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  1. Can't hurt but remember McCloud in his first start looked pretty good vs a decent FCS team in Sc State. I thought we had something with him in that game..he had a total of 5 tds that game.
  2. I am worried that could be the case.... what strange times this is.
  3. Sometimes teams have to learn how to close out games and win.....if we can close out the season with a few wins and gains some new good players next year maybe they take a step forward and win some of those close games next season. Next season...the USF athletic motto.
  4. I agree...I dont think the talent is horrible here..coaching, conditioning and schemes were. This latest class was the only one that was really down the others were usually near the top of the conference. I think the prior staff had a pretty decent foundation to work with they just never built anything with it. We saw the same with Texas they seemed to turn around pretty quick once Strong was gone. Scott is getting a much better team than what Willie got his first year here.
  5. What I think as well. Coaching and conditioning will go along ways. We have some upgrades possible at qb and should have a much better offense gameplan. I'm not saying we get 8+ wins first season but 5 to 7 is very possible.
  6. Great news... USF football needs all the good news possible after this past few seasons.
  7. Nice pass by Flowers. If they had started him they be in this game right now.
  8. They likely wont make it season just put Q out and let him run wild....its been proven to work before.
  9. If Q got time at QB I might show some interest. If they were smart the leagues would have fan favorites from each particular teams area to help generate some interest.
  10. Being optimistic...It's not quite as bad as it sounds...if you look at avg rating for class it's a 2.5 so that's right behind 2.55 which is ranked third in conference for avg recruit. This class is just smaller and not counting our transfers. Expect big improvement in next years class.
  11. Just saw on yahoo..glad to see posted here. Good for him. Hope he meets up with coach Scott and talks some to current players about working hard and not giving up.
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