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  1. I think it's a battle between William's and Fortin but I really dont care who wins just hope one sticks out as better than the rest. If both are similar just go with whoever is the most mobile.
  2. Wow the Bucs defensive line took the KC OL to the woodshed.
  3. Amazing how much better our team was with him. Easily the best DC Usf ever had.
  4. As a Bucs fan a Love vs Pierre-Paul matchup be great.
  5. Defense looked great...I feel this team is really rallying around Brady and possibly peaking at just the right time. GB game should be a good one.
  6. Agree, a strong DL makes the rest of the defense that much better. Gotta build from the lines out.
  7. Ok good.. thanks. For sure, it's been many years since we had a disruptive DE on this team.
  8. Magnum has another season? If so great. I'd like to see add a p5 transfer DE and DT and Curry...that dude is a beast. He put up huge numbers vs AAC teams. Do that I'd be pretty optimistic we see a much better team this year.
  9. I agree..the biggest issue is these older players never got developed not one player get better while Strong was here...they all just plateaued. Scott's hitting the reset button and I'm ok with that. The D line should be a top priority for February.
  10. I thought we have atleast a few more wins this season...appears team was worse talent wise than I thought. Now next season I want to see a rebound and real improvement. If we dont....this will be Kelly
  11. Well atleast Williams looked pretty decent running the ball the few times he did run way more speed than McCloud which isn't say much I guess. Marsh all I can hope for him is he makes huge strides his sophomore year cause he looked pretty rough this year but he was a true freshman so not that shocking.
  12. If he is clearly the best qb I agree. We shall see I guess when we get him in the camp how good he is...but most likely I think Williams will beat him out given already having college experience.
  13. Yeah I figured he would leave wish him the best. I had hope that he was going to take a big step this season but it never worked out that way. I will say the kid is a very tough he has played in several games last year he likely shouldn't be on the field (navy game) and took a beating but kept getting up while playing here. They might RS McClain id imagine as with having Fortin, Williams and Marsh one of them should be able to do ok at qb I hope.
  14. Yea I dont want the G5 trying to branch off from the P5 and do our own playoffs. It further weakens the perception of the G5 if we separate from the p5. We aren't at same table as P5 but we still are atleast in same room just at the kids table. This wasnt a great season for it but some years some P5 teams will get screwed out of the playoffs and that might push talks for expansion.
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