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  1. I would love to see us up big in the third quarter and Blake is out of the game and Chris and Kean get some playing time passing the ball.
  2. Bulls On Parade

    Duke Transfer

    Has the other Duke transfer played any yet? Could use the depth at DT and it seemed online Boyce got some decent playing time his freshman year.
  3. I think Uconn focus 100% on stopping the run this game that said I think Cronk still gets 100-150 yards.
  4. Yeah I work with one...good guy. He doesn't think they deserve a playoff spot this year knows if they face Bama they would get killed. But did bring up a good point that if ND goes undefeated and got a shot at playoffs it might open up the expansion of the playoffs since some P5 conference will be kept out again.
  5. Ford had some key nice runs late in the game...he is looking good.
  6. So hit the nail on the head on that take.
  7. Bulls On Parade

    Shaun King as our offensive coordinator?

    Yeah they should have not waited till the 4th and started to change things up more in the early 3rd quarter...maybe they did but it didn't start clicking till the 4th.
  8. Bulls On Parade

    Shaun King as our offensive coordinator?

    Maybe....I know we can't run at Oliver all game and think that is going to get us a W because that will never work. We have no choice but open the playbook vs Houston.
  9. Bulls On Parade

    Shaun King as our offensive coordinator?

    I think why we went more conservative is that the coaches felt we could do that vs the teams Illinois, ECU, Umass and Tulsa and still win and they were correct. Expect more conservative play vs Uconn. I guess we start to open it up vs Houston and hope we catch them sleeping thinking we play very conservative and not look at Gtech game film.
  10. Bulls On Parade

    Blake Barnett

    Cronk can catch he was very good at this at UF so at some point that will be called....I hope.
  11. If you watch the team after that win the team was really jacked up big time so maybe Gilbert knows he has to be more creative now teams are really starting to figure what we do time to maybe use the full page of plays we have.
  12. I actually think Houston being on road could be hardest game we have left then Ucf.
  13. Bulls On Parade

    Dare I Ask?.......Rankings......

    Stay undefeated and we keep moving up around 19 to 20 I bet.
  14. Bulls On Parade

    Week 7 AAC Games and CFB in General

    USC 21 # 19 CO 7 Great if another ranked team goes down ha but not going to stay up all night for this game.