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  1. Yeah its possible with better coaches and plays, o-line play Jordan could look much improved. Flowers looked horrible in his first start as a freshman vs a really bad SMU team. Didn't help though that coaches weren't calling the correct plays to take advantage of Flowers strengths. Not saying he ends up making that type of improvement but if he even makes a semi decent improvement thats going to make for a very interesting qb race.
  2. I agree I think we have some talent on the offense its far better than what Taggart started with..the toughest part is how long does it take the offense to learn this offense we plan to run.
  3. Maybe some sort of green LED lighting for under cabinets or something..finding the right color could be tough though.
  4. With a new child on the way likely not going to any games this season if we have one...thanks for bring this fundraiser to our attention. I gave some to the cause....I feel like USF athletics can be really good with the right people and I think Kelly, Scott and Gregory are a great start and I think we will see good things in the future. Go Bulls!
  5. The majority that go to USF aren't as passionate about athletics so to get many to even care you have to start winning big games and conference championships in the big sports football/basketball. Do that then you might see that number increase.
  6. That is good news for our running game, agree if we can just have a semi decent OL now.
  7. Thats my worry also...Wonder if they could push the start of college football to start earlier this year
  8. I thought he was a grad transfer but we have him 2 years...so maybe not eligible immediately unfortunately.
  9. Agree he isn't a every down back and moody as hell.. https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4242491/darrian-felix Had a td vs Auburn, Felix has some decent size and great speed...could for sure be a contributor at rb.
  10. I think it will be ok ..with Johnny Ford moved back to rb full time and Joiner didn't look bad for a freshman with a bad offensive line.
  11. Id have to agree...yeah I do think Scott will get things turned around but 5-7 is likely about right...if we found a really good QB then maybe we do look much better.
  12. He should been on that list. So can't wait to get the stench of Strong off this program.
  13. I'd love to see Mack's numbers behind and offensive line like Wisconsin. Will be interesting watching them both battle it out.
  14. Yea you arent kidding. We need a big time DT presence in the middle haven't had one it seems for a few seasons. Our defense when we applied pressure was pretty good on first and second down usually... the coaches would go conservative on third down to be safe and we then we give up the 3rd and 13 play. I'd like to see our defense bring pressure all three downs if we get beat so be it...go down swinging atleast.
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