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  1. Its how Tulsa beat UCF but we dont' have the DL that Tulsa had. I like maybe trying it out for a little bit see if we can get lucky... but once it was seen it wasn't working send some somebody blitzing to cause some pressure. Its not like sending a blitzing LB is going to cause us to give up a big play..we were doing that without blitzing. I wish Scott found a good young energetic LB coach on a good P5 team and made him the DC last year.
  2. Yes our lines our FCS level for sure. When a FCS player joins the team and is your best defensive linemen that says it all about how bad the talent is on this team. Amazing how Strong was a defensive coach and even sucked at that.
  3. Both lines need improvement but especially the defense...its our worst unit on the team by far. Secondary also big time help needed...maybe second worst unit. Offense I feel next year can be pretty good with a complete offseason.
  4. I think its lack of talent on defense...I'd like to see how defense looks next season if we see any improvement before I write them off.
  5. Yea if we had the Tulsa line it makes sense we do not have even Tulsa 3rd string line.
  6. Agree...asking our punter to make an accurate pass is ridiculous since we cant get that regularly from our qb
  7. I seriously might just skip watching as I know the outcome with McCloud at the helm. Johnson brings a spark to the offense not great but they seem to play better with Johnson.
  8. If I find out like a big numbers of our players aren't available I'll be pissed at Scott. There is no real need for this pointless game especially if we will be short starters and depth while UCF has all hands on deck to play.
  9. I'm surprised he even stayed this year. Losing problems in the lockerroom will go along way to making this program better. Goodluck to him
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