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Bulls On Parade


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  1. Bulls On Parade

    USF vs UF Continues

    These games are what can if you have a good team make you look good enough so that when conference expansion comes around and you looked pretty good beating some ranked teams they will want to take your program because you look like a quality team.
  2. Bulls On Parade

    100 days

    Been doing really good with no football so far hockey has helped some till the other night. But around late July and early August the pains are real.
  3. Bulls On Parade

    USF vs UF Continues

    Charlie Strong redemption tour.
  4. Should make Kean and Chris O. battle harder. If anything we have more qb depth now.
  5. Bulls On Parade

    TE Kano Dillon Signs with Oregon

    His first game played in amazingly was his best game stat wise. Hope does well at Oregeon.
  6. Bulls On Parade

    Spring Game April 14th

    If the oline was missing starters than they most likely would be a solid B. Seems a pretty solid team outside of secondary.
  7. Bulls On Parade

    Spring Game April 14th

    Good to hear hope he wins it. He will have growing pains but he has players around him to do well. As long as he isnt a turnover machine thats the main thing.
  8. We need a kicker that can kick thru the endzone on kickoffs as our kick coverage last few years is meh.
  9. He looks built like a NFL back..running game could be amazing.
  10. Bulls On Parade

    Spring Game April 14th

    Thanks guys depending on weather might just stream it I guess. A saturday with some bulls football cant wait.
  11. Bulls On Parade

    Spring Game April 14th

    Is there any shade area at soccer stadium? Thinking of going with the little one but if none I might have to pass.
  12. Bulls On Parade

    10 Observations

    As long as Kean or O protects the ball the I think offense will be fine. Defense might take a small step back but thats ok if they get better with game experience. Special teams worries me. Need a kicker with a strong leg that can kick deep.
  13. Bulls On Parade

    Oladokun early leader in QB derby?

    Figuring out our plays?...its just a hb dive I thought. Give each qb some rest handing off.
  14. Im not worried about tge offense or defense but special teams. Did we lose our punter and kicker?
  15. Bulls On Parade

    Official Spring Practice Thread

    Excited to see Cronkite, talked to a UF fan said was really bummed when he left. I think offense has ability to be as good as last years. Can the defense be as good as last years is the question.