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  1. The gap between USF and UCF isn't that big talent wise the issue why they are so much better has been coaching since Frost was hired. In the last 4 years these are the rankings of the rivals recruiting classes 2016 ND = 13 USF = 70 UCF = 57 2017 ND = 13 USF = 69 UCF = 53 2018 ND = 11 USF= 58 UCF= 67 2019 ND = 14 USF = 65 UCF = 52 avg ND= 13 USF = 65 UCF=57 As you can see we aren't even close to ND so no shock how a game with them will turn out but we aren't that far away from UCF...whic
  2. Kind of hard to see him play when he isn't even available to play. Hopefully we can see him vs FAU
  3. The sun will rise. Geez get a grip dude. We got beat by a solid playoff type team not like we lost 52 to 0 vs Cincy. Easily the best team we face all season nobody close to as strong as OL or DL we will face.
  4. I agree also I say we need to play if FAU can play. We need to find a passing game of some sorts before the cincy game..hopefully Cade is available for that game.
  5. Thats the one plus right here is that CJS isn't trying to run some time of pro offense/west coast offense that is destined to fail I think his offense will work right now but you sort of need somebody that can pass the ball with semi decent accuracy. Who knows maybe it will work vs teams not as deep as ND. I felt we did a better job of getting McCloud/Johnson away from pressure and not letting him be a sitting duck getting sacked his usual 7 times it seemed per game. For sure this is a work in progress that will be ugly possibly if we dont find a qb quick
  6. We are who we are till Scott has had time to get more of his players in here and we get rid of Strongs players. I think some need to relax ND is way out of our league right now in a year one rebuild yeah was nice to dream of putting up a good fight but it was never going to happen unless ND turned the ball over like 4 or 5 times or they played equally as sloppy which they didn't.
  7. Even FSU fan probably a little jealous at what UCF is doing right now. Ill try to be optimistic things will getter better with Scott.
  8. Luckily we aren't in the Big 10 and we don't need to build a monster DL and OL which is sort of how ND is built. I think we could be ok with our OL and DL once we are in conference play but we gotta no doubt have to find some sort of passing game to make teams respect the pass so we can run the ball.
  9. Just hoping it was just coach talk to keep the other two motivated and push Fortin more. Otherwise id guess id just play Noah since he is a faster McCloud.
  10. Ha knew I was going to get some pushback on that one
  11. Both McCloud and Johnson are athletes that are playing QB...that might work vs low level teams but not vs good teams. We need a legit QB and Cade right now better be that guy when he is back.
  12. That's good. After watching two games one vs a really bad team and one vs a really good team we are likely not as bad as some think and we weren't as good as some had thought after Citadel. We gotta find a freaking QB hopefully it is Cade when he is back...if we can just get some sort of avg passing game I think vs the teams in our conference we can atleast go .500 or so this year which would be good for a rebuild year.
  13. Just an example didn't have to be App State just not a top 10 team at this time of a rebuild.
  14. I hate to agree with you but I gotta. We had no business playing a top level team game two of a complete rebuild. It served no purpose we didn't even get a pay day from it atleast. We should have had a warm up game with maybe a G5 team like App State or somebody
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