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  1. I had a UCF co-worker I gave heads up on that article last week..was a very good read. Milton does seem like a good kid and a very hard worker he will be back.
  2. Like McDoom also. He has potential to have a great season in this offense he showed flashes for sure at Michigan with limited amount of touches. Clearvieux be other choice also.
  3. I mean when we were pretty good the last few years with Flowers..but yes we haven't finished at the top unfortunately.
  4. I am ok with that we didn't show amazing play to close out the year. Lets hope Bell is the change we need for offense and with some improvement with the defense we could easily be right back at the top in this conference.
  5. Main issue is kickoff coverage its burned us in several games in past years...letting teams start at 40 yard line.
  6. He has impressive stop and go ability. If he was 6ft+ he would have gotten more attention no doubt.
  7. Dont forget late August humidity for a big team could be hard for a team from up north.
  8. Dont sleep on Clearveaux 6'3+ and I thought some said in past some of the best hands at that position just had issues with injuries in past. We are strong at receiver.
  9. I'm optimistic that the defense at full strength and with transfer help will give us pretty decent defense. The offense has plenty of weapons..Clearveux looked his best ever and big target. Battles looks the rawest at QB but has much upside if he puts it all together. Strong just needs to let Bell run offense and work with the DC to make defense good and get another transfer or two on defense.
  10. Seems the defense was playing better the second half getting more pressure on the qb. Of the three McCloud looked the best at QB.
  11. Battles looks good. Has an arm that is very strong even off back foot.
  12. Battles showing his strong arm. We do look to have some talent at that position it appears. I like this offense much better than the crap show last year.
  13. Last season Caps were down 2 vs Bluejackets so still hope. But they better figure things out quick.
  14. First offensive play should be a HB dive just to mess with everybody.
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