strong gets a solid OC and let's him do his thing and keeps bringing in solid players I think we can do well despite Strong being a avg at best in game coach.
  3. Bulls On Parade

    Renewed season tickets

    Section 206..not great seats near endzone but up high so under shade. Sucks I'd renew to get the bowl tickets but cant justify a 55% increase ..especially after how season ended. Was last year like $330 now $500 for 2 tickets.
  4. Bulls On Parade

    Renewed season tickets

    I am guessing only my section had a 55% increase? That is a big increase I would renew but not for a huge increase like that...I might wait and look for something in a cheaper section...my friend that goes to games with me doesn't want to drop that much more and I dont blame him.
  5. Bulls On Parade

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    That actually makes me feel better then. I say we go after a legit OC that knows how to run the spread and take advantage of what we have in Florida which is speed.
  6. Bulls On Parade

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Agree....part of me thinks we could put the greatest OC in college in now and Strong would have them running a HB dive most of the game. I guess we shall see if it was all Gilbert or Strong when we get a new OC.
  7. Bulls On Parade

    Gasparilla Bowl

  8. Bulls On Parade

    Gasparilla Bowl

    So is it confirmed if you renew season tickets you get tickets to bowl game...see conflicting info.
  9. Bulls On Parade

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Agree with they way they imploded to end the season Tampa was really the perfect place for them this year.
  10. Bulls On Parade

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Lear now to run the HB dive and deep pass..yes
  11. Bulls On Parade

    Old Guys Don't Last in Today's Game

    I dont think age is the final factor....it is a conservative run offense that is dead in college football and Strong to date hasn't shown he is willing to change his offensive philosophy of safe and slow paced football on offense.
  12. I wish we ran plays like that good.
  13. Bulls On Parade

    Charlie Strong is not getting fired

    Yeah that could be what is going on...I agree I dont mind giving BJM a pass at times I saw the defense show some flashes with the youngsters...defense will be better with another year of strength/conditioning on the defensive line.
  14. Bulls On Parade

    Charlie Strong is not getting fired

    Can't we just not renew contract just fix the glitch. Not sure how his contract is..if so then we wouldn't fire him just part ways.
  15. Bulls On Parade

    Charlie Strong is not getting fired

    Most likely working on contract extension.