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  1. Bulls On Parade

    Let’s this sink in for a moment....

    I had to be in the 7th grade or 12 years old at that time and had no clue USF existed even though I lived 30 mins away.
  2. RIP Ken and prayers for your family
  3. I like what he is saying and Strong so that's good. I think we have the parts...just need to work on OL and get a QB that can run this system. His system will require discipline... I'm excited to see what he can do.
  4. Bulls On Parade

    New OC, new WR recruits?

    Kid has some juke that reminds me of Flowers he looks really good running with the ball. Gotta some good speed. I feel so much better about this team with the hire of Bell.
  5. Bulls On Parade

    Why Bell Will Create Offense Excitement

    His playcalling in redzone was pretty bad. I just wonder what type of learning curve Bell will have facing G5 and P5 defensive coordinators.
  6. Bulls On Parade

    Why Bell Will Create Offense Excitement

    Been harsh on Strong but this looks like a great hire that will bring some life on the offensive side of ball. Glad Gilbert and his 4 plays are gone.
  7. Bulls On Parade

    New OC, new WR recruits?

    Agree LB is an immediate area of need on this team. I feel pretty good about the offense in general it is the defense that really needs help.
  8. Bulls On Parade

    Mitch Wilcox Will Return for Senior Year!!!

    Great news now get these players a solid OC and light the scoreboard up again.
  9. Bulls On Parade

    Sean Gleeson in play for OC

    Looks like a good OC imagine he would like having better athletes to run his system. Not sure how good a recruiter he would be but this type of offense like said would be easier to sell than the HB dive.
  10. Bulls On Parade

    Justin Burke will be the OC...

    I could see it happening but it seems like he would have been named the OC if that was the case...hoping we get somebody that knows the spread well though.
  11. Ill gladly volunteer to be that person also
  12. IPF start with the smaller project first and then after that work on the OCS.
  13. Bulls On Parade

    UCF Admiration Society

    Yea I forgot they had players out...ummm UCF would have done better some in passing game but LSU still would win.
  14. Bulls On Parade

    UCF Admiration Society

    Yeah nobody said UCF had the top G5 defense not even close to it. If Milton was in this game they would be in this no doubt.
  15. Bulls On Parade

    UCF Admiration Society

    What I see also...