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  1. What football team would you like to renew or have a series? West Virginia Who will be our leading rusher at season’s end? Battie Who will be our leading receiver at season’s end? Weaver Will Jimmy McClain break Matt Grothe’s Freshman Passing Yards Record? (2,576 in 2006) no What happens when you travel at the speed of light … and turn your headlights on? They turn on.
  2. Temple is underdog this week...so we got green light to complain if we lose this week 😁
  3. I'll say this despite all the losses I see good signs...its just hasn't all clicked yet. I remember when Strong had us 6 and 0 in 2018 I think....but we all saw big issues with the team and eventually the wheels came off and went on a big losing streak. I do think team is trending slowly right direction. Really hope it clicks for the players and coaches tomorrow a win would do wonders for this team.
  4. Yeah I see open receivers......the game hasnt slowed down yet for him. Once it does I think he will start clicking on all cylinders. He looks like a freshmen which he is.
  5. This is the worst FBS team we play this year...we hear improving and I agree the talk is cheap time to show it on the field. We play the game to win not play close. We need to win this game it could build some confidence and who knows maybe we manage another win or so with confidence. But losing this game I am afraid things will just totally spiral out of control.
  6. Yeah they look good when they get an opportunity we have weapons on this offense no doubt just wish we were able to better use them.
  7. Was Injured not sure if he is back. Yea if a defense shuts Weaver down they take away a majority of the offense.
  8. It's small improvement going from 1 win to 2 or 3...back to back 1 win seasons yikes. We definitely can sell to transfers come here and you start especially on defense.
  9. Gotta win this game...cause otherwise chance of 1 and 11 very possible. How do you sell that to recruits and transfers and fans. Gotta show some improvement nobody expected a 6+ win season but 2 or 3 wins isnt crazy expectations.
  10. Winning record would be a good place to be. It will take along time to fix I'm afraid. People just arent going to go watch bad losing football short of you paying them to go to the games.
  11. It's pretty simple people have better things to do here especially at noon on a Saturday than watch the team lose. Start winning and people will come back. Our bad attendance is justified by the production the football team has produced on the field. Last FBS win was about 2 years ago...that's Uconn type bad.
  12. We are on the bottom looking up...sadly that would be higher. Some DC make horrible HC so its possible he could be a upgrade on the defense.
  13. It really is the hardest part to get that winning attitude, to know you can gut it out and win at the end. Goes for players and the Scott. Once that part of the game clicks I think we start to see some good things.
  14. No they dont...they lack confidence in closing out a game. Temple is 3 and 3 they smell blood in water vs a 1-5 Usf team. Going to be a tough game.
  15. I am sure we will hit portal hard for the lines and linebackers...pretty much if they come and were decent they start here. Secondary should be getting healthier we will see how that group is down the stretch.
  16. We also need more jet sweeps, screens get our speed guys in open space and make plays.
  17. Yes that is my biggest concern as well. Good recruiting can overcome bad coaching to an extent.
  18. Seriously...the thought of how this board be if we were to go winless to finish the season is frightening.
  19. Someone up in a box...east side corner area was really yelling at Scott on the final drive before halftime when we were chewing up the clock taking are little lead into the locker rooms. I think most peoples frustrations aren't the players...but the coaching staff.
  20. Yea the noon kickoff did us no favors...if it was a 7pm game likely be 10k to 15k. I'd say today around 7k or so sounds right. Sad seeing this program continue to hit rock bottom.
  21. If we don't beat Temple we are losing out the rest of the season. I am very confident in that.
  22. I had the same scary thought today. As bad as Strong was I have more faith with Strong in a close game. What a mess.
  23. Its the very basic principles of football and we do neither good.
  24. And we will say next year....should be the USF football motto.
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