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  1. It wont be a overnight fix will take years but better days are ahead for program.
  2. I really cant wait to see what sort of class we get next year with a whole year. Exciting times for the football program.
  3. It does we need help on the line but I think with a better offensive game plan than never ever passing in the middle of the field and quicker developing plays and a qb that gets the ball out quicker...we could cut the sacks allowed in half.
  4. Scotts going to have his hands full doing a complete reset of what Strong and the former staff was trying to "accomplish" Hopefully we can get a few transfers for the offensive line. The offensive line can be made to be serviceable with a better game plan and with a qb that is much quicker at getting rid of the ball.
  5. QB and receiver the two areas that need the most help on the offense. Id actually put o line at number 3.
  6. For sure...we need a huge upgrade at qb position.
  7. Yeah Strong came and ripped it off with his old school mentality and slowing the offense down. Surprised he even allowed the offense to pass the ball.
  8. As long as I see improved play over this season I will be ok. Year two is when you can normally tell the direction of a coach if up or down as a program.
  9. Ha I'm 41 and know who Jim Nabors is was....watched Gomer Pyle and Andy Griffith on tv in the 80s as a kid in morning. Though as a kid Chips and Airwolf were my favorite shows back then.
  10. Watched a little of the Memphis game perfect example of Bell being a horrible OC and letting the game get out of hand. We run it down Memphis throat and score a TD and next two drives two three and outs all passing plays....we could have eaten up some of the clock but didnt. McCloud was a big cause of many of the sacks....dude holds onto the ball way to long and isn't quick in decision making. The Oline gets alot of crap for being horrible but McCloud is a big reason for why they gave up so many sacks. Joiner is going to be really good with how he played as just a freshman.
  11. No way I was never hyped and many weren't about Chuckles. I saw that train wreck coming
  12. He was very good at getting the team up for the big game. I appreciate all that he did for program and hope we name our stadium after him but I've moved on. 100% behind Scott now
  13. https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2019/12/11/21003952/2019-fau-owls-list-of-potential-coaching-candidates-glenn-spencer-cusa-football-florida-atlantic Good article on Spencer...thinking this could be a great hire we shall see.
  14. What I like Is he is smart enough to figure out the no transfer thing at Clemson would be stupid here. Also his dad will be a big help and source of knowledge as he learns some things on the job.
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