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  1. No doubt the athletes look at him like a dad...like I said In another post he would be a great mentor and counselor for the team. Hopefully both programs will be much better in the next few seasons.
  2. Haha now if Bell was fired I wouldn't shed any tears but I think CJL could explain better than anyone how he needs to tune offense for Usf football.
  3. At this point in time he likely is one of the better candidates. This was his baby let him finish what he started. Support for Usf would grow and that IPF would be started quite soon. We got some big name teams on the horizon to play and we had a good history in those games with him. I wasnt big on this at first but I am now. Now some wont like this but I do think Bell should be given more opportunity to get this offense rolling. This offense is seriously lacking in talent. Bell had a juggernaut offense at Valdosta St and I think with input from Leavitt it can be tuned to work here. Just look at the qb Valdosta St had he was so much better than McCloud or Blake. We get a dual threat qb here like that and a solid defense...watch out.
  4. Yea I'm not sold on the Clemson duo as said it's not that hard recruiting for Clemson especially when you won a national championship. I'm not thrilled about any of the names tossed around...I'd say screw it and just bring Leavitt back make sure he has a solid OC.
  5. That and he is a good recruiter is the best things about Willie. If he brought in a good DC and OC with him id be ok with him. I do think he should have been given more time at FSU atleast a third year.
  6. Sometimes yes. He atleast knows not to try a pro style offense so that automatically is a plus.
  7. My biggest knock on it is very rarely do things turn out well the second time. I'm glad he turned us around though.
  8. Number one thing we need in a coach is a solid recruiter cause in the end no matter how great your system is if you dont have solid talent your going to struggle as a team. After that a coach that can further develop that talent. Hopefully our defense will be ok and Strong left that in semi decent shape. But offense was very much neglected while Strong was here outside a few transfers and Ford.
  9. I do for sure think he could have adapted better to what he had. We were built to run the ball not be such a pass heavy team. During 7 game skid last year it was 20 ppg. Without Blake it was not good.
  10. To be fair could any OC work with that line and McCloud. I do think Bell could work here with his players...but he really crapped the bed. If you watch his Valdosta State team the offense looks really good.
  11. I sort of Marvel how nuclear this board would go if Bell was named head coach.
  12. In a way id be interested in seeing what Bell could do with this offense once he brought in his players....I know his offense sucked this season but I think most OC would with our line, qb play and wr.
  13. But his offense was really horrible he tried running...I know he didn't recruit McCloud but he should have adopted his system to the hand he was given till his offense could make the transition to what he wanted to run. I sort of wish he was hired the 2018 season to see what he could have done.
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