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  1. All we can hope for on the DL especially the DE position is that we see something we haven't seen in many years.......Player development. Though if the coaches can snag a DE or two from the portal ill take that also.
  2. Thats awesome news. And this is the year we see the rebound in the football program.
  3. Oh I read that tweet totally wrong...thought just left early camp. Ehh Yea hopefully we can find another player on portal.
  4. Yea he is interesting converted TE to DE but played well in new role. Definitely reason to feel good about direction of this program in atleast bringing in more talent we have badly needed.
  5. I'll be happy if they atleast make the game respectable that be a big improvement over last seasons team. Do that and we still have a good chance at having a pretty decent season once past the first 2 games.
  6. Jaren Mangham 6' 2 and 215lbs but he looks fast for a big guy but looks like a punishing type of runner.... was on the freshman all pac 12 team....400+ yards as a freshman is impressive. He and one of the speedsters and we have a few will be a good 1-2 punch
  7. Curious how they rank them. But I'll take it, hopefully he is a big improvement over the last few we have had.
  8. Not sure it means much...as most of these teams are likely close to win percentage before moving conferences. I mean outside a few years Rutgers always is horrible with only a double digit win season twice since 1940.
  9. Hopefully Horn Jr. Can be the shifty and fast receiver we have lacked since Rodney Adam's left. I really hope that a qb pulls away clearly this summer.
  10. I do think our offense has potential to be much improved. My biggest question mark is the defensive line...it seems ages since we actually got pressure on an opposing qb from our DL alone. I think this prediction is possible next season...this season is possible but not likely given how this team hasn't shown they know how to win yet. I'll gladly take a 4 or 5 win season if we have that breakout Syracuse type game we had with Flowers when the team just starts clicking on all cylinders.
  11. Yea I think they should. I'm sure other P5 conferences will pick off more teams..how many is the question.
  12. Yea...outside maybe Scott not much on radar at this time.
  13. I think some former players could bring similar passion if they got in a position to be a head coach.
  14. I think the offense has some rising talent with Battie, Weaver and William's and with some better qb play and a senior offensive line they should be much improved over last years putrid offense. Unfortunately the defense is my biggest concern. We return many on DL but none have at this time shown much of any development. Our best DL guy was from a FCS team. We will be improved how much is hard to say.
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