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  1. I think 5 or 6 wins is very possible. I think the offense will be ok...my concern is the defense. Can we manage to look just avg if so that will be a big improvement over the last few years if so.
  2. Kelly will have them ready for Cincy...I dont see them beating ND at all.
  3. Little talent brought in under Strong and absolutely no player development under Strong...we will see a rebound start this season..
  4. Has some pretty solid P5 offers. We need all the defense help we can get.
  5. Yea specifically at DT we have some experience and they should with hard work be strong in the middle I hope. Wish we got a few DE P5 transfers I would feel pretty confident we would be improved as a team.
  6. Defensive line is the biggest question mark for me...can the defensive line become average?...they have been horrible for several years now with no development seen with past coach. If the defensive line can just be average I think this team can push for 5 to 7 wins this season..as pressure from the line will make whole defense improved. If they are nearly nonexistent again then 2 or 4 wins could happen.
  7. That's great to hear...I wasnt impressed with him last year at all. I wonder if William's regrets comming here and if one transfers I rather it be him than Marsh.
  8. No I missed it also...cant locate either.
  9. Your right...we have some good age at this position we should have good strength here If they put in the time. Just an avg defense would be a big improvement and if we could get that I think this team will look much improved.
  10. So the qb battle to watch appears to be William's vs Marsh for second spot. McClain should be redshirted this year...its not like this team is just a qb away from greatness..we have a bunch of other parts that need fixing also.
  11. Its then likely some android app issue. Still down.
  12. Cant get the app to work on phone...opens up with logo and force quits. Weird
  13. Just put one of those drink hats on they might leave you alone ha I was just in Hiwasswe GA area last week...the temps were nice
  14. You need a coach that has shown they can turn a bad program around.....cause that is what we are. It is super easy to recruit at teams like Kentucky and UF and make a good team. Not sure who that is but just the direction I think would make sense for the program.
  15. I cant single out Robert's the whole defense was pretty horrible. Pretty much any P5 player brought in on defense are big upgrades over what Strong had here...even a FCS player was.
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