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  1. Joey is going to this game also per twitter. Yeah I went out this morning on the road on 620 the guy was talking about USF football vs Navy. It was nice to hear cause you didn't get much USF talk unless a coach had called in the last few years it seemed.
  2. A win today and this team will have shown tremendous improvement since start of the year. Go Bulls.
  3. Yea he was in alot of pain when that happened. Hate to see him end season like that. Hope he has a speedy recovery
  4. Makes sense why he had that bad fumble. Agree a healthy hand and its possibly not a close game at all in the 4th.
  5. Maybe...I thought I was looking at the receivers Valdosta State had awhile ago and they were mostly small receivers also.
  6. This....I mean we have one of the fastest players in college. I dont know maybe go deep once and awhile with him.
  7. Biggest issue is coaching. KB might be ok we shall see...but I'm still not sold on Jean and Strong.
  8. We have better athletes...they are just more disciplined and run very efficient. If we bring on both sides of ball and special teams our A game we can win. But I haven't seen anything close to a A game so far this season...doesnt mean we cant change that. Just not confident with our coaching.
  9. Yea so it sort of equals out and why we have a defense ranked in the 70's. If they could ever figure out to stop teams on third down more consistent they be a pretty good defense.
  10. Well given that he has played in like 2 out of 6 games this season...might not be. At some point the guy is just wasting a scholarship here and should just go to another school.
  11. Thats the biggest reason....we are decent enough in coverage that if we could get pressure from the front 4 they look so much better.
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